Daniel Chapter Three



So many times we get to share Jesus with those who do not know anything.  So many times we see just a little flicker of understanding light up their eyes.  So many times we feel the Holy Spirit attending our words and moving upon the hearts of the people.  So many times we plead with God for the salvation of the people!

Two days ago we drove the motorbike to MeDeLeGwee village.  We try to come here as much as possible to work with the lady with numbness and tingling in her legs.  She has been unable to walk.  I give her vitamins, message her legs, and teach her exercises and ROM.  She is improving, but will not do the exercises on her own.

This village is a very long ways away and takes almost almost 2 hours to get there by motorbike, especially today, as the dust lies so thick on the road that we squirm all over the place and have to travel slowly. We are covered with dust. It is in our eyes, ears and even gets under the mask that we’re wearing and between our teeth.  Our hair is dry and brittle with dust.

Most of the people all came at once this time to receive medical help, which gave us an opportunity to pray with them all before we treated them.  We also invited them to return for a worship and Bible story after everyone was cared for and after we ate.  A kind lady prepared lunch for us.

We go to her house, sit and eat our egg and rice while they ate roasted rat beside us.  (Ours looks so much more appetizing)!

Next we go back to the first house for worship.  To my great joy, many people came in to listen. They marvel at the 2 songs we sang. We usually pray next, but these people all immediately jump up and leave after prayer, thinking that is the end of worship, so we launch into the Bible story immediately after singing and then pray at the end.  I am telling them about worshipping the only true God up in heaven and His great power.  Then I proceed to tell them about Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego. I really have their attention, as I show the pictures of this wonderful story.  Just at the moment when I want to tell them about Jesus in the fire with the 3 men, some children started fighting outside and a man in our group began yelling at them and 2 dogs also got in a fight under the house at the same time.  Suddenly there was complete bedlam and chaos, and we are unable to hear ourselves talk, so we sit quietly and listen to them, praying. (Interruptions such as this happen frequently in these villages with people who never knew what a worship is all about.  Satan usually causes it during the biggest appeal)!  Finally things got under control again and we continued, silently praising God as we see the people are really spellbound by the story. We end with a heartfelt prayer for these dear people and expect that they will all leave right away, but several people stayed to ask some questions.  They want to see the pictures again.  I show them and then hand a man my entire picture roll.  You would have loved to see the way they went through every picture, asking BletJhaw what each one was about.

Every day out here fills my heart with more love and thankfulness to God because we can feel His presence as we share the Bible stories.

Let’s share the good news about Jesus to everyone who is sitting in darkness.  This is the only way that your own soul will flourish spiritually and you will thrill in the very presence of God!  Don’t neglect the ones that are the hardest to reach!

“Let us not be weary in well doing, for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.”Galations 6:9



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BeGer is 30 years old, and lives in LaGlah village.  She is a mother of five – the youngest is only 8 months old.  She has been addicted to alcohol and opium since a young girl. Most of the time she is going from village to village seeking work so she can purchase more opium.  She is very pretty and her children love her, but she cannot take care of her children, her baby or herself, nor can she do anything worthwhile because all she can think about is getting opium. Her house is disintegrating, she has no firewood collected for cooking or for rainy season.  Many of her belongings and blankets and clothes are strewn on the ground under her house, muddy and wet.

This tears my heart out because I love her and have known her a long time.  Her brother, PaJew amazes me.  He is night and day different.  He has  none of the bad habits and has just been baptized into our church and has been seeking a closer walk with God ever since, and here his whole family including his mother and grandmother are all in the same horrible condition.

Recently BeGer burned her entire right hand in boiling oil.  I thought parts of it were 3rd degree burns because she felt no pain there.  I cleaned and applied Silverderm cream and arranged to take her to the hospital in the morning, as it was already too late to go today.  When we came for her in the morning she was not there.  She just decided not to go!


We made a special trip all the way to MaeSot to buy cold pressed extra virgin olive oil so we could treat that burn and help her recover the use of the hand.  When we returned – alas – she had gone to another village for opium!  We returned on the motorbike that evening and she still was not home.  The next morning we made the trip to her house again.  Praise the Lord she was there!  We treated her, debrided her hand, exercised her fingers and taught her how to take care of herself.  As time passes by her hand is improving.  In spite of her lifestyle the kind heart of Jesus is healing her hand.

