Weariness, Hunger, and Delay

September 18, 2015

I just want to preface this story with these words about the time of trouble, in Great Controversy 621.2

“The season of distress and anguish before us will require a faith that can endure weariness, delay, and hunger, -a faith that will not faint, though severely tried.”

I would say that we are not ready, because the small amount of weariness, delay, hunger and fainting during small trials now is nothing to compare with the strength we will need just ahead of us.  So if our lives are bringing us any of these things, let’s rejoice, we need it desperately or we really truly will perish!!

I stepped off the plane in the Bangkok Airport at 11p.m Thursday night September 10.  You know the way you feel when you’ve lost almost 2 nights of sleep and your days have turned into nights, –just overnight!  However when I finally got outside and felt the hot humid rainy weather, I was unspeakably happy and excited to be here and pick up the work that God has given me to do!!

I had a speaking appointment in MaukLek, 2 hours north, the very next evening and again Sabbath morning at Asia Pacific International University!  I was very excited to do it because these students are from many different countries and what a work they can do if they feel a calling to give their life in service to God!

Not much sleep at all for me, but what a lovely group of people I found myself in company with.  I saw several young people I remembered from when we did Faith Camp there last May.  They wanted to help me in my work and do some fund raising! I saw the the Holy Spirit working on hearts!

I took a night bus out of Bangkok Sunday night and arrived in MaeSot nine hours later, at 5:00a.m.  What a great re-union with BletJhaw and family!  Next I will check on the straight axle for the truck and then we can bring the motorbike into BYT the next day! But alas!  The rains came hard and furious.  DJ, our neighbor in BYT called BletJhaw and told him not to come yet.  Because of the high winds and rain the roads are nasty with mud slides, fallen trees and treacherous chasms!  We must wait.

Besides that, there is a big problem with the elephants.  One wild male elephant has broken all the records for terrorism in our area.  The people are trying to set off fireworks and fire guns to get all of them to move away from the villages because they are very close, but they are not leaving.  Did you know that male elephants at times, emit an oil from their heads that makes them go crazy/ angry.  They really chase and destroy anyone and anything in their way. That is what the problem is in our area right now!  Here are 2 photos and a quote from Wikipedia:


Notice the discharge coming from the temporal glands.

Musth or must /ˈmʌst/ is a periodic condition in bull (male) elephants, characterized by highly aggressive behavior and accompanied by a large rise in reproductive hormones. Testosterone levels in an elephant in musth can be as much as 60 times greater than in the same elephant at other times. However, whether this hormonal surge is the sole cause of musth, or merely a contributing factor, is unknown; scientific investigation of musth is problematic because even the most placid elephants become highly violent toward humans and other elephants during musth, requiring segregation and isolation until they recover. Female elephants do not undergo musth.


Well, there is no segregation and isolation that can take place in our area.  We will go the long way around, but that is no guarantee that we will not face the monster!

“God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.”  Psalm 46:1



The Sweet Presence of Jesus

September 18, 2015

We are right at home, and perfectly happy wherever we go, if we are in the center of God’s will!  It is as if He puts a blanket around you and keeps you warm, snug, and satisfied!!  His presence is all around you and it is SO sweet!  I experienced this all through my time in America and than returning to Thailand!

I had many opportunities to witness about this sweet relationship with Jesus that is possible for everyone to have!  I will mention just two.

While traveling on an airplane, I sat next to a lovely lady who did not believe in God!  We fell into the usual conversation about our families, where we live and what work do we do.  When she found out what I do, she was shocked and immediately asked me many questions.  As I told her of a few great miracles that God had done for me while working with the Karen people in the jungle, she looked very serious.  I just told one experience after another as she sat spellbound.  Finally I asked her if she would like to see some of my pictures.  As I showed the pictures from my power point presentation, I couldn’t help but tell her all about the amazing power of God in healing people, helping me and providing for my needs.

She had questions about the Bible and I ended up telling her so many of the truths that it teaches, covering the Sabbath truth, state of the dead, and end time events before Jesus comes and the lovely Saviour who is in it all!  She had no knowledge of these things and couldn’t understand how I could know so much about it and be so enthusiastic and obviously ‘living it!’

It seemed that the plane ride was over all too soon, but we ended up exchanging business cards.  Her last statement to me was:  “I shall never forget you!”

