Hang on to your seat belts!

October 29, 2014

Oh please hang onto your seat belts everyone because things are happening fast!  This is very good news!

A TRUCK – A TRUCK, very soon we will have a new truck!!

I just had to send my love to you all today! And even though it is late for me here, I simply must tell you about today!! It is October 28, 2014 and I shall always remember this date.

Tucker and I had travelled to MaeSot yesterday because in our search for a truck, I had contacted a lot of people both in Chaing Mai and Bangkok, and needed a quiet place to use the computer and phone. I did not want to miss anything. BletJaw, Tucker and I had been praying earnestly every day for God to direct us to the truck He had planned for us. I know others in Thailand have spent weeks and months locating a good truck, so I thought I may have to wait quite a while.

Today I caught up my web page with the 4 latest stories, then I fell on my knees once again to tell the Lord that this process of getting a truck could be a very long one, and I felt so helpless because the Thai people cannot speak English and it was so hard to go through other people. It seemed so impossible to actually make such a big transaction in this country. Also, if I could afford to put off road stuff on it, how would I go about doing that? … and where? “Oh please make this easy on me Lord, I cried. Because I do not know anything, and it seems so impossible!”

I so much wanted to get back to BYT to do God’s work. I told the Lord that I knew He could give me the right truck in a very short time if it was His will.

I spoke to BletJaw on the phone and he said that something so big and important should not be rushed. We decided that Tucker and I would wait here in MaeSot another 2 days and if nothing showed up in that time we would go back to BYT and try again in another 2 weeks.

WELL! It was 2:00 in the afternoon. I had just written the sentence on my webpage that was a comment from Kelly Bolton in NewYork.  She has worked unceasingly and untiringly for our work in BYT.  She said:

“You have a great team working with you all around the globe, so you’ll surely get what you need!”

How right she was, because just then my cell phone rang. My missionary friends in Bangkok had contacted their acquaintances, Danny and Sheany Pung. Danny was telling me they found a truck for us. Not a one or two year old truck at all, NO, -but a brand new one!! It is black!

A lady who is a dealer is giving us a new truck with her employee discount taken off! This means my truck is $3500 cheaper and it is a 2015 Toyota Viga, 3.0 engine, smart cab, diesel, manual, 4WD off road truck! It also has all the navigator blue tooth, touch screen computer dash, (Which I know nothing about, but Tucker does)! Some other discount was added until the actual price of this truck is cheaper for me than some of the same factory stock trucks that are 5 or 6 years old!!

I will travel to Khan Kaen next week and take care of all the paperwork and drive home in something awesome!! Khan Kaen is near the Laos border in North Thailand.

To make things even better, these people are SDA’s. They speak English, they treat me like family and have spent a long time helping me. They are so nice! They will pick us up at the bus station and help us. They seem delighted to do this.

I am not finished yet, there is more besides! These people own a car parts shop. They have all the off road stuff that my truck needs. They also have mechanics that put the stuff on and they will discount that stuff!

I am a perfect stranger to them. Now tell me something, is this a great big miracle from God or what?!!!! Nobody could have a shadow of a doubt that God has opened to us the windows of heaven, and poured us out a blessing that there is not room enough to receive it!! And don’t let’s forget that the first part of that verse is asking for all the tithes to be brought into the storehouse.

I often used to wondered what missionaries do about tithe, because to me my tithe in America seemed to go to places just like this to help people just like who I am helping. Other missionaries told me that they pay tithe only on the money they use for themselves.

Well I hardly buy anything for myself and as money comes in, I am in the habit of giving 10% on every penny of it! It is wonderful because that money goes into Burma and builds churches! Burma is worse off than Thailand for the Karen people. I need the joy of paying my tithe too. I notice all the time that the windows of heaven really do open up!!!!! God has thousands of ways to reward us for faithful service!

Praise the Lord! Again and Again! Over and Over!
Let’s serve Him with all of our hearts, and all of our souls and all of our might!


This picture is not our specific truck, but is just like it!!


Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 3.09.49 PM


All my love,


A New Truck!!!

October 28, 2014

We can buy a new TRUCK!  I just heard from Natalie Wood and my Sister that enough money has come in so that we can make the purchase!!  I cannot help but shed a few tears of 100% joy!  I fall on my knees and thank the dear Saviour.  I go and tell BletJaw and Tucker – together we fall on our knees and give glory and thanksgiving to God.  Our faces are wreathed in smiles!

I know the statistics say that the average Seventh-Day Adventist only donates $21.00 per year to missions, but I can see clearly that YOU are an exception to that rule because we will now buy the much needed four-wheel drive truck and I am also continuing to run the clinic and keep my visa going!!  Praise the Lord!  He is pushing the work forward!!

I think about all the audiences of people that I spoke to during my ten weeks in America.  What precious people you all are!  How supportive you all were with your encouragement, your means and your prayers!!  

