Last trip out!

January 19, 2017

Leaving BYT in full rainy season!

(Sorry:  This was supposed to be posted back last August when I was leaving for America.  I don’t know how to place it back in the right sequence).

We were everything but rested when we headed out the next morning, Tuesday at 6:30a.m.  It had rained most of the night and was still raining.  I closed my eyes and tried to imagine the difficult mountain passes!  God always helps us and holds up our goings that our footsteps slip not!  We will trust in Him one step at a time.

I started out walking while BletJhaw struggled to get up the first mountain.  I could hardly take a step without sliding backwards. My precious Bible, computer and small ration of supplies for America were strapped onto that bike, making it even more difficult to manage.  I cannot describe to you in words the struggle that we had to progress through the perilous way!  Near the top of the mountain the rain came driving down accompanied by a strong cold wind and heavy fog.  I had no thought of a camera because if I tried to take a picture the camera would ruin in the rain.  I kept leaping off the back, trying to push that bike, but my feet had no traction – neither did BletJhaw and the bike. There were mud slides and fallen trees and I felt I would surely never be clean, warm and dry again.  The mud seemed to sink into the very core of my being.  BletJhaw has all my respect and admiration to even attempt to drive through those tangled, muddied, steep places on this simple wave 110 motorbike.  The bike slid and bounced in every direction.  Indeed, on the back of that bike without a seatbelt to hold me in place, I was truly the tail that wagged the entire dog, and I was barely hanging on!  Only by the grace of God we made it out.

Yet through it all I see God’s protective hand, I feel so tenderly cared for, nurtured and admired in His eyes.  Because I am so awkward, ignorant, and unworthy to work for Him and represent Him, makes His tenderness towards me even more overwhelmingly amazing! Words cannot describe how my whole heart goes out after Him.

“Our power is in the assurance that His love is exercised toward us.  If faith grasps this assurance, we have gained it all.  If we loose this assurance – all is lost.”  TMH 265




Picture Stories

January 19, 2017

My quiet place far from the rapid pace! To refresh my walk with God and express my deep need!


Obstacles all along the way!

So thankful for the winch!


Feeding this elephant sugar cane to get on his ‘right’ side!


The poverty of MeDeLeGwee village

Roasted rat for dinner

Two roasted rats in all and a small chick. The smell is not good!


ShePaw, very sick after having her 8th child. She says she is allergic to BCP!

The small children care for the infant


These school girls are from different villages. They are my special friends.



New Roof for the Church

January 17, 2017

Here we are beginning to put a new roof on our church.  The old roof was fine enough but the tin was so loud during rainy season that we could not hear to hold a meeting.


Old roof


As soon as all the old roofing was taken off it began to rain!  Of course our church is not like American churches.  There is no furniture, no carpet, no piano etc   We sit on mats on the floor.  But we felt so bad that God’s house is getting rain inside.  The 2 young men had to work on that roof in the rain the entire time.


Praise the Lord!

Next we will sand the wood down and paint it.  God’s house will be so beautiful.


PaMeeNo, age 70

January 17, 2017

Question: What does it take to save a life?
Answer: It takes all you’ve got!

The first time we became aware of PaMeeNo was yesterday, January 11, when his son arrived at our door, asking us to please go see his Father in BlaGlow who is not eating or drinking, cannot walk, and has a problem with his stomach. BletJhaw and I looked at each other because, as usual, this did not fit our schedule at all. However I felt it was important to go because the man has not eaten or drunk anything for 4 days.

We took off on the motorbike with a few supplies that might be needed, but when I took my first look at this poor man, I knew that nothing I had brought was going to help him. He looked so emaciated, dehydrated and malnourished, that my mouth dropped open and I softly whispered to BletJhaw, “He’s dying!”

I could hear no bowel sounds

I listened for bowel sounds, but heard none. His waist and middle section was so skinny I could almost touch my fingers around it. His skin was tenting all over that’s how dry his was – just skin and bones is all. He wasn’t putting out any urine or having bowel movements. I call this stage 4 starvation/dehydration. He cannot swallow because it seems there is a growth in his throat that I hope is not cancer.

We agreed to take him to Meta hospital in the morning because it was already late and raining enough to give us a hard time to make it back. It had been raining a little all week. When we got back home it started to really rain and continued raining all night long – heavy rain at times. This is shocking and devastating this time of year.

