January 2-18

January 22, 2015

These seventeen days are truly significant!  We always meet with surprises and never know what a day may bring forth, but during this time period things really went crazy on us.

January 2, We left BYT to pick up Tarn.                             84 km   or 6.5 hrs drive

January 3, We returned to BYT.                                           84 km    6.5 hours


Tarn is with us for a while so we can learn the Thai language. She is also a great cook!  As soon as she arrived she asked me if she could take over my kitchen! Wonderful – by all means!! She brought a lot of food.  Now our meals are on time, we are not missing meals, and do not have to wait and let the food over-cook, burn or never get cooked because of  patient interruptions.  I am immediately and thoroughly spoiled!


Tarn is enjoying the BYT girls!



January 5, We walked to GeGhah                                         1hour 20 mins walk

We were called to come and check on this man. He is the one who was stomped by an elephant back in August.  I was in America at the time.  He has been in the hospital all this time – over 5 months!  He just came home for a short while.  He cannot walk.  He must go back for repeated surgeries.  They want me to take the stiches out.



There are 30 staples in this wound which stretches from hip to just above the knee.  I cannot take this type suture out because it requires a special instrument.

There are 30 staples in this wound which stretches from hip to just above the knee. I cannot take this type suture out because it requires a special instrument.


January 6, We walked to LaGlah                                           2 hours round trip

This is the day I got the tick in my eye.  We went see how ChaDree was doing. He had been very sick the last time we visited.  Today we find he is better!  He gets so sick and then so well – Please continue to pray for him.  God may even now be healing him of his cancer!


I told him to let me take his picture because the people in America are praying for him and want to see him! He smiles.


Also we meet BeDee, who is very sick with a liver and lung problem.  She can barely breath and her legs and abdomen are swollen.  Her blood pressure is 190 over 120!

January 7,  We drove BeDee from LaGlah to Meta hospital.  64 km, 4.5 hours

January 8,  Return trip                                                           64 km, 4.5 hours

January 9,  Rainy trip to Omkoi with DJ                            80 km one way, 6hours

See the story of this horrendous trip titled:  “RAIN IN JANUARY”!

Back to MeDuGlow      56 km       3.5 hours

January 10, MeDuGlow to BYT                                             28 km        2 hrs

January 13, Drove to Meta again.  BeDee had a problem. 85 km       5 hours

We have to take a much longer detour now to go to Meta because they are putting cement down again on the Pagoda road.


The problem was that she did not hold a Thai card, and I must pay before they will give her any further treatment.  She had just applied for a Thai card, so the Doctor, who appreciated what I am doing for the people in the mountains, excused me from paying the entire fee!! Praise the Lord!!


Another problem:  The 3rd day of her hospitalization, this lady saw what she called a vision.  It was really just a thought that someone gave her 1000 baht. Somehow this scared her to the point of panic. To her this was a bad omen. She made the doctor let her go home, even though she needed surgery, so that she could have a spirit ceremony to get rid of danger. Her treatment was not completed and she had to return to Meta again!  All their superstitions and beliefs make things really complicated.

This is a spirit shrine house they built to scare the spirits away.

This is a spirit shrine house they built in her village to scare the spirits away from her.


complete with chicken blood.

complete with chicken blood.


Return trip                   85 km        5 hours


January 14,  To MeDuGlow. 52km  5 hours

Someone came asking us to go to Kry Co village.   KawPaw is 28 years old and has suffered with edema, dizzyness and headache for 3 weeks.  She cannot eat and cannot walk.  I did not have my camera on this day. No picture.

Back from MDG 24km 2 hours

January 15, Patient from NyeLeGwee spontaneous abortion  68 km round trip  4.5hours

NawJe has been in extreme pain all day.  It was late in the afternoon when a man came on a motorbike telling us she wanted me to come and help her.

This is NawJe she is 4 months pregnant and is loosing her baby.

This is NawJe she is 4 months pregnant and is loosing her baby.

As usual the whole village comes out to watch and wonder.

As usual the whole village comes out to watch and wonder.

She suffered extreme pain on the way to the clinic.  BletJaw did not want to go too fast over the bumps because it caused her pain, but he wanted to get her there as fast a possible. Just 30 minutes away from MeDuGlow she delivered a 4 month old fetus, and began to bleed profusely.

She suffered extreme pain on the way in to the clinic.

As they lifted her out of the truck, the blood just poured out!

It always takes too long to get these patients to a bigger hospital where they can get proper care, but I heard she did make it to Chiang Mai where they have given her blood transfusions.  We are praying for her full recovery.  We got to her just in time, any later and she would have bled to death.

January 16, Friday.  Our pastor does not come here often.  But today he came and visited ChaDree in LaGlah on his way in. He said ChaDree had not eaten for several days and was so weak that now he could not walk.  This is really bad news. We prayed and prayed, then on Friday, I went with the pastor on his motorbike to visit ChaDree. I thought the pastor could explain anointing to him and ask him if he would like us to do that the next day.  The pastor thought that was a good idea.  I had all my medicine with me so we treated all the patients and spent the day there.  ChaDree looked good again!  He was up preparing our meal and was smiling and happy! He really wanted the anointing so we planned to all come the next day, Sabbath and do that.

About the time we were finishing our meal, BletJaw came on  another motorbike to get me quickly because a boy from WaSuTa had gun powder from a gun explode in his face!

I hopped on the motorbike with BletJaw and we drove  home very quickly.  When I  saw JawHtu, age 14 sitting on the grass outside the clinic I was greatly concerned!

He was shocky and shivering.  His eyebrows, eyelashes and the border of his hair was burned off.  Worst of all his nasal hairs were burned off.

He was shocky and shivering. His eyebrows, eyelashes and the border of his hair was burned off.

Worst of all his nasal hairs were burnt off!  I am really concerned. I washed his burned arms and face with sterile saline and plastered Silverderm cream all over the burns.  Then we tried to persuade the Mother to let us take him to MeDuGlow immediately.  She would not do it!  She acted real glum and did not talk to us.  I was beside myself to try to get her to see that this is an emergency. Even though he is breathing OK now, his breathing tubes will swell up later and he will be in big trouble. However, this lady took her son and began walking away with him! My whole heart went out after them!  I prayed desperately! Just before disappearing from view behind our old house, she paused, turned around and said: “If you take him, I will go.”  Oh thank you Lord for her decision.

Once at MeDuGlow I prayed that they would also see the danger and send him to Omkoi.  The nurse that was there called a doctor in Omkoi to ask what to do. She took a picture of the boy on her phone and sent it to him.  They decided to hold him at the clinic overnight and then send him in the morning if he got worse.  I prayed again, because MeDuGlow clinic could not do anything if he got into trouble.  Just before we left, the Doctor called the nurse back and asked her to send the patient straight to Omkoi right away.