Some of you have read about this in FaceBook and have been concerned, so I wanted you to have this update!  Thank you for your prayers and your suggestions.

So many times we have travelled far to get the supplies needed for special cases, but when we return, the people either don’t want it, or don’t use it, or go to the devil worship rituals instead.  Consequently they get worse and never recover properly etc. ect.  Yet Jesus says:

 “In as much as ye have done it to the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto Me!”   Matthew 25:40

How encouraging is that?!!  Let’s keep on helping others no matter what the cost!


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We made the long trip to Chiangmai to attend the graduation of BletMu, a BYT boy that we sponsored to attend CAA (Chiangmai Adventist Academy) for the last 4 years.  This school is the only hope for my dear jungle children to learn about God and keep the Sabbath plus get a good education.  However most of our young people  have a horrible background and hopeless future.  The government schools in the jungle do not teach much of anything, the parents are on opium and other drugs and never learned in school.  They do not teach their children, consequently they grow up much like orphans roaming from house to house looking for food and something to do.

This young man, BletMu, comes from a family that actually deals opium.  Soldiers come quite often trying to find his parents and arrest them.  BletMu failed his entrance exams when he applied to CAA.  In fact he left the entire math section blank.  They did not want to accept him, but I told them that this is the reason he so badly needs to come, it is his only chance because they are not getting an education in my area.  So he was accepted, however, he has had some problems here with an ugly temper.  He almost got kicked out, but now he has successfully accomplished the entire four years!  I feel this is a wonderful accomplishment for him.  I have prayed a lot for him and feel that at this graduation he has shown true repentance and  appreciation of the help we have given him.


BletMu has future plans.  He wants become a forrest service worker and attend a vocational school.  Please pray that his number one future plan will be Jesus and heaven!

“Cast thy bread upon the waters for thou shalt find it after many days.”  Eccl. 11:1

The graduation was very unique and wonderful.  Before the service the entire student body (over 900) circled around the graduates and sang them a song.  Then they shouted congratulations and bowed together, stomping their right foot.  I wish you could see it all. Very stupendous.   I was viewing it from second floor.


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Videos and Elephants

Just came out of BYT for a couple of days for new brakes and new tires, and could not resist to urge to send you 2 videos that Jonathan Hill made while visiting BYT with the media truck last December during our evangelistic campaign.
The drone captured beautiful bird’s eye views of our village, clinic/house, and surrounding jungle mountains.
In other news, the poor, the sick, the elephants, the snakes, and difficult pathways are always with us. Now in the dry season the dust lies 6-8 inches deep, covering the rocks and roots making the motorbike rides very difficult and hard to breath even with a mask.
Church attendance is still very good. It is absolutely wonderful to see the young people and adults taking part leading out in Sabbath school, mission story, special songs, prayers and testimonies.
We have invited a pastor to come and do a communion service this Sabbath.  (It’s been over a year since our last communion)!  I was able to preach about the deeper significance of the Lord’s Supper this Sabbath, ending with the lovely scene in heaven when Jesus sits down with us again to partake of the marriage supper of the Lamb pleading with them to make things right with Jesus.  Oh please pray these people will be there!
   “Even in the most difficult fields..Everyone is to hear the last call to the marriage supper of the Lamb.”  EV 21   
Just 3 days ago a man in GeGhah village went hunting in the jungle during the evening hours.  He met an elephant that charged him.  He fled for his life and barely made it to a rocky section where he dove down in between 2 large rocks.  The elephant stood watch over him trapping him in all night long and into the morning.  Finally he was able to pry himself out and make it home.  In LaGlah village 2 wild elephants have been coming every evening and morning.  They have partially destroyed one poor person’s hut and many of their garden crops​​.  I am constantly praying for the safety of my terrified people.
Our water supply has stopped up several times only producing thick mud, however there is amazing news!  The government of Thailand is very good.  They are planning to do 3 things for our village:
1. Put in a huge water system for BYT!
2. Bring in electricity via hydro power!  (Already starting with huge pipes)
3.  Internet is also predicted for all of BYT by the end of May!
4.  The news is also circulating that they plan to make solid roads to 3 villages that have horribly difficult access.  GeGhah, NyaLeGwee, and CoDeJo.
So incredible way out here!  Praise God from whom all blessings flow!
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The Vicious Dog

