Four Wheel Drive

April 23, 2014

I think four wheel drive is a real touchy thing on a thirteen year old Mitsubishi pick up truck, that does extreme off-road driving with heavy loads.

I know the angels of heaven are doing so many things for us here to keep us alive and functioning.   Our truck is beginning to be a major problem for us right now. Thursday the Pastor, BletJaw and I headed out to Meta to make a “quick” one day trip for re-bar and cement. We are building a wall to hold the bank up in front of our house before the rainy season starts. On the very steepest part of our trip the truck went “BANG!” It was very loud and also jerked. It is a tense moment because you don’t want anything to go wrong on those straight up and straight down mountain passes because it is a life or death situation.   It is something we pray about every time we travel these roads. The pastor was so nervous that he climbed into the back of the pick-up so that if we didn’t make it he could jump out!

We did make it out, but the 4 wheel drive had broken completely.  The back wheels slipped and spun and skidded all the way up the steeps, but I know angels excelling in strength had pushed us up the bad places and held us back going down the other side without 4X4.

We decided the Pastor and BletJaw would stay at MaeLaCamp while I took the truck to MaeSot for repairs. It took until the next day to fix it. The mechanic told me that it is perfect now, the rattles were all stopped and the 4 wheel drive is great!

We purchased a heavy load of re-bar and cement and happily headed back up the mountain on the steep inclines, because now the 4 wheel drive is working!  Alas, just as we got to the first dreadfully steep place we heard “BANG – BANG.” Should we proceed? We really had no alternative because there is nowhere to turn around on this narrow strip of road. It is much too steep to attempt a turn-around, plus another truck was coming up behind us. With prayers ascending to our Saviour, BletJaw courageously guided the truck through the hair-pin right hand turn which is almost vertical!  Many “BANGS” later we reached the top! The road still went uphill, but we found a small area to stop, catch our breath, collect our thoughts, let the truck rest, and thank the dear Saviour for safety thus far. Though this is the steepest part, the road is nasty all the way to BYT. Even though it is banging, at least the truck still has 4 wheel drive. We need it desperately.

Now the last section of this trip is  a shortcut from the pagoda to BYT.  This is a home-made road, dug out quite recently by the villagers and is extremely rough. It saves us 2 hours of driving!  However, it has many very steep winding down-hills, along with tight turns next to drop off cliffs.  We had another problem at this point. It had begun to rain! Yes, rain! Sometimes in April there is a little rain, and it chose to rain right now. Inwardly we all groaned and became silent. This shortcut would be treacherous and impossible with a lot of rain, but this was not too much yet, so down we went. Before even reaching the worst places, the truck began to slide. The pastor decided he did not want to be in this scary truck anymore, so he got out and walked. We picked him up on the level parts and he would get out on all the steep places. I really don’t blame him because it is an ordeal. BletJaw just prayed and kept the truck somewhat on the road. By another precious miracle of the Lord we made it all the way home! I am still remembering to thank God for all His loving care.

“Often the Christian life is beset by dangers, and duty seems hard to perform.  The imagination pictures impending ruin. . . Yet the voice of God speaks clearly, “Go forward.”

“The obstacles that hinder our progress will never disappear before a halting, doubting spirit. . . The dealings of Providence bring to the unbelieving, darkness and despair, while to the trusting soul they are full of light and peace.  The path where God leads the way may lie through the desert or sea, but it is a safe path!”  PP 290





April 21, 2014

I must say that if it weren’t for trouble, there would not be too much going on here right now!  In fact several stories in this group are on the negative side!  But that does not mean that we are discouraged or despairing!  This means that the devil hates what we are doing, so we are happy.  Plus, through it all we feel the guiding tender touch of the Master’s hand, and we feel His presence.  Just one encouraging word from Him and all doubts and fears are gone!  In the darkness, the brightness of His presence is even more distinguishable and precious.

BletJaw has been digging in the dirt for 2 days.  He has dug a deep ditch across the base of the bank in front of our house in preparation for a wall, which we hope will keep the dirt in place over the rainy season.  He has leveled one area in front of our house, and has almost completed building concrete steps leading up to our house.  I think he is quite a genius to figure out how to do these things.


He also dug ditches to redirect the rapid flow of water during the rainy season on either side of the steps.  At one point he calls me to see a deadly poisonous spider that he had killed in the dirt by our front porch.  I look at the horrible, fat, black, hairy, body and brown underside.  I recognize it to be like several smaller ones that I have killed in our house before!   BletJaw tells me that you are in big trouble if they bite you.  Many people die.   One man barely escaped death, but lost the use of his legs.  That very night I killed another one in my bedroom!

BletJaw has just hooked up some PVC pipe higher up on the wall in the bathroom so we can now turn on the water and have it pour out like a shower! Luxury! It is really quick, and more convenient, than the bucket baths we are so used to. Plus, for the first time we do not have to worry about running out of water and do not have to go to the river for a bath!  A few nights ago I was in a real rush to take a shower because I was late for a worship we were to have. It was a joy to have the water come down from above – I was so happy about it, until I felt something going down my back besides the water. I thought my hair had fallen down and I glanced in the mirror to fix it. Oh! Lo-and-behold, it was a very large, hideous, fat, black, spider – the deadly poisonous kind! I don’t know to this minute how I reached the center of my back to get that thing off, but in an extremity sometimes you can do things that in normal times you cannot do!

These type spiders seem to really be prolific in our house right now. We have found and killed one in the main room where we eat and another one in the storage room, and yet another one in the bathroom!  We have agreed that we must be very careful about these spiders, but they appear when you least expect it.

