Postpartum call

November 29, 2015

It is almost ten o’clock at night. I am struggling unsuccessfully to get my aching leg into a comfortable position so that I can go to sleep. I am plagued with the thought that perhaps my thigh muscles are completely torn and would require surgery, because why am I no better after 2 weeks.

Our life in BYT does not allow any time for personal injury.  Everything we do requires agility:  I am used to running  2 miles almost every morning, then climbing mountains, riding on the back of the motorbike, carrying heavy things, ascending and descending the wobbly, high spaced bamboo ladders into people’s homes, sitting cross legged on the floor, and when treating the patients in other villages I am scooting all over the floor to take care of the sick people. Over the past 2 weeks all these activities have come to a screeching halt for me, and I am realizing how valuable 2 strong legs really are.

My thoughts are abruptly interrupted by people’s voices on the porch. They got louder and louder until BletJhaw went to the door. It took me longer to get there. Apparently ChiYe had her baby just a little while ago and now she was in real trouble, bleeding heavily and very dizzy – could we please come and help her.

I grabbed my medical pack, which BletJhaw carried, and hobbled painfully down the two very steep descents into the village. I made it up into the hut. As usual the girl was sitting straight up with her back propped against the blazing cooking fire. One glance told me that her blood pressure had bottomed out. I had only 2 feet of space that was already used up by old blankets and mats, to angle myself in between the girl and the bamboo wall. Truly I felt and looked like the clumsy ‘bull in a china cabinet.’ I must take her blood pressure, start an IV, and give medication, on the floor in this little bit of space without bending my left knee at all! In fact it is very painful just to have it straight out in front of me – but God was there!

ChiYe’s BP was barely audible at 40! I immediately asked the people to help me lay her down flat and put her legs up. Nobody lifted a finger to help me, so I began to dig all the blankets and bags out from behind her, scoot her down, and put the things under her legs. You know, the superstition here is that after delivering a baby the Mother must stay sitting bolt upright with a hot rock pressed into her abdomen …So…. After I laid her down, took out the hot rock, started the IV, pushed the medicine and took her next BP, the people fearfully asked her if she was dizzy and getting worse. She smiled and told them, “No,” she felt so much better! Yes indeed! The medicine had stopped her bleeding and her BP was now 110/70. Praise the Lord!

As I hobbled home in the dark, I thanked the Lord for allowing me to still function, and for saving the girl.

You know Jesus says to me just now:  “My grace is sufficient for thee: for My strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me!” 2 Corinthians 12:9



The Accident

November 17, 2015

It is a beautiful Sabbath morning. Our breakfast is all fresh, hot and ready to eat on the table. Usually patients come at that very moment, and today was no exception. A person appears at our door asking us to please go to WaSuTa and check an old man who seems to be very sick. They do not know anything about what is wrong with him – just come. Food is forgotten as we prepare ourselves to leave. We must go check the patient and then come back and get the right medication.

We sped away on the motorbike and discovered that asthma was the problem. The patient was not in an acute attack, so he was easy to treat, but we must go home, and get the medicine.

Our motorbike is 4 years old and seems to be developing some problems. The brakes are new, but the mechanisms that enable them to work are worn out and lately they want to lock up.

On our way home we were just rounding a rutted, downhill corner, (maybe a little too fast), when the front brakes locked up and down we went with a bang. Because I am sitting in the back, my left thigh got slammed between the crashing bike and the high ridge of the roadway.

At first my leg didn’t feel like it was a part of me. Later I wished it wasn’t a part of me! My left thigh swelled up and became quite hard. I could still walk, but very painfully. The problem for me was that the next day we had to take a lady to Meta Hospital and drive those tremendously bumpy roads.

The trip to Meta was excruciating for me. But the lady was taken care of over the next 5 hours in a jam-packed hospital. It took longer than usual because the hospital is under construction. Just as the lady and I were walking out of Meta hospital ready to go home– the sky suddenly opened up and let down a deluge of driving rain. It must have continued for 20 minutes. There was so much sudden precipitation that the streets were flooded. No way we could make it back to BYT now, so we went to MaeSalit for the night. I know that was providential for me because those bumping jolting 3 hours to BYT was more pain to my leg than I could bear at this point.