Just a common black and white dog, like so many Thai dogs in the jungle mountains.  They are not pets, they are seldom loved and cared for.  Many are sick, infected, mangey, skinny, and unlovely, and all are hungry and looking for something to eat.  People eat dogs around here.  Sometimes I see 6 puppies bouncing around every day.  Suddenly they are gone.  Three village boys killed and ate them. I once made a pet out of a terribly sick and mangey black dog that had 5 puppies.  A truck ran over her foot and it got infected.  I put a charcoal poultice on it and treated her eyes and skin.  I fed her well and she became healthy and beautiful with shining black fur.  I named her “Blackie.”  She followed me to all the villages and never left my side.  I really loved that dog.  One day Blackie made the mistake of chasing a neighbor’s chicken.  I could not find her anywhere after that.  The boy next door had shot her and eaten her.  I still miss Blackie!

I am in the habit of running almost every morning, and have come across unfriendly threatening dogs in many different places.  So far I had not been bitten, but surely thought I would be a couple of times.

One morning at 5:30a.m. I began my run in the dark as usual. I have to go through BYT first, so I  wait to run until I am out of the village because I don’t want to start the dogs barking and wake everybody up.  I crossed the first river footbridge and walked past the first house. It was perfectly silent everywhere in the village.  Suddenly something vehemently struck my right leg with great force.  There was no growl no bark.  In my shock my throat spontaneously let out a loud croaking nose, but nobody heard or saw, thankfully.  I shone the faint little light from my iPod at the black and white dog that was making a retreat!   Wow that really hurt, but I did’t know how bad it was because I was determined to run, and I didn’t want to look until my run was finished, even though it was painful.

I have 3 puncture wounds and one tear about 3/4 inch long. I have to receive 5 rabies shots and 3 tetanus toxoids shots over a certain time period.  Thankfully I have my own tetanus and the hospital let me purchase the rest of the rabies shots and give them to myself.  I could never make it all the way back to MaeSot 4 more times on the exact day.  I let BletJhaw learn how to give shots and he did a great job with the rest of them.  That place on my leg still hurts to this day.

My Mother told me she always prays that the elephants and snakes won’t harm me, but she never thought to pray about vicious dogs!

It was only a week or two later that a Mother from GeGhah came to our clinic carrying her 7 year old daughter, AhReeAh.  AhReeAh had been bitten by the same dog that day, only her bites were 4 times worse than mine!  That dog had chewed several times on her left leg. Poor poor child!  I cleaned it well and applied a charcoal poultice, then she went for rabies shots and now returns every day for cleaning.  It is healing well, although she refused to walk for an entire week.

This dog has now bitten a total of 6 people.  I am indignant and ready to kill that dog myself or go tie it up.  Why in the world doesn’t somebody kill that dog and eat it?  These people of the jungle eat anything that moves – like rats, snakes, dogs, spiders, flies, bees, frogs, turtles, crawdads, grubs, and worms.  This is actually not a complete list of the various creatures that get eaten around here.

The news just came to us that someone did kill that vicious dog and he will no longer be attacking innocent people and children!  Won’t heaven be marvelous, where you can have a beloved pet that stays close to your side?  They will not be vicious to you, nor will the people be vicious to kill and eat them.


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Roses in my garden! Forgive me for putting common roses on my webpage, but they grow well here and I never want to forget their beauty, fragrance, encouragement, and cheer that God gave me through them during difficult, lonely, trying times!

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Here is my faithful worker!  Today I want to express my appreciation and gratefulness for his courageous, and untiring work.

He has heard God’s calling to his heart to work in these jungle villages for the past 8 years.  He is one out of thousands of young people who has not answered God’s call with the words:  “I pray thee, have me excused!”  He has answered by saying:  “Here am I, send me!”  He has put every self denying effort into making the soul saving work for God first priority in his life. ”

People have incredulously asked him,

“How can you stay in this place, so far away, so isolated, so difficult to get to, and so dangerous, for 8 long years?”  It seems that nobody else wishes to “Throw his life away.” like this.