Just yesterday, I used the washcloth on the sink to wash a plate.  I put a little soap on the cloth and washed.  When I was finished I squeezed the washcloth out and began to hang it over the side of the sink, when the largest, fattest, hairiest, horrific, poisonous black spider popped right out of the cloth, running through my fingers and across my hand!

He is dead, but you can get the idea of what he looks like.

He is good and dead, but you can get the idea of what he looks like.

The same God that closed the lion’s mouths for Daniel, has also closed the spider’s mouths for me!

PeWah, our beloved “Aunt” next door just told us this morning that there is a black and white spider where she used to live not far away that kills you so fast that you don’t even have time to look up at the sky!  She really has a way to express herself!  However, these spiders are not that bad.  At least you may have a little time!

*    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *

Here is a good place to tell you about our plague of flies!  Every year in the beginning of April there are a couple of days when these fancy, long winged flies come in droves.  I believe they are something like butterflies, (only ugly), because they only live long enough to lay their eggs somewhere.  But the next year there are twice as many of them! In the last four years that we have spent here, the number really has quadrupled!  They come in the evening and by morning they lie dead everywhere.  The wings drop off and go floating around all over the place.

The Karen call these flies “BeBea” They love to eat them.  Last week all the flies came in droves.  Your only defense is to put up your mosquito net and turn out all the lights.  In the morning there were 2-3 inches of them dead on the front porch in places!


It surely seems like a plague to me, the air is thick with them.

Close-up! They are inside the house like this too.

They are inside the house like this too.  They seem to like to drown themselves in the water.

We will find wings in everything for a very long time!  The good news is that they do not bite, sting, suck your blood or give you diseases that I know of!


This is what I call a “ScorpioPede!”  I forgot the Karen word for them. I have seen some over a foot long!  They are not so bad  though because when stung, a normal healthy adult will not die.  Its sting will just hurt more than a scorpion I am told!






One Lost Sheep

April 21, 2014

Sometimes the road is rough and the future unclear.  Sometimes it appears that all those around us have turned away from the truth that we love and present time after time.  Sometimes it seems the relentless devil has full control of everyone around us.  Sometimes we feel overwhelmingly alone in such a vast vineyard, with no one who really cares, no one who understands.  Sometimes all we see in any direction are obstacles, all we feel is rejection, all we hear is empty silence or worldly wicked music. Again and again the devil makes direct attacks on BletJaw and I separately in our personal lives and together as a team.  Sometimes we have hand to hand combat with the devil over here! But is anything too great a sacrifice for one lost sheep?

Example #1

It must have been 9:30 when I finally went to sleep on Wednesday night, April 16.  At midnight I awoke suddenly with a heaviness in my throat and chest.  In spite of the hot humid air around me, a chill shivered through my veins.  My arms, legs, and hips were painful at the joints.  The very atmosphere was oppressive.  Oh my!  This is the devil, I thought.  My mind immediately went to the last verse in the Bible that I had read the night before: 

“There is no fear in love, but perfect love casteth out fear, because fear hath torment.  He that feareth is not made perfect in love.”  1John 4:18  I told the Lord:  “I need Your perfect love so badly.  Please give it to me just now, and in your name, dear Jesus, cast out the devil that is causing me to feel so terrible!”  The heaviness and pain left me.

Just then a piercing scream rent the air from the village below, followed by what seemed like children’s voices screaming in agonizing, abject, terror, time after time!  I can still hear it in my mind but cannot express it in writing. I shall never forget it. What could be happening?  I expected loud knocking on our door any moment with the bleeding victims of some horrible slaughter!  Then I heard an angry man yelling and howling in rage!  It seemed his voice rang out through the entire length and breadth of the village.  How are the dear villagers doing?  Are they in danger?  They must be terrified. Has someone been killed? These noises lasted about 15 minutes and then died away.  It seems to me that the lives of these dear ones may never be the same again after such a traumatic night. 

No one came knocking at my door that night.  Two days later I found out that a BYT man, ChweeCoo, had become drunk and flew into a rage, kicking his wife, DahBlet, and threatening his two daughter’s lives, age 10 and 12.  The poor little grandmother, age 75, who is blind in one eye, had bravely stood between this devilish brute and the 10 year old, perhaps sparing her life.  This man has no restraint on the use of alcohol and opium.  We know ChweeCoo well.  He has a bad reputation and has been abusive like this before, but each time he gets worse.  I was able to go to their house and help DahBlet and the girls.  I hear now that soon both the man and his wife will move to Bangkok.  The girls will stay here and go to school.  They all need your prayers.

DahBlet with her Mother, two days after the assault


Example #2

The school next door is holding a celebration with the monks.  As we assemble on the Sabbath Day to worship God in our small church with our tiny frail congregation, we have competition in singing our Sabbath songs, because the monks are chanting loudly into a microphone, the monotonous monotone of their language, which nobody understands.  They continue all day and far into the night!  The entire schoolyard is filled with all the students, teachers and many villagers bowing with their faces to the ground and praying to a large ugly, shapeless Buddha idol filled with no meaning what-so-ever.  Monks and idols receive the admiration and solemn, reverent worship of almost all of the Thai and Karen people, while the Creator and ruler of the universe is unknown, unrecognized and unwanted.  He is not recognized nor wanted because they just do not know Him.  Where are all the missionaries to tell them?  You could put your finger on any spot in Thailand and it will be filled with people that do not know.

The Buddhist people of Thailand worship all the monks - young and old.