My prayer is that she will never forget the God that had been explained to her that day!


Another experience I would like to relate happened inside a mini van on the way to the Atlanta airport to begin my trip back to Thailand.  I was next to a very nice young man, who enjoyed telling me all about his new wife, his college life while studying economics, and his dream of becoming the president of America someday!  He did seem to be very intelligent and I enjoyed talking to him.

The conversation went to my life’s experiences and as I told him simply that I am a missionary nurse in the jungles of Thailand, his questions came thick and fast!  I told how it began and though I am alone, how God more than takes the place of everything that you don’t have in this life, plus protects, guides and provides for our needs.  Some of my stories came bubbling out and I noticed that I had the attention of everyone in the van!  Others were asking me questions also.

Later I spoke only to the young man beside me, because he questioned me about God.  Again I had a wide open door to explain the truths of the Bible, ending with Revelation 13, the pope, and the nearness of Jesus 2nd coming!!  He was so intent on all these things that the 2 hour trip to Atlanta seemed to only take 10 minutes!  He wanted to remember what I had told him, so I said, “Just go to the nearest Seventh-Day Adventist Church, they can explain these things to you very well!”

I gave him my business card and everyone else in that van wanted one also!

I know the Holy Spirit is working on many hearts in the last stag of this world’s drama.  There are so many wistfully looking to heaven. It is up to us to share while we have yet a little window of time!!  Just put yourself in these people’s shoes, don’t they deserve to have the warm blanket of truth wrapped around them also, to know the sweet presence of Jesus keeping them warm, snug and satisfied – ready for Jesus to come?

My word to you dear friend is, don’t miss any opportunities, don’t be afraid to speak up for Jesus!  You won’t loose anything, and they may gain everything!




To America

July 24, 2015

I am leaving for America July 27 and returning September 9.  This year I was not planning to go to America, because I have been going back every 3 years. However, something important during the month of August came to my attention, and I thought I maybe should go.  I went home and claimed Psalm 32:8 and slept.  The next morning I climbed the mountain and called my Sister. She was astonished that I had thoughts about America especially in August, because there were certain people that wanted me to come and preach, and they were going to pay my way!  I know now for sure, God wants me to go!   I will go with peace and joy in my heart knowing that God sent me and that He has a work for me to do there!  He wants me to see you!!!

I have not been around internet for some time. So sorry to be leaving out a lot of stories and events over this last month. However, if you are near any of the following areas when I am doing presentations, please come and hear the rest of the stories.  The biggest reason I would like you to come is because I would love to see you!!


Gayle’s tentative schedule at FaithCamp West, Upper Columbia Academy, Spangle, WA is as follows:

 7/30/15 – 9:30 AM

7/31/15 – 7:00 AM

8/1/15 – 7:00 PM

8/5/15 through 8/7/15  ASI – Spokane, WA


8/8/15 – 11:00AM worship service; Hot Springs SDA Church (301 S.  Demers Street; Hot Springs, MT)

 8/22/15 – 7pm main program; Garden Plaza (4586 Forsythia Way; Ooltewah, TN)

 8/28/15 – 11am chapel service; Union Springs Academy (40 Spring Street; Union Springs, NY)

            5pm vesper service; Watertown SDA Church (18057 State Route 3; Watertown, NY)

 8/29/15 – 11am worship service; Kingsbury SDA Church (3994 State Route 4; Hudson Falls, NY)


Kelly Bolton from New York wrote this schedule out for me because I really did not know what it was.  Other programs are pending.

BletJhaw and I would like to really thank you for your prayers and your support. Truly this year we have felt more love and support from Americans than ever before, and it has encouraged us so much!  This is especially a gift from God right now because this past year has been more intense on us than any other year in Thailand!  We want to thank you with all of our hearts!  You are a blessing from heaven to us!


TharaMu WaNeePaw just came home from the hospital Wednesday, July 22! This lovely baby boy was born July 20 at 3:a.m.  All went well.  Praise the Lord she had it before I left for America, so I could see the precious little thing and help a little.

Just come home from the hospital - worn out!

Just come home from the hospital – worn out!