I am so glad because I heard he did get into trouble that night.  Hopefully he will be back home soon.


January 16, So our trip to MDG and back that night was  48km  4 hours

January 17, Sabbath

Church in BYT was very well attended with 2 young men from LaGlah visiting. The pastor had asked me to preach that day.  I was so happy for the good attendance and attentive audience.  Everyone seemed to be hungering after truth!  I preached about Jacobs’ ladder – the Holy Spirit was there in power!! I feel there is a small spiritual awakening beginning around here for the very first time!  I am so happy, so very happy!  Afterwards there were several people who walked with us the LaGlah village.

Here is ChaDree and his wife.  He looked great and was so happy we all had come for this service.  He took it real seriously.

Here is ChaDree and his wife. He looked great and was so happy we all had come for this service. He took it real seriously.

The pastor had never done an anointing before.  He had called someone to ask how to do it.  I only had a small amount of weak olive oil.  The pastor put the oil behind his head and on his arms.  Though it was not done the right way and the oil was not proper, God will bless because it was done with the instrumentalities that we had.  It was our best to offer the Master, and He heard our prayers that day.  His will be done!

After this service, ChaDree said that he wanted to be baptized!  I will try to get to LaGlah study with him every week, to prepare him as best I can.  I could not be happier than I am on this Sabbath day!!

January 18, Sunday.         48km 4 hours

This couple have twins.  Their names are:  GaTeeCha and GaTeeDa.  Don't ask

This couple have twins, named:  GaTeeCha and GaTeeDa.

They walked to us from GeGhah village.  GaTeeDa has had extreme diarrhea and vomiting for 2 days, and shows definate signs of dehydration. Her temperature is 105.5 degrees!  It barely came down 1 degree with paracetamol and a cool bath.  A small child like this can die quickly if not rehydrated and properly attended. Away to MeDuGlow we went again!

*               *              *                *              *               *                *              *              *

We totaled approximately 850 kilometers.   The driving time, is approximately 85 hours and 50 minutes, all in 17 days!  

This is just a rough estimate going from our odometer and watches. I could easily have miscalculated over or under.   Actually 850 km is very little for 17 days, but you have to understand what these roads are really like to know that this much is totally HUGE , because every km is painstaking.  Every km takes prayer and faith to travel there-upon. There are only 2 people in all of America that understand a little about these roads and what I am talking about here.

1.  I want to thank the Lord for placing us here, providing for all our needs, giving us strength, energy, wisdom, and guidance to take care of these people’s needs, physically and spiritually.

2.  Next I want to thank YOU for donating the money so that we can keep going month after month, and enabling us to drive a reliable, great truck! You can see how important it is to our work!

3. I want to thank BletJaw for his dedicated work and tireless driving hour after weary hour on the terrible roads.  Truly this takes enormous endurance!


BletJaw asked me to please thank all of you for your prayers and financial support that made it possible for us to purchase this truck and continue God’s work in the jungle!!!




January 22, 2015



I have tried to draw a map of our area, but it is not very good.  I tried to enlarge it, but could not.  It is not as clear here as it shows on my computer, so it will be very hard for you to see the names of the villages. Of course this is a crude drawing and not a bit to scale, but maybe you can see roughly the set up of the 11 villages we serve, and the nearest clinics and hospitals.

The following list is the names of the villages in order of walking distance (At a fast pace)!  beginning with the closest village to the farthest.  Please note the abbreviations because when I write, it is easier to abbreviate!

1.  BeYoTa (BYT)

2.  WaSuTa (WST )                   25 minutes

3.  GeGhah  (GG)                    40 minutes

4.  LaGlah (LG)                       1 hour

5.  BlaGlow (BG)                     1 hour 30 minutes

6.  NyeLeGwee (NLG)               1 hour 30 minutes

7.  MeDeLeGwee (MDLG)            1 hour 50 minutes

8.  CoDeJo  (CDJ) (Can only walk to this one)  up to 2 hours, very steep, rugged.

9.  MooDooKee (MDK)              2 hours

10.  KryCo   (KC)                   2.5-3 hours

11. PaThaMooTa  (PTMT) This one we only drive to.


We can take a motorbike now to all the villages accept CoDeJo.  Others we can drive the truck, but that takes longer and is much farther going around than walking to some of the villages.  We usually walk.

You can see MeDuGlow (MDG)to the East which takes 2 hours by truck on a good day. Then on to Omkoi is another 2.5 – 3 hours north of MDG.  Add another 4-5 hours to get to ChiangMai hospitals.

To the West is Meta Hospital.  The shortest distance by truck is 4-4.5 hours, but with construction we go another way entirely which takes much longer. (We go north from PaThaMuTa and wind northward, ending up north of Meta). My map shows Meta to be very close to the Pagoda, when in actuality it is the same distance as it is from BYT the long way around to the Big Pagoda!  My paper was too small.

Meta Hospital to MaeSot is another hour and a half.  Total distance from BYT to MaeSot is about 5.5 -6 hours.

If you draw an imaginary line from BYT, past LaGlah village, to the Big Pagoda, you can get an idea of how much quicker it would be to drive to Meta that way!! That pathway is impossible to take a truck on right now. When we walk all the way out during the rainy season, this is the way we go. This walk takes 6.5 hours.





January 22, 2015

Tuesday, January 6, we walked to LaGlah village. The next day we took a patient to Meta hospital that I found in LaGlah with a bad liver and terrible lungs.  She had edema everywhere – four plus pitting edema on the legs.  Her BP was sky high.  Because driving that way is so terribly long, we spent the night, and came back here the next day – Thursday.  We had promised DJ, our neighbor that we would take him to Omkoi for surgery on his arm Friday.  He has a fatty cyst that I refused to cut out, because it was too big and painful and needed surgery and tests for cancer etc. 

In the meantime, I was having a problem with my right eye.  At first I thought I was getting a sty on the upper lid, but by Thursday when we were getting ready to drive back to BYT I told BletJaw and Tucker that my eye hurt really badly and I felt I was getting a massive infection because my right ear and neck hurt along with a pain in the right side of my head! In fact the entire right side of my head hurt, but when I looked in the mirror, I looked normal.  So I thought it must not be too bad.  I have never, (that I can remember), had a headache!  Anyway, BletJaw looked at it and said:

“You have a tick in your eye!”