The Buddhist people of Thailand worship all the monks – young and old.  (Picture taken in Omkoi)


They worship Buddha images

They worship Buddha images of all sizes and in all places.  (Picture taken in ChiangMai)


...And they worship the temples

…And they worship the temples.  (Picture taken in ChiangMai)

Oh, friends, don’t sit comfortably anywhere, just taking care of your own needs, your own families and your own safety, accruing your own possessions and laughing with your own friends, because if you do you will at last loose all.  Give God all your time, all your money all your possessions, all your strength and all your energy right now. It belongs to Him anyway, and He will give you so much more in return!  Work tirelessly in the place He sends you. You will know then what is true riches, true happiness and true security.  To see a soul saved is more than worth all that you have!


Example #3

DJ is our neighbor and also acts as an elder in our church.  He holds worships in different homes throughout BYT and surrounding villages.  He helped us get started four years ago by introducing us to people and villages.  I am always thankful to him for what he does for the church.  Even though all the people around him eat pig, drink, smoke, and do opium, he has stayed clean of all these things! 

On the other hand, he does not know the Bible very well.  He always tells the Bible stories by making up crazy things as he goes along.  It is not correct.  We try to help him, but he believes he is right.  Another problem is that if anyone does him wrong, he never forgets it. He is angry at them for years on end.  It seems he has something against everyone.  His mind dwells and dwells on the things that upset him.  Even when a dog that I used to love and feed, killed one of his baby chickens, he is still angry at me. (That was 3 years ago.  They killed and ate that dog! Do you remember that story)? 

Two weeks ago DJ disappeared.  He left home about 8 p.m., telling his wife that he was going to visit me, then visit someone at the school.  He would be gone a long time.  But he never visited me, or the man at the school.  In fact by morning nobody had seen or heard of him.  We were all greatly concerned because the men here, have a dreadful habit of hanging themselves in a distant jungle tree, if even one little thing is bothering them. That day and the following day a team of 12 people set out through the jungle looking for DJ.  Several men of the village would not go because they still have mental images of finding people hanging from a tree, looking so very grotesque, they could never forget it. 

Finally someone reported seeing him.  They said he had no shoes on his feet.  They shone a flashlight towards him and he thought it was a camera.  He threw his hat down and ran. He did not answer questions appropriately.  He seems to be out of his head.  Now we think he is still alive, but with no food or water he couldn’t last too long, and he still could be suicidal.  The days now are intensely hot – April is the hottest month of the year here.  His poor wife is exhausted and beside herself with worry. 

By the afternoon of the second day, when the team of worn out rescue workers were about to go out for a second time, a motorcycle drives up to our house bearing the news that they found DJ at GweeWaWahKee village 2 hours away.  Immediately his wife and son take off to that village followed by the pastor and several others.  The next day they all came back – DJ included!  How happy we all were to see him alive.  He acted like nothing was wrong and laughed and joked as usual.  But something was dreadfully wrong.  He was seen by a psychologist in Chiang Mai two days later and given tranquilizers and heavy drugs.  Now this is causing an even worse problem for him.   Oh how he needs to look at the precious Saviour and dwell constantly on Him.  I am trying to reach him with the good news from the book Ministry Healing and the chapter entitled “Mind Cure.”  I wish I could send him to Neal Nedley’s course, which, through God’s power brings healing to so many people.  Surely there is hope for this dear man way out in the jungles of Thailand and so far from the professional godly, people who work with mental depression.   My heart aches for him.  Though I am not a mental health professional, I know God will show me how to help him before it is too late, because He knows just how to handle it.

DJ's wife, RraeLu, far left.  DJ, center with his 6 children.

DJ’s wife, RraeLu, far left. DJ, center with his 6 children.  This was taken one year ago.

Please pray for DJ and if you have any suggestions please pass them on to me.


The above accounts are just a small sample of all the thousands of needs around me here.  As I sigh and cry over the condition of my people in this country, and as I lift them up individually and as a whole before God in prayer, I read these words:

“For the conversion of one sinner the worker for God should tax his resources to the utmost.”

“If Christ left the ninety and nine that He might seek and save one lost sheep, can we be justified in doing less?  Is not a neglect to work as Christ worked, to sacrifice as He sacrificed, a betrayal of sacred trusts, an insult to God?”  PK 370

Oh, let’s tax our resources to the utmost, let’s work as Christ worked and sacrifice as He sacrificed for the precious lost sheep!






April 9, 2014

It is so relaxing to trust in Jesus!  He makes sure we are in the right place at the right time to help others.  None of us know anything about the future and what is best for ourselves or for others.  I could not even tell you how many times our well laid out plans have been dashed to pieces, and a totally different course pursued.   Later we discover it is because we need to be in a particular place to help someone in need.

This just happened yesterday.  We had plans which did not work out because the patients just flowed in that day.  Finally at 7 p.m. we sat down to eat our 2nd meal.  How starving we were!  Just then we hear the sound of a chocking, wheezing old motorbike, straining to bring 2 people up the last hill to our house.  Most people park below and walk up because it is so steep, but when the motorbikes attempt to come that way it is usually because someone is really sick.  We hear coughing at the door.  Karen people do not knock on the door, because their bamboo houses do not have doors, they cough or talk loudly to announce their arrival.  BletJaw answered by asking them if they want to eat with us.  This is always how we greet people when we are eating.  We invite them to eat with us.    The young man said:

“Whow Ai Ya,”  Which means:  “A snack has bitten me!”


Instantly our meal was forgotten and we half carried DahTee, age 24, from WaSuTa, to our clinic.  It had already been 4 hours since the bite.  He had been cutting bamboo far up in the mountains when he was bitten.  He thought at first it was a poisonous caterpillar, so he stepped forward, and as he did the deadly green pit viper struck him the second time on his right foot.   Now he has two doses of venom in him.  His foot is blue and swollen tight.  He barely can stand the pain and tightness which radiates up his entire leg.  I quickly gave pain medication and mixed a poultice of Charcoal and Psyllium seed.  It is impossible to keep antivenin because there is a different one for each type of snake,  it is very expensive, and its effectiveness expires very quickly.  