Now, listen to this!  I am honored beyond words!!  BletJhaw told me just after the baby was born, that they wanted me to be the one to name him!!  Now in this part of Thailand, Karen people need to give their children a Thai name on their birth certificate, however in addition to this, BletJhaw uses American names for his children.  So, his name is ‘Brayden!’

Big brother, Jonathan is delighted to have a baby brother

Big brother, Jonathan is delighted to have a new baby brother! Brayden!


Sabbath-Day Trials Again!

June 9, 2015

I sink into a real bed with a real mattress, real sheets and a real pillow!   It is very late Sabbath night, June 6, and I have just landed at a motel.

 “I wonder why this Sabbath Day turned out the way it did? ”  I prayed to God.

 “It feels like 2 days, but I cannot remember getting a night’s sleep in between!  I sure don’t have any answers, but it is enough to know that You are in control I can trust everything to You in my life.  All I know is that all things work together for good to them that love the Lord.   – And, You know that I love You Lord.”

The day had started out as a usual this Sabbath Day.  I had my worship, reviewed my sermon notes, went for a run, went to the early worship in the church, cooked a little breakfast, treated a few sick folk including a baby from GeGhah with terrible lungs.  (This one will return after church for another breathing treatment.  We pray together with the baby’s Father for healing).  So many patients come just then that we are late for church.

Poor little guy, he hated the breathing treatments, but they sure did improve his condition!

Poor little guy, he hated the breathing treatments, but they sure did improve his condition!

I always agonize with God over my sermons.  I plead with Him to reach the people’s hearts.  I am not a preacher and every time I am to preach, I feel I cannot do it, and I long for the moment that the sermon ends and I can relax.  But each time the Lord does something beautiful with that sermon.  He changes it around and adds or subtracts from it and the people must feel some power from heaven because more and more dear villagers from WST, GeGhah and BYT come!  This day is no exception.  I am delighted with the crowd of people in the church.  They know that I love them and they are listening more attentively than ever!

Today I started out with a great illustration from Amazing Facts Bible study guides.  I am going through that series.  This one is about loving Jesus and the change that comes over us when we love Him. 

I am so completely happy as I look into their faces and tell them that God’s love is coming into their hearts because they are coming to church where God is always present on the Sabbath Day.  I hold up a big book with fine print and tell the story of a young girl who was in University.  She had to read a very large book that she found to be very boring.  She hated that book.  It made her life miserable.  One day she met a handsome young professor of that college and they rapidly fell in love.  He was everything she ever wanted in a man!  It wasn’t long before she found out that he was the author of that dreadful book that she had hated so much!  Now she takes the book and stays up all night eagerly devouring every word!  When she finished she said: 

 “That was the best book I ever read!”

 What made the difference?   LOVE made the difference.

Just as everyone is really paying attention, and I am making the most beautiful correlation between the illustration and falling in love with the author of the Bible, there is a big commotion outside!   Someone comes in and whispers loudly to DJ that a patient is outside who has been bitten by a green pit viper!

The sermon stops.  All eyes are upon us.  BletJhaw, who has been interpreting, looks at me and says what do you want to do?  My mind struggles to change gears and think about the problem at hand.  I breathe a quick prayer. 

“We must go.”  I hear myself saying, even though I feel like a person who has just lifted a delicious morsel of food to his lips when he is starving hungry, but it is suddenly snatched away! 

“I just could not bear to be the patient standing there in agony and have to wait until someone finishes a sermon before I got any help.” I told BletJhaw.

We quickly wound up the sermon and told the people to please come back next Sabbath when we shall tell the rest of these important things.  The people are so sweet.  They reach out their hands to shake mine as I leave.  How I love each one!

LooayGhah is really in pain.  


I give her pain medicine and something for carsickness, then wrap her hand in a charcoal poultice.  She has been bitten 2 times on her left middle finger by the green pit viper.  It appears to be swelling more by the minute.  Just then the child with pneumonia comes back.

I give him one more breathing treatment, while BletJhaw prepares the truck.  Praise the Lord it is not raining!


LooayGhah, suffering intense pain, her husband is in the back.

LooayGhah is safely deposited at the clinic where they are preparing to send her on to the next larger hospital.



