May 13, 2015


Oh dear Jesus take control of struggles, fears and doubts.  When life’s fierce storms oppress my soul, and I am tossed about.

Oh dear Jesus take control, my life is but a thread.  The skies are dark and billows roll and I am filled with dread.

Oh dear Jesus take control, I see You through my tears.  Your look of love! You’re all-in-all!  Oh please forgive my fears.

Oh dear Jesus take control, This long night has an end.  You’re always here, You’re in control.  On You I will depend.

Oh dear Jesus–my control.  The darkness You erase.  You guide my feet toward the goal. You whisper, “By My grace.”

Oh dear Jesus–my control. Through fiery trials You trace.  Your work for good, Your future plan, to see me face to face!


                                               Oh Lord, I love You!





It Happened Again!

May 10, 2015

It is Sabbath night, April 11.  I had gone to bed early and was sleeping soundly.  All was dark and quiet.  Suddenly I was startled awake by:


Followed by a high pitched,


I came up out of sleep instantly and ran out to see what was going on!  There just inside BletJhaw’s bedroom, was another large, bloody, green viper with its mouth wide open.  It looked much the same as the one the previous Sabbath!

Here is the story.  BletJhaw had just come back into the house.  All was dark.  He went into his room quietly without turning on the light to put some clothes away that were on his sleeping mat. He pushed the door open a bit and went in.  Grabbing his clothes first, he then turned around and switched the light on.  Only then did he see it!  There just a few inches away from his left leg was the viper – head up and ready to strike! 

He doesn’t even know how he got around that monster unharmed to go outside and get a big stick, but he managed to kill it in short order.  


So this makes 2 Sabbaths in a row that the green vipers showed up in his bedroom!  This snake really would have bitten him if it were not for his guardian angel, because when he pushed the door open, it was lying right along the length of the door and must have been scooted into the room by the door.  He might have stepped right over it, stumbled over it, or touched it with his bare toes. We do not know how long or where that ugly creature had been lurking in our house, but what is sure that:

“When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him!!”

Many people here seem to be more interested in our church and heaven.  The devil hates it and seems to try to strike one of us with something every Friday or Sabbath before we preach.  I am so thankful for our guardian angels who are always there and never tire of keeping us safe.

I am also thankful for this lovely solar system that enables us to have reliable lighting in our house! 

And, I am so thankful that we do not have to fear the future only unless we forget how God has led us in the past, because we have been preserved alive time after time in so many countless ways! 

We are trying to be on full alert both inside and outside right now because a man just killed a very large king cobra in our village that was as big around as BletJhaw’s upper arm!  

“Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy:and nothing shall by any means hurt you.” Luke 10:19 

However a snake bite is no where near as much to be feared as the angry bite of the devil.  Snakes are a very vivid evidence to me of the wickedness, angry hate, and deceitfulness of the devil, ready to strike when the gospel is taking a hold and when you least expect it. This Sabbath day he is exceptionally angry because (the man) and his son from GeGhah village, (That I wrote about three posts ago), came to church with us here in BYT!  He was all cleaned up and had a remarkable smile on his face!  As I saw him there sitting cross-legged on the men’s side of our little church, tears burned in my eyes and my heart longed for his salvation.  God is working upon the hearts and minds of the people here in ways we cannot imagine.  Only He knows what is in the heart. He only can draw the heart with His fathomless cords of love and fan the small sparks into flame. My heart cried out to God:

“Oh dearest Lord Jesus please protect this man and his house from the devil and keep him coming to the light!  Please show us just how to work for You effectively here in this place!”

Let us all be on full alert and plead with God like never before for the souls that are all around us. When you kneel to  pray tonight, please send an earnest plea for the dear people in our villages.  Your prayers DO make a difference here!