Kelly Bolton, who lives in New York state, and has worked like a whirlwind to support the work in BYT, emailed me after she heard that we are praying and looking for the right truck!   She said these encouraging words:  

“You have a great team working with you all around the globe, so you will surely get what you need!” 

I am responsible to God for the way I use all my time, the way I spend all my money,  and all the places that I go. I know I am treading on holy ground here, because God has mercifully swung great big doors wide open right here in front of me and invited me to walk through!  My next work is to throw all my energy into searching out the truck God has planned for us.  As we are able to afford it, we will add the extras onto it that will make it into a stronger, safer and more durable truck for our needs.

Perhaps by the time I write another story here I will be showing you a picture of a beautiful Toyota Vigo 4WD truck!


God bless you all.  My heart is filled with love, warmth and gratitude to you all!

In His Care,








Clinic on the Pathway!

October 28, 2014

We are headed to LaGlah village again on foot.  We had donned our backpacks and told PeeWah, our beloved neighbor, where we were going in case other patients come looking for us.  Up, up ever upwards we climb. It is so hot and so sticky.  We had gone at least 4 kilometers up, when way down below we could hear some voices calling:  “BletJaw, TharaMu” (Respectful Karen word for female teacher),”wait, we are coming.  Don’t leave us.  We are sick!”  

We waited and the distant calling back and forth continued, “PeeWah told us you left for LaGlah, we are hurrying to catch up.” Then “We know TharaMu walks fast!” The loud calling steadily came closer and clearer until a worn out man appeared.  When he got closer he panted out the words, “I am about to die climbing these mountains.”  But he was in good humor.  Soon another panting man appeared, so glad that we had waited.

As we listened to their complaints we pulled the contents out of our backpacks and laid them out beside the steep path.  ‘Clinic on the pathway!’  We had everything we needed to take good care of their aliments, even two vitamin ‘B’ injections for the man with leg and arm pain.  These vitamins are so good for these ‘B’ deficient people. It is certainly another ‘first’ for Tucker to give IM injections on a steep dirt pathway in the midst of the jungle floor!  I don’t believe that is the setting that his nursing instructors at Southern University taught him to do it in!






Here they are, so happy that they had found us. Now they have some lingering thoughts about God, and also some things that will help them get well.


We really enjoyed getting to know these men and spent quite a lot of time teaching them ways to take better care of their health.  After a beautiful prayer for them, their families, and their rice crops we said good-bye  and continued on to LaGlah village.

Once in LaGlah we received a warm welcome.  I received a wonderful hug from the girl that we had helped by building her a house.  We had not seen each other for a very long time.



These are certainly beautiful people


They need your prayers!


ChaDree is not feeling well now.  I do not know if the cancer is getting the best of him, or if he is just plain sick with a virus.  But he did not look good and spent his time lying on his mat in the back room.  We had worship with them all. Please pray for ChaDree!  He was well on our last visit just 8 days before.  

Please pray for the Karen people in the BYT mountains that they may understand the truth and love Jesus!




Motorcycle Accident

October 28, 2014

“Thou hast kept me alive!”


Today, Friday, BletJaw left to see Jonathan, his son, who is sick. If all goes well he will return on Sunday.  We prayed together before he left.  I was so glad that he could take the motorbike and that it had not rained yet.

No sooner did he leave than a poor 18-year-old boy, SomPon, came to my door with a twisted and bent left wrist. He had wrecked his motorbike a little ways out of WahSueTah because his brakes went out on a steep descent! Consequently he went catapulting off the road and down a steep ravine! Indeed he was lucky to be alive, because later I saw the spot where it happened!


I go to work on the poor boy’s arm.  His radius, which is the bigger bone above the thumb, was broken and dislocated.  As if that was not enough it seems that the end of the radius had been driven down into his hand.  I was thankful that it was not an open fracture, but SomPon was in extreme pain. All I do is give a pain medicine and wrap his deformed arm with padding, then apply an ace bandage over 2 bamboo sticks that Tucker had prepared for me. This stabilized the arm for the rugged journey that would follow. My job now is to get him to MeDuGlow clinic, and what an amazing struggle lay ahead for us all!


Now to tell you the truth about our old truck: We had gotten it repaired in MaeSot last week to the point that it would drive. Though I was very hesitant about trying to drive it into BYT this time, we tried it anyway because we simply must have some more supplies. Some moments were very tense. It did make it in, but I concluded that it must have been presumption and our desperate need that pushed us to drive it. However, it is now my responsibility to get SomPon to MeDuGlow clinic!


It is 10:30 a.m. SomPon is sitting in the front seat with me. We have to cross two rivers just to leave our house. Even though it is mid October, it is still raining almost every day here, so for this reason we have trouble getting across the first riverbed. Next comes the mud hole, which resembles a swimming hole filled with very wet deep mud!  This stretches approximately 50 yards. On the far right side is a narrow dry strip, which is a little bit over 1 foot in width. I plant my right tires on that, but the left side has to sink deeply into mud. Right away we slid all four tires into the mud, as I tried to work the truck out it only sunk deeper in until it was high centered in the mud. I was not going anywhere. Oh how I wish BletJaw were here!