We had planned to travel out of BYT on Sunday because my visa is due that day, but as BletJhaw and I are driving back home we decide to jump at the opportunity of dry roads and drive out today, while we can still take the shortcut.  We grab our bags and away we go, enjoying the beautiful dry pathways.  Our bliss was suddenly cut short however, when in a descending, sharp left hand turn our truck seemed to explode near the front right wheel!  It was the sound of metal breaking!

For a moment I was in complete denial.  How could anything on this brand new, God-given vehicle breakdown within the first 6-7 months?!   We get out and look at what appears to be a broken axle!  Reality presses in on us because there is a precipice and we MUST keep turning the tight corner, or we’ll really be in trouble.

Now we are really praying, because we have over 13 kilometer of the steepest grades yet before us.  Everywhere there are steep sharp, “U” turns that require full turning capabilities.  We creep forward because there is no stopping here.  We are on the final concrete road, but it is very dangerous for a good truck, let alone a broken one.  It seems our 4 WD is also out.  It is too narrow to allow any vehicle to pass, or turn around and much too steep to stop. We simply must continue – but how?  Answer:  With the Lord!!

The noises from the front right corner grow louder by the minute.  My hands are folded and I tell BletJhaw to keep driving – I am praying!  How comforting are the words in Psalm 34:6 at this moment.  “This poor man cried and the Lord heard him, and saved him out of all his troubles!”

God’s promises are sure! We made it to the main highway, but we still needed to drive some distance before we could have cell service.   We drove over 23 km with a badly broken truck, before I was able to call my mechanic in MaeSot.  He advised me not to drive it because now thick black grease was oozing out all over the place and the banging was terrible.  I could destroy the entire axle.

We were near an Adventist school and we knew the principle there.   He and a friend came out to try to help.  And help they did!  A tow truck from MaeSot was called, but he was asking 12,000THB!  Then someone had phone numbers of other trucks in Meta.  I believe it was a miracle that my little cell phone had full service, when all the other people present had no service at all!  Usually mine is the last one to get service!  Also I had 97 THB on my phone, which was enough for all the phone calls that were made that night!  They checked to see if I had insurance and/or warranty on my truck.  I had neither.

Finally, a tow truck came from Meta who was only going to charge us 500 THB!  Oh, we thought – great!!

But it was not “GREAT!”  I smelled alcohol and noticed their inebriated behavior.


BletJhaw is to the far right, the two men in the white came from the school to help us, (Yes, in white like angels)! –and the others on the left are the drunk ones, hooking our truck up to their tow truck!

After they hoisted our front wheels way up high off the ground, and tied them into the metal with flimsy little pieces of white rope, we were off.  The tow truck was very small.  BletJhaw and I leaped way up high into our truck and there we sat as this little tow truck jerked us into motion.  Would this really work?  Were those little white ropes enough to keep our wheels attached?  We calmed ourselves by saying to each other:  “Well, they must have done this before!”


“They must have done this before!”

It will take us a long time to get to MaeSot like this, but at least we’re on our way.  Already it was 7:30p.m.

We hadn’t even gone 2 kms when suddenly without warning our truck started bouncing up and down in the front, –down to the pavement with a bang and then straight up in the air.  We noticed that the tow truck was doing the same thing.  We were going up a small hill and the small truck could not pull us up.  We were doing the teeter-totter thing.  One truck down the other up and visa versa!!  Oh dear Lord -HELP!  We cried.  But the tow truck, with only air under his front tires went veering off towards the deep ditch, pulling us with it!!

When we finally came to a full stop, the guys in the tow truck ‘unleashed’ our truck from the metal and one man got into our truck and drove it up the rest of the hill to the police check point and stopped.  I thought we would have to drive our truck up the hills and they would pull us on the flats, because there were only 2 or 3 more steep places, and there was yet a LONG way to go.  But no!  They were finished.  Plus they wanted us to pay them a lot of money!!  We gave them a ‘little’ money and then sat there alone in the dark wondering what to do.  I was so thankful that BletJhaw was with me.  How could I have handled all that by myself!  Praise the Lord!!!

Well, we are going to have to disobey the mechanics advice, and drive ourselves to MaeSot.  I eased the truck out onto the road and we began slowly banging our way along praying all the while that it wouldn’t do extensive damage.  After 3 ½ hours of uneasy driving we made it to this motel and here I lie on a clean white bed to reflect on the love and tender mercy of God.