Hope for MeDeLeGwee Village

April 18, 2015



These 4 older ladies of MeDeLeGwee village are especially in love with me and I with them.  NoWah, pictured on the far left has heard our worships in her home before, the others have not.  All were totally transfixed at the pictures and words of Jesus from the Bible.  I told the story to them for the very first time.  How my heart thrills when people are listening and intent on the Bible topics!!  These four older ladies kept wanting to hear more.  What little bit they really understood fascinated them and I pray the  Holy Spirit brings light and understanding to their minds.


NoWah wanted her picture taken with me. She is the kindest sweetest person you could ever meet!


NoWah began cooking our rice as soon as we came in.

NoWah began cooking our rice as soon as we came in.

Here is her husband JawDee, he has recently gotten a swollen and painful right cheek, but it is not an infection.  Under his chin also is hard and swollen.  I will be working with him to bring relief.


The children are adorable and dirty as usual.  BletJhaw has a delightful time handing out balloons!




The rice is drying on the open porch.



The young ones watch.  Uncared for, unhealthy, unclean.

The young ones watch. Uncared for, unhealthy, unclean.


Children and grandparents alike are in the same pitiful condition.

Children and grandparents alike are in the same pitiful condition.


They are also preparing a meal in the next hut.  Bird feathers combine with the greens that will be cooked.  Poverty is unrecognized among them.

They are also preparing a meal in the next hut. Bird feathers combine with the greens in the basket that will be cooked for the noon meal.  Their poverty is unrecognized among them as they anticipate the feast.  The small boy in red is washing the birds feet before casting them into the pot for boiling.

The children play while waiting for their dinner.

The children play outside while waiting for their dinner.


While the fat pig lies under the house, oblivious to the fact that he will provide the next big feast.



BletJhaw giving follow-up instructions to a patient.

BletJhaw gives follow-up instructions to a patient.  If they were clean, and had a good diet these people could stand a chance.  What will it take?


Worship in this home is short to fit the attention span, but so special. The Holy Spirit adds the power and we pray will bring a great harvest in this village.


How the “My Bible First” pictures grip their attention!

“At this time there should be representatives of present truth in every city and in the remote parts of the earth. The whole earth is to be illuminated with the glory of God’s truth. The light is to shine to all lands and all peoples. And it is from those who have received the light that it is to shine forth. The daystar has risen upon us, and we are to flash its light upon the pathway of those in darkness.” Testimonies Vol. 6 p.24

Oh please dear people, I beg you, read this quote and weep because the light is not shining in these remote parts of the earth from those who have received the light!!!!

What are you doing for Jesus?


Peter’s Prayer Plus BletJhaw’s Prayer

April 18, 2015

Three posts ago I wrote the story titled:  “Brink of Disaster.”  Now BletJhaw has written his own description of that event and would like me to post it.  It is interesting to compare the same catastrophic event through two different eyes!  So here are his thoughts – – –

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

The questions are: What can you do with your own strength? Without Jesus how far can you go? Can you be safe?

On a certain day, March 26, 2015 we started out to BYT from MaeSalit at 5:30a.m. About 20 mins after driving, it began raining. We cannot drive on our roads in the rain, because it is far too dangerous, so we turned back to MaeSalit. The plan was to go to BYT the next day.

It seemed like on that day the sun was out. It was hot and dry enough in MaeSalit to try again. So finally we started out that afternoon.   The short way to BYT was closed because the Monks are making a cement road somewhere on the way to BYT. But because of the rain we were not sure whether they would be working or not. It was a 50:50 chance. So we tried the short way. But we found out that the road was closed. We turned around to go another way, that takes 4 hours to get to BYT.

We started out with peace and joy, and also pretty much good weather. On the way, we saw a big bulldozer scraping and fixing the road. It was good. We were pretty much finished with the steepest parts of our journey. We had covered approximately ¼ of our journey, when it started raining again. As soon as the rain started we were kind of perplexed, wondering if we should keep going. . .

. . .But I do not get any clear order from anyone in the truck, so I kept driving for a little while, however, the rain did not stop and it was harder to keep driving. We kind of know that if we keep driving we might be in trouble. Finally I got a clear decision that we should not keep going. I better stop and turn around. I did!