In a few minutes 3 men plus Tucker came on the scene and begin to push me backward. They are incredibly strong, and after rhythmically pushing and revving the engine, pushing and revving we finally got backed out of it. Now I must drive through again! This time my right tires must be as far out on that one-foot strip as possible. I failed to tell you that on the other side of that one-foot strip is a sheer drop off down a ravine!


I prayed and drove and prayed and drove with my tires spinning and the right tires just about hanging over the ravine! Tucker was standing in the back of the truck, and he said that he just couldn’t look for fear that we would fall over the edge because the truck was squirming and slipping and seemed like it would go over.


The rest of the way into MeDuGlow was very treacherous. The entire way was just plain terrible. At one point they were putting a strip of cement down. Now that in itself is great, but we must take a detour beside the wet concrete, going downhill on oozing RED mud, take a sharp turn to the left to avoid a tree and proceed to curve around. Most of the way is right on the edge of a cliff! I get out of the truck to inspect the supposed “Road!” That looks utterly and ridiculously impossible!!


“Oh, dear Lord,” I plead, “Send help because I am so exhausted of driving in such terrible conditions. There is always more rain and more mud. It looks so impossible – but not for You!  You know this young man needs to get to the hospital.”    I am so thankful for 1 Corinthians 10:13


A man working with a group on the cement saw me get out of my truck to survey the ugly scene.  He came up to talk to me, he asked me if I wanted him to drive. I said: “YES!” and silently breathed: “Thank-You Lord!”


He maneuvered that truck around in the oozing red mud right up next to the steep precipice. I asked him if he would still be there when I returned in about 2 hours because I knew that I could not drive back up  that dreadful place. He said that he would.


We stopped about 5 times because poor SomPon was so carsick. He finally got out and sat in the back of the truck. How hard that must have been on him because he was also in so much pain. All in all the trip in took us 3 hours.


Once at the clinic they just sent him on to Omkoi hospital without touching the beautiful splint that I had put on his arm. He will receive an x-ray there, and then he will have to go to Chiang Mai for surgery. My prayers are with him.


Now we are heading back.  Sure enough by the time I got to the dreadful place my friend was still there. I have no idea how he could maneuver that truck, straight up the oozing red stuff on the brink of the precipice. It seemed so impossible.  Once again Tucker could not look and I don’t blame him!


I have imagined that my friend today was an angel! In fact my angel was doing great things for me all the way today! Back we came to the next dreadful place with 50 yards of mud. Just as the man had brought us through the last bad place, this truck came through the 50 yards squirming the entire time and coming oh so breath-taking close to the precipice, but not going over!


How wonderful heaven will be without any bad roads!


Can you imagine my utter dismay when the very next day we had another patient to take to the same place! This lady was so sick she could not walk. She simply must be taken in. This time my friend was not there to help me. I drove that horrible place myself there and back! It is the utter truth to say that I myself could NOT have driven that part. It clearly was the power of God that took us through!


“Oh dear Lord,“ I cry in humble adoration!   “Thou hast kept me alive…by Thy favor Thou hast made my mountain to stand strong!” Psalms 30:3,7


Laborers Together with God!

October 27, 2014

Jesus is coming soon!   Let’s help the people in every land to get ready!


Have you heard these words so often that they fall down dead at your feet? Well pick them up quickly and run with them. Run to the uttermost part of the world. Precious time is wasting. Don’t just take care of your own lives, because that will cause you to at last loose all! Please Oh please care about the needs of others!


Mrs. White says: “It is time that cities and villages everywhere were hearing the solemn note of warning, “Behold He cometh with clouds and every eye shall see Him.” Get ready that you may be found of Him in peace….I entreat you, whom God has favored with a knowledge of the truth, go to work! There is work to do everywhere. The fields are all white unto the harvest. Sowers and reapers are needed just now…Take hold of the work to communicate life to save perishing souls. Angels are waiting to bless the consecrated workers.

The divine presence will be with them to give strength and courage and faith and hope. The true-hearted workers will be laborers together with God.” TM 231, 232


What better things could you be doing in these last days? You will have the divine presence to go with you! What more do you want? What better way is there to spend your life than to be a laborer together with God!!


With all these words ringing in my ears, I take off to NeLeeGwee village. If you really want to have fun, if you really want to enjoy yourself and fill your life with satisfaction, then do what I am doing. I feel so sorry for everyone else who is not a laborer together with God in the field that God has chosen for you!


Tucker, BletJaw and I hike through the rice fields, through the vine covered jungles and streams, over bamboo and log river crossings, and finally up a steep long mountain. In an hour or more we arrive at NeLee Gwee village. As we slip off our backpacks in ShePaw’s house, the village sick people suddenly surround us.