Yes:  The sermon was cut off by “That great dragon…that old serpent, called the devil and Satan.”   But God has gained us the victory for every day of our lives!  Yes the lovely truck is broken, but we were able to take the poor lady to the hospital before it broke!  And I can say of the Lord:  “Hitherto hath the Lord helped us!”  1Samuel 7:12   I know He will yet work it all together for good.  I sleep:  Trusting in Him!



New Additions!

June 8, 2015

We are scrambling to be ready for rainy season.  This is a very tricky time of the year for us!  The rain started so early this year, that it got us all messed up and disorganized, but now it has cleared up a little and we are darting out one more time to get supplies. We have not given up the use of the truck yet, but are taking a chance to bring it in one more time.  There are some patients that we must bring to the hospital.

The village people are putting up a strong fence all around the mission compound!  We bought the barbed wire and they cut all the posts in the jungle! We also bought more roofing tiles that match our house, and two young men from WaSuTah will build us a garage!

One day when we returned home with some beautiful trees and flowers to plant, they had finished the garage.  Isn’t it beautiful?!  Now there is protection for the truck from rain and sun, and it is right in front of our house!!


Village men did a really nice job and it was almost free!



You can see we are trying to put a cement floor down, but cannot finish because we ran out of cement and it is raining.

The next trip in we brought more fruit trees and flowers!!  How exciting to get them in the ground at the right time – just before rainy season.


Now, because the fence is finally up all around us, we have planted 14 different types of fruit trees plus we already had loads of pineapples and different kinds of flowers!!  Maybe someday we will have fresh fruit up here!  However we have already had big guavas on our tree, but the village people have helped themselves!  Sure hope they were delicious!












Away to the Villages!

June 8, 2015


Today we took the motorbike to NeLeGwee village.  It did not rain!  As soon as we arrived I knew we had chosen the right village to come to!  A man was hobbling toward us leaning heavily on a bamboo pole, dragging a horribly infected foot from a machette cut 5 days ago.

Man with infected foot, high fever and pus filled lymph nodes!

Man with infected foot, high fever and pus filled lymph nodes!

ShePaw immediately told us she wanted to go to MDG clinic.  I never really found out why, but we will take her.

ShePaw, her husband and the 2 youngest of their 6 children.

ShePaw, her husband and 2 of their 6 children. I can never get the whole family together!

Another man was skinny as a rail.  Come to find out he had been heavy into opium – mainlining it, when suddenly one month ago he felt like he was dying.  Somebody took him to MDG.  On the way he went unconscious and stayed that way for 2 days.  He regained consciousness in a large hospital in ChiangMai.  He returned home only one week ago and is gaining a little weight. He he is not using opium right now. (Sure do pray that he stays off of it)! I gave him 2 vitamin shots and in the process noted that he had 3 large decubitus sores trying to heal.  My whole heart goes out to this poor soul who knows no better way of life.  

The one on the left, trying to recover from a near death experience.

The one on the left, trying to recover from a near death experience.

Our usual leprosy patient, with badly disfigured feet is also suffering from a bacterial abscess to the left foot.

Leprosy patient

Leprosy patient

There were 3 family members who all suffered with very high fevers, unable to eat or drink. People were asking us to go to other houses and see their sick ones who could not walk. There were sick children all around me and coughing filled the air!

After treating about 30 patients, and visiting other homes, we were called to go to the other side of the village to see another man. This part of the village is down a very steep pathway.  The motorbike was hard to manage but we made it.  When we arrived I saw a very skinny man lying flat on his back and unable to stand up.  On exam I could tell he had a back injury. 


I checked him for a slipped disc and sure enough he had it!  We told him that we were taking ShePaw and some others to MDG in the morning and he could come with us if he wished. Doctors were able to give cortisone injections that may greatly reduce the pain.  There were a large group of children there watching my every move.  When it was time to leave I told BletJhaw that I would run up the mountain.   It would be too hard for 2 of us on that motorbike going up something so steep and rough.  The children came with me and half of them were pushing me up, and half were pulling me down!  We laughed all the way and then I took their picture at the top.  NeLeGwee is the village of sweet, dear children you know.

Half were pulling, half pushing!

Half were pulling, half pushing!