BletJaw has already turned the truck around and checked the water and oil levels. 


Shortly after 7p.m. we were off!  Truck rattling all the way.  Some things are very loose near the front wheels and we wonder if it will hold together.  Anything on this truck that can be shaken, will be shaken, let me tell you!  The front passenger seat is completely broken.   It just lies flat on the back seat, but when going down the steep places it bullets back and forth!  I perch on the edge of the seat hanging onto anything that can be grabbed to keep me in place as the truck lurches all over the place .  We have to go all the way to Omkoi because we already know that the truck they use in MeDooGlow to transport patients has been wrecked and the driver is injured.  (We had to make the same trip to Omkoi just 2 days ago with another patient which is why we know).  BletJaw and I have not fully recovered from that trip.  BletJaw’s back hurts from putting in concrete steps up to our house.  Now we drive 7-8 hours round trip again.

I don’t know what happened to me, but I was extremely car sick the entire way.  This seldom happens to me, but when I am tired and have not eaten, plus we are drinking the muddy water straight from the mountain because our good drinking water had turned as green as sea weed for some strange reason.  We have not had time to boil it.  I guess this gives me plenty of reasons to be car sick.  But at least I am not fighting poison from the fangs of a deadly pit viper!  Let’s put our sympathies in the place where they belong because DahTee has suffered intensely all the way.


We leave DahTee and his friend at Omkoi with a prayer and take our long journey home.  I sink into my sleeping place at 2:45 a.m. I tell God:  “Oh please send this one more patient back home restored to health!”

I am so abundantly thankful to the Lord for directing our steps today. Oh how He loves us to help those in need!  Oh how I love to fill my small place in His vineyard and love the people He loves,  and be what He wants me to be to those around me! 


Water, (Continued)

March 25, 2014


It is  seven a.m. Monday morning, March 10, 2014.  I tune into the noises around me.   There are 15 young and enthusiastic college men and women from Bozeman Montana sitting on the floor of our, usually quiet, living room, eating breakfast and laughing and chatting together excitedly about their experiences of sleeping on the hard wooden floor of our old house and all the other strange sights and sounds that surround them here in BYT.  There is the wailing of a small baby in the clinic as I give him a nebulizer breathing treatment to help relieve his asthma.  Below in the village I hear the terrorized screams of a pig being slaughtered for a wedding feast that will take place over the next three days.  And there is heavy drum beating music that they think will set the mood for the feast. People have come from a far village to take part in this feast and I can hear their loud talking. Above all these noises is spread a serene deep blue velvet sky with the peaceful, lingering, outline of a full moon.  I marvel to myself at how, no matter what the ambitions of man are, no matter how many people, what the deadlines are, or how pressed and hurried things get, there sits a God above, controlling all things in His calm eternity.  I take His hand and resolve to follow His lead and trust in His providence for all my needs.

“Above the distractions of the earth He sits enthroned; all things are open to His divine survey; and from His great and calm eternity He orders that which His providence sees best.”

From Sunday through Friday March 10 through 14, five ADRA workers and the 15 Americans worked, digging a pipeline from the water source 2 kilometers up the mountain, to the water tanks, then branching off to our house, the school, and in the other direction it goes throughout the entire village.  The villagers helped.  Even 10 of the bigger boys from the school marched out in a row, hoes over their shoulders and helped dig.  The work went fast because there was so many of them, working in a team.  They all lined up, each one digging their 3 foot space in front of them and then they all moved down to the next section. 


DeGua Mo, the cook from Sunshine Orchard volunteered to come and do the cooking for this large group.  What a blessing!  ChaGooGoo, a Thai teacher and B’NayHtu, a tenth grade student, came to help.  It was school break and a perfect time for them to come!  Do you see God’s providence at work here!


Our cook was complimented at every meal!  She received raving reviews!  She never seemed to get tired or run out of ideas. (The food did go bad halfway through the week and we had to run to MaeLaCamp Wednesday morning to restock)!


ChaGooGoo is an excellent cook also. He worked all day long every day!


We all started chopping food at 4 in the morning and hardly stopped until 5 in the afternoon!


B’NayHtu cooking rice in the blazing heat!



B’NayHtu: What a cheerful, hard worker and good cook! It was a delight to work with him!


They love the food!


The proof of the food is in the eating!

Much of my time was spent treating the sick because at that time there were several babies suffering with asthma, bronchitis and pneumonia.  Most of the patients, however, came from the wedding feast – just as I expected!  The groom was from TeeWaGlow village some distance away.  It seems I got to meet everyone in that entire village over those three days, because they all complained of stomach pain, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea, a direct result of pig and alcohol!

By Friday morning the work was completed.  Three concrete pads were set for the three levels of tanks.  One large blue tank at the top directs the water to the filter on the next level and from there the 6 large blue tanks are filled that send the water to all of us.  I am so happy and so thankful to God for all the people who made this system reality.  It was so much fun to get to know all the distinct personalities of each American worker, so different, yet working together so well.


The bright blue tank received the water from the mountain and sends it to the filter at the next level.


Then the water flows down and fills these 6 large tanks.


This line goes from the 6 large tanks – straight to our house!!!

ADRA called us together Saturday night to thank everyone for their hard work.  They said that we were very lucky, to have such a nice system.  It was far larger and better than the others they had done. The filter makes the water good to drink right out of the tap!  WaSueTah was jealous.  To me I knew it was not just luck, Oh no.  The Lord answered our prayers, no doubt about it.  First, the project had been dropped almost a year ago because there was no funding.  But with continued prayer there came a large donation one month later that covered the whole cost!  I also heard that this is the last project ADRA will do.  God had fit us in right on time. His providence at work again!