We left home at 8:40 the next morning in the rain. Now we have to travel the long way. To take the shortcut would be suicide for sure in this wetness. I cannot possibly explain to you what trouble we had making it up one steep place after another. We met an abandoned truck which had apparently tried to make it up, but failed and slid all the way down backwards out of control, hitting a fallen tree which stopped it from falling down the cliff! The worst places for us were the down hills, which ended with hairpin turns. We slid sideways all the time and headed straight for the shear drop-offs. The last road to BlaGlow was the worst. It was so slippery! We fell into gaping gulches and slid towards the biggest canyons. We were praying constantly without ceasing. Sometimes our truck would come to a full stop just inches away from the precipice. Every time we descended a treacherous mountain we would say: “It will be impossible for us to come back up this!” Just before reaching BlaGlow there was a truck stuck and several people were trying to help another truck pull him up with a rope. BletJhaw jumped in to help. The rain kept coming down. The mud was horrible and all over us.

Finally we got to PaMeeNo’s house in BlaGlow, only for the family to tell us that they did not expect us to come in this bad weather and they were not wanting to go! However, they finally decided they would go, so we waited an hour or so, wet and muddy, shivering in the wind on the porch, talking to the people on the opposite porch.

PaMeeNo’s house

It was almost noon and I was really hungry, but no food in sight. PaMeeNo’s son carried him up the hill to our truck.

I wondered how the poor man would feel all crammed into the back seat with 3 other people, jerking around in the mud and rain. My total heart went out to him.

It was the angel of the Lord that got us out of there, because we got up what seemed like the most impossible places. But our God is a God of impossibilities! And we prayed to Him non-stop. Rivers of water were racing down the ruts of the road. Time after time BletJhaw had to rev the engine and spin the wheels to the max and our truck would go screaming inch by inch, lurching its way and almost not making it.

After 5 total hours of driving we pulled up in front of the hospital. I was so thankful that we got to see the nice doctor that I had worked with before. He treated my patient with compassion and understood our situation, admitting him and letting the hospital be responsible for his transfer to the larger hospital in the morning, instead of making us take him!

Now we must return home quickly before dark. It is still raining. We dread coming off the concrete part and hitting the mud again. Another 5 hours of driving. It is now dark, when we come across an area where they are getting ready to pave. Huge piles of sand and rock are on one side, the precipice on the other. Around a bend in the road we go into a slide, hit a rut and get sucked off the road against the bank, (Thankfully not the precipice side) into a pile of sand. BletJhaw tries backing up and going forward, but we are smack up against the bank and tilted into it at a precarious angle.

We try using the wench to pull us off to the left and out of the hole we are in, but we pulled the tree over Instead. There will be no way out tonight. We abandon the truck and begin walking home. At least it is not raining now, but our worn out flip flops are slipping and sliding. I don’t know how far we walked, but it is after 8 p.m. and we had eaten nothing. We are bedraggled, wet, muddy, cold, hungry and thirsty. Villagers helped us out of the ditch the next morning.

What does it take to save a life?
It takes all you’ve got!

But Jesus gave all for me!



Venomous Visitor

January 17, 2017


I killed a dangerous and deadly viper today.  It is some kind of Keelback serpent.  The only reason I killed it myself was not because I was brave, but that there was nobody else around to do it, and it seemed like it wanted to get into the house!

Praise the Lord a hoe was nearby – the perfect weapon!  This is not my picture, because I chopped my snake up into many pieces

Also praise the Lord that we have a much greater weapon to protect from a much greater enemy than a keelback – that old serpent called the devil and Satan!

“For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds.  Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ.”  2Corinthians10:4,5



Enduring Thick Clouds and Cold

January 16, 2017

This week has been a struggle.  It is rainy with total clouds, (Even though it is supposed to be the dry season), it is windy and cold.  Each day of this week has brought me more oppression by the devil.  Now it is Thursday and we take the motorbike to LaGlah for their weekly Bible study, but the family that we are teaching was not there.  We gave a short worship because all attention had gone to the children who were making a lot of noise and drowning out our words.  Our songs, prayers and Bible promises seemed not to strike any responsive cord.  One lady talked non-stop nonsense all through the worship, dogs barked and chickens squawked.

“Oh Lord, to what purpose is all this?”  I sighed, “But You know what we do not know.”