The next day, Monday, we were able to make it back to BYT. I thought I would rest my leg the next day and let it heal. Oh how I longed to be idle and live a life of ease for just two hours, but no – another baby girl, NawRuTha, 2 ½ months old came in with diarrhea and vomiting! It was septic and dehydrated! We had no other option – we must take it to MeDuGlow quickly. Memories of that last dear baby made us all the more determined to help this one in time.

The very instant that we went outside to get in the truck, it began to rain! I feel the oppression of the devil pressing in and sneering at us. You must understand that rainy season is over. It is not supposed to be raining right now at all. We long for dry roads and no threat of rain, but every single time we go anywhere by truck or by bike for the last 2 months – there are the dark threatening clouds, lightning and thunder!

“Oh Dear Lord,” I hear myself groaning right out loud.
“How long?”

Somehow just then I felt I had nothing left in me to give. But I felt God’s hand upon me. Deuteronomy 33: 12

“The Lord shall cover him all the day long, and he shall dwell between His shoulders.”

The Lord is covering me. That means He is all around me! I am in His heart! That is just too good! How precious He is to me! I can go on now!

It really is an impossible thing to drive to MeDuGlow in the rain, but that’s exactly what we did. NOT on our own. It was another amazing miracle. God helped us every inch of the difficult, slippery way. Some steep upgrades took us 5 or 6 tries. A baby’s life was in the balance and we would do whatever it takes to save her!

The truck and baby made it and I pray the baby will return home all better very soon.

We still had to drive all the way back to BYT. The rain had stopped, but the conditions were bad. About 2 km away from BYT we came across a truck that was stuck in the mud. The road is narrow so we could not pass it. Nobody was there, so we had to walk home in the mud. Perhaps I needed the exercise, but it was a slow painful walk for me!

Now it is Wednesday night – 5 days after my accident. My left thigh is 2 inches larger in circumference than my right, and although my knee is not hurt, it is 1 ½ inches larger and bruised down to mid calf. I can walk, but cannot bend my knee as I walk because my leg will give out if I do. I hope that is normal and will mend itself in time. My visa is due today, but I cannot drive the truck with my left foot pushing the clutch in! —Maybe tomorrow.


Free Surgery

November 17, 2015

I have a doctor friend in MaeSot that has helped me a lot.  She does not mind if I call her at any time to ask a medical question.  She has given me important formularies, drug books, and other health care documents.  She includes me in donation opportunities that have come to her.  ei:  She can receive individual family water purifying units for as many people


Dr. Elizabeth is a Roman Catholic friend of mine from Italy, who works in MaeSot, much the same way as I do in the jungle!  She and her husband, who is also a Doctor dedicated their time, money, and talents, treating the sick in MaeSot and surrounding border villages.  Dr. Elizabeth has written several medical treatment books on illnesses on the Thai/Burma border.  They have helped many people give proper health care to the Karen people – including myself!  Dr. Elizabeth has become a good personal friend for me.  She is humble and helpful.  Always taking the time to answer my questions and give me some of her new ideas that she has found work on some of her patients.  She also includes me on special donations coming to her and healthcare opportunities.

This time she told me about a great group of plastic surgeons who will come over from Sri Lanka, India to do clef-pallete repair and remove other growths or abnormalities that are within their scope for free.

BletJhaw and I were very excited because we knew of several people that could really benefit, because when we take these type patients to the hospital, they are not taken care of.

Immediately we took the motorbike to many villages finding people that could benefit from this free service.  We travelled far away to villages outside of our usual area.  That motorbike went over the roughest most unmanageable areas that you could imagine.  I was always saying:  “I can walk this one!”  But if the motorbike keeps going, you stay on and pray for safety.  Sometimes the rain would threaten us with lightning, thunder and wind.  Other times we would be balancing downhill on a narrow little ridge – deep ruts either side – ducking under branches, and just missing a snake at times! I don’t know how BletJhaw has so much courage to attempt to tangled mess of a mountain road that lies ahead sometimes, but with prayer we make it every time.  I am so thankful.

When all was said and done we only had 4 patients that were willing to go.  On the morning we were to leave, only 1 showed up!  However the other lady met us partway down the road.  It is a shame that the others didn’t come because this program was huge!  Doctors and nurses were everywhere.  Over 300 clef-pallet cases were there to undergo surgery that day, along with many other problems.  I thought my 2 patients were too insignificant to be counted amongst all these grossly deformed babies and adults.  But no – they treated everybody, and did an excellent job!!  I was amazed that it all went so smoothly even though we were pressed with hundreds of people all day long and it took 3 days.