God has cared for every detail of this week.  At the beginning our water ran out.  We were all bathing in the river, but we had 10 people living in our house and no water for cooking or for the toilets. That night we went to bed and prayed about it.  In the morning our tank was half full!!  This lasted just long enough for the big new water to arrive!!  “God in His calm eternity ordered that which His providence saw best!”

Pastor Allan Newbold is an SDA college campus counselor, who organized this group from Bozeman university.  He knows how to contact the person in Washington who donated the large amount that made this project possible.  I was able to send a personal letter of thanks to him through Pastor Newbold.  

Dear donor, If you read this post, please know how many people you have made happy and helped!! We praise the Lord for you because you responded to the call of the Holy Spirit who impressed your heart in answer to our prayers.  Thank-you and great is your reward in heaven!


One of the young men made his commitment to be baptized while he was in BYT. Pastor Newbold baptized him Sabbath in our small river!

By the time we took this last photo of the entire group on the last day, we felt sad.  It is so surprising that after just one week being with total strangers, you already love them and want the best for their lives, and your heart is sad and empty at their departure. 


As the last good-byes are said and the four ADRA trucks roll out, I already miss the college students that I had come to know.  I take a long look at the deep blue sky and whisper, Thank you dear Lord, I am following Your lead, and trusting in Your providence.  My hand is still in Yours. You are always beside me!”





March 3, 2014

Jesus said:  “Whosoever shall receive one such little child in My name receiveth Me!”


Going to church in BYT

You remember him from previous stories.  He does not know his age, he does not know the name of his Father or his Mother.  He knows nothing about cleanliness, only how to play under the house with the pigs, chickens, dogs, cows and dirt. The people in his village guess that he is 6 years old.  For almost 2 years now I have tried to relieve him of his skin infections and itchy rash due to a fungus that covers his body from head to toe.  When he comes to school in BYT, I am successful in getting him to come to my house twice a day for a good bath, medicine and clean clothes.  I begin to see improvement.  But this school schedule lets the students go home quite often.  Always SoRaChi comes back from his village in worse condition than the last time.  I found I was fighting a loosing battle.  I felt desperate to get him well because if you remember, his sister died of this same condition several years ago.  My whole heart goes out after this adorable little boy.  His Mother wants his infections to go away, but even after I taught her how to bathe him, she never does it.  She told us that if SoRaChi wanted to stay with us he could, or if he wanted to go to the MaeSalite school he could.  However SoRaChi did not want to go anywhere else.  He wanted to be home.  Of course he would want to go home he is very small and that is all he knows.

I prayed this prayer:  “Oh dear Father, give this little boy a love and trust in us so that we can help him get well.  Thank you so much.  In Jesus name amen.”

Two days later school was out for 4 days.  His skin was looking a bit better and I just could not let him go home now.  BletJaw and I asked him if he wanted to stay with us and get well.  He nodded his head, yes!  So we drove to his village, MeDeLeeGwee, (which is either 2 hours of walking or 2 hours of driving).  We told his Mother our plan for the 4 days that school was out.  She was happy to have us help him, and wonder of wonders, he was happy to go home with us!  As we stayed and took care of  the sick that day in his village, all the people gathered around him and marveled at how clean and well he looked.  As I looked at the other pitiful little children all around me that day, I saw an astounding difference in their appearance.  Oh how my heart ached for them, they were so filthy dirty and sad looking.  I gave them soap and started to take them to the water and scrub them, but they were too shy.  SoRaChi, on the other hand sat proudly by my side, helping me by handing me my stethoscope when I needed it.  The people all stared at him!

In just 9 days of prayers, baths and clotri/beta ointment, and good food, he was totally healed!  He told me, “Blellie”  meaning, “finished!”  He did not itch anywhere anymore – possibly for the first time in his entire young life!  Praise the Lord!  This is a miracle!  Now we need to go to MaeSalit for 4 days.  We drive to his village again to ask the parents if we can take him with us.  The Mother asked him if he wanted to go with us.  He certainly did, and when we were ready to leave, he bounded ahead of us to our truck without one glance back at his family.

I am almost a little frightened about the future now because it seems this little boy really really loves me and prefers me to his own Mother, and let’s not ignore the fact that I am in love with him also!  He glues himself to my side. He is always looking to see where I am.  I pray with him as he goes to bed.  We pray before we eat. He goes to church and worships with us. I taught him how to scrub himself all over with soap.  He almost scrubs himself too hard, but he gets every square inch clean.  Then I taught him how to brush his teeth and wash his own clothes. He is getting a good nourishing vegetarian diet.






He loves to help me


This balloon lasted all day


Sunday morning we left for MaeSalit.  He was well that morning, but as we drove he suddenly became sick.  It is not car sickness – no – he has never been car sick – this was much much worse!  His face got red, and his body became burning hot just in one hours time!  I am glad that I did not have a thermometer because I would be too scared to see how high it was!  The further we drove, the hotter the day got, as we descended from the high altitude of the mountains.  The road was long and horrible.  I had to sit in the back seat with him because our back seat is loose and comes right off to the floor as well as the back of the seat. I had to sit with him just to keep him on the seat.  The bumps were so great that he was catapulted off onto the floor.  (Me too)! I cooled him down with a rag and some of our drinking water.  His stomach hurt, his head hurt and it seemed he could barely move.  I told BletJaw that I wanted to go straight to Meta hospital because this had come on so suddenly it seemed he was in grave danger.  He was my responsibility!  Sitting there in the back seat with him I prayed earnestly.  He went to sleep.