Our procedure goes as follows: First we pray with all the people while they are gathered together in one place. Next we treat patients for almost 3 hours because many are very sick, and we must visit another home, to give an IV of vitamins to a lady.   Next we eat the food prepared for us. After eating it is time to D/C the IV.  I invite the lady and her husband to come and have worship with us at ShePaw’s house. I tell them that we have a good time because we sing, pray and tell a Bible story. They come!!


This time there are a lot of people filling the house for worship! I tell about Jesus birth and the visit of the shepherds. They are spellbound. The children are quiet. I have several pictures from ‘My Bible First.’ Oh the beauty of those pictures and the rapture of the people as they listen and stare. Then we pray and everybody folds their hands and close their eyes. I pray as never before for these dear people who have just heard this story for the very first time. God heard the prayer. God knows the hearts of the people who are bowing there before him under the broken leaf roof of the dilapidated, dirty bamboo hut. I feel at this moment that I can hear the angel choir singing melodiously. My heart is full of love.



She is captivated by the picture of baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph!  She gazes for a very long time!

She is captivated by the picture of baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph! She gazes for a very long time!


This may look to you like a normal every-day picture of somebody praying.  But not so here.  This is a result of many stories told in their house, and many earnest, agonizing personal prayers!

This may look to you like a normal every-day picture of somebody praying. But not so here. This is a result of many Bible stories told in this house along with many prayers and songs.  There has also been  my many earnest, agonizing personal prayers!


There are others in this family that are attracted to Jesus, but not like this dear lady.  She has learned to pray and knows something of a wonderful Saviour who loves her!

As we leave this house and make our way down the rugged pathway that leads through the village, I pause at the poor old lonely lady’s house – PeeYo.   She is still hanging onto life, though she seems to be so very wrinkled bent over and old. You remember her story don’t you? The one who killed her baby that she had out of wedlock because everyone accused her and she felt so guilty about it, then when she finally did get married she could not have any children. The villagers told her that it serves her right. Now she has no family and everybody still holds her past against her.  Nobody likes her or helps her.


PeeYo motions for me to come in and sit down. I notice that the bamboo floor in the front of her tiny house has broken away and the rest of it looks like it will crumble under the next footstep that presses upon it. Her bed is an old blanket, torn and black from years of dirt and waste and smoke from the fire. Her voice is so raspy, and her head is so shaky, that I can barely make out the words. She needs some medicine for her burning, itching eyes. Also her knees are painful. I find the much-needed medication and explain to her how to use it. I do not believe she will remember anything that I tell her. A young boy is at my side and I ask him to please come and put 2 drops of eye medicine in each of her eyes every day before going to school in the morning, and then 2 more drops when he returns from school in the afternoon. I have him try it out and he does an excellent job. He is happy with his newly assigned responsibility and assures me that he will remember.


The next part of my story, I tell with solemn and sacred reverence and awe!

I told PeeYo that before she died, she must know Jesus, that if she believed He was the only true God and asked Him to stay with her, He would. I told her how much He loves her and about the beautiful home that He is making for her and that He wants her to be there, if she only just believes in Him and asks Him to be with her now.


She told me that she does want that and she does know who Jesus is. She talks to Him every day, because we told her how! I prayed for her just then. Now her eyes meet mine as I say good-bye. I smile at her and say, “Remember, Jesus loves you!”




Oh joy of joys! I am a laborer together with God!


Five Loaves and Two Fishes

October 14, 2014

I am starkly reminded of the reality of living in a heathen land. Today the sun streams down with scorching heat. The people around me are sick – really sick. In every village the plaintive woes of the people greet my ears.




It seems they have just sat at home, sick and waiting for me to return from America. They are so dirty. They need to make so many changes, but they are so steeped in the practices of their culture. It takes so long and so much work to see just a little tiny change in their lives.


Our first week back in BYT we are very busy.  Two men stagger into my clinic just now. One is drunk and holding a major abscess on his right jaw.

Abscesses to the jaw.  A charcoal/psyllium poultice along with an antibiotic will help.

Abscesses to the jaw. A charcoal/psyllium poultice along with an antibiotic will help.


The other man is just skin and bones. His temperature is 103 degrees.  He is septic. He fell twice just trying to make it to my front door. I recognize him as the one who almost died one year ago. He was bleeding out from everywhere at that time. We got to him just in time and His life was saved. But he continues to use heavy doses of opium. What will it be for him today?


He is so very sick.

He is so very sick.  He fell twice just trying to make it to my door!


I see the heinous results of sin. Smoking, alcohol, and opium seem to be at an all time high. I look into the sunken eyes and note the shaking arms and legs before me and want to weep. His blood pressure is around 80. To start an IV on him is very difficult because he is shaking badly, his veins are already hard and knotted from main lining heroin, and his blood pressure is so low.  I add vitamins to his IV.  We wait and pray.


Two other men enter with fevers, dysentery, loss of appetite and gastritis.  The smell of alcohol is strong.





Many babies and children have asthma, bronchitis and pneumonia.  I used up almost all my salbutamal in breathing treatments this week.

