Bright Light in the Darkness!

July 7, 2016


There have been a lot of disheartening things going on lately. The devil has so many things sliding backwards. I even asked the Lord one day if He was indicting for me to change my location to another village – what did He want me to do – keep pressing on through the dark, stormy night?  Never-the-less, the Lord has His hand on me and I will not be discouraged I will not loose courage and my faith will not grow dim because His precious hand is on me! Encouragement came – a cup of blessing that He held to my lips!

It was Sabbath night. A lady, LaCher, came to see us from GeGhah village: “Please come and take my husband, DeeTee to the hospital. He has a lot of pain in his leg. Oh do come with the truck right now!” BletJhaw and I looked at each other. It has been raining, the pathways are mud, slime, very steep and it is dark. Some places have broken away right into the river. We do not know the true condition of this man until we see him. Sometimes it is no where near as bad as the people say, but sometimes it is much much worse. We decided we would take the motorbike early in the morning.

The man was indeed in extreme pain. I felt so sorry for him and determined after examination that he should be taken out for x-rays – probably a herniated disc from working on his house, hope it doesn’t rupture. Now we return home to get the truck. This was no small job we were tackling. The roads were worse because rainy season had begun, and the way the truck has to go is way further than the motorbike. It has to go in a huge circle all the way around just to get to GeGhah. It will take us 5 hours to get him to the hospital. I am so proud of BletJhaw, he is willing to drive even though the rain is coming and in our minds eye we can just see those dangerous areas and our hearts are shrinking from them!






Finally we’re loaded and go. The whole trip and hospital visit was what you might call a nightmare and very wearing. However we were glad that we had helped the people.

Two weeks later, LaCher came to us again. Her husband is doing a little better, but this time she said they wanted us to come and have a worship in their home. They had heard the prayers and listened to what we said about our Living God during the time we spent together and wanted to know more!! That day was sweeter than all the dark days put together! I told the gospel story very simply and why we worship the true, living God in heaven. These people sincerely listened. LaCher brought scissors and asked us to please cut off their devil strings. They wanted to change and learn how to worship this true, living God in heaven.










All the devil trinkets and Buddha idols were taken down and thrown away!

All the devil trinkets and Buddha idols were taken down and thrown away!

Please pray for them as we will begin Bible studies in their home as often as we can.

“The people that walked in darkness have seen a great light. They that dwell in the land of the shadow of death, upon them hath the light shined.” Isaiah 9:2


Where is Home for You?

July 6, 2016


My real home is in BYT, but I feel like I really am not truly at home anywhere. There are no family members, no life-long friends, nobody to share my deepest thoughts and feelings with.  I am the only American in all my villages here.  I have laid my head down to sleep in so many different places since living in Thailand, that I couldn’t possibly count them all. Usually I am alone. Many times I have felt lonely and very homeless, but this world is not my home, I really don’t need to feel at home here. I am just passing through. Every time I have sadly reflected on the reality of my ‘ alone-ness’ the Lord has personally come to me!  He puts His arms around me and whispers into my ear. One time He said:

“I shall shortly see you and we shall speak face to face!!” 3John 14

Yet another time He said:

“I am your strong habitation, whereunto you may continually resort.” Psalm 71.

Instantly I am right at home – so at peace and filled with joy. How can I feel homeless or alone?  This is Jesus speaking to me personally!  I am right at home with Him!
Another time He came to me in a song by Christian Burdahl:

Though you are homeless, though you’re alone. I will be your home!
Whatever’s the matter, whatever’s been done, I will be your home!

I will be your home. I will be your home!
In this fearful fallen place. I will be your home!

Time reaches fulness when I move My hand. I will bring you home!
Home to your own place in a beautiful land. I will bring you home!

We are all really going home soon my friends. Let’s just look forward to that home more each day. All the people around us are our family. God is giving us precious little time right now to help them get ready to live with us forever! Let’s not just settle down comfortably in our own homes with our own family and our own friends and ignore the lost around us. Go and work more earnestly than ever before. Even if no one goes with you.  Your homelessness only will bring you more family in heaven!

So the question is:  Where is home for you?
Answer:  Anywhere is home, as long as you are in the center of His will.



June 10, 2016

So this is AhTee’s little 2 year old Sister.


The dirt just poured off of her.  This is her second scrubbing.


I am so in love with all the children.  Especially the dirtiest and the saddest ones.


I am treating her for sores around her mouth. As you can see she always has her little fingers in her mouth.

Thanks to the American people who have sent me children’s clothes!  Take a good look because the clean body and new clothes will not last over 1-2 hours at the most.

This little family pictured in the last post are a big problem.  BletJhaw’s wife was taking care of AhTee, 6 yrs old, but found that he was not respecting her.  He used bad language and did not respond to her discipline.  He sometimes kicked and bit Jonathan.  It was too much for TharaMu WahNeePaw to handle.