Going home on that motorbike in cold, wet rain in the steeps is not fun.  Once at home I take a cold bath.  One hour later I am shivering and cannot get warm, so I did something I never did before.  I boiled water and stuck my feet and hands in the hot water!  What relief – oh how good that felt.  Then I turned around behind me to look at the thermometer.  What temperature do you think it is?

70 degrees!!  How totally crazy!  How could I possibly be so cold?

Now it is 56 degrees and you can see your breath in the house.  How cold do you think I am now?

My oppression lifted on Sabbath as I was preaching in our little church. God brought the people from 4 villages that day. So many people came!  Oh how wonderful to see the light of understanding and interest in their eyes. God took hold of that sermon that day because it did not come out as I had prepared it!!!   The Title:  “Lord Save Me!”

“The very time to exercise faith is when we feel destitute of the Spirit.  When thick clouds of darkness seem to hover over the mind, then is the time to let living faith pierce the darkness and scatter the clouds.”  CET 126.3



The Miracle of MaLoWay!

January 15, 2017

“Not by might, now by power, but by My spirit saith the Lord of hosts.” Zechariah 4:6

…..And when that Spirit works it is a beautiful thing!!

Right “Out-of-the-blue,” or you might say, “Out of the woodwork” MaLoWay, age 46, came to see us – the last one you would ever think of who would have any serious thoughts in his mind to change his ways. He had NEVER attended our church, never attended any worships in our village, never prayed, and never even looked at us or greeted us on the pathways. With the exception of the time about a year ago when he got torn across the top of his head by a tree branch while riding on the back of a motorbike and I sutured him up. He has the skinny, gaunt, wiry look of an opium addict, who never takes a bath or washes his clothes. Dirt seems permanently ground into his feet and ankles, hands and face. Opium users hate water.

His house is small and falling down. Opium users cannot care for their homes or gardens.


It was Thursday, December 8, 2016 and MaLoWay stood on our porch and told us that he wanted to quit using opium, could we help him? I looked at him with amazement and joy! I get his history: He has smoked homemade cigarettes and smoked opium ever since he was a small boy, and now he has main lined opium at least twice a day for the past year, which means he uses heroin! I know this is going to be a tough thing for him, only God can change this man from the inside out. I tell him that if he really wants to quit and he is willing to obey us and take the treatments that we give, then we will go all out and do whatever it takes to help him, but we need him to stop opium, smoking, and coffee all three, as each one is addicting and exacerbates the others. He agrees.

Here he is at our house in BYT before leaving for MaeSalit. He is dirty and withdrawn.  He will not look at me or talk to me.

Because he has lived in BYT for many years and easily gets opium from others all around him, we suggest that for the first week, he should come with us out of the village. So we take him to BletJhaw’s house in MaeSalit.

The first 3 days of opium/heroin withdrawal is the worst, so I am prepared with medicine, vitamins and natural detox remedies. I am praying constantly.

Day one is the worst, he is very cold to the bones, and his arms and legs are very painful, (Which is normal), but I am surprised that his blood pressure dropped dangerously, because usually they have hypertension. Now I cannot give him the steam bath, or hot foot bath to cause him to sweat out the toxins, so I called my pharmacist friend in MaeSot, who told me they have a natural Thai herb that absorbs poisons out of the body, and they also can give me something for the hypotension. BletJhaw and I drive all the way to MaeSot for these things and we also buy him new blue jeans and several shirts. All this time, MaLoWay still cannot look me in the face or say one word to me. He always hides his face and draws away, but I continue to minister to him and pray aloud at his side.

On Day 2 he begins to feel much better and wants to go home, in fact he sounds desperate to go home. I think it is because he just wants to get opium and I feel badly and try to coax him to wait a few more days, but he tells us that he will cry and cry if he cannot go home right away! The night before he had a dream that he was putting a shirt on his little girl and he wanted to see his children. It is Sabbath afternoon, we pack up and take him home. What next?

Praise the Lord, on Day 3 he is staying with us in our home in BYT, alive, happy, looking at me, and talking to me! We are feeding him good food, and vitamins, and teaching him how to take a bath with soap and wash his clothes. He scrubs himself clean! We give him the new clothes! BletJhaw gives him a lovely hair cut, and now he looks and acts like a brand new person! A new person he really is! He seems to look at and admire his children like he never really knew them before. He is spending time at our house, playing with his children!