Haven’t they read and understand the scriptures saying:  “He that findes his life shall lose it:  and he that loses his life for My sake shall find it?”  Matthew 10:39

Sometimes our work gets very tiring when we have to go to other villages and check patients, they refuse to go to the hospital, we sometimes have to return several times to treat them physically, then finally they consent to go.  These trips sometimes go back to back throughout the entire week or two.  Sometimes we must go in several different directions every day to take care of the sick.  BletJhaw is doing all the difficult driving for hours and hours, and days upon days.  Yet he does not complain, and when I ask him on a scale of 1-10 how tired he is, ( I am tired mostly from sitting so long and getting jolted and tossed around the entire time), yet he has always answered “0”  or “1.”  He will often say after arriving home late at night:  “I could make it back to Meta hospital right now if I really had to.”

Just the amount of driving is not the whole story.  It is the difficulty and danger of steep drop offs, rocks, roots, ruts and tight squeezes between passing trucks in dangerous places.   One time we were going straight up the steep place on the concrete section, when a big government truck was coming down.  When you stop on this grade of steepness, it is dreadful and scary to start back up, plus the concrete edge of the road was sharp and dropped down, and the weeds covered up the sheer drop-off down the side of the mountain.  It was a time when we held our breath and prayed out loud.   I leaned out the window examining the tiny strip of land that may not be solid, that we had to drive on, while BletJhaw pulled his mirror in and put a hair’s breath between us and the big truck.  BletJhaw is praying as he is driving and the angels respond by one miracle after another.  We are traveling in places where and when others wouldn’t dare to go because of the wild elephants.  With his hand in God’s hand, he courageously will drive right through time and time again in order to help the sick.  . . . And I haven’t even addressed rainy season! No words to describe that.

Driving the motorcycle is also his job – another amazing feat!  You need nerves of steel to make it in many places where there is no smooth strip of land between a cliff and  long huge ruts.  Put that together with a big bag of medicine in front of him and me on the back!  Rainy season is sheer torcher to all!  And the danger of poisonous snakes while on the motorbike is a huge threat.  One week ago a young man was driving these roads when he came across a huge cobra right across the road in front of him the size of a large man’s  upper arm.  It was a bad place and he could not stop.  He had to run right over him.  That snake lifted up his body and fanned out his hood toward him.  We had a similar experience but did not have to run directly over it!

Walking in the rain is another adventure that we do not look forward to.  In these mountains there is hardly any flat easy places.  It is either straight up or straight down.  You are wet, muddy, tired, shoulders aching because of the heavy backpack, and feet are trying to slip away under you.  At times you cannot find a suitable place to rest your next footsteps, and at times you fall down.  Leaches add to the discomforts and they will itch like mad for the next 2 weeks at least!  All this is done with joy and thanksgiving because we are carrying supplies to take care of the people’s physical and spiritual needs.  God goes with us and He promises all of heaven!

I also want to thank BletJhaw for all his preaching, teaching, worships, prayers, and leadership with the youth Sabbath School.  Though the work is slow and unpromising at times, he keeps a cheerful spirit and applies himself to the work whole heartedly.  I haven’t even addressed all the interpreting he does for me with patients and for all my sermons, worships, prayers and Bible studies.


BletJhaw is very humble and takes no credit for anything himself, even though he has a lot talent to add to this work.  He is musical and plays the guitar for church and worships constantly.

He sings beautifully for God and has quite a lot of wisdom in handling our most difficult situations.

He loves the babies, little children and elderly people all the same.  He cares for each patient with tender loving care even though we may not have eaten for a very long time, or may be dead tired, or woken up in the middle of the night. I might add that after working alongside with me for so long, he can handle most of the the patient load if he had to.  He is a wonderful Father to his own children, husband, and missionary.  I find myself thanking God for him and his family every day!  What a privilege to work with a young person who has the same heart and passion to save souls as I do. Who is a totally consecrated worker – awake to the worth of the souls for whom Jesus died!  Please pray for him as much as you pray for me in this work, as I depend on him for so much!

“Ten truly converted, willing minded, unselfish workers can do more in the missionary field than one hundred…working without deep love for souls.” Testimonies 4:602



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Every Sunday now for the past 3 weeks the people of BYT (BeYoTa) and WST (WaSuTa) have been working together to clear a place in front and to the side of our little BYT chapel!  We are scraping the funds together to expand this church towards the front and side.  It is hard work digging and dragging the dirt, but so much fun to be working together for God’s remnant church!