Tucker looked and saw it also.  Me, without glasses, looking in the mirror could never see such a thing with the naked eye.  We drove on into BYT and after many patients were seen, BletJaw finally had time to attack that tick with my suture forcepts and a flashlight.  Sure enough, just under my eyelashes on the very inner rim of the upper eyelid, smack up against my eyeball, he pulled a tick out!  That thing came out with a big hunk of my flesh!  Ouch!  We magnified the creature and took pictures of it.   I am pretty sure that I got this tick on our walk to LaGlah Tuesday. The weeds are tall and spread all over the trail.  I am short, so they were face level for me, therefore I concluded that I must have retained that tick for 3 days, which is the only reason we could visualize it now!



Sorry.  I don't mean to gross you out, but I was so surprised that my camera could zoom in on such a TINY creature that could inflict such BIG pain!

Sorry. I don’t mean to gross you out, but see the hunk of flesh in his mouth!  I was so surprised that my camera could zoom in on such a TINY creature that could inflict such BIG pain!

Thursday night it poured with rain all night long. This was a shock! I thought that somebody must have frozen me in time, and I had gone to sleep, and not woken up until 6 months later in June when the rainy season starts.  But now it is January and not supposed to rain at all, let alone pour out buckets! Friday morning we decided to still take DJ to the hospital because we had given him our word, but we knew it would be a challenge.  Only BletJaw and I went because there was DJ and his wife.  Nobody could ride in the back due to the pouring rain. We left at 6a.m.


The BYT road was in the process of being plowed, but now in the rain this meant disaster, as the soft freshly plowed dirt makes deep horrible mud.  Thirty minutes out, we could not make it up a red mud mountainside.  Our truck went sideways and every which way but up the steep part and then slid right off the road into a deep ditch.  We were high centered toward the front of the truck, even though our truck is raised.  There it sat at a crazy angle and the rain continued to pour down. 


The only difference between today’s rain and rainy season’s rain is that today it is cold along with the rain.  At least in the rainy season you can be wet but warm.  

Well, I headed out with the remote control in hand to crank out the winch!  When we purchased the front bumper with the winch in it, some people said they thought I did not need it because I hardly used the big winch on the Mitsubishi, but I thought that even if it pulls us or somebody else out of a bad place one time, it would be worth having it!!  Sure enough!  It got us out more than once today, and it was well worth it!  This time there were trees to tie off on in the right places.  We almost pulled the first tree down, however, because it was a very hard pull. We had to tie it to another tree as we got farther along, but praise the Lord He got us out.  BletJaw and I worked like team-work, barefoot out there in the oozing mud and fridged rain!


“How long Oh Lord?” I cried when we came across one miserable, mangled, mud-rutted hill after another.  “How long will we have to endure these terrible roads?” 

I did not get very good pictures of this because of the rain

I did not get very good pictures of this because of the rain



Winding the cable back in.

We had to use the winch again the second time, when the steepness of the grade and the depth of the mud, just overwhelmed the truck.  The entire time it is pouring with rain. BletJaw and I are working out there in the rain, and jumping in and out of the truck to steer us out with remote in hand.  It was very tricky, and took a long time.  We were freezing cold and shivering.  My lips were blue.  I reached back and squeezed my hair, which I wear tied back, and the water came out like a faucet!  


After another 45 minutes of intensely difficult driving we came across a fallen tree.  BletJaw had to get out and hack it up with the machete and move it off the road!  It is still raining. 

We praise the Lord that it is only a small tree!

We praise the Lord that it is only a small tree!

We shivered for 4 hours while driving all the way to Omkoi.  This area is at a higher altitude than BYT and it was very cold!   (There is no heat in any vehicle in Thailand).  I told BletJaw that he was going to drop me off at the small market type shops that sell clothes, as soon as we get to Omkoi.  I would buy us both something warm and dry no matter what it looked like!  He heartily agreed.  I bought a pair of pants, skirt, and hooded jacket for myself and pants, shirt and hooded jacket for BletJaw all for $42.  I was so cold that after the purchase I ran to the back of the shop where the trash and cardboard boxes are, and changed my clothes.  (No fitting rooms here for sure)! Oh how wonderful the dry clothes felt!  Of course they were to get wet again because it is still raining!!  All day long it rained.  I found out after 3 days of rain, that this is a storm that had come up from Cambodia.  


DJ got his cyst cut off successfully and we made our way back to MeDuGlow. 


We decide that we could not make it back to BYT that day.  The rain had not let up!  We stayed in MDG with some people that DJ and his wife knew.  They treated us very well.  The lady asked me to do worship that night.  It was Friday night.  She fed us rice and pumpkin, and gave me a lovely thick blanket to sleep under!!  I was finally warm!  Toasty warm!  Oh how delicious is that?!  I slept, even though my face was still hurting.  I will reassure you that it only hurts because of the location of the bite.  This tick does not hurt like the last one I got on my chest, that hurt for 4 weeks!  Thankfully!  Some of the ticks here can really really hurt. If this tick carries scrub typhus, I will know in 10-12 days. If I get a fever during that time, I know exactly what to take!  I will catch it right away!  Don’t worry.  I think it is feeling a little bit better now, even though I have to blink my eyes very slowly and gently!


The kind lady in MeDuGlow gave me a beautiful knee, (Skirt) that she had made!  Plus she had me to worship again on Sabbath morning!  I did a shorter version of the sermon that I had planned to preach in BYT.  I am sure the people present have never heard of this Bible story and the love of Jesus.  I know God put us there for a reason.


By Sabbath afternoon it had stopped raining!  We decided to tackle the mud again!  BletJaw told me on the way back that he was thinking about our guardian angels.  He was so happy there were 4 of them with us – one for each of us.  He knew they were pushing us up the hills, and holding us back, going down.  He said that is all we need is for the angel to just blow a little and we will make it up!  He is right! I told him that I am sure they are blowing right now!!  He would not agree with me, but he has developed into an excellent driver.  He humbly prays and trusts God all the way! I am so thankful for him.


When we came to the first place where we had been stuck, there was a truck stuck in the same ditch!  He had been there since the night before. 

Seems like you cannot help but slide in because of the camber of the road.

Seems like you cannot help but slide in because of the camber of the road.

The bulldozer came to get him out while we waited.  We could not drive past him because we would have hit him.  The angle of the road was cambered towards him, and close on the other side was a steep ravine!

This is just what we had looked like the day before!

This is just what we had looked like the day before!

We discovered that the bulldozer was there because a group of student monks and their teachers had visited the BYT school and were trying to leave that day. Because they are such VIP’s, the tractor was hired to accompany them out safely! It sure helped us get back in that day!   