We had to pass several steep, sharp corners downhill. I was driving the truck down the mountain. I saw two motorbikes having a hard time coming up. In fact they had to stop and help each other get up because of the loose dirt, which was now mud. I was carefully driving down, but not worried or nervous until we got to one sharp, right hand, downhill corner. I was using the brakes and steering the wheel to the right track, but the truck was not obeying.  It was out of my control. Very fresh loose dirt covered the cement road, making it extremely slippery in the rain. The truck is completely out of control by now and turning sideways. I guessed Satan was very happy at that moment, but I know the One that controls everything, so I cried out for help. I prayed a very short and quick prayer like Peter:

“God Help!”   then, “Stop, Stop, Stop, Stop.”

God answered my prayer right away. The truck stopped. I was using four-wheel low drive. I shifted into first gear, pulled up the emergency brake, and turned off the engine. As soon as I got out of the truck, I saw that 3 wheels were still on the concrete road, but one was off the concrete. It was on the loose dirt right on the edge of a sheer drop off.

The truck has a winch, but to use the winch on a downhill is almost useless. I was praying for help and I know everyone was praying for help also. The road was narrow, the truck was in a sideway position on the downhill. But we have to come out of it somehow, just not sure how to do it. Finally we let out the winch and tied it to a small tree. I started the truck and tried to go forward on the right track, but it only went sideways more! I was more nervous and quickly turned off the truck. As I told you, using the winch on the downhill was not easy. The truck was even closer to the precipice now. One wheel was right off the track. I was looking at the steep cliff and thinking in my mind – if I go down the cliff, I don’t think I will die, but I don’t know. I may need to go to the hospital for a very long time. The truck will be in really bad shape. I was praying in my mind quietly and I know everybody else is still praying also. We found a big log and used it to try to stop the truck from falling down the cliff. The log made me feel good, but seemed like it was really useless. Our only hope is in God’s help. We were using the winch, and had to tie off on 3 different small trees because the cable would not reach the bigger tree.

Shoes were useless in this mess!

Shoes were useless in this mess!

Even though I forgot to breath normally, finally with God’s help the truck and everyone of us were safe.

Brothers and Sisters, Uncles and Aunties, Fathers and Mothers, Grandpas and Grandmas, as you know, we started out in pretty good condition, just a while ago we were fine and without danger. But we can’t even trust our best abilities. To all my Christian family members, we don’t know what will happen to us in the minute. We don’t know anything for sure. While you are strong and have a chance, time and energy, give your heart to Jesus and work for Him. Please don’t waste the time and please don’t let Satan deceive you. With God’s help we can do anything. Now is the best time to give our hearts fully to Jesus and work for Him.

Tomorrow will never be safe without Jesus!






Little Hand in the Basket

April 7, 2015

Today is Tuesday, April 7: A man from WaSuTah came to our door at 6a.m. He said his sister just had a baby and it was not moving and he thought it was not breathing. Please could we come.  I packed my things and BletJhaw and I were off on the motorbike right away. As we entered the hut, the mother pointed to a basket. The baby was dead and covered with rags in the basket. Sadness filled our hearts. I wanted to cry. It was a girl. I looked closely at the Mother and did not see sadness. In fact nobody in the room seemed upset and sad. She had just had the baby one and a half hours ago and was doing quite well. I asked a lot of questions and found out that she had had a healthy pregnancy. The baby had been moving right up until the time she delivered it. It was her 3rd child and childbirth was quick and easy. I was very perplexed because I could not figure out what had gone so tragically wrong at the last minute. They said after the baby came out it did not move and did not breath.

– – – -I looked at the basket and saw a little hand – – – –

I prayed for them before we left.

Once at home BletJhaw told me that it seemed the lady did not want this baby. Her husband is using opium and does not help her at all. She already has 2 girls and though she might keep it if it was a boy. Because this was a girl, we are thinking that she did not want it. I cannot bear to think that she might have destroyed this little life.