In addition to this, AhTee’s grampa is angry that we took AhTee.  He is like a socerer.  He made the comment:

“Seven day people always take our children and do bad things to them.”

People say he can do super-human things like put a curse on someone or even cause them to die.  He said threatening things to other people about what he will do to BletJhaw, like:  “I’m going to meet him on the side of the road.”


This is a picture of AhTee with his grampa in 2015

With heavy hearts we returned AhTee to his parents who are still roaming all over the place looking for work so they can buy opium.  The village people are not happy to see them coming because they steal many things to sell for opium.  They just stole DJ’s fire wood and sold it before he could do anything about it.

Because of his time with TharaMu WahNeePaw, AhTee can now take his own bath, say a little prayer for his food and sing a little song.  How does heaven view the helpless condition of the little children here in the mountains?  What chance do they have of growing up to know the true God?  How can we help them live a better life?


FaceBook- BletJhaw

May 16, 2016

(If you do Facebook, please ask BletJhaw to be your friend.  He is posting lovely things and would like to include you in his friends.  I am going to put his latest post here for you:)


“This is my new son, his name is Ah Tee. We just adopted him yesterday. I know him long time ago but my wife saw him just five days ago and had a great compassion on him. He has 11 years old, older brother and 2 years old younger sister.His parents are still alive but they are so addicted to opium they can’t care their children. They try to quit using opium for many times but it didn’t last very long. They work very hard for others people so they can earn a little bit of money to buy opium. In the meantime three children are wondering around helpless and hopeless, filthy dirty and knowing not when they will have to eat. They are not Adventist so they have no idea about eternal life with Jesus in heaven. So we decided to help Ah Tee to find Jesus. We cut out the devil string and started to take care of him and introduce him to Jesus.

Devil strings cut off!

Devil strings cut off!



I’m really thanks God for my son Jonathan he really nice to his new brother.



I pray that Ah Tee real family will know the Living God and change theirs life and also pray for us too. Ah Tee will be 6 years old on July 15.”


(BletJhaw’s family was able to spend a whole week with us in BYT.  During that time, we cared for this little family.  BletJhaw’s wife, WaNeePaw, fell in love with the 6 year old. I am so happy that this one boy has a chance to learn about God!)


The mother and siblings


Dry, Dry, Dry

May 16, 2016



“Send some rain. Would You send some rain?
‘Cause the earth is dry and needs to drink again.
And the sun is high and we are sinking in the shade.
Would You send a cloud, thunder long and loud,
Let the sky grow black and send some mercy down.
Surely You can see we’re thirsty and afraid.
But maybe not, not today. Maybe You’ll provide in other ways.
And if that’s the case – we’ll give thanks to You, with gratitude,
For lessons learned in how to thirst for You
How to bless the very sun that warms our face,
– if You never send us rain.”

*          *          *          *          *          *          *
This is the first stanza of a beautiful song sung by the Nebblet family about trusting God under all circumstances. Very applicable here right now as we are in a severe drought. Usually it rains one time in April, but not this year. It has not been this scorching hot and dry in 20 years.
Though I love dry roads to drive on, and dread the impossible roads in rain and mud, but now I am praying my very first prayer for rain. My usual prayer is: “Oh Lord please don’t let it rain until we get home” etc. But now, villages all around us are suffering – they have no water including ourselves. We bathe and wash our clothes in the river, but it is a greatly diminishing river.

Usually a big, rushing, rapid, river.

Usually a big, rushing, rapid, river.

We can ALWAY praise the Lord!  Just when we needed it the most, my good friend, Dr. Elizabeth gave us 12 simple water filter units that were donated to her.  We are giving them out and use one ourselves, as the water is very dirty.

Dr. Elizabeth and the water filters

Dr. Elizabeth and the water filters


PeeWah and her new water filter!

Along with the stifeling heat comes thick smoke from burning the rice fields and the mountainsides this time of year.  Billows of dust fly around when driving on roads with 6 inches of powder.
Because of this many babies are suffering from asthma and pneumonia.


May Jesus come soon!


Scrub Typhus!

May 16, 2016

It was midnight straight up. A motorcycle roared loudly up the steep driveway to our house. Soon we heard mens voices calling at the door: “TharaMu? Thara BletJhaw?” A lady needed help in the next village – WaSuTa. My heart groaned, as I thought about our plans to take another very sick man from NyaLeGwee to Meta hospital on the west-side at 5 in the morning. But of coarse we went right away and checked the patient- amebic dysentary – very dehydrated. It is an emergency. Away we go to MDG clinic on the east-side, returning at 4a.m.! Now we have one hour to sleep!

We leave at 5 a.m. and get TheyMu, 59 years old in NyaLeGwee village.