Finally we got home, still cold, thirsty, hungry and tired.  

PS.   1.  We did not get a cold or pneumonia from our exposure to the cold!                           Praise the Lord.

         2.  My eye swelled up, got red and puss filled.  I used Terramycin ointment,                then 16 days later I had an opportunity to see an ophthalmologist in                        MaeSot.  She treated me with lots of drops and medicine for “dirty                          eyes” and an infection.  I’ll be back to normal shortly.



“…We shall REAP if we faint not!”

January 21, 2015

We go through sickness, pain, weariness, hunger, cold, heat, and discomfort. We are attacked right and left by the enemy of souls who with art and cunning, devises every way to thwart our progress. We are worn out and tired of the conflict, but it wages on and on.  It seems to human eyes that our work is only held together by a fine, thin thread.  At any minute that thread could snap and there would be nothing left. We could so easily crumble into oblivion!

Today seems to be the ultimate climax. But the verses I just read keep ringing in my ears:

Men ought always to pray and not to faint.”  Luke 18:1

“Let us not be weary in well doing, for in due season we shall REAP if we faint not!”  Luke 6:9

REAP!!  What a glorious word that is!!  May there be a plenteous harvest of reaping over here in the jungle mountains!  Let us take hold of His strength and we shall not faint nor be weary!!  And who is holding onto that thin, fine thread? Why God Himself!!  Think about Ellen White’s vision of the “Narrow Way.” Christian Burdhal relates this vision through song, you must get it! Who was holding onto the cords? — God was!  And what did the cords represent?  —our faith!!   FAITH friends, If our faith fails we won’t make it!  That’s what is holding us together in His hands, and God supplies more faith each day as we exercise and use it, until the fine thread is strong and as large as our bodies!

“It is of the Lord’s mercies that we are not consumed, because His compassions fail not.  They are new every morning great is Thy faithfulness!”  Lamentations 3:22,23

Perhaps a newsletter will come out soon to explain to you some of the things that I cannot mention in this country, on the internet.  Just let’s suffice it to say that the work goes on here in BYT.  It is a total miracle straight from heaven how each day unfolds.   We have nothing to fear for the future unless we forget how He has led us in the past!  …And lead us He has!

I am thinking of this clinic and the beautiful new off-road truck parked down the hill.  It is not just here for looks, every bit of its strength and dependability is used constantly on these challenging roads, to transport patients and save lives. These are reminders each and everyday that God holds the chords and He will not let go.

Just yesterday we walked into NeLeeGwee.  How wonderful it was to greet all the dear children!  I really am a Mother to each one of them.  If I could just take some of the dirtiest, scrawniest ones home with me.  I could get them well, feed them good food, teach them how to be clean, and to know and love the Lord. You know, in this place, someone is needed who can just be here and take care of the children. Parents would gladly give them up to us and let us take care of them, because they know they cannot.  But I cannot do it because we hike 3 days a week to the other villages and stay so actively busy caring for patients.  So often we have to suddenly respond to a call from another village to see a very sick patient, and drive them to the hospital.  At times we barely have time to prepare and eat our own food.


BletJaw and all the sweet little children in NeLeeGwee.  They look clean in photographs, but they are anything but clean!






In NeLeeGwee, BletJaw once again brought food to PeeEuw, the old old lady who lives in the tiny square tin house. She is in a sad condition.  Her house has a bamboo floor that is giving away right under the fire place. She barely has a place to lay down on that is not breaking apart. Soon she will just drop to the ground below!  We arranged to pay ShePaw’s husband to build her a new home immediately.  Along with that we will bring her new clothes, blankets and adequate food.



The floor is breaking away.  This is Pee Eu's fire place for cooking - soon to fall through the floor along with everything else!

The floor is breaking away. This is Pee Eu’s fire place for cooking – soon to fall through the floor along with everything else!

Soon I hope I can show you her new house and PeeEuw, bathed, wearing new clothes, and a large warm blanket to sleep under during this very cold season.

Next we were taken to a house where I met the twins Mother, PawEe, for the first time!



Her husband is still away from home looking for opium, and she herself is a ‘heroin queen’ meaning she mainlines opium and lots of it. She came home this time only because of a terrible injury to her back, and a nasty infection.  She is filthy dirty.  Opium users do not like water.  They do not take baths. She was in intense pain accompanied by a high fever.  She must go to the hospital.  I had a chance to pray with her!


PawEe’s Mother and youngest child

The next day we drove the truck in and tried to carry her out to it, but she would not allow anyone to carry her.  Instead she tried to walk with assistance, suffering intense pain.  I was so thankful for the new truck, because it is so strong, that BletJaw backed it up the severely steep mountainside slope, where there is no road, so that this poor lady would not have so far to go!




On the steep mountainside

Please help us pray for her and her husband. There is yet hope that they will find Jesus to turn their lives around and care for their 4 beautiful children.

There is so much need everywhere you turn.

I also got a chance to help ChweeCoo today.  He is 42 years old, lives in BYT, and is notoriously the worst drunk in my village, or maybe even the worst of every village for miles around.  On several occasions he has terrified the entire village with his violence and anger.  One night he almost killed his daughter! He has a gun! Just three weeks ago he had us all awake at midnight.  It seemed like everyone in the village was screaming in terror and his angry voice filled the dark night air with bone chilling evil. The commotion lasted almost 30 minutes.

It was after dark that I was called to his house.  He had cut his ankle with a machete while cutting the weeds, high up in the jungle.  In that dark and filthy little house, I was able to pray with him, numb up the cut, scrub it clean, suture it, and give an antibiotic.  I am so thankful that Tarn and Tucker were with me that night.  However, at that time he was quiet, co-operative, and did not appear drunk. I was unavailable the next 3 days, so when I saw him again, the wound was wet, very dirty, flaming with infection, swollen badly, and one stitch was gone.  I cleaned it thoroughly, increased the dose of antibiotic and prayed.  It may not heal and I may have to take the sutures out and let it drain, but I will wait 1-2 days and see if there is an improvement.  We all prayed for him many times.  The next time I saw him the infection was gone!!  Praise the Lord.

ChweeCoo with his injured ankle

ChweeCoo with his injured ankle


Lidocaine injection preceding the sutures.

Lidocaine injection preceding the sutures.

An update on this:  He is out looking for opium and is not returning.  The sutures are one week late coming out and this means infection again!

These are all God’s children.  The most unlikely ones are not too hard for God to reach! (Isaiah 59:1)! Please continue to pray for a reaping of these precious souls.






Worship the Lord in the Beauty of Holiness

January 1, 2015

They are praying!!!!!!