Of our 2 patients only one got surgery.  NyaThu age 48.  She had a big growth on the side of her face.  I thought it was cancer, but the doctor seemed to think it was a salivary gland.  I certainly hope the later.  We bring her back for the pathology report in one week.  The other patient, a 5 year old girl has a drooping eyelid.  She is not old enough to have that operated on yet.  Next time.

I am so thankful to God for the help this one lady received.  I know without this opportunity she never would have let us take for help because she does not have a Thai card.

Pictures will come later.  There is not enough internet signal to put them on.










The Baby

November 14, 2015

It was a small 2 ½ month old baby boy. When the Mother brought it into my clinic, I noticed at once the dry mouth, tenting skin and sunken eyes. I knew these symptoms of dehydration all too well. I gently put rehydration solution into its mouth, while asking the routine questions.

Vomiting and diarrhea many times a day for over one week!! How could a baby as small as this one survive these symptoms for so long? This is a real emergency. I must take him to the MeDuGlow clinic as fast as possible. I do not have the type IV drip and cathalon for infants.

BletJhaw is carefully explaining to the sweet, bright-eyed Mother the urgency of her situation and the danger that her baby is in. However, as usual with the mountain people, she does not feel worried. Her husband is off in the rice fields working and will not be back until evening.

I told BletJhaw:

“We must go now, we can’t afford to wait,” and added: “Just think about Brayden!”

(Brayden is his 3-month-old son, healthy, cute and fat). I did not need to remind him of course, because his mind is constantly all around his dear children. Because of them and even long before them, he possesses a great love for the babies. I don’t know what transpired between him and the Mother, all I know is that now the Mother would be ready to go when we drove to her house in WaSuTa.

As soon as she got into the backseat of our truck I was attracted to the winning sparkle in her eyes, and the sweet innocence of her smile. The baby did not look so good, however. He had that abnormal type cry that sounded like trouble, and a dry raspy cough. The Mother unsuccessfully attempted to nurse her baby and give ORS solution as we drove.

“Only 2 hours,” Lord, I pleaded. “Hold onto this infant for 2 more hours of rough riding,”

We were almost at the clinic, when the baby made a most awful cry. The Mother jiggled him and flashed her lovely smile at me from the back seat. BletJhaw tried to take the rutted, tilted, pot-holed road a little faster, as I told him that the baby’s skin was a pale color.

Suddenly I got the urge to reach back and grab the dirty blanket from around the baby’s face and have a look at him. He was blue! I told BletJhaw to stop the truck. I leaped out, grabbed the baby and pulled off his clothes. There in the front seat of the truck, I jutted the little jaw and began infant CPR. It was a desperate attempt. The Mother’s attractive little gleaming smile was wiped off her sweet face as she watched her dying baby.

-He already tasted like death in my mouth as I tried to push the puffs of air into his lungs.

“It’s not working!” I gasped, while desperately trying to compress the tiny heart and give the little breaths.

Through all our prayers, through all my best efforts to save the baby – he did not make it. It was the most difficult; gut-wrenching translating experience that BletJhaw ever had to do in his entire life! He told me later the Mother kept asking him:

“What is she saying? What is she doing? What is she thinking?”

He had to tell her that her baby did not make it.

She cried softly in the back seat as we turned around and made the long journey back to WaSuTa. My own tears flowed off my cheeks and onto the dead baby, covered over with the dirty blanket on my lap.

I can still see it clearly – the young parents handling their grief bravely and staring at the tiny form wrapped in rags on the middle of their porch floor. Curious villagers all gathered around to see and hear about what had just happened. Every eye was dry accept for the sweet Mother and myself, but I forced myself to speak.

“This is not the end. You can have hope. You can have your baby again. The truth is, that if you parents learn to love and worship the true God in heaven, you will see your baby again! We would love to tell you how this could happen. Because Jesus rose from the dead, He also can raise your baby back to life and angels will place him in your arms when He comes again.”

They listened intently while BletJhaw interpreted my words. I told BletJhaw to pray. I felt so sorry for the parents that I could not pray. I know BletJhaw felt the pain just as strongly as I did, but he has more control. I just wanted to be alone far out in the woods and cry aloud to the God who allows, understands and comforts us and the parents during this grief filled time, – but no time for that. The day was still moving on and busy. I must wait until the fall of night when the mosquito net falls around me and I kneel and pray.