“Oh Lord,” I cried, “If only I had been there. What are You feeling as You look down on all this wretchedness? Your little creation, Your little life!”

I probably never will know for sure what really happened today. All I know is that God is in control of all things. He knows the suffering of His people here. He loves them all. The grief and hardships of this Mother, inaudible to any human ear, God knows and cares and understands.

My sad heart also is in His hands.



Snake in the Bedroom!!

April 7, 2015

Sabbath day, April 4


I have to write this while it is still fresh on my mind.  It is Sabbath night and I am safe under my mosquito net reflecting on the day!  Today was surely a blessed Sabbath day!

My sermon today was Daniel 6.  All that I prayed for I received:       !!!!

First of all I contracted a nasty cold.  (This is incredible)!  Strangely, just before sunset Friday evening as I was studying on my sermon, SUDDENLY my head got totally stuffed up and my nose began to really pour!!  That is very unusual for me.  In fact I do not remember doing that before.  Here there is no paper to blow, nor is that a custom of the people.  I prayed that God would please stop the pouring so that I could preach!  My head was entirely stopped up and nose pouring all night and Sabbath morning!  However:  The entire time, that I was preaching, my nose was dry, my head clear!!!   My prayer for no distractions, a larger audience, and clearness of thought with a strong appeal that only the Holy Spirit could give, was also given to me!!!  I was praising the Lord after church!

 Let me add, just as suddenly as that “cold” in my head started, it stopped Sabbath afternoon!   I know the devil is doing this because I remember when I fell that time a while ago, not really hurting my wrist, but by Friday evening what pain in my wrist!  Excruciating!  It went away as I prayed about it just before my sermon!!!   Isn’t it marvelous how much the Saviour loves us and takes care of us and beats down the devil!

 A patient came in shorty after church with a mouthful of rotten teeth.  One in particular was a problem.  It was half eaten out with a cavity from underneath the tooth.  I don’t know how he could bare the pain, it was terrible, so he wanted me to pull it out.  It was the lower 2nd molar which is the hardest position to numb up and to pull.  I also knew that I could never pull that tooth out with the roots in tact because there was so little of the tooth actually attached to the root.  I prayed as always with the patient and started in.  Sure enough it broke off immediately and I went after the roots.  God helped me get every bit of rotten roots out.  I also pulled the front tooth out.  It was loose and very painful.  The man was so grateful and happy when he left with full instruction as to how to care for his poor filthy teeth.

 A little while later, I did “surgery” on BletJaw’s hand.  You see ever since January 9, when we were in the rain and using the winch, he had gotten a splinter of metal from the cable in his right palm.  I had tried unsuccessfully to get it out a long time ago, and now it was paining him whenever he had to press on it.  Especially when driving the motorbike.   You know how it is when something has gone through all 3 layers of skin.  It is like looking for a needle in a haystack!  I have seen the ER doctors unable to locate the foreign body many times and just give up.   I needed a magnet because I thought it would attract the metal, but I of course had none.  I prayed with BletJhaw earnestly for help to get this out.  After numbing the place and digging with a fine syringe needle and splinter forcepts, I got it out!!  How thrilling that God has already answered so many of my prayers all day long!



Snake in the bedroom!

Next BletJhaw goes into his room to spread the mat out on his floor, lay down and take a nap.  It is hot here now in the daytime and he feels cooler lying on a mat on the floor.  Two mats were rolled up together standing up in the corner.  He went to grab them in the center so that he could unroll it, but an unseen hand stopped him from grabbing it.  Just in the nick of time he saw it!   A big fat green snake – lying, with the fat part of his body right over the green part of the center of the mat!!