This is ShePaw’s Mother in NeLeeGwee



ChaDree in LaGlah


Declare His glory among the heathen, His marvelous works among all nations.”


The last time I saw ChaDree, he was in pain. He groaned with every breath. I thought the cancer was getting the best of him. I did all I could to make him comfortable, but when I walked home afterward, my heart was heavy. I wondered if I would see him again.   I prayed that if he was to go, that he would be ready in his heart so God could save him. I thought back when I first met him. He was very sick and would have died long ago. At least he has had this time to know more about the Lord and desire Him. I prayed daily for him and I knew there were some people in America that were praying for them all!


It was 2 weeks before we walked to his village again. I had asked various people about him, but nobody seemed to have any information to share. As I approached the ladder, I hesitated, not knowing what I might find out upon entering. I did not have long to wait however, because, there, at the top of the ladder was ChaDree, all smiles and actively heading down to greet me!! A heavy burden lifted from off my shoulders, a burden which had been much greater than my backpack!! ChaDree was doing well!!! He feels better! He headed towards the sugar cane patch and cut a few lengths, handing them to me. He gave me his machete and I “skillfully” cut the outside covering off, exposing the white fibrous sweet part. It is delicious! He also prepared the pumpkin for our meal.


The worship that I had prepared to give that afternoon was about Jesus death and resurrection, focusing on the power of God to resurrect the dead. I explained that death was not the end of everything for us, because when we love and obey God, the next thing we see will be Jesus. He will wake us up from the dead and take us home with him where there will be no more sickness, pain suffering and death. Once again ChaDree listened with intense interest. Once again the thrill of the Holy Spirit filled me up to overflowing, and as BletJaw prayed the closing prayer, my whole heart pleaded with God to save these dear people! God knows them. He understands them. He is drawing them. They have forsaken their idols. They pray every day now! Praise the Lord!

 Oh, let’s . . .

“Sing unto the Lord, all the earth, shew forth from day to day His salvation. Declare His glory among the heathen, His marvelous works among all nations, for great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised. He also is to be feared above all the gods. For all the gods of the people are idols, but the Lord made the heavens….Give unto the Lord the glory due unto His name…Worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness.”   1Chronicles 16:23-26,29










Modified and Broken in!

December 13, 2014


It seems like a long time ago that I promised to show a picture of the modified truck.  I am so glad you were not holding your breath on pins and needles like I was to see what it would look like!







Can you believe it is the same truck?

As soon as the last job was done on modifications, Tucker and I were off for home!  KhonKaen is a very large city and we longed for our jungle home!   KhonKaen is a super long way from MaeSot, and with the red license plate there is a curfew.   The red license means that the truck was purchased in somebody else’s name.  We were not allowed to drive it past 6 p.m. and it was already 5 p.m..  Consequently we did the entire trip the next day which is 9 hours all the way to Sunshine Orchard school to pick up BletJaw, and then about 5 more hours from there to BYT.  Fourteen long hours of driving.  This new truck is about to get broken in.  It will soon understand what kind of life is ahead for it – – Not an easy one!

BletJaw began to drive it on the bad roads.  It is not like the Mitsubishi.  We discovered that 4WD high is no good on these roads.  On one particular steep and rocky corner, we found ourselves in trouble.  The truck did not make it.  Every time BletJaw tried to start up, it would not pull forward, but stall and roll back a little more.  There did not seem to be enough power to pull us up.  We were perplexed about that, but even more concerned about the position of the truck.  It was now in a precarious position with both right tires hanging over a precipice!  One more tiny roll backwards and over we would go.  This is serious! We put rocks behind the back tires, and considered our situation.  We must turn left to get out of there, but there were only jagged rocks and it would not pull.  There was to be NO backing up!

BletJaw handed me the keys with a faint smile and said: “It’s up to you!”

Just then I pictured clearly in my mind the many times we had been in trouble with the Mitsubishi.  I saw how the angels pushed us up numerous impossible, steep, rutted, mud laden roads.  “So many miracles Lord,”  I breathed.  “Thank you and now just one more Lord.  Please. You have given us this beautiful truck, and not only that, but it has been lifted.  It has suspension with stabilizing bars.  It has 33 inch 4X4 tires.  It has steel bumpers, a winch, skid plate and steel guards underneath.  It has everything to make it strong.  It is a gift straight from Your loving hand.  It is here to do Your work in Your way—-not to go over the cliff just now!  Please help us.”

I sat there behind the steering wheel for a long minute praying, then I put it in 4WD low and drove that Toyota to the left, up over those jagged rocks, up that hill and away from the frightful precipice!

“Oh! Thank you dear Lord!”

We discovered after that episode that this truck must stay in 4WD low the entire time.  This gear is very strong and terrific.

I found out later from the 4X4 mechanic that 4WD high is for more flat terrain.  It sends all the help to the one wheel that is in trouble.  The 4WD low is for steep places.  Another wonderful thing I learned about 4WD that I NEVER knew before, is that in 4WD low first gear, you do not have to use the clutch!!!!!  You can even start the engine up without the clutch!  Then as you are coming down something very steep and treacherous, you don’t need to worry if you stop without the clutch, the engine won’t stall out.  4WD low holds you back a lot on steep descents, but using the clutch lets the truck go!  Now we don’t have to worry about that! Also these very large tires cause the gear ratio to lessen which is why we cannot use 4WD high with such a good effect.  If you’re a mechanic reading this, and you know more about stuff like this please let me know more!

Now we are in BYT at last.  People here have stayed sick just waiting for us to come back.  It seems they are swarming in, but in just a few days BletJaw had to leave for 9 days!  He took the motor bike, and there I was with my poor language skills!  I am so thankful that Tucker is here!  Nothing is as stressful when there are 2 people.  Things were going really well, I figured that the beautiful new truck could wait for BletJaw to come back.  It could take a rest.  WRONG!!  What is the new truck for anyway?!!

At 6 a.m. the next morning someone began to knock on our front door.  It was Taxsin, a 20 year old boy from BYT that I knew very well. He had been bitten by a green pit viper on his left hand the day before!  He could not get to me any sooner.  Now his hand was more than twice its size and had an ashen color to it.  I knew the poison was in the blood stream by now.  He was in extreme pain.  I took him the 2 hours to MeDooGlow clinic where he was taken on to Omkoi hospital.  The road was terrible that direction. At one point they were putting new cement down and a detour had to be made over the steepest most torn up pathway you could ever imagine.  There was such a sharp corner on a hill that had to be made perfectly or else you would hit the side of a bank and then roll your tires on the wet concrete and ruin it.  It was downhill going out and uphill coming back. What an obstacle course for a new truck and a beginning new truck driver!!  (However the patient got taken care of and is now better)!  I parked the truck carefully after that episode and told myself that there it would stay until BletJaw came back to do the driving.