First Sunday

Second Sunday


Third Sunday


“Dear Father in Heaven thank you Lord for the growth of our church. You have begun a good work here, and Your promise is that you will complete it.  Please, in this place of worship may the pure holy rays of light be shed to all around.  Bring the people understanding of Your Word that is spoken here.  Please bring the power of Your Holy Spirit upon us at each meeting and church service, so that the messages will be powerful and not fall lifeless to the ground.  Please give us wisdom to prepare our sermons and worships according to the needs of the people.  Also by the drawing power of Jesus who died so that these might live, bring the people from far and near so that Your death will not be in vain for them.  Lead us to the ones who are wistfully looking for something better in their lives, but don’t know where to turn.  Give us a relationship with them so they will come and learn.  Keep out Satan and all the evil host, with his doubts, deceits, and distractions and put a hedge about the people who gather in this church that their hearts may melt and open to the convictions of the Holy Spirit and give them power to make the changes that they need so badly in their lives. Please give them each a personal experience and relationship with you and the joy and peace that results.  And as they raise their voices in prayer to You from this place, please give them the assurance of Your presence Your answers and Your guidance.

Thank you for placing us here and helping us sow the precious seeds,  the results of which are unknown to us now,  but are all in Your hands and will cause us to rejoice throughout all eternity and add more stars to Your crown and ours! 

Oh Lord You are so gracious and excellent, loving and tender, faithful and true and we thank you with all we have, and all we are in service to You, by Your grace alone.  In Jesus name.  Amen.”




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One Day in the Life of a Missionary

February 13, 2018

I begin the day asking the Lord to take control.  I submit my will to Him and know that whatever lies ahead He already knows and has provided for it.  I take my usual run, reflecting on the passage I had just read in 2Timothy 4:16-18.  Paul was so lonely – no man stood with him, but then he said, “Notwithstanding the Lord stood with me and strengthened me. “ Oh how sweet is that!  God is enough!  He is standing by me today too with love and strength for my day!

With a light heart I swing into the day of treating patients.  There’s a lady with pneumonia, a boy with a fat tick deep in his ear, eye injury, urinary track infections, skin rashes, and several sick babies.

Now we are off to CooDooMai village.  We have never made a medical trip to this village before because it seems to be out of our territory – too far away, but today we go because most, if not all the people have come to our clinic in the past and ask us repeatedly to visit them.

When we arrive we find out that the people have all gone to work on their rice gardens – to clear the land.  We only visit one man who cannot work, TheyMoo, the one who broke his ankle and got the short leg cast, then went home and tore it off because he wanted to try the devil way.  Now his ankle cannot bend, he cannot walk without a stick and a terrible limp.  So sad to see such a young man, messed up for life because of the devil’s deceit!  We prayed for the poor man in his house.

CooDooMai village

We decide we will go to BlaGlow next because it is still early and we have all our medical supplies with us.  We are really covering the miles on the motorbike today!  Halfway to BlaGlow, we stop abruptly.  What are these fresh footprints in the dust?


Looks like a large elephant with a baby has just walked down this pathway ahead of us.  Do we dare keep going?  NO!  That would be suicide.  Some of these elephants really hate people and you have to drop your bike and run pell mell for your life.  (We found out later that on that very night a man in CooDooMai village woke up hearing strange noises in the jungle and went out to see what it was.  I don’t know how far away from his house he was, but the wild elephant charged him.  The man fled to his house and just made it in through the door before the elephant got him)!

By now it is well past noon and it is too late to venture to yet another village, so homeward bound.  The roads are dry, but the problem now is the thick dust!  In some of the very steep places the dust can be 8 inches deep and is very difficult.

Jerry, beginning the steep dusty descent. He already wrecked before on the way up.

Keep to the left or you’ll never make it!

Arriving home we find out that several patients have been waiting, then more patients come. In-between I do garden work.  BletJaw and Jerry build a gate at the end of our driveway because the old fence is sadly broken and the cows are getting in!