BletJhaw called to me to get my camera and went outside to get a fat stick.  This snake is very poisonous of course and was right in his bedroom.  It must have come in through the open window sometime in the night.  After the horrid creature lay dead, we measured it – 57 inches long!   Quite a big deadly snake.  We must be careful how we go to bed and shake and check everything first!  We will take precautions, but we will not fear because God has protected us from innumerable dangerous things in the past and we know nothing can touch us without His permission.



Let me add here that a man in the village here in BYT was behind our house one day last week and said that he saw 2 large cobras very close to our house!  Don’t worry, because whether we see them or not they are there!  Probably there have been many many more that we never knew about.

 Isn’t it just beautiful that we have the gift of prayer?  What a comfort to take everything to Jesus, pour out our hearts to Him, we can fully trust His answers and His care!





April 7, 2015

Have you ever slid downhill sideways towards a corner precipice, out of control, right to the very brink of disaster? We just did that today! Let me tell you all about it.


It is Thursday. We have tried 2 times today to get back to BYT without success. The first time was 5:30a.m. If we beat the cement workers, we can get through the short way, saving 3 hours of driving. But this morning it began to pour with rain before we even reached the turn off. This is shocking because it never rains in March here. We know that it will be impossible to make it because rain creates disaster in this place.   We turned around and went back, thinking that by the afternoon we could go the long way. By 1p.m the sky was blue and the sun hot.   Our truck was loaded with medical supplies, food and 4 people: BletJhaw, Tucker, ChaGooGoo (BletJhaw’s brother-in-law, who will teach BletJhaw Thai for a few weeks), and myself.

We go the short way thinking that because of the heavy rain this morning they may not be working on the cement. However, the road is blocked and barricaded -we cannot proceed, so we retrace our way back to the long way.

This road is horrible. Our truck is lurching around. The people in the backseat are hitting their heads against the windows and our belongings are falling and sliding all over the place. After driving approximately one and one half hours there was an explosion of thunder on our left, followed instantly by huge drops of rain, which whacked the windshield as if to announce the grand arrival of a deluge of rain! Just as we were making a dangerous descent, the rain hit, causing an instant mudslide of our road! Oh how our hearts sank and how the truck slipped! No sense in trying to reach our far off destination in these conditions – that would surely be suicide. We need to turn around and rush back before things get any worse! But alas, things were quickly getting much much worse! The road was very steep with a bank on one side and a steep precipice on the other side. We held our breath and cried out to God to send His angels as we went up one side of a mountain and down the other. Suddenly we were confronted with a red mud downhill that had been plowed recently, sending the loose, rich, red, oozing mud around a corner and over a cement section. We lost control immediately and went into a crooked sideways slide directly toward the precipice! BletJhaw was driving and I heard him speak!

“Oh God help!” Escaped softly from his lips, followed by:

“Stop, Stop, Stop, Stop!!!”

But we did NOT stop for what seemed like ages. We braced ourselves for a crash down the ravine! But no, it did not happen. We came to a sudden side ways stop with the left back tire off the edge of the cliff!

“Hitherto hath the Lord helped us!” The words of Samuel popped into my head just then. (1Samuel 7:12) I thought about so many other times the Lord saved us from sudden destruction out on these roads. He has not left us now! Further- more would He give us this new, beautiful, miracle truck, only to let it be dashed to pieces on the rocks below just 5 months later? NO!

It felt so good to be standing still – Thank you Lord! But now please help us get out of this scary situation. Our hearts and hands felt a little shaky.

The rain continued to pelt down on us as we worked feverishly with the winch. No wonder the truck went into a slide, because when we stepped out we could not walk without falling down or sliding down out of control! We abandoned our shoes because of the caked mud, and Tucker climbed the cliff to attach the winch to the strongest looking tree. Of course the wench is not needed to pull you DOWN the slick hill, but to hang onto you if you go over the edge. Surely a 7200-pound winch would keep you from flipping end over end down the ravine!    —We might just find out!

The loose dirt on the very edge is not solid ground.  The bulldozer has just pushed it off the edge of the cliff.

The loose dirt on the very edge is not solid ground. The bulldozer has just pushed it off the edge of the cliff.