As soon as we arrived home in BYT in the late afternoon, 2 motorbikes came zooming in to tell us that a young man in WST was very sick and crying with an agonizing headache.  We went and found him with a very high fever – sweating – chilling and in great pain with his head.  We gave him some medicine and will take him with us to MDG in the morning.  I have no malaria test kits but there is not much malaria here.  Also DJ will come along and put his motorbike in the back of the truck because it needs repair.  So we will have a giganticly full load tomorrow morning.  We will leave at 7:30a.m.  (Kelly’s protein bars to the breakfast rescue)!!  Thank you so much Kelly!


Today was a blessed day.  We have so so much to do around this house inside and outside, to prepare for rainy season, but we simply must go to LaGlah village.  We had tried to go Sunday but the patient load here was so great that we weren’t a bit free until noon. (Again, thank you for the protein bars Kelly)! So today after treating patients, we took the motorbike!  It was raining some – and seemed like a horrendous ride from my ‘back-seat’ perch, but we made it!

At ChaDree’s house we didn’t get to see ChaDree because he was off to the garden, but that is still good news because that means he is well.  I don’t understand how he can be still going, It must be that God is healing him. 

Today it was so strange, one little 3 year old, ChaDree’s grandson, got very angry at me for listening to his lungs and taking his temperature.  He broke away from his Mother and ran to get a piece of firewood from the fire place and beat me up!  His Mother stopped him however.  Then he ran to the bamboo wall and pulled the machete off to chop me up!  The Mother of course stopped him. 

ChiNaChe, the little 'machette murder' is the boy to the far right.  When he is good, he is very good - but when he is bad - - -!  His Mother dumped him in cold water and soaked him down in order to stop his anger!

ChiNaChe, the cute little ‘machette murderer’ is the boy to the far right. When he is good, he is very good – but when he is bad—
His Mother dumped him in cold water and scrubbed him down in order to stop his anger!

That has never happened to me before.  The children usually like me but sometimes are afraid and cry.  This is the first time such violence was attempted!

We saw almost 40 patients in LaGlah today.  We used up almost everything we brought  and needed so much more!  Tomorrow BletJhaw will have to drive the motorbike back alone and give the much needed medicine to adults and children.  We ran out of liquid antibiotics, paracetamol and decongestants and sabumol for 6 babies and toddlers!  We saw almost 40 patients in LaGlah today, but when we got back home we found many patients waiting for us and treated almost 30 more!!

The best part of the the day was our worship. Several people stayed to listen. We sang and prayed and I told them about the 10 commandments. They never heard about that and were so attentive and it went over so well that I could not describe my joy. 

Some men were there that we were told had started going to the Sunday church in the next village. I had been eaten up with remorse over that because we are just spread out too thin and cannot be there as much as we want to.  But they listened and said they wanted to obey all of God’s commandments – including the 4th!  BletJhaw told them that we really want to live there with them and teach them.  We had not forgotten about them.  As soon as someone covers in BYT we will come.  Once again I felt the Holy Spirit move upon the people,  I saw them nod and raise their hands for me to pray for them to be able to keep these 10 commandments. I saw them fold their hands, bow their heads, close their eyes and pray!  Well this may sound redundant to so many of my experiences here, but to me each time is so thrilling it seems like the first time!!!  God is so great to have me in this place.  I am so privileged to be His servant to the people here.




Faith Camp in Thailand!

June 8, 2015

Here we are at Asia-Pacific International University, Muek Lek, located just north of Bangkok. We arrived at about 1:00a.m. Thursday morning, May 14, after going through a huge tropical storm!  My, this is a long trip, and it is the first time I have had ever been in Muek Lek.  The occasion?  We are going to put on a minnie Faith Camp here and introduce the inspiring programs that Jon and Natalie with JFA (Jesus for Asia) have been putting on in America for 19 years!

This is the very first one for Thailand and so it may not be too big, especially at such short notice, but already I see God’s hand arranging details for us and pushing us on!

I had been notified about this over 2 weeks ago, but later found out it was cancelled, so I stopped all efforts to prepare for it.  When I finally came out of BYT, I discovered that people were trying to get hold of me, but there is no phone service where I am.  Now I find out that Faith Camp is on again and would I please be the keynote speaker and introduce the program because Jon Wood could not come at this late notice!  Secretly in my heart I wanted to say that I could not come either at this late notice!  I only had 2 full days to prepare! But no, hadn’t my heart been burning within me to speak to those dear university students when I was asked the first time?  The Lord will help us all!!! 