Many babies and children have asthma, bronchitis and pneumonia. I used up almost all my salbutamal in breathing treatments this week.


This dear lady picks up a broom and sweeps our entire house out including the porch and the surrounding cement!  We treat her son for seizures and she is so very thankful.

This dear lady picks up a broom and sweeps our entire house out including the porch and the surrounding cement! We treat her son for seizures and she is so very thankful.


I want to be overwhelmed at the great need around me. Just tonight, after we retired for the night, we heard voices outside. A baby just 3 weeks old is septic.  Her breathing is irregular.  She breaths rapidly then nothing for 11 seconds.  She is septic and has a HUGE cough!  I tell them they MUST go to the hospital right away or she will die.  Fortunately they have a motorbike and they go.  (The baby lives)!

Also that same night, a small child was intensely sick with pneumonia and a temperature of 104.8 degrees. She has been sick a long time they tell me.  Her lungs sound frightful.


104.8 degrees!

104.8 degrees!


Now there are 4 people that I would have taken to the hospital immediately if only I could, but for the first time in my four years at BYT I have no truck. Here at my house are three workers, BletJaw, Tucker and myself. We have strong legs to walk and carry backpacks, and one motorbike, but what is that compared with so many desperately sick people?


My words here remind me of the story of Andrew in John 6:9. When Jesus asked, “Whence shall we buy bread, that these may eat?” Andrew answered, “There is a lad here, which hath five barley loaves, and two small fishes, but what are they among so many?”


Mrs. White makes this comment: “He has bidden us: ‘Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.’ Mark 16:15. But how often our hearts sink and faith fails us, as we see how great is the need, and how small the means in our hands. Like Andrew looking upon the five barley loaves and the two little fishes, we exclaim, “What are they among so many?”…But Jesus has bidden us, “Give ye them the eat, His command is a promise; and behind it is the same power that fed the multitude beside the sea.”


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First Sabbath in BYT

October 13, 2014

It is Sabbath morning. We have been in BYT since Wednesday evening. I preach about William Miller, the value of the Bible, and the value of our precious Seventh-Day-Adventist church. There is an exceptional attendance today, including several from WaSuTah. I am so very happy to see them and make an appeal for them to prepare for Jesus second coming just as the people did in 1844.

Yesterday several people had come from GeGhah village to be treated. They told us about a man who is very sick. He is swollen up all over especially his stomach. He does not eat or drink much. Another man said his daughter had a high fever and she seemed to shake heavily for 30 minutes. (Febrile seizures)? So, after church and after eating a small dinner, we left for GeGhah.   BletJaw and I were so happy to share the contents of our heavy backpacks with Tucker! He ably carried more than his share!

Patients flocked in to see us. They were so happy that we were back after so long. We spent 3 hours caring for the sick. Many of them were very sick, but the man with the swelling was the worst. He was dying. It is liver failure, perhaps caused by cancer, but most likely the use of opium.  He is a heavy opium addict.  I could tell his organs were shutting down. The stomach swelling was severe, (Ascites).



The family told us they had no money but hey were all going to take a trip to the Pagoda the next day to worship the devil and ask him for help and healing.

We went into the main part of the house because I suggested we have worship.  Everyone in the house thought that was a good idea. I began to talk. I told them to go to the pagoda and worship the devil would not help a bit, because the devil is the cause of all the trouble, sickness and suffering in our world. Only the God of heaven can bring healing because He made us to begin with. I asked if they would like to hear a little bit about God.  They did!  I thanked the Lord in my heart for an opportunity to share truth with them, and asked for words and wisdom!

I told of the 7 days of creation.  How God made the trees, the flowers, the sun, moon and stars. He made everything good. I told about he seventh day.  God has written us a special book called the Bible that tells us how much He loves us. We obey everything He tells us because He always keeps His promises. He can see, hear, love and help us. No other god can do these things. We love Him because He loves us, He is alive and answers our prayers. The devil is the opposite; he does not want us to know about God. He hates us. He lies and is the cause of all the sickness, pain, sorrow, death and every bad thing. God is asking you today to talk to Him and get to know and love Him. We prayed for the poor man and for all the sick people. We asked for God to help them all to know God as we know Him – a personal friend. What a lovely way to spend the hours of the Sabbath! My heart is full of love for these dear people and to the God of the universe who can give understanding to them. The lady of the house fixed us rice and chili peppers for lunch, and gives us a cucumber. Cucumbers are not the size of those in America, they are about 7-10 times bigger!  (We already have about 30 at home that people have given us.  This happens every year.  Last year we ended up with 50)!


The children love Tucker.  They immediately drape themselves over him!  He is happy!

The children love Tucker. They immediately drape themselves over him! He is happy!


Tucker and BletJaw with the children.

Tucker and BletJaw with the children.






Tucker has a great camera. He has taken many of thee pictures.

Tucker has a great camera. He has taken many of these pictures.


We are called to visit several other houses where people are sick. We see the girl who I thought might have had a febrile seizure. I believe the medicine I gave the Father yesterday must have helped her.