I managed the remote on the winch outside and BletJhaw got into the driver’s seat. What would happen? With the tightening of the winch the truck slid even more sideways. It seemed certain that it would plunge right over the edge! What was holding it up? Another question was, what made it stop?!! It was too scary to even look at that back wheel. BletJhaw gets out and the men gathered a log and placed it beside truck. It looked safer with it there, but actually it will not help at all.

BletJhaw thought he would surely die or else be laid up in the hospital for a long time.  The truck did slide over even more with that left rear tire over the edge!  You can see that the cliff drops straight down with no big supporting trees to catch you!

BletJhaw thought he would surely die or else be laid up in the hospital for a long time. The truck did slide over even more with that left rear tire over the edge! You can see that the cliff drops straight down with no big supporting trees to catch you!

After this BletJhaw leaped up the steep bank and attached the winch to a different tree, the truck’s nose was eventually pulled so close to the bank that the back wheel was out of danger. We finally loosened the winch and BletJhaw pulled the truck onto safe ground!

We are dripping wet, shivering, covered with mud, and praising God for His deliverance.

Most assuredly:     “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.”




Good-Bye to the Devil!

March 27, 2015

Last night after dark, two people came from GeGhah village.  They asked for us to please come to their house because both their parents were very sick.  To make a long story short, they thought the demons were in them.   They said it was terrible.  They were scared.  Could we please come and pray!  

I was so happy that they came to us asking for prayer!  BletJaw and I took off on the motorbike with a small supply of medicine and a big prayer!!  That night ride was so interesting, in the dark on a very steep and difficult pathway – branches and vines were grabbing at us, rocks and streams were hindering our progress! 

When we arrived I found the woman all bundled up with dozens of blankets and a temperature of 104.5!  Her right lower leg and foot was in excruciating pain!  She was throwing up constantly – VERY ill.  The man was a disaster, he also had a fever and he was shaking hard all over.  He coiuld not stop.  His muscles and neck hurt so bad from shaking for 2 days and the entire night before.  He could hardly talk.  We treated them as best we could and then I was asked to do the most honored thing – PRAY!   I was inspired to put the whole gospel story in a prayer.  I pleaded for God to show them His glory and how great He is, so their hearts could turn to Him. He is the only God.  He can see, hear, love us, and answer our prayers. No other god can do these things.  I told of how with God all things are possible.  We treated them simply and left, saying we would return the next day in the truck and if they were no better we would take them to the hospital.

Today we drove out to them. The way the truck has to go is a very long way. 

Guess what?

Oh joy of joys they were well!!! God had healed them!!

The man had stopped shaking that very night and slept well – no fever!  The lady now had a very low grade fever, but all her pain and vomiting – gone!  She is well!!    They were so thankful and said they wanted to worship God the way we do!!  They had sacrificed to the spirits, had worshipped the devil and given him gifts, but they only got worse.  We had come to them, prayed, and they got well!  We had a short worship and during the worship the man started pulling the devil strings off from around his neck.  We got the scissors and helped him out, also his wife and his two grown children had theirs cut off!! This is the greatest joy!!




Then the older boy got up and removed all the buddha worship things off the shelf, took down the picture of buddha and everything.  He threw them all away.

Buddhist flowers and ornaments - going to the trash!!

Buddhist flowers and ornaments – going to the trash!!

Buddha picture - tossed!

Buddha picture – tossed!

This has been such an inspiring day.  All the disheartening obstacles that Satan places in our pathway all the time is NOTHING compared to the joy when someone finds Jesus and turns to Him!!!  It is worth all the years of work.   Please pray for these dear people.  They have turned to God but do not know anything else about Him.  It is our duty to go as often as possible and teach them!


The man and his wife are in the front center and all the children and in-laws surround them!