I know God connected me to the sweet young Mother who had lost her charming smile, because her tear-filled eyes followed me as I climbed down the ladder and walked away. Our eyes were fixed on each other until the doorway hid her face from me.

The next day was Sabbath and we were invited to WaSuTa for worship in someone’s house. Providentially it was just across from their house and as I left the worship, there was the Mother coming to the bamboo fence. I went over and she hugged me across the fence and cried for a very long time. People all gathered around talking, but she clung to me the entire time. I told her that I loved her and wanted to come and visit her next week. This made her very happy. I know that God has connected us through this bitter experience in order to bring salvation to yet one more home!!!

“Blessed be God, even the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies, and the God of all comfort. Who comforteth us in all our tribulation, that we may be able to comfort them which are in any trouble, by the comfort wherewith we ourselves are comforted of God.” 2Corinthians 1:3,4



October 25, 2015



Please pray for DuPe, right now he really wants to be baptized but he is still doing opium.

He is so valuable. God miraculously saved his life 4 years ago after he attempted suicide by shooting himself in the right ear!!
His life was spared so he can find eternal life!!


Withholding Nothing!

October 25, 2015

Last Monday night we did the Bible study at DuPe’s house in WaSuTa as usual.  This time numerous things came up to hinder us:  Several patients came that took considerable time, a sudden heavy rain right when we were headed out, we also felt tired, hungry and drained from the busy activities of the day.  However with determination and a prayer for strength to carry on, we headed down the sinking muddy pathway.

Praise the Lord that we didn’t let Satan hold us back, because this was the best one ever! Many people attended. I did a review of all the main truths that the Bible teaches, just for DuPe and his family who we have studied with for about 4 years!! Even though it is really slow going, it is so rewarding and worth it all because now they know so much!!

The Holy Spirit was moving on hearts, because the people were not going in and out of the house, the small solar light did not flicker and go out, the children were quiet, and the dogs were not fighting under the house!!

At the end I asked the people who wanted to dedicate their lives to Jesus and get baptized into the Seventh-Day Adventist Church? Almost everyone raised their hands. I am so thrilled because BletJhaw and I know that 4 of them are ready right now! In a land teaming with pigs, colorful beaded heavy necklaces, superstitions, alcohol, homemade cigarettes and opium, they have given it all up for Jesus Christ!!!

First time I have ever seen that in these jungle mountains!!



“And let us not be weary in well doing, for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not!” Galatians 6:9

Mrs. White’s statement is so encouraging for all of us!

“To everyone who offers himself to the Lord for service, withholding nothing is given power for the attainment of measureless results!” Testimonies Vol. 7, page 30

To withhold anything from Jesus is to imperil your own souls salvation and many others!  Let’s not hesitate to give ALL right now!!!




FireWorks and Elephants

October 25, 2015

We are still unable to drive the truck into BYT because it is raining in the mountains almost every day!!! It is not raining for a long period of time, but in 30 minutes an enormous amount of water hits the earth! It is so loud and so sudden that one day I was listening to a child’s lungs with my stethoscope in my ears when the rain hit. I was not facing the open window, so I jumped and was completely stunned by the amazingly loud and deafening waterfall outside when the stethoscope came out of my ears!

We make more quick trips out on the motorbike for supplies because there are so many patients and the supplies are gone!  Without the truck we cannot bring much in. The day before we left two weeks ago we heard about 2 men who were chased by the wild elephants. They had loud fireworks with them. The kind that makes only one loud bang. It probably saved their lives because the elephant turned away at the noise!

We are not to be presumptuous and expect God to protect when there is something we can do, so l did what I have never done before and purchased a whole bagful of loud banging fireworks. Now we can use them and also give some to others.

Every time we travel now, I have fireworks and a lighter in my pocket ready to light and throw! We stopped and practiced first so I know I can do it – even on the run, or from the back of the motorbike!!




October 25, 2015



Though you work for years and only one soul seems to be reached it’s worth it! God knows how to multiply! Let’s not loose heart now, keep pressing on!

They are calling us to come and do a worship in their home! PaDjee is 28 years old, he came to our house last week, to tell us that he now lives in a new bamboo house and they have never had a worship in it before – could we come tomorrow?

Yes, yes, of course we can!