When we finally emerged onto the main highway his skin did not feel hot.  I woke him up, sat him up, and asked him if his head and stomach still hurt.

“No.”  was the reply.  “I am hungry!”

From that time on he has been in excellent health. Yet another divine miracle!

Now we are in MaeSalit and he and I go to the stream every day and take our baths together.  I don’t have to do anything for him, plus this is the first time that he has not needed the clotri/beta cream!





I just had to add these 2 “before” pictures so you can see how totally miserable this poor child was – and this was only 9 days ago!  You cannot really see how bad it is in this photo.  BletJaw had to cut his hair so that I could treat his scalp.  I had him wear gloves because his head was so bad it was oozing pus and bleeding.

I must also add that we were able to get rid of those devil strings around his wrists!

How the dear Saviour loves the small helpless little children and answers our prayers.  How incredible this verse really is in Matthew 18:5 when you think deeply about it.  We really do receive Jesus when we receive and help the little children, meaning anyone just learning about God.  I feel a deep awe and appreciation of God – more than ever before! He gives us so many glimpses of heaven!


“God Loves Us As He Loves His Son.”

February 11, 2014

How valuable does that make us?!   . . .

I heard that it happened just 4 days ago.  Nobody understands why it happened.  Everybody is shocked.  Compared with the other people in these villages, he had a lot.  He owned cows.  He had a great rice field in the paddy, which meant he did not have to clear land every year for mountain rice.  He had coffee plants that brought a good income every year.  He did not smoke, drink or use opium!  It seems he had no problems with his wife and 3 lovely children.  And to top it all off he just recently bought a small truck, we saw it just the last time we visited MeDeLeGwee village.  As a matter of fact he had proudly showed us that time.  His face, as always, wore a huge smile. I believe many other people would have loved to be in his position.

. . .And yet they found his body hanging from a tree far out in the jungle.  Suicide!

I saw the wife on the back of a motorcycle the next day holding onto a large white cross for the burying place.  They must know something about Jesus dying on a cross for them!

The following week I could think of little else.  My heart ached for the wife and 3 children.  Oh Lord I must go to this village.  I must talk to this wife about Jesus love and second coming.  I must talk to everyone in that village. I must tell them simply and clearly about You and the value of a soul.  I must tell them in a way they can understand, in case anyone else is contemplating suicide.  Help me.  Help them.

We were not prepared for the deep anguish that we saw and felt as we entered that once happy home in MeDeLeeGwee village.  The large wooden house where we usually meet, is the home of many people.  The grandmother, grandfather, and several of their children with their families live there along with some other relatives.  This included their son-in –law who had committed suicide.  As we entered that house and put our things down, nobody spoke, but all held their eyes on the floor – broken hearts were everywhere.  The dear wife’s eyes told the story of deep sorrow. I wanted to sit down beside her and put my arms around her and weep right along with her.

This man was truly loved by all.

We conducted our time a little differently.  BletJaw first went through the village inviting the people to come and hear about Jesus.  They came.  Before even opening the bag of medicine, we had  a worship meeting with them. Oh how I wanted them to understand that they could have great hope.  In my heart I sent up a desperate prayer for the help of the Holy Spirit.  Oh how I wanted them to know the truth.

I felt like I was conducting the funeral service just then.  I told them about Jesus love for us and His death on the cross.  Although I have told stories of Jesus and Bible many times before in this village, they seemed not to remember or know.  (The wife had put the white cross on the grave, but did not know a thing about God, the Bible, or Jesus life and death).  It was a very attentive audience.  They seemed to strain to hear every word.  I showed them a picture of Jesus carrying His cross, and another of Jesus coming in great glory in the air!  I read Isaiah 49:15,16 and explained it.

I saw a glimmer of understanding and great interest in the pictures that illustrate it so well.  The grandfather picked up the pictures and for a long time, he and some others sat gazing at them.  These are special moments that I never shall forget.


One of this man’s sons is in the front far left. NoWah, the grandmother is in the front center and another daughter on the far right.  The man’s wife is not in this group picture.



This is a picture of his wife taken quite a long time before her husband committed suicide.

My job now is to go to every single village as soon as possible and tell the people how God values each one and what He did to save us.  My prayer is that those poor people who may be contemplating suicide will see their worth, and the great hope just ahead of us, and change their minds.

Here is a statement described by Ellen G. White as:  “Wonderful wonderful words, almost beyond the grasp of faith!”

“He wants to link our hearts with His heart of infinite love…It is our privilege to understand that God loves us as He loves His Son.”  Lift Him Up 332

Let’s spread the word faithfully to all you come in contact with, because you never know who it may save or when it may be your last chance.



February 11, 2014

“Jesus stood and cried, saying:  If any man thirst let him come unto Me, and drink.  He that believeth on Me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water.”  John 7:37, 38


“The water of life flowing from the heart always waters the hearts of others.” MS 69. 1912

I am so overjoyed that I just want to jump up and down and scream!

You see, the Lord has given us a brand new beautiful building to live in and work out of, He has given us a great solar system whereby we are a “light on a hill,” and now He is going to give us water!  And best of all He has not done all this just for us, He has done it for everyone all around us!

Here is the whole story about water:  Over one year ago when we were planing to build on another location the other side of BYT, ADRA came with an engineer to try to locate an adequate water to supply high up on the mountain that would supply us and the entire village.  They worked on their plans for many months, but later emailed me saying the funds did not come through and they had to abandon the project.  Well, we just kept right on praying earnestly for water, because since that time we built in a different place that was even higher up, above everyone else.  As soon as the rainy season ended, we seldom had access to any water! This is a big problem for us.