That night at sunset a 30 year old lady returned to see me.  I had sent her to the hospital the day before.  She had said she had someone to take her, but apparently that fell through.  This lady is very sick.  She is worse today.  She has the loudest heart murmur that I have ever heard.  She is so weak and tired that she can hardly walk.  Her skin is slightly cyanotic (blue) and diaphoretic (Sweating, cold clammy skin).  I take one look, take the vital signs and tell Tucker:

“We’re going back to the hospital!”

Four more hours of driving, and we return home at 10p.m. (I still have not heard how this lady is doing).

I am afraid to think that the truck will stay put until BletJaw comes home.  I think it probably won’t and I am right!!

The following night someone comes and calls me to go check E Pe, a young girl in WahSueTah who is having labor pains.  I know her well, she had a miscarriage a long time ago and almost bled to death. I am afraid she will have to be taken to MeDooGlow.  She is eight months pregnant and having false contractions with complications.  It is late once again.  The sun is already setting behind the western mountains and I am already tired. I look at my watch – we will be back at 10p.m.  Oh how I wish BletJaw were here.  This girl is taken in.  She stays 4 days in Omkoi and finally delivered a healthy baby boy!

The truck is no longer clean.  I have just totaled 12 hours of driving on the bad roads in two days.  It is now broken in to its life work!  It is driving so well.  The larger tires are wonderful over those rough ruts. (All except they rub on the fenders in the turns, which we got fixed later) It drives so tight and well with no rattles, bangs or vibrations.  It still has the lovely new smell, and now it has already helped to save 3 desperately ill patients.






Just One Day!

November 18, 2014




**Please take special note of the length of time that it took us to find a truck! ** 


We left BYT at 5:30a.m., October 28 for the sole purpose of finding the right truck. This job seems insurmountable to me.  Our handicaps are many.  The biggest one- We don’t speak Thai!

Tucker and I go to MaeSot where we can have internet access to look at the trucks for sale, study the off road modifications that we need, and to be where there is dependable phone access.  

I immediately shut myself in my small motel room and prayed a three part prayer: 

1.    “Oh, dear Lord, if You want us to be back in BYT quickly, please lead us immediately to the right truck that You have picked for us.  I know others had to spend several months to locate something, but You know our needs and have supplied the money, so we thank you, and are fully trusting You in this matter whether it be a long or short time.”

Then I added:

2.”And Oh, dear Lord, also, please make it easy on us to find the right off road accesories and the mechanic to put it on for us!  We don’t know anything, especially in this country.  It all seems so impossible to me right now, but I know You already have the right plan and nothing is impossible with You. We are trusting in You!”

Then I thought of something else:

3.  “Oh, and one more thing I just thought of Lord, please don’t let any of these things be in Bangkok.  It is such a huge, scary, and wicked city, but Your will be done.” 


I have a Thai friend in Chiang Mai who is checking around for me, but he cannot find anything.  I have also contacted missionary friends, Mike and Marilee Kier in Ayutthaya, just north of Bangkok.  They were busy, but so kindly worked on this project for me and found a few possibilities which they emailed to me. The first option looked great! Just what we want – a one year old Toyota Vigo, 4X4 off road, 3.0 diesel smart cab for a very low price!  The picture they showed of it looked great!  I called the contact number, but the truck had already sold!

“God must have something better for us than that even!”  I told Tucker.

Mike and Marilee had also put us in contact with Danny and Sheany Pung who live in Khon Kaen, North East Thailand.  To my amazement I discovered that they threw their whole heart, and mind into searching for the truck that we had described to them. I have never met them –  never heard of them.  They were not even home at the time, but were doing some work in Bangkok!  I would wait until I heard back from them. 

It is still October 28.  I call BletJaw.  We decide that this is a real “BIG” purchase and a huge decision –  it cannot be rushed.  So Tucker, BletJaw and I agree that we will wait in MaeSot where we can be reached by phone for 2 more days.  If nothing shows up by that time we will hike back into BYT and tell Danny and Shaeny that we will not be able to be contacted for 2 weeks, but we will try again when we come out.  

Pay attention to this!

Immediately after this, my cell phone rang.  It was Shaeny.  She sounded excited and said they had found the truck that we were looking for but it was 6 years old and cost too much! (Not really what we were looking for). Next they had tried to call Kanisorn, a young girl that works with her family in a car parts shop in the city of KhonKaen.  She did not answer the phone just then because she was busy, but her father happened to receive the phone call and he hears about me and the expensive second-hand truck for sale.  After this phone conversation he told Kanisorn:

 “That is no good, the truck is too costly,why don’t you just get this lady a brand new Toyota truck with our dealer discount?” 

(This is a huge miracle coming from him because he knows I am a missionary working for God and he greatly opposes Christianity.  He hates it that his children are worshiping God as Seventh-Day Adventists, and makes life hard for them).

Now let me explain about the discount.  The Toyota dealership has chosen their shop in KhonKaen,  for a special award.  They are allowed to purchase new Toyota vehicles at a considerable discount.

Sheany told me that the price of a brand new off road Toyota with their special discount only costs a little more than the 6 year old truck!!  However, I must make a decision by 5 p.m. that very evening, because Kanisorn will be going out of town at that time and she needed to order it first, so it can be delivered to the KhonKaen location.  I tremblingly felt the hand of God in it and knew He was answering my prayer quickly!

I called BletJaw back with this news and all three of us prayed and approved.  The truck was ordered and arrangements made for us to be in KhonKaen on Monday, November 10 when Danny, Sheany and Kanisorn would all be there together!  So in 30 minutes the decision was made on this truck and shortly thereafter, Konisorn ordered it!

It is a done deal.  There are no papers signed, no money paid, no written agreement.   I am taking the word of total strangers, committing to pay the price, and trusting them completely.  (Obviously they are really trusting me too), Yet I have perfect peace in my heart.

BletJaw called me back on the phone and said:  

“You know we are taking a big risk.  I don’t know of anybody who would purchase a vehicle so far away without knowing anyone –  just from a phone-call!”

I reply:

“Humans would not do this, but I know God is in control.  It is His directions we are following, not human directions.  His thoughts and ways are higher than ours and so it is a safe path!”     (See Isaiah 55:8,9) 





Tucker and I take a bus to Chiang Mai Wednesday, November 5.  I have an appointment at the US consulate office the next morning, because I need a notarized proof of residency in this country.