He goes home and cooks the rice for his family. It is like a person who has just come out of a life-long coma and wakes up to be alert and brand new! “If any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away: behold, all things are become new!” 2 Corinthians 5:17

MaLoWay’s happy family

Today marks almost 6 weeks that he has remained off Opiates, tobacco and coffee. He told us that a year ago, before mainlining heroin, he had tried to stop opium, but it was painful and terrible – he could not do it, however, this time it was much easier and he was successful.  He knew it was because I prayed for him! He sings our praises.  He tells everyone that when his little girl was born, she and his wife almost died. We had come, treated them and took them to Omkoi hospital and saved their lives. He is so thankful. We tell him that it is not us, but God that gives him the victory, and does the healing, he must thank God and daily call upon Him for help to continue on successfully.

MaLoWay is now attending church and has even had us over to his house to have a special worship with his family!

Right now he is energetically building a new house for his family up the mountain!  Radiance beams from his face.

No hardship is too hard to endure when the rewards are so great! Words cannot express my joy!

If God took this poor man out of the woodwork to save him from sin, then He will do it for others also. It is not our works, but the work of the Holy spirit to convict and convert. I am so encouraged that even now in this place we can see the results of the Holy Spirit upon hearts!

Please pray in your churches and in your home for MaLoWay never to return to the old habits. He needs your prayers.


The King Dies

December 27, 2016

I share the grief of the Thai people as they morn the death of their beloved king, Bhumibol Adulyadej, the worlds longest reigning monarch. King Bhumibol died October 13, 2016 at the age of 88. His reign began suddenly when he was 18 years old, after his brother, the previous king, Ananda Mahidol, was tragically killed in 1946 at the age of 20.

The news reports state: “This king, (Bhumibol Adulyadej) was a solitary constant, a beacon of hope for the Thai’s rich and poor, young and old, rural farmers and urban residents. His majesties selflessness, generosity and compassion will always be remembered.” It seemed the Thai people worshipped him as a god. At his death the people broke down sobbing and weeping in enormous grief.

When I arrived at the Bangkok airport from America, November 7, 2016 a heavy atmosphere of grief and sorrow greeted me. It was a different country than the one I had left 2 months earlier. Here are the sights I saw as I took a taxi ride through Bangkok. We will all wear black for the next year. Buildings, billboards and black streamers keep this king ever before the beholder.




I want to remind the weeping people here in Thailand that there is a God in heaven.

“And in the days of these kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom which shall never be destroyed…and it shall stand forever!” Daniel 2:44

Because He is the: “King of Kings and Lord of Lords.” Revelation 16:19

So let us: “Worship Him that made heaven and earth and the sea and the fountains of waters!” Revelation 14:7 For He is our beacon of hope for all people, rich and poor, young and old, rural and urban residents!



December 5, 2016
This is the last time I saw ChaDree

This is the last time I saw ChaDree

ChaDree died last Monday, November 7, 2017.  I was not in BYT that day, but was returning from America 86,000 feet up in the air traveling at 580mph.  Oh how I had wished to see him one more time!  May God be able to save him for heaven is my prayer.

I must write out what is on my heart because we have worked and struggled over ChaDree’s life and salvation more than any other person during our mission service in BYT.  His life has been monumental to us.

ALLOW ME TO REMINISCE:  It was 6 years ago, 2010 when I first met ChaDree.  We would visit his village, LaGlah, every other week to treat the sick.  He told me he had rectal bleeding.  After no other treatment would help him, I concluded that he must go to the hospital to be evaluated for cancer.  ChaDree was very impressed when we continued to walk to his village even during the rainy season, because it is quite a struggle to get there by foot carrying medicine.  He wondered how we could be so happy all the time, really care about the people, and give all the medicine for free.  He wanted to worship the God we served.  He was tired of going to the witch doctor all the time and giving him his cows, chickens, and pig for sacrifices to the devil, with no good results.

DEVIL STRINGS:  One day ChaDree invited us to his house to give worship.  To my amazement he asked us to cut all the devil strings off him and his family.  As the devil strings fell to the floor he made this unforgettable statement:  “Yesterday we worshipped the devil, today we worship God!”  My heart would sing with joy every time we visited him to explain more about God.  He seemed to have some kind of influence on others, and soon 4 families also wanted to worship God.  We visited his village often.  One time after a simple Bible study on Jesus second coming and heaven he said:  “I want to go there, but how can I get there if I don’t know the way?”  We assured him not to worry, because Jesus would take him!