And help us He did!  Several Thailand missionaries came.  Two photographers even showed up and recorded the entire Faith Camp!  They will edit their work and I will bring it to Jon Wood when I come to America in July.  We had meetings Friday night, all day Sabbath, and Sunday morning.  I introduced and explained the purpose of the camp and spoke 3 times. Once each day.  I am very small and worthless to be doing this, but we serve a huge God and He brings the Holy Spirit to add all the power needed in answer to prayer.

Thailand is secular and this University seems just as secular as the rest of the country even though it is an Adventist University.  We have a golden opportunity to excite these students to give their lives to God and ignite them to work for God!!  I can see they have no idea what a life like that looks like. There is such a need for the young to reach their own people.

Also this is an International University.  Students here are from many different countries!  God wants His work to explode across the globe!

Once again I want to thank those of you who knew ahead of time, for praying, please continue to pray that God will fan the small sparks that have begun here into bright flames across the globe!

I met with a pastor and leader at the University after Faith Camp was over.  He invited me to speak at the University church Friday evening and Sabbath-School time the first weekend after I arrive back to Thailand from America. That would be September 11 and 12!  I am delighted to do it and I pray that Faith Camp can be a tradition here growing bigger and bigger each year! Please keep praying! Don’t stop now!

Song Service with Hannah Steck, Sunshine Orchard School.

Song Service with University students and Hannah Steck -far right: Sunshine Orchard School.

Photography during the Sabbath Sermon

Photography equipment during the Sabbath Sermon

Paul and Lena Adams present:  Sunshine Orchard

Paul and Lena Adams: Sunshine Orchard


Josh Bauder and wife, Chitlada from ChiangMai, soon to serve in Bangkok


Brian Atwell: ChiangMai/Bangkok

Tan shares her personal testimony at the last meeting.  She is the hard worker who orchestrated these meetings from the beginning.

Tan shares her personal testimony at the last meeting. She is the hard worker who facilitated these meetings from the beginning.



May 13, 2015


Oh dear Jesus take control of struggles, fears and doubts.  When life’s fierce storms oppress my soul, and I am tossed about.

Oh dear Jesus take control, my life is but a thread.  The skies are dark and billows roll and I am filled with dread.

Oh dear Jesus take control, I see You through my tears.  Your look of love! You’re all-in-all!  Oh please forgive my fears.

Oh dear Jesus take control, This long night has an end.  You’re always here, You’re in control.  On You I will depend.

Oh dear Jesus–my control.  The darkness You erase.  You guide my feet toward the goal. You whisper, “By My grace.”

Oh dear Jesus–my control. Through fiery trials You trace.  Your work for good, Your future plan, to see me face to face!


                                               Oh Lord, I love You!





It Happened Again!

May 10, 2015

It is Sabbath night, April 11.  I had gone to bed early and was sleeping soundly.  All was dark and quiet.  Suddenly I was startled awake by:


Followed by a high pitched,


I came up out of sleep instantly and ran out to see what was going on!  There just inside BletJhaw’s bedroom, was another large, bloody, green viper with its mouth wide open.  It looked much the same as the one the previous Sabbath!

Here is the story.  BletJhaw had just come back into the house.  All was dark.  He went into his room quietly without turning on the light to put some clothes away that were on his sleeping mat. He pushed the door open a bit and went in.  Grabbing his clothes first, he then turned around and switched the light on.  Only then did he see it!  There just a few inches away from his left leg was the viper – head up and ready to strike! 

He doesn’t even know how he got around that monster unharmed to go outside and get a big stick, but he managed to kill it in short order.  


So this makes 2 Sabbaths in a row that the green vipers showed up in his bedroom!  This snake really would have bitten him if it were not for his guardian angel, because when he pushed the door open, it was lying right along the length of the door and must have been scooted into the room by the door.  He might have stepped right over it, stumbled over it, or touched it with his bare toes. We do not know how long or where that ugly creature had been lurking in our house, but what is sure that:

“When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him!!”