Sheany calls me and tells me that they had been trying to call me because the Toyota dealer needed 10,000 THB ($333)! in order to hold the truck for me until November 10, however, while I was in BYT they could not contact me. Kanisorn went ahead and paid the money herself!

Sheany is keeping close contact with me, she tells me to leave ChiangMai on the Saturday night bus, 8p.m till 6a.m., to KhonKaen so that I can be there the next morning. She said she knew I had a lot of energy so she had arranged for me to do worship for some of her friends that evening! I was delighted.

Upon arriving in KhonKaen and meeting Danny and Sheany, I knew the Lord had arranged this meeting! These people took us to their lovely home. They fed us all the fruits grains and nuts and vegetables that I had missed out on for the last 5 years in BYT!! They brought people over for me to give my presentation, 4 times.  Among them were Kanisorn and some of her family. 


Danny and Sheany Pung.  Sheany teaches piano lessons in a marvelous way.  She combines 3 different learning methods that she has learned, in order to teach her students music yet include  God and develop their character.   Danny tunes pianos and works in the city to tell others about God.


Danny and Sheany are amazing to me.  Both of them have extremely painful pasts.   Through it all they have found God to be bigger than their past, and now shine forth like gold, reflecting Him.

This visit is certainly ordained of God because even greater to me than the purchase of a new truck, are the people around me. They were saying how amazing God is, because just when they were discouraged and not knowing what to do, we come and encourage them in the Lord! My joy knows no bounds!

November 10, 2014 is a day I shall never forget. We are taken to the Toyota dealer to get our truck. I have no paperwork to do, no money to pass through my hands. (It has already gone to Kanisorn). I only stare at the new truck. It is a “G” model, meaning it has all the fancy stuff on it. Steel wheels, navigator computer, back up camera, and things I cannot list here, and have never experienced before. Surely this is a state of the art vehicle.

I watch as it is driven off the show room floor – – – Am I dreaming? Is this real? I tremblingly slide in behind the steering wheel. Surely somebody else should be doing this, not me. But there is nobody else. I drive out into heavy rush hour traffic.



First drive! Tucker captured the moment. I don’t think my eyes stayed closed however!


As always I can hear God’s voice telling me:  “Go Forward!”  How sweet and all-together-glorious is God?!

“Have not I commanded thee?  Be strong and of a good courage, be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed, for the Lord thy God is with the whithersoever thou goest.”  Joshua 1:9  I know this truck will go many places and save many lives.


Kanisorn and I outside the Toyota showroom.   She told Sheany later that she is so inspired by my story.  It is awesome to her that it came just at the right time, to show them that God really can take care of them too in all their troubles and problems.




That night Danny and Sheany invited the AFM missionaries to their house for me to show them my pictures and explain my work in BYT.  They ended by praying for us outside by the new truck and dedicating it to God’s work!



Out by the new truck at night


These AFM missionaries asked me to have the divine worship in their church on Sabbath.  This is the first time that I got to preach in a Thai church – How delightful!

The next day, Kanisorn, Danny and Sheany took us to the off road mechanic.  We were able to order the parts and accessories that we needed, get good advice from the mechanic, and receive explanations about everything.  We have to wait 4 days.  There was no problem with communication because they all speak English.  Praise the Lord! He has just placed everything in my lap, and answered all 3 parts of my prayer:  For the truck, the off-road modifications, and we did not go to Bangkok! 

Further-more, guess what?!  The total price for everything to do with this truck, off-road stuff and all, is less than the amount that was budgeted and donated for it.  How good is God?  —Past finding out!

Danny and Sheany had to go to Bangkok again.  They graciously gave us their home while we were waiting for our truck, and made sure there was plenty of food.  I cannot adequately explain their kindness to us in words!  

Kanisorn and her family are the reason that we can have this truck!  Thank you so much all of you.  My heart overflows!  

Thank you Kanisorn for all the time, work and sacrifice that you did for me.  I will love you always.  You and your family are now in my prayers routinely!

Thank you Kanisorn, for all the time, work and sacrifice that you did for me. I will love you always. You and your family are now in my prayers routinely!


Stay tuned:  Coming up next:  A picture of the modified truck!  We don’t really know what to expect it will look like!!



November 7, 2014


People have requested more pictures.  Right now that is easy for me because Tucker takes loads of pictures everywhere he goes with his lovely, gigantic camera which takes terrific pictures. He is so generous to share them!

That reminds me to give you a link to his blog: http://andersontucker.blogspot.com

He has a brand new view of our work here in the mountains.  It is interesting to hear his views!  I noticed that he is also a prolific writer!


BletJaw with his wife, WaNayPaw and Jonathan!

BletJaw with his wife, WaNayPaw and Jonathan!


Jonathan is Mr. personality

Jonathan is Mr. personality





Jonathan is clean, he knows God and has god-fearing parents. This is not the case with the children we visit in our surrounding villages. My whole heart goes out to all of them- all the time.


Tucker with some of his friends.

Tucker with some of his BYT friends.



“Refreshing” swim on a hot day in a glorified mud-puddle in LaGlah village.



Complete with mud slide and cow dung.



BletJaw skillfully ran over this wicked looking one with the truck. Better than meeting it camoflaged on the trail!


Happy lady in MeDeLeeGwee village

Happy lady in MeDeLeeGwee village


Another audio Bible in the hands of a seeker after truth!

Another audio Bible in the hands of a seeker after truth!


A curious bull on the mountainside

A curious bufallo on the mountainside



Precious one from GeGhah village


Sweet children!

A BYT girl.  All the children are  sweet!



A LaGlah village sweetheart






WaSuTa boy in my clinic with bronchitis



I am not overwhelmed with paper work.  No Joint Commission comes to inspect my policies and procedures and write up recommendations!  NO! All I do is keep a log book and then file individual cards on each patient.  The cards are filed alphabetically under the village name.  Blue cards = men, pink = women and yellow = children.

I am not overwhelmed with paper work. No!  There is no Joint Commission to come and inspect my policies and procedures and write up recommendations! NO! All I do is keep a log book and then file individual cards on each patient. The cards are filed alphabetically under the village name. Blue cards = men, pink = women, and yellow = children, making it easy for me to find when I need them.


The Last Trip

November 7, 2014

(If I started to really write down all my blessings it would fill a book and then I may have to have a second and third volume)!!