TROUBLE:  One day while BletJhaw was gone and I was alone with a student, ChaDree’s son-in-law came to visit me in BYT.  He told me that ChaDree was sick.   He had not had a bowel movement for 2 weeks, and was suffering abdominal pain – could I come and help him!  I packed my bags immediately and headed to LaGlah village.  It was rainy season, making our walk up the mountains quite slow and laborious.  When we arrived to check him, I concluded that he seemed to have a blocked bowel!  This is very dangerous and life threatening.  An acute abdomen!  How could I get him out by myself with no truck or motorbike, just rain and mud everywhere?  The family called a friend who could meet us way up at the main highway, but we had a long way to walk.  How could ChaDree make it up there in his condition?  We were about to find out as he, his son-in-law, the student, and myself began to climb the mountain.  It took us 2 hours to climb that straight-up mountain.  Because of the rain and slippery mud we had to take our flip-flops off and struggle on.  If it was extremely difficult for me, what was it like for ChaDree?  I prayed for him all the way up as we all kept pulling leaches off our feet.  Finally we reached the summit.  As I looked down at my feet I saw so many leaches that they all looked like giant hairs waving up at me!  We began to walk down the other side on a terrible jungle road.  Finally a truck came along and took us the rest of the way out.  The student took a song tow back to the school and the 3 of us took a song tow to MaeSot, where ChaDree was admitted and expecting surgery the next morning. 

HOSPITAL #1:  In MaeSot I found a motel and returned to the hospital early the next morning, but saw that the doctor had already checked ChaDree and was finishing his rounds in that section.  As he walked past me to go to the next section of patients, I signaled to him and said, “Excuse me could you….”  But this doctor did not want to talk to me.  He was a very large man and he slammed into my chest with his elbow so hard, that it sent me headlong backwards and into the wall!  I was shocked and pained.  I looked at ChaDree who shot straight up from the bed, saying:  “I’m going home!”  I said, “That’s a good idea because if you go to surgery with this doctor, he might kill you!”

HOSPITAL #2:  Now what shall I do?  I prayed and soon found out that Maria, a missionary friend was going to Bangkok to take someone to the airport.  She was willing to take us to the SDA Mission Hospital.  This was a city of refuge for us, I thought. I was certain they would help us.   I was so happy and thankful for the transportation, but it was a long way and I became increasingly worried about ChaDree.  His pain had intensified, so I thought I should take him to the large hospital in TAK.  It was on our way, so we got dropped off there and soon were able to see the doctor.  He promptly told me that my patient must go to the larger hospital in Phisinulok and I would have to pay every bit of the hospital and surgery costs.  I did not have much money, so I called Maria, who in her sweetness, graciously turned around and came back to get us.

HOSPITAL #3:  It takes about 7 hours to get to Bangkok Mission hospital from TAK.  Oh how I prayed that we could get there in time.  I sort of know the American doctor there, because I have called him in the past when in difficult situations.  Now at last I sat at his desk – but I can hardly believe the words I am hearing. 

“No, we cannot do surgery on him here unless you pay the entire bill.  We have had to lay off some of the staff even – you need to take him to ChiangMai.” 

“B–b–but,” I stammer,   “I believe he has an emergencey – even a blocked bowel!”

“Sorry.”  Came the reply.

I implored my poor sweet friend Maria the next morning if she would please take us to the bus station because I need to go to Chiang Mai.

HOSPITAL #4:  We get on the early morning bus because it takes 9 or 10 hours by bus to get to Chiang Mai from Bangkok.  I wish you could have looked in on us.  ChaDree is filthy dirty and very sick.  He wears a shirt so dirty that you cannot determine what the original color had been.  It is torn and ragged.  He wears a lungee, (Man’s skirt).  Because of his physical condition, his bowels are leaking and a horrible smell exudes all around him.  Thai people are fastidiously tidy and clean.  They look with disgust at my patient and scramble away trying to find an empty seat as far away as possible.  I don’t look too good myself, as I have come immediately scrambling out of the jungle, to face the culture shock of city life.  Every time the bus would stop for breaks, ChaDree would go to the bathroom.  He would stay a very long time, until the bus started to pull away!  I had to call out:  “Wait, wait, please!” to the driver, then I would run into the building and yell into the men’s bathroom calling ChaDree to come out.  I felt so sorry for this man suffering and putting up with such pain and anxiety.  I would do whatever it takes to help him, if only somebody else felt the same way, but they were all only disgusted with him and his problem.  How does Jesus and all of heaven feel as they watch this dreadful scene?  This man is just as important to God as the king of Thailand.