I really wish I had a picture of the man and his wife the night before, so you could clearly compare the health and vigor seen here, versus the agony of the night before. Just look:  A huge miracle has taken place right here before our eyes!!  Now they are bright and alert, very happy and excited about their future! Just look at them!  There is not a trace of sickness anywhere!

Thank you for thinking and praying for us!!  You can see how prayers are being answered out here in the jungle!!!!!  Praise the Lord!



BYT and WaSuTa

March 11, 2015

The work goes on in BYT – never a dull moment it seems.



This BYT babies name is SawPaw.  She is 14 days old. I had been caring for this Mother, NawBaPaw, through her pregnancy, making sure she took her vitamins etc. As soon as the baby was born they called me to check the Mother because she was dizzy and faint.  She had also been sitting too close to the fire and burned her back terribly.  This wound needed cleaning and debridement every day.  Now she brings her baby to me.  She is well but her baby is sick. Her stomach is swollen and she seems a little constipated.  When I pulled the little shirt up and looked at her stomach, my breath caught in my throat.  Her stomach was huge and so tight it looked like it could burst. It seemed like I only heard faint, if any bowel sounds.  I thought of pyloric stenosis, which is a type of bowel blockage at the base of the stomach, or other blockages, but I had no way of knowing what was going on in that little body.  She had a low grade fever also, but no projectile vomiting which goes along with that type blockage. Her cry was even grunting with the pressure of everything.

It is a definite hospital case.  DJ’s wife told me that she had 6 babies and each one of them did like that and they were OK.  I told her that while I had anything to do with it she would go to the hospital, and quickly at that!  Off we went to MeDuGlow, where they whisked her off to Omkoi.  I am praying for this cute little baby girl.

There were many patients and a laceration waiting for me when I returned.  I am always so delighted when they come in right away, instead of waiting 12 hours or more and coming when it is ugly and infected.  This one sutured up really well.  I forgot to take a picture of the finished stitches.  I love to suture.  Everything comes together so well and the patient heals up so fast.  That is if they keep it dry and come in for a dressing change every day!



WaSuTa and SaWa

The following Sabbath, morning we sat in the little church in BYT.  BletJaw was giving a worship at the early morning service.   Toward the end of his talk a man loudly interrupted from near the back door, saying that a girl in WaSuTa had fallen and lay unconscious for 2 hours!  My question is, how come did he just sit there that entire time.  Why didn’t he come straight to us and tell us right away because they came to the meeting early?  We hurriedly finished and ran to get our things and go check her. Her name is SaWa we know her and her husband TeeWa very well. She is in her twenties and has 2 small children.

We drove the truck down, but could not cross the narrow bridge in WST with our Toyota.  The man from church was following us on his motorbike, he urged me to get on the back with him so that I could get to the girl faster!  I jumped on and away we went in a cloud of dust.

There she was, pale and laying on the ground outside her house, leaning against her Mother-in-law.  Her BP was low, but acceptable.  She was very dizzy, confused, very weak, unable to walk and possibly had a broken arm.  She had fallen from the middle of the house ladder, not the top.  However, that was still high enough to really injure her as there were boards, and uneven hard packed dirt below. Somehow her children and the length of her skirt tripped her up as she tried to descend the ladder.  On exam she seemed to have no pain in her head and neck right this moment, but to be unconscious that long she must have struck her head.  I still would have been more comfortable if I could have put on a c-collar and back board, but here we do not have neck braces and immobilization devices for transportation.  The people did not want to go to MDG because when I come, examine, and help a patient, people always think that is all they need.  However, I told them, that judging from the way she fell, the length of time she had been unconscious and her behavior at present, I would have to insist that she go to MDG. 

We had to wait until her husband came home.  He had spent a couple of days in the jungle, hunting for rats and other things for food.  He was expected home that morning.  The people were trying to figure out a way to feed us.  We told them not to worry, we were fine.  (Even though I really wished I had brought along some of the protein energy bars that Kelly Bishop and her friends from NY had mailed to me)!!