We visit a poor old grandma who has fallen down the ladder of her house 15 days ago. She has not walked ever since, and has a decubitus ulcer on her bottom. Her son does not think anything is broken, so he feels she does not need to go to the hospital. I know her hip is broken because her leg is shorter and externally rotated. I long to take her to the hospital right away. How I love this poor lady.

We go to yet another house, where a 42-year-old man has just returned from Omkoi hospital. He seems to have been given some wrong medication for his problem. He has extreme pain over the left kidney. I check his urine and find gross blood and leukocytes, which indicates infection. After treating him for that, I feel satisfied about his treatment. We stay in his house for another 2 hours treating more sick people. Every time we think we have treated the last one, some more people enter. It is now pouring rain outside. I am glad to be in this little hut. We pray with the people. My heart is so full of love that I cannot explain it to you.



The lady of the house is preparing something for us to eat.




We eat the rice and pumpkin she has cooked. It is delicious.


We notice that the lady is preparing us something to eat even though we already ate at the first house.   I wonder if it is a good idea to wait that long to eat because the sky is growing very dark – night is falling and we did not bring flashlights with us. I shudder to think about that treacherous path out there in the rain and in the dark! I inwardly pray for a flashlight. However the kind lady has prepared a nice meal and suddenly I feel hungry. I did not eat much rice and hot chili pepper before. We now eat again.  It is delicious. We thank the dear people. They give us 2 cucumbers and a bag of rice. As we leave, the man gives me a flashlight! My heart is full of love.

Next we are invited to one more house. The man of this house sets a flashlight up on a stick and the lady brings out a beautiful ‘knee’ (shirt) that she has woven for me. They are so happy that we have returned after such a long time. They have missed us and wanted to show their appreciation. I model the beautiful knee and Tucker takes a picture. They give us a huge bag of rice and then hand BletJaw and Tucker each a flashlight. My heart is overflowing with love.




I am thanking the Lord on the walk back because it does not rain. We are loaded down with cucumbers and rice! However in my heart there is rain and heaviness because we do not have a truck to carry the 2 patients to the hospital. The needs of the people are great in this village as they are in every village. They need us to do more for them than what we are doing. A man is dying! We have been gone a very long time and the people are just waiting for us! What can we do? How can we take them somewhere?


This is a double rainbow arching itself completely around BYT!  Thank you Lord!

This is a double rainbow arching itself completely around BYT! Thank you Lord!




The next day it rains heavily and afterwards we see the most beautiful rainbow.  It is a double rainbow and arches itself all the way across our little village of BeYoTa!   “Oh dear Lord” I whisper, “You are telling us that You have everything under control. You have supplied me with so much courage, faith and love! You are full of mercy, and Your love is everlasting.  You are connected with us and the people here who so desperately need what You have to offer – healing, health, life and a knowledge of You!  I trust You!”

I kneel by my bed tonight and pray: “Oh Lord, please send us a truck if it is Your will. You will supply our needs and the needs of the dear patients as You have all along the way! These are Your people. We wait on You.”

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Hiking into BYT!

October 12, 2014

I am so happy! Today is Wednesday, September 24: Exactly 6 days after arriving in Thailand from America. This day we will hike six and a half hours to BYT! Our backpacks are quite light this time! It has been raining every other day, but it is not raining today.


We are now on a song tow, (The orange public transportation truck),  and ring the bell indicating to our driver that we want to get off.


We begin to hike. I don’t believe Tucker is over his jet lag yet, but he had assured us he was ready to go.   He seems excited to actually be on his way to BYT. I am so glad. The sun scorches down upon us as we make our way through the first well-populated village lying on the valley floor just before we ascend up into the mountains. The climb begins quite sharply and continues to be very steep. The extremely steep places are over 20% grade. I must try to explain just how steep they are.  It is so steep that if your foot slipped, you would fall and not be able to get up because you would tumble back down and off the cliff so fast – nobody could save you. Another way to explain how steep they really are, is to relate a comment from Tucker: “The people in America would never believe how steep these roads are!  Nobody could possibly know unless they were right here experiencing it!”






Tucker says it is steeper than what this picture looks like.


Normally we would drive our truck today because the roads are dry enough. We have never walked when it is so very hot and sunny like this. When we walk the entire way, it is always because it is rainy season – overcast and raining. Today we have no truck, and the sun is beating down on us unmercifully. The three of us are really out of shape for this type of exertion. Tucker and I have just come from America. I kept running there in my flip-flops 2 miles most every morning in order to stay in condition. But the roads are so smoothly paved and easy to travel even with hills included, that it would never prepare a person for this. The only way we are conditioned for this kind of hiking is when we are walking to other villages in the mountains with the medicines on our backs three times a week or more. BletJaw has not been exercising at all, and Tucker has been working a swing shift in America as well as losing one night’s sleep prior to our 27 hours of flying on Korean Air!