I found myself seated on the floor in the most honored place, and there, with BletJhaw interpreting, I simply explained faith and how to please Jesus. It was incredible to see their faces as they try to grasp the things of God that they never heard before. Truly the Holy Spirit is moving on hearts here!

On the ‘ devil-spirit-shelf’’ there now sits a Karen Hymnal and a Bible!  Even though they cannot read.

After worship they served us dinner. My only thoughts were:

“There’s a sweet sweet spirit in this place
And I know that it’s the spirit of the Lord

There’s a sweet expression on each face
And I know they feel the spirit of the Lord”

Thank you Lord!!


This little family, particularly PaDjee is the most sincere and desirous of the knowledge of God than anyone that I have ever met over here in the jungle.  He has tried to keep the Sabbath as best as he can, but does not know how.  We go to them as often as possible, but Oh, how I long to live in that village and help these dear people!!

The devil is really working on PaDjee because of his new found faith.  He has been very sick 2 times:


Just before leaving for America last July he was near death with a dirty IV that somebody in the village found!  I had one night to pray for him.  The next morning he was 80% better!! Praise the Lord!




And, just three days ago he was suffering from a severe mouth infection.  Please pray for him and his family!

Sorry.  I cannot turn these pictures right side up.




October 8, 2015

Today we saw a King Cobra CLOSE-UP! There was no other way to view it, because we came upon it suddenly on our motorbike. It was between us and a bank. We were against a precipice. The fanned out head and distinguishing design on the back of its head, indicated that it was indeed the “king.”  (There are many different varieties of course). There was very little space between us as we passed. Stopping a little further down the pathway, we watched to see if he was the spitting or chasing variety. Thankfully neither one. It wound its way slowly across the road and disappeared down the cliff. This type of snake is not afraid of anything. It is slow, methodical, and confident in its movements because it knows it is the “KING” of the jungle.



The following morning, I climbed the mountain early to call my dear Sister in America. At the end of our conversation she asked me repeatedly to be careful. She asked if it was dark outside and would I be safe from the snakes on my way back down the mountain. I had assured her that it was not dark nor was it raining -the sky was blue and I expected to see no snakes.



On my way down the mountain that morning, I almost stumbled upon a large cobra! I don’t know if it was the king or not, but cobra it was! Also it poured with rain soon after I arrived at home. You never can be too sure of anything except God’s continuous care. See the comforting words of Isaiah 27:3

“I the Lord do keep it.  I will water it every moment lest any hurt it.  I will keep it night and day.”



Worship in the Garden

October 7, 2015

As soon as I arrived in BYT after my trip to America, I heard from several people that ChaDree was ill. They said he has been throwing up incessantly. He cannot eat and is very skinny. Well my heart sank. I always think when he gets sick, that the cancer has taken over and he probably doesn’t have long to live. Then I think we must hurry up and baptize him because that’s what he wants to do, but it seems he needs more time, because he now is smoking home-made cigarettes and doing opium!! How does God want us to care for this man’s spiritual and physical needs? I know He has the answer and I will continue to pray.

I was delighted when we got called to come to ChaDree’s house on a certain morning, and then accompany them to their garden for a worship there. They needed us to pray for their garden. Many times insects come in just before harvest time, (Which is right now), and destroy a lot of rice. Mice and rats come and eat it also, and the late heavy rain that we have been having, can cause entire sections of precious grains to lay down flat in the field and never recover.

Upon entering ChaDree’s house that morning, I was astonished to see ChaDree, very well and strong! He said that morning he was able to eat again like normal and felt well! He seems to be even better than a cat with nine lives! God is preserving him in order to save him.

It was a long walk through the jungle and across several rice fields to the small hut that overlooks ChaDree’s rice field. The people here always build a small hut to live in while working in their gardens. This little hut, surrounded by the bright green rice fields all the way around it, was a beautiful sight indeed! The people that gathered inside for worship was an even more beautiful sight to me. They are learning about God! Several families had come together that morning. We talked about the power of God and prayed for their rice crop and their families.

The women had carried heavy pots, dishes and water all the way out there to cook a meal. Everyone ate chicken, but they once again had prepared a vegetarian curry for me.

Please join me in praying for these dear people in LaGlah village, and that He will give me wisdom to effectively teach them about Jesus.

ChaDree's garden house

ChaDree’s garden house


ChaDree’s garden