I somehow managed to get ChaDree into the Maha-Rah training hospital in Chaing Mai.  We were placed in an outpatient department and told that we could not see the doctor until the morning because we were too late.  I was praying unceasingly for ChaDree.  How could he possibly wait so long?  Somehow the night passed – no sleep for me.  The next morning we wait in a crowded waiting room for our turn to see the doctor.  It takes hours.  Finally a doctor checked ChaDree and then said to me:  “You are in the wrong place.  You will have to pay all the money for him here.  You need to go to Omkoi hospital!”  I am appalled because Omkoi is 7 hours away in another direction and they don’t even do surgery!  So I tell the doctor that is impossible, could you please check my patient for a blocked bowel, I think he has an emergency!  This man was mean and told us to go wait in the waiting room.

I went to Social Services at this point because once before at this hospital they had paid the entire cost for a girl I had brought needing abdominal surgery.  However in that department I met with a different person who was cold as ice.  He said:   “You need to learn where to take patients, you can’t just go anywhere!”  I was crying at this time, but my biggest cry was to the Lord:  “Oh Lord You must please help us.  You know how to help ChaDree, You know I am doing my best!”  I feel totally helpless and alone, but God is love. God cares. He is my One and only best Friend in the world!

Finally we get in to see the doctor the second time.  This time he says he will order a KUB.  (Upright xray of the bowel).  If it is an emergency he will stay, if not he must go.  Fair enough I thought, and waited the results.  When the xray came back the doctor could not read it, so he called in another woman doctor who took one look at it and exclaimed:  “This is a blocked bowel!  This is an emergency!  Admit him!

“Thank you dear Lord!”

WAITING:  Poor ChaDree, even though he is admitted now, he does not get his surgery that day or the next.  Surgery is full.  He has to wait his turn.  Three days later he goes to surgery and receives a colostomy.  Later he will return to get the rectal cancer removed.  I take many long trips to this hospital with ChaDree for follow-ups.  After that second operation, he was told he needed lung surgery because of a spot on the lung.  I returned with him for that surgery, but when it came right up to the time of surgery he refused and we went home!  He said his friend had 3 surgeries and the 3rd time he died.

CHADREE’S LAST YEARS:  ChaDree lasted 6 more years – some days were good, some bad.  He reverted to opium, of which I could scarcely blame him to handle the pain and discomfort.  We came every week as much as possible to give him IV’s and encouragement from God’s word. We shared the wonderful words of life!  He seemed to understand and remember more of the truths of the Bible than others in his village.  I have prayed and pleaded with God for his salvation. I know that God understands where he has come from and can save him.  His will be done.

THE FUNERAL:  BletJhaw told me later that someone called him from BYT on November 7 when ChaDree died.  They needed him to come and do the funeral because he had asked for a Christian burial and nobody knew how.  BletJhaw had never done a funeral service before, but he studied and went.  He gave the people the hope of the final resurrection morning.   Some of the people wanted to do their own half-devil, half-Buddhist ceremony, but that was not allowed, unless they did it on their own in another place.  The people of LaGlah village are very stoical.  Nobody cried or showed any emotion.  I am so glad I was not there, because tears are coming to my eyes even now, as consider a valuable life ended and with it is the deciding factor of his eternal destiny. 

“Oh dear Lord, may I be faithful to bring your gospel to the people here while they are still living and while there is still a little window of time!  More earnestly I will work for You!  Thank you loving Lord.”



December 5, 2016

What warm greetings awaited me on my return from America – like only my Karen people of the jungle mountains can give!  I thought perhaps all the people would miss my medical care and the convenience of it – not me!  But O what a surprise!  – hugs, love and gifts!

God is so good to place me here.  He gives me more energy, zeal and earstness to do His work each day!