After climbing ever upward in the blazing heat for 3½ hours we are faint with exhaustion and feel we cannot go on. We sink down on the side of the road and pray for a truck to come along and give us a ride. BletJaw has cramps in his calves and feels like he may have to spend the night right there.


So hot.  So steep.  So long!

So hot. So steep. So long!




“Oh Lord,” I prayed. “You see us here on the side of the road. We feel we cannot go on unless You give us all strength, or clouds and rain, or if You choose to send a truck along to save us that would be so wonderful. We only want to go this way to do Your work in Your way. I know You care and will give us the help we need in whatever way You choose. We will just wait here for You.”


Just then we heard the faint sound of a truck’s motor in the distance. Would it turn off at the last road or come past us? Soon it comes to us – a beautiful new black truck! The driver is a Thai man who asks us where we are going. He is going that way and will take us to the shortcut by the pagoda!


“Thank-You Lord! We could never thank You enough for all Your loving care!” It seemed that this truck saved our lives as well as saving us 2 hours of walking up-hill. A direct answer to prayer!


Once at the pagoda we thank the man profusely and now only have a little over one hour to walk downhill to BYT.  We only had to walk 4½ hours today.

Last stretch before home!

Steep downhill.  Last stretch before home!


“I had fainted, unless I had believed to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Wait on the Lord, be of good courage, and He shall strengthen thine heart. Wait I say, on the Lord.” Psalm 27:13,14

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Returning from Furlough

October 11, 2014


I am up in the air at 40 thousand feet and moving at 846 miles per hour. I ponder my position, half way between my homeland in America, and my home in Thailand.

It is September 17, 2014 and I am returning to Thailand from a 10-week furlough.


Looking behind:


  1. The events behind me swirl around in my head. All my life I have lived in America, but during that time I had never experienced the support and friendship from so many people in my life as I had on this furlough after working 5 years in the jungles of Thailand. I had told the Lord that I wanted to isolate myself with my boys and other family members, but He had a different plan for me!   During these past ten weeks I gave 27 sermons and presentations in Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Illinois, Montana, Florida and New York, both to congregations and on TV. Each group gave me all their attention, all their love, and all their moral support. I am overwhelmed with love to you all!  I want to thank all of you again and again from the bottom of my heart. I truly love every on of you!  I know you will pray for our work and the Karen people as I also pray for you!  I am so encouraged and touched to think that so many Americans really care about the missionaries and God’s work among the heathen!  I think back on the difficult, lonely hours spent in the jungle. At times no one seemed to know or care. God definately used those times to teach me to depend entirely upon Him and draw my heart closer to Him, but now I see God wants to supply this need for me now and He gave me this time, surrounded me with instant friendships and filled my lonely soul with love overflowing. What beautiful people you are!  – and above all the people, I see and feel a tender compassionate Saviour shining with un-surpassing glory!!


  1. I visited my 2 lovely boys, shedding tears on my departure.  I had said good-bye to my dear Mother, who is almost 91 years old.  I have her FULL support and help. She gives me courage to say good-bye because she is cheerful and tells me how happy she is that I am doing God’s work as He has called me to do. She will do her part also in her place. How special is that? I say good-bye to my dear Sister who is my best friend. She did all in her power to help me advance God’s work in Thailand and in America. She gave so much: Her money, her time, and even lost sleep. She developed flyers, she cooked, and she worked until she was utterly exhausted. This is because she had her regular job as well as carting me all over the country to give presentations and run errands. She gave her hard earned money to the work in BYT until it hurt. She was all the support you could ever hope to have.  I also think of Jon and Natalie Wood, who operate the ‘Jesus for Asia’ mission work.  They have gone beyond the call of duty spreading an awareness among the American people of the needs and work going on in BYT and surrounding villages!  Their team, Kirk and DeDe VanBuren, and Stephanie, have prayed and worked very hard to encourage and promote my work as a pioneer missionary.  So very many people went out of their way to help me.  I could not list them all right here  If I did I would have a very long article  for sure!  However I do wish to sincerely thank you all!  I truly am returning to my post of service with fresh vigor and enthusiasm to work for God more earnestly than ever before!


Looking forward:



Tucker and his sister, Signe who came to say good-bye before we leave Chattanooga on a mini van headed for Atlanta airport!


  1. I am so thrilled to have Tucker Anderson flying back to Thailand with me to spend one year! This gives us 3 people on our team.  He is a 22 year-old nursing graduate from Southern University. God picked him out for us and he heard God’s call to his heart. He does not mind leaving the comforts of home and all the conveniences. He shares our deep heart’s desire to tell the Karen people about Jesus. He has taken the yoke that God designed for him, and gladly forsakes the great “American dream,”  so that he can use all his time, talents and money in anyway God directs him.  God worked out all the details for him at the last minute. It is amazing how he just barely got his visa, and secured a flight on the same airline as I was on, just 2 days prior to departure! You will be hearing a lot more about him during the coming months.  We traveled the mini van together from Chattanooga to Atlanta, then on to Korea on Korean Airlines. From there we flew to Chiang Mai Thailand. We had endless things to talk about. I must admit, I did most of the talking because there is so much I need him to know. We do not know what the future holds for us now, but the one thing I know is that God is with us, and nobody can pluck us out of His hands!