Listen carefully here!  In less than one month ADRA emailed me saying that they are very surprised but most of the money had come in for the project and they were going to put their plans back into action!  One week after that they had all the money needed!  A miracle!  Praise the Lord! Because we are not talking about just a few dollars here – we are talking about $15,000!

Just three weeks and 4 days from today, an entire team of 15 young men, volunteers from Bozeman Montana, will arrive in our little village of BYT.  Together with the engineer and some of ADRA’s personnel, they will put in a state of the art water system!

Stay in tune because I will be sure to tell you what happens and how it happens!

“Whosoever drinketh of this water shall thirst again, but whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst, (“Never crave the world’s advantages and attractions.” RH Dec 13, 1892) but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life.” John 4:14


Mrs. Ellen G. White says:  “You must seek to have an indwelling Saviour, who will be to you as a well of water, springing up into everlasting life.  The water of life flowing from the heart always waters the hearts of others!”     MS 69, 1912

May this be true of you and I today!




Feed My Lambs! John 21:15

January 16, 2014

May these sweet little faces be so deeply etched in your memory that you will be inspired to pray for them daily.  They are my responsibility from God and they need your prayers so desperately!



“And they shall be Mine saith the Lord of hosts, in that day when I make up my jewels!”  Malachi 3:17





“He shall feed his flock like a shepherd:  He shall gather the lambs with His arm, and carry them in His bosom, and shall gently lead those that are with young.”  Isaiah 40:11



“He shall save the children of the needy, and shall break in pieces the oppressor.” Psalm 72:4



“And they shall hunger no more. . .For the Lamb which is in the midst of the throne shall feed them!” Revelation 7:16,17



” I will seek that which was lost, and bring again that which was driven away, and will bind up that which was broken and will strengthen that which was sick.”  Ezekiel 34:18



“Thou shalt also be a crown of glory in the hand of the Lord and a royal diadem in the hand of thy God.”  Isaiah 62:3


“I have called thee by thy name.  Thou art Mine.”  Isaiah 43:1



“The Lord God hath chosen thee to be a special people unto Himself.” Deuteronomy 7:6



“Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto Me, for of such is the kingdom of heaven.”          Matthew 19:14



“I have loved thee with an everlasting love.  Therefore with lovingkindness have I drawn thee.” Jeremiah 31:3



“I will make a man more precious than fine gold.  Even a man than the golden wedge of Ophir.”  Isaiah 13:12



“I will not leave you comfortless.  I will come to you.”  John 14:18



“Lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world.”  Matthew 28:20



“I will not forget thee.  Behold, I have graven thee upon the palms of My hands.  Thy walls are continually before Me.” Isaiah 49:16


“The beloved of the Lord shall dwell in safety. . .and the Lord shall cover him all the day long, and he shall dwell between His shoulders.”  Deuteronomy 33:12



“I the Lord do keep it.  I will water it every moment lest any hurt it. I will keep it night and day.”                 Isaiah 27:3


“Sing praises unto God. . .For God is the King of all the earth. . .God reigneth over the heathen. God sitteth upon the throne of his holiness.” Psalm 47:6,7,8


“My Times Are In Thy Hand” Psalm 31:15

January 15, 2014

It is so amazing to me how our plans can change on a day to day basis, or on an hour to hour basis, and yet it is perfectly alright with us! That is what happens when you lay your plans out before the Lord each day and ask Him to approve it or change it according to His will.

Thursday, January 2, DJ, our neighbor told us that he had met a man in MDG with terrible pain in his stomach.  He told the man not to go to his own village because it is very far away, but to go to QuiyCo Village and BletJaw and I would go and check on him, taking him to the hospital if necessary. (He took it for granted that we would just drop everything and go)!

You cannot trust that you are getting a correct health report from these people.  Sometimes the report you get makes you think it is not too bad, but when you arrive you find out it is a major emergency.  Other times the report sounds drastically terrible, but when you get there you discover the patient is hardly sick at all.  It would be nice to know this time, because it is a considerable journey, however, for the sick and needy, no effort in their behalf is too great.  Let’s drop everything and go!

Friday morning early we drove one and a half hours to QuiyCo village.  There we saw a very sick man indeed! He had experienced extreme pain over a large swollen area in RUQ for eight days.  He said it hurt worse every day.  He had a low grade fever and was vomiting. What puzzled me was that he had just been discharged from the Omkoi hospital just the day before.  The medicine they had given him was only for gastritis.  This was nothing like gastritis.  Something had gone terribly wrong with his liver or gallbladder in the last 8 days.  I suspected his gallbladder because the pain radiated to the back.  This is very scary because with fever and vomiting and swelling like he had, it could rupture any second and then we would be in BIG trouble!  I wished I had IV fluids with me, but I did not carry any.

The three hour trip to Meta hospital was very hard on this man, but in answer to prayer he made it. The doctor did an ultrasound and decided his gallbladder was infected.  They will give IV antibiotics and try to reduce the infection before sending him to MaeSot hospital for surgery.

The poor patient, BiYaSaw, 50 years old, and his wife NaChua.

The poor patient, BiYaSaw, 50 years old, and his wife NaChua at Meta hospital.



We spent that night and Sabbath at Sunshine Orchard, Sunday morning we were all ready to leave for BYT, when I found a very sick little eight year old girl from Burma.  She was swollen all over her body.  Her stomach was so swollen that the skin was shiny tight.  Her face and eyes were all puffed up.  Her urine output was very low.  She had a dreadful cough and her lungs sounded horrible. She was tender over her kidneys.  I suspected kidney failure due to infection because she had a fever. The worst thing about this poor little child was that she had been this way for one entire year!   This is long enough to totally destroy her kidneys! Her Father was with her.  He said he would do anything I told him to do, because he wanted his daughter to get well.  I surely like to hear that! I took them to Meta hospital along with another patient that I found with a badly infected right foot. These patients were both admitted. I am thankful that God’s timing again allowed me to be here and take care of these two precious patients.