He cannot walk. He has scrub typhus with complications.  The 41/2 hour drive on the terrible roads, in the heat, with all the dust and smoke does not make him any better for sure! The bumpy ride is so bad that many times he ends up on the floor!  My whole heart goes out to the silent sufferer in the back seat.

I long for dear Jesus to come: No more sickness, suffering, pain, or death.


Selling Opium!

May 16, 2016



Just two faces, right? But look: One is innocent, the other – guilty.

“The consciousness of right doing is the best medicine for diseased bodies and minds. The special blessings of God resting upon the receiver is health and strength. One whose mind is quiet and satisfied in God is on the way to health.” ST Oct. 23, 1884

DooPo, (right), age 32, has a wife and 5 children. He is Cha Dree’s son-in-law and they all live together in one house in LaGlah village.

ChaDree's house from the side

ChaDree’s house from the side

Front view

Front view

He came to our clinic the other day all stressed out. He is suffering from many psychosomatic illnesses and now he cannot sleep at night and wants sleeping medicine – which I do not have. I find out the reason for his great fear.  Very many soldiers are after him because he sells opium out of ChaDree’s house! He told us that just 3 days ago TEN TRUCKS loaded with soldiers came to his house, – even to that little village way back in the jungle! They told him that they have now warned him twice. The next time they come, if they find out he is still selling opium they will arrest him and put him in jail for 10 years. If anybody tries to run away they shoot!

Now in this area, we know by other people’s experiences that the soldiers will arrest everybody in the house when they come. We are in that house almost every week to do Bible studies, but no worries!   It is all an answer to prayer!  As I pray for ChaDree and do the Bible study, I pray that God will remove everything evil and sinful out of that house so all the people can worship God and be ready for Him to come!  So you see, we are on God’s mission and He is caring for us and them!!

Thank you for your prayers.  ChaDree is still alive!  Last Thursday he even sat up and paid strict attention as we spoke of what to do on the Sabbath, and how to pray!  ChaDree responded and answered the questions! He is being touched by the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit filled the room!  If you could just see the 6 people present fold their hands and close their eyes for prayer!  My heart melts and overflows in thankfulness in inexpressible love and praise to God!

Oh keep praying for us all!  We really need your prayers!


Short Story

May 16, 2016

During this last year I joined Facebook for the first time. Often I see people post pictures of delicious food they are eating at their favorite restraunts. I want to post mine here. You see we travel to a different village 3 days a week. We treat the sick, they cook us dinner, and then we do a worship. So we get to “eat-out” quite often. You can see the “Kitchen sink,” here, as the dishes are being washed before the meal. The pig and chickens take special interest!

The "Kitchen sink"

The “Kitchen sink”

Next we sit cross-legged and enjoy our meal of roots and noodles with rice. Usually we eat with our fingers, but this lady has spoons. I would rather have this type of eating out than any other: Hands down! Why? Not because the food is delicious, pretty or clean, but because we have developed a love relationship with the people, and they will listen to our story of Jesus. We have a far greater meal of spiritual food to pay them back with because they are longing for something better.


“He, (Christ), teaches us that the spiritual food which He provides is of far more consequence to us than is temporal food.” 17MS 1275


The King Cobra

May 16, 2016
The best thing about this king of the jungle is that someone had already shot it through before we came along!

The best thing about this huge king of the jungle is that someone had already shot it through before we came along!



Endless Pathways!

May 15, 2016

At least one third of our time is spent traveling – by foot, motorcycle or truck.


Tricky with two people on a motorcycle and a large bag of medicine! At least the path is dry today!


Don’t forget the picture roll!


It is so effective out here!

It is so effective out here!

This past week BletJhaw totaled 14 hours of strenuous, dangerous, driving just in 1 1/2 days! Four of those hours were in the middle of the night, leaving him weak and exhausted. Some places are so narrow that there is no room for error! Try making 2 point turns around corners on steep downgrades, when reverse must not drift 6 inches forward or down the precipice you go! The Lord has continually saved us on these roads – and from the wild elephants!


Today we took a pregnant woman out and travelled through an area infested with elephants. We passed by 5 piles of elephant dung, but did not encounter them, because we prayed and trusted God.

Sometimes during the dry season we come across a crew building a section of concrete. We cannot go through and must turn around and go all the way back and find an alternate route! We get home in 4-6 hours!  Oh the Endless Endless Pathways!!


I cannot show you the most narrow dangerous places because we cannot stop and get out to take a picture, but all I can say is that I am so thankful for BletJhaw who is an excellent driver, and in spite of almost fainting from exhaustion sometimes, he is always ready to get up and go again in order to save a life or a soul!!


“Hold Thou me up and I shall be safe.” Psalm 119:117

Oh, how I long for my home in heaven where I can fall at Jesus feet and thank Him for all He’s done for us!   –And – can you imagine the beauty of smooth golden streets?!!