Last trip in with the old truck:

Here is the news.  We took the old truck into BYT for a second time.  It was a risky thing to do because it started raining in the beginning!  Oh what a chore!  We drove 4 hours on the most deplorable roads and just when we had only 1 hour 15 minutes left to get to BYT, we came across a new wet concrete section that people were working on.  There was no room to pass by it.  There was a drop off on the right and a tall bank on the left. They said that in 4 days it would be ready to use.  We had to drive all the way back out.  That is approximately 8  hours of driving today.  Poor BletJaw!  He loves to drive and is an excellent driver, but these roads wear you out just to sit and bounce around in the truck, let alone drive it!  There is an alternate way that we know about, leaving from MaeUsU, but we don’t like it.  If we travelled back that way today we would not arrive in BYT until 10p.m. or later! We wanted to go back today, but it is too late. One thing worse than driving on those bad roads in the daytime, is driving on them at night!  Plus it would be over 13 hours of driving in one day – – -IMPOSSIBLE!

I took some videos out the window of the truck lurching through the mud at the edge of cliffs and over the rocks and high ruts, but I cannot make them work on this web page.



Wet cement on the left







I think about the trucks that come into our area just one time for fun. For one day’s driving only, they have good new high trucks with straight axels, skid plates, steel bumpers, wench, roll bars, huge tread tires and snorkels!! In comparison, we LIVE here and drive constantly in all different weather conditions. My “Driveway,” meaning the distance from my house to the main road is approximately 64 kilometers without having to take any detours! This is all on extremely bad roads. No wonder my small fourteen-year-old 2.8 diesel Mitsubishi 4WD pick-up truck cannot handle it any more!

This  also is clear evidence and proof of God’s love and total care!




We ventured out again the following morning to go the MaeUsU  way.   Now going this way takes you up 5 steep places that seem to us to be straighter than straight up! It is worse than the other way. It is breathtaking to feel the pull on your neck as you try to hold it up against such an incline, to say nothing about the straining pick-up truck! However there is also a breathtaking view!!

Because it was so breath-takingly steep, we also had a breath-taking view!

Because it was so breath-takingly steep, we also had a breath-taking view!




We are up in the clouds

We are up in the clouds.  It is so close to God up here!


All I know is that God is with us as usual, all the wearysome way. We high centered a couple of times and struck rocks up under the truck many times. This makes it clear to me that we need a straight axel, high truck.

I thank God over and over again because so many times I think that someone else could do so much better than me at everything. I think I need an evangelist to preach, I think I need a real medical doctor to treat the sick, I feel I need a real good mechanic to advise me about what off road stuff I need, but I do not have these things and every time as I cry out to God about them, I hear God telling me that He will show me, He will help me do it.  He is my help in every situation.  I can depend on Him!  It is so true! He brings me through every thing every time!  What a wonderful Saviour!


Last trip out with the old truck

Now on our last trip out of BYT the truck seemed to just give up again!  We hear the same loud, ominous, noises and know the 4WD is going out!  What a wonderful God we serve!  He held this truck up for 2 more trips into BYT! We really needed to bring supplies in and be there to take care of the sick and preach and do worships.   It did not totally brake down on us in the jungle roads either!

There are other obstacles too this time!  I would like to know why it is still raining in the month of November!  This 3 trunked tree fell across the road just a little way out of BYT.  We backed up and walked back to BYT to get help.  These men sawed with the long saw blade, and chopped with machetes until they dropped it and pushed it out of the way!  Many trees fall across our path like this especially during the rain, sometimes we can just use the machete because they are smaller, but not today.






Tucker looked at me today and said these words exactly.  In fact he took my computer just now and wrote the next paragraph himself!

“It’s a complete miracle that you haven’t died yet. You’ve been doing this for almost 5 years, driving these roads that shouldn’t be driven on. It’s crazy, no one would understand unless they had a firsthand experience. The trucks tires are literally sliding alongside the edge of loose, muddy cliffs that fall hundreds of feet down. It’s a miracle.”

That is true, but doesn’t that make you so happy because you know it is God that carries you through in His arms every time!

“The Lord shall preserve thy going out and thy coming in from this time forth, and even for evermore.” Psalms 121:8




November 6, 2014

Do you remember this village?  I never will forget it as long as I live, because you climb up an entire mountain-straight up to get there.  Steeper and straighter than straight up!  Then once you arrive there are just 5 houses!  It used to be 3 houses but now 2 more families have joined them.  Tucker and I went ahead on the last leg of the journey because BletJaw stopped to make a phone call.  We discovered that there is a certain spot on the mountainside where you can make a phone call!

Closer to CoDeJo, I get confused as to which small pathway to follow.  I always do this because my sense of direction is not too good at all.  I always follow BletJaw and don’t worry about which way.  I choose what I think is correct.  We walk a long way, but end up on a mountainside of rice.  There were pathways going in all directions up there.  Fortunately I see NaCher and another lady working to harvest the rice.  She is the grandma that broke her left wrist so badly 2 years ago and refused to go to the hospital.  I could not set it or do anything with it because it was already 3 weeks old.  It is now crooked, but she can use it.

I was sure glad NaCher came over to us and led us through the rice field maze or I never would have gone the right way.  She took us all the way to her house where we found her husband, PahKee smoking away on his long, home made cigarette.

It took quite a while for BletJaw to enter.  He knows the right path to take, and never gets lost.  He had come the usual way, but the people did not keep that path up through the rainy season, and he found he could not follow it, so he backtracked and took another path.  I don’t know how he found us because he did not have NaCher!

It does not take us long to treat all the patients because the village is so small.  The people are strangely quiet and seem shy.  I long to tell them about Jesus.  BletJaw asks them all to stay because I have a story from the Bible that I want to tell them.  Though we have had worships with them before, they do not remember anything.  Today I tell them the creation story.  I tell them what was made each day of the week.  I have a picture from ‘My Bible First’ of every day of creation.  It was so glorious because when I showed each picture, they eagerly snatched  it out of my hand and studied it.  They turned it over and found another picture.  They gasped and talked among themselves so much that I could not continue the story.  They then asked questions about the pictures. These quiet and seemingly shy people were the most responsive to the Bible stories than anyone else!   The story was told, but kind of through their questions.  I loved the interaction.  It showed their interest and perhaps they will not forget it.  Finally I ended with the 7th day Sabbath, the day that God gave us to rest and worship Him.  The best day of all the week.  Oh how they loved the pictures.


Precious Moments

Precious Moments


We prayed in closing.  PahKee studied his wife, NaCher, to find out what to do with his hands.  NaCher studied me to find out what I did with my hands.  Finally they both got it right and bowed their heads and closed their eyes.  What a delight and high honor to be here!!   God can and will save these people in heaven at last.


Please pray for these dearly loved people.

Please pray for these dearly loved people.