It is way too late to return to BYT today.

Monday morning early we set out for BYT at last.  But as we are driving we hear a funny squeaking noise under the hood.  It sounds a bit like a slipping fan belt, but not bad, only when the truck first starts up.  We decide we will let a mechanic in Meta check it.  Alas, he said that something is loose that holds the fan belt.  It would be dangerous to drive it like that.  They don’t have the part but will send for it in MaeSot.  It will take 2 hours.  OK.  —Almost 4 hours later it is finished.  Now it is too late to go to BYT that day!

Tuesday morning we set out early to go to BYT, but now we hear a strange noise under the hood again.  What is that?! It sounds like a high pitched noise through a pipe.  It is only a faint sound when you first start up.  We are not sure if we should have it checked or not.  One and a half hours drive to MaeSot is not what we want to do, – but – what if it gets worse way out in the isolated jungle, or looses power on a steep incline?  Already it is sounding a bit louder.  Better take it to MaeSot, the mechanics there are good and I trust them.

The head mechanic along with 4 other mechanics in Mae Sot told me that the noise is coming from the engine.  A chain inside the engine slips.  It is not an emergency, I can drive it.  Later they will need to pull the engine out in order to check it. I can safely drive it up in the mountains today.  Wow! Something in the engine slipping really sounds serious to me.  How can something be slipping around inside the heart of your engine and it not be a huge problem?  But they are the mechanics and I am really happy because we still have time to go to BYT that day!  -At least we thought we did!

We discover we cannot take the shorter steeper way that we usually take because part of that is being paved and the road is closed!   We knew this would happen soon, so BletJaw already had directions to take a longer alternate route, which we have never traveled before.  As we turned onto the dirt road, three ladies at the bus stop asked if they could have a ride with us, they are going close to the same way we needed to go.  This is providential, God’s timing again! Because now through hind site, I can tell you we could never have made it by following any hand written directions!  Nothing on paper could possibly describe it! These ladies are riding in the back of the truck.  They bang on the window to tell us which way to turn.  I am glad BletJaw can remember the way for next time, because we are taking so many turns I am totally confused.  We are turning onto smaller and smaller roads.  Finally we find ourselves on an extremely narrow jungle path, the kind that you can expect to fizzle out at every turn.

Now my confidence in the 3 ladies is being shaken because they see a new road angling back to the left and think we should go that way.  BletJaw has to use all his skill to turn that 3 point turn on a sharp corner.  It is on a steep hill with a precipice on one side!  It is a very tight squeeze! When we get a little ways down that road we discover that this is the driveway to a VERY strange man’s house!  His name is YeaPaw.  I have heard a lot about him.  He is very popular around here.  People listen to him and obey him.  Don’t ask me why! He has 6 wives.  One wife died almost a year ago and he said she would come back to life, so he did not bury her, but put her in a covered spot in the back of his house.  (I see that spot now)! Later he brought her to another village, but the people there could not stand it because it smelled so bad.  He puts up many little pretend leaf roof houses for the spirits. He has made up his own form of the Buddhist religion and his own language and letters.  He has also done a few crimes, but gets by with it and remains popular with the people.  On his driveway we feel quite strange and eery.  We need to turn around, and get out of here quickly, but we cannot turn around, the road is just not wide enough.  We have to drive right up through all the little leaf roof spirit houses to the main house and make a dangerous 4 point turn next to the cliff, but we made it.

Onward down the narrow road we go.  It is dark now.   At times there is a shear drop off on my side and a high cliff on the other side.  As I look out my window I see that there is less than 12 inches of space from our wheels to the drop off!  BletJaw says:  “This is really a challenge!”  I am wondering if anyone in our truck has the faintest clue as to where we are!  We drive and we drive and we drive, on and on in the dark, one mountain after another.  We are hungry and tired. We see lots of fresh elephant dung.  We even hear a loud bellowing of an elephant at one point. It was very close by, but in the dark we could not see if he was chasing us or not! We know the wild elephants are still around and that they chase motorbikes and trucks.  They don’t like any intruders! Night hawks are swooping and flying all around us.  Bamboo shoots and tree branches scrape our truck on both sides.  The road is so narrow that I pull the mirror in when passing some of the trees. The worst thing about all this is that the little faint noise in the engine that used to be only when starting up, is now a constant noise, getting louder and louder all the time.  It has several different ominous tones to it – but we are supposed to believe it is not serious.  Finally there is a loud banging on the back window. This is where the ladies get out. They say it is not far to the road going to the pagoda.

The three ladies, we NEVER would have found our way without them!

The three ladies.  Thank you!  We NEVER would have found our way without you!

I don’t know how they can say, not far!  It seems never ending. –And no, I don’t think even BletJaw can find his way on this road again, nor does he even want to!  Now I am just trying to figure out what part of the pagoda road will we turn out on – if we ever turn out on it at all!  But turn out on it we eventually did!  I discovered we still had quite a long way to go to the short cut going to BYT,

I really do not know what time it was when I finally laid down to sleep that night, but one thing I am sure of:  “My times are in His hands,” and I am so safe and so happy there in His hands!

“He has reasons for sending us to the place toward which our feet have been directed.  At that very place there may be someone in need of the help we can give.”  MH 473

“Christ in His life on earth made no plans for Himself. He accepted God’s plans for Him, and day by day the Father unfolded His plans. So should we depend upon God, that our lives may be the simple outworking of His will. As we commit our ways to Him, He will direct our steps.”  MH 479