A lady brought us to her house and fed us rice greens and pumpkin, even though we had told them not to bother.  They are so kind.  By the time we finished, the husband had returned and  SaWa seemed more dizzy and now had a bad headache.  Her husband carried her all the way down the steep path to where our truck was parked.  Once in MDG, they sent her on to Omkoi stat.  I pray she is recovering nicely.  Sometimes we do not know the outcome of our patients for a long time.  So you will have to wait also.

SaWa and her husband in the  back seat of our truck just as we arrived at MeDuGlow

SaWa and her husband in the back seat of our truck just as we arrived at MeDuGlow

I am so happy with the clinic in MDG now, because the difficult, older doctor left.  A nurse only is on duty, so they listen to what I have to say and call a doctor up in Omkoi telling him what I said.  So far each patient has been properly cared for and not treated like dirt!  They are happy I am here and we seem to have a good relationship.  One nurse, Owm,  is especially friendly to me.  She speaks a little English and wants me to come and work with her because she is afraid when many patients come, especially the emergency patients.  This time she told me that whenever she sees me coming she is so scared and her heart beats very fast because I always bring in really bad patients.








February 22, 2015

We left BYT on Thursday morning, February 19, just to do a quick trip to MaeSot for supplies, and then return the very next day, Friday. I was so happy because that meant BletJaw would drive there and back.  He would then take his week off with his family as scheduled using the motorbike on Sunday.  To me that is so great because I won’t have to drive it myself – It is so difficult for me to do.  But this is what God had planned instead!

Wednesday we took a dear BYT lady to the MeDuGlow clinic and on to Omkoi with a very sick baby.  

Miracle Number 1:  I happened to be in cell service in MeDuGlow exactly the time a man called wanting to buy the Mitsubishi. What are the chances of that ever happening? 

Miracle number 2:  This Karen man, MuYou, who is an SDA  wanted to meet me in MaeSot in 2 days, Friday morning.  That is just exactly when we had planned to be there!   What are the chances that I would already have planned to be in MaeSot right then?

Miracle number 3:  Yesterday we met him. He bought it on the spot, at the price we had previously decided on in spite of the fact that it would not even start because it had just sat there for 2 weeks.  Also the remote to the winch cable would not pull the cable out at that time.  I feel sad to see the dear old truck go because it has a huge history and many miracles attached to it.  But God chose the buyer and orchestrated everything!  How could that be sad?!! Also the money is the Lord’s to go into the work in BYT! 

The big miracle number 4 is this:  The name on the title of the Mitsubishi is Paul Phamor, (Pastor Phamor’s son) in Chiang Mai.  (Previously a foreigner could not own a vehicle in Thailand. You need to have it in the name of a Thai person). This meant that I would have to get a paper and take it, and the Mitsubishi to Chaing Mai to have him fill it out and sign it.  I prayed quickly and asked the Lord to please not let me have to drive all the way to Chaing Mai, I want to do my work in BYT.  I called Pastor Phamor and he told me that his son, Paul and he would be in MaeSot this SUNDAY for a wedding!!!   What are the chances of that happening!  It is really true, the promise saying, before they call I will answer!  A long time ago the Lord had picked the date for that couple’s wedding!!!

So I will stay in MaeSot through Sunday.


This is the last moment that the miracle Mitsubishi was still mine!!

Fourth miracle:  It sold in just in 2 weeks of being with BletJaw’s Aunt here in MaeSot, who just contacted friends and people that she knew!  Many people told her and myself that it won’t sell because the price is too high and people only want Toyota’s here in this country. What a miracle!  I have all Sabbath here in my little Motel room to sit at the feet of Jesus and thank Him for all the providences and tender care.   …And, OH, I am so unworthy of all His benefits!!!!

Truly how great He is!!!  I really am finding out the meaning of Proverbs 3:5,6!!  

Thank you for your prayers. 


PS. BletJaw said he would still drive back to BYT and then take the motorcycle to MaeSalit!  I don’t have to drive myself!!!