The sun is going down, as two men approach on a motorbike.  They tell us that their brother, JaLa age 45, in NeLeeGwee village is very sick, not eating, stomach and chest pain, shortness of breath, and they seem to think he is going to be unconscious because at times he is confused and cannot think straight.  He thinks he’s going to die.  We better drive the truck because he may have to go straight to the hospital.  We must go and see him even though it is a long and difficult drive and already so late!  We prepare ourselves for a long tiring night!

When I examine this patient I am impressed that his problem is drugs.  He has mainlined opium, (Heroin), three times a day for over 30 years, and to make matters worse he has just recently taken the mad horse medicine, which is a primitive – home made style of METH!  People often take too much or take it with alcohol or opium and actually fry their brains.  They either die, or are never the same again and act crazy the rest of their life!  I wish to give him massive doses of activated charcoal, but I have none with me.  The people want to go to the hospital in the morning.  We tenderly teach JaLa and all the people who have gathered around, the dangers of smoking, drugs and alcohol.  We tell them about the love of Jesus, and that He is the only One able to help them overcome these bad habits and we pray for JaLa and all the people.  Because of our past Bible work in this village many people know some of the truths in the Bible.

The very next morning after a very short night sleep we make the long trip again to NeLeeGwee village.  I have the unspeakable blessing and privilege to pray with all the people before we leave the village.  I include the gospel story in my prayer and I have the distinct feeling of the Holy Spirit in the midst of us.  As my heart is escalated to the heavenly courts in prayer, I get a sense of this little forgotten village tucked away far in the jungle, and all the people around me with their heads bowed, eyes closed and hands folded!  They are not forgotten of God. Words cannot express the enormity of my heart-bursting gratefulness to God for putting me here where nobody has ever carried the good news of salvation before!

The nephew is helping JaLa into the truck

We now have the longest leg of our journey, passing the elephants unharmed, even though it was just a few hours before and a few footsteps away, that the man got chased into his house!

JaLa in Meta hospital with his wife EhLa

The hospital staff are usually not compassionate to the poor jungle people who are filthy and have abused opium, never-the-less every trip we make with the patients, binds them to our hearts and us to them.  We have more opportunity to teach them about their health and to show them the wonderful Jesus in our actions, words, and prayers!

From Mrs. White’s pen:

Come close to the great heart of pitying love, and let the current of that divine compassion flow from you into the hearts of others.”  CCh 255.4





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Motorcycle Clinic!

Our patient load is increasing by leaps and bounds.  It is hard to ever leave our house because we constantly meet people who are just traveling in to see us.  Some have come quite a long way on foot, or motorbike, and we simply cannot leave them unattended.  One time we were over halfway up the shortcut road in the truck, when we met PaJew bringing his Mother to us.  I felt so sorry for her that I told them I would jump on their motorbike with them and go back to BYT!  BletJhaw had to wait right there in the truck.

That was a difficult ride with 3 of us squished onto one bike seat and going up and down those very steep, rough places.  The poor motor bike was quite old also.  Glad I am kind of small!!  Only had to walk one time, plus the lady got the medical care that she desperately needed.  I am so happy to care for these dear people!

People treated this week were lacerations to suture, scrub typhus, allergic reactions, bug in the ear, lots of tonsillitis, pharyngitis, asthma, bronchitis, COPD, otitis media, gastritis, abscesses, mouth infections, multiple aches and pains, tooth extraction, and a leach like water animal living up inside the nose of a 4 year old boy for 5 days!  To say nothing of the lady we took to the hospital with numbness from the waist down, and all the routine type patients.

One Thursday we were headed to LaGlah on the motorbike for our routine medical work and Bible studies in that village.  About  halfway we pass a motorbike with 2 people traveling from GweeWaWaKee village.  (That’s a long ways away).  They stopped us and I saw disappointment written all over both of  their faces. I know they were coming to see us;  Now what shall we do?  I thought about turning around and going all the way back home for these 2 people, but then I thought, why can’t we just treat the patients right here by the pathway from our motorbike in the jungle – we already had all the medicine with us, and this would save quite a lot of time.   As we were treating them, 2 others swung in on their motorbikes from DaGwaDay, then 2 more from BlaGlow, until we had a big motorcycle clinic going on.  We were writing the patient information and counting out the medicine on the motorbike seat. We did urine analysis and other treatments right there by the pathway. Everyone was happy and satisfied that they had gotten what they came for, and we still had enough time to complete our work in LaGlah!


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