  1. Now we have 3 people on our team!  Tucker, BletJaw and myself.  I believe Tucker is very tired now that we arrived in Thailand.  We will stay until he is rested.  I cannot be jet lagged at this point even a little bit because I am so excited to be back.  I call BletJaw as soon as I hit the ground at the Chiang Mai airport! I cannot wait to see him and his wife and 1½-year-old son, Jonathan. Oh how anxious I am to go to BYT and see if everyone is all right there. I have missed them all so much!

We cannot get out of Chiang Mai right away.  We have trouble with transportation.


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July 1, 2014

There are just two weeks left before I will go to America.  I am definitely going to all the villages possible to see them one last time and encourage them with stories about Jesus. I miss them already.

The last village we visited was NeLeeGwee.  I have told them about Satan and his fall from heaven, the creation story and some things about Christ’s life on earth.  Every story needs to be repeated because these things are brand new for them!  Today I have a burden to tell them about Jesus death on the cross and His resurrection.  To tell these amazing stories simply for these people takes a lot of thought, but God helps us every time!

We pack our backpacks with medicine, they are always too heavy!  The rain has let up as we start our hike. In a little while we cross a few swollen streams by walking across bamboo poles, or a fallen tree trunk.  In one particular place the tree we must balance across is old and slick.  The bark has sloughed off and it is green with slime.  I think nothing of stepping across it, because I have done it many times in the past. There is nothing for your hands to hold onto. My backpack is heavy and I have black rubber boots on which are not good for traction, plus I am not used to wearing them, I always wear the old flip flops.  As I neared the end of the log my foot slipped and instantly I sat down hard on that old log.  It hurt really badly with the extra weight from my backpack. At least I did not catapult right down into the swirling waters below! I was able to get up and walk right away and was thankful that nothing was broken.  BletJaw carried my backpack for a little distance.

We treated many patients over the next 2 hours. They prepared us a meal of rice and noodles.  We ate on the floor with our fingers as usual.  My pain was almost entirely gone unless I sat down in a certain way – no problem, I thought to myself.  As we were preparing to tell the story of Jesus, we were called to visit two patients in other houses.  The last man we saw was suffering from bad kidneys and other things.  He swells up at times and has pain in both kidneys and in his entire abdomen.  After asking him a multitude of questions I found out that his wife had an IV solution that someone had given her just a week ago, but there was nobody to give it to him.  I was happy to give it along with 2 shots of B vitamins and other things. I did all that I could to make him comfortable. As soon as the last shot was given, my right wrist and hand began to pain me.  It got worse by the second until I could not even bring my fingers up to straighten them.  I was perplexed because I had no hint of pain in my wrist or hand ever since I fell, over 3 hours ago.

By the time I finished the worship talk on Jesus crucifixion; my whole hand had begun to swell.  Praise the Lord, the beautiful story of Jesus was not diminished in significance, the Holy Spirit added power to it. The children were quiet and focused on the pictures.  God’s presence was moving on those dear people.  I asked them if they would remember this story and think about it while we were gone because it is the best story ever told. It should be repeated again and again because it is so important – it never gets old.  The grandma said that she would have a hard time remembering, but she would try.  They all had never heard anything like it before!  They gathered around to study the pictures.  It is an awesome time. I am so happy to be with them! I feel the presence of the Holy Spirit!

It wasn’t until we started walking home that my hand really truly start to pain me.   I was especially careful across the slimy log.  My wrist hurt so bad I could barely stand it, but I thought about how suddenly it came on, right after my last patient had been treated, my last shot given, and the last entry in my patient treatment log had been written down.  Praise the Lord I had done the worship before the intense pain.

When we got home, I told BletJaw that I cannot write, I cannot chop anything to cook and I cannot treat any patients. I can do nothing with my right hand. I soaked my hand in cold water and then wrapped crushed onions around it.  This helps if you can do it right away, but now it had been seven hours.  I prayed that it would help me do my work because it was my last onion and I sure hated to waste it on my hand.  That night I barely slept. The next day was Sabbath. Miraculously I was much better! I wrapped it with an ace wrap and went to church. The people were all concerned about it, bless their hearts. I take care of them when they have much worse injuries. I preached my parting sermon.  How I pray for the physical and spiritual health of these people while I am gone.

After church I am well!  I can write and treat the patients!  Isn’t God wonderful?!

I know Satan was attacking me because he did not want me to tell the story of Jesus.  Oh how thrilling to see the attacks of Satan!  When you are working for God full time he attacks you at every step. This is good news!  How he hates anyone to know the story of how he tortured and killed the Son of God!  But God says that when the devil shall come in like a flood, the spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him!”  The story of Jesus will be told!!