Many people here seem to be more interested in our church and heaven.  The devil hates it and seems to try to strike one of us with something every Friday or Sabbath before we preach.  I am so thankful for our guardian angels who are always there and never tire of keeping us safe.

I am also thankful for this lovely solar system that enables us to have reliable lighting in our house! 

And, I am so thankful that we do not have to fear the future only unless we forget how God has led us in the past, because we have been preserved alive time after time in so many countless ways! 

We are trying to be on full alert both inside and outside right now because a man just killed a very large king cobra in our village that was as big around as BletJhaw’s upper arm!  

“Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy:and nothing shall by any means hurt you.” Luke 10:19 

However a snake bite is no where near as much to be feared as the angry bite of the devil.  Snakes are a very vivid evidence to me of the wickedness, angry hate, and deceitfulness of the devil, ready to strike when the gospel is taking a hold and when you least expect it. This Sabbath day he is exceptionally angry because (the man) and his son from GeGhah village, (That I wrote about three posts ago), came to church with us here in BYT!  He was all cleaned up and had a remarkable smile on his face!  As I saw him there sitting cross-legged on the men’s side of our little church, tears burned in my eyes and my heart longed for his salvation.  God is working upon the hearts and minds of the people here in ways we cannot imagine.  Only He knows what is in the heart. He only can draw the heart with His fathomless cords of love and fan the small sparks into flame. My heart cried out to God:

“Oh dearest Lord Jesus please protect this man and his house from the devil and keep him coming to the light!  Please show us just how to work for You effectively here in this place!”

Let us all be on full alert and plead with God like never before for the souls that are all around us. When you kneel to  pray tonight, please send an earnest plea for the dear people in our villages.  Your prayers DO make a difference here!


Hope for MeDeLeGwee Village

April 18, 2015



These 4 older ladies of MeDeLeGwee village are especially in love with me and I with them.  NoWah, pictured on the far left has heard our worships in her home before, the others have not.  All were totally transfixed at the pictures and words of Jesus from the Bible.  I told the story to them for the very first time.  How my heart thrills when people are listening and intent on the Bible topics!!  These four older ladies kept wanting to hear more.  What little bit they really understood fascinated them and I pray the  Holy Spirit brings light and understanding to their minds.


NoWah wanted her picture taken with me. She is the kindest sweetest person you could ever meet!


NoWah began cooking our rice as soon as we came in.

NoWah began cooking our rice as soon as we came in.

Here is her husband JawDee, he has recently gotten a swollen and painful right cheek, but it is not an infection.  Under his chin also is hard and swollen.  I will be working with him to bring relief.


The children are adorable and dirty as usual.  BletJhaw has a delightful time handing out balloons!




The rice is drying on the open porch.



The young ones watch.  Uncared for, unhealthy, unclean.

The young ones watch. Uncared for, unhealthy, unclean.


Children and grandparents alike are in the same pitiful condition.

Children and grandparents alike are in the same pitiful condition.


They are also preparing a meal in the next hut.  Bird feathers combine with the greens that will be cooked.  Poverty is unrecognized among them.

They are also preparing a meal in the next hut. Bird feathers combine with the greens in the basket that will be cooked for the noon meal.  Their poverty is unrecognized among them as they anticipate the feast.  The small boy in red is washing the birds feet before casting them into the pot for boiling.

The children play while waiting for their dinner.

The children play outside while waiting for their dinner.


While the fat pig lies under the house, oblivious to the fact that he will provide the next big feast.



BletJhaw giving follow-up instructions to a patient.

BletJhaw gives follow-up instructions to a patient.  If they were clean, and had a good diet these people could stand a chance.  What will it take?


Worship in this home is short to fit the attention span, but so special. The Holy Spirit adds the power and we pray will bring a great harvest in this village.


How the “My Bible First” pictures grip their attention!

“At this time there should be representatives of present truth in every city and in the remote parts of the earth. The whole earth is to be illuminated with the glory of God’s truth. The light is to shine to all lands and all peoples. And it is from those who have received the light that it is to shine forth. The daystar has risen upon us, and we are to flash its light upon the pathway of those in darkness.” Testimonies Vol. 6 p.24

Oh please dear people, I beg you, read this quote and weep because the light is not shining in these remote parts of the earth from those who have received the light!!!!

What are you doing for Jesus?