Rainy Season!

Even though this rainy season is not a bit as wet as last year, we still cannot make it back to BYT yet.  We must wait until about the first week in November.  As you know, God never wants us to be dormant, but supplies you with work to do.  Back at LKY, now called Sunshine Orchard Learning center, Lena and Paul Adams with Anna and Josiah left for America for 3-4 months.  In there place was their daughters Maria and Emily.  Jason Sharon is also working along with them.  I called Maria to ask if she would like our help temporarily until our way was clear to return to BYT.  She was delighted as she felt quite overwhelmed with her usual workload plus the added responsiblility to keep the school running and worse yet the funding!  She is a very capable, humble and delightful girl to work with – although she would never allow me to say this if she knew about it!

Once again, my blurry, not-so-good camera! Sorry.

Micah had already begun his full time English teaching job for all 7 grades from 9 a.m. through 3 p.m.

Bradley was asked to teach Math and English to Kindergarten 1 and 2.  These grades are a challenge, but Bradley has enjoyed it because he can see them learning and improving.  He lives close to the dorm and can hear them sounding out the words and letters that he taught them that day!  Sometimes discipline is a problem, but when you think there are over 50 students (Maybe more)! from ages 5 through 10!  They all come quickly to order, they listen, recite together, write, do their homework and enjoy the classes.

Bradley also was asked to head up the work program.  So for an hour early in the morning and an hour and a half at night, plus longer on Fridays. He organizes them into 4 work groups and assigns their jobs for the day.  Some projects that he has had them accomplish so far is trash cans and a better burning site, cleaning and sweeping the grounds around the school, garden work (They already had been doing this), moving piles of fire wood and bamboo from the cafeteria floor and building a simple thatched roof shelter to store it in, and scrubbing down the walls to the classroom in preparation for painting as soon as the rain slows down.  In the future he will do concrete work on the cafeteria walls and new stairs to the chapel, as the present ones are difficult for visitors to climb.

I am very happy helping the sick once again here on the front porch, and teaching medical classes to a special group of older students, who want to persue medical training in the future.  Maria has done a marvelous job aqainting them with the medicine and medical needs of the area.  She spoke about it on her web page and her church donated enough money for her to buy backpacks filled with the medical supplies needed for these young people to enter their villages and help the sick.  This is so encouraging to these students.  I was thrilled to be able to finish up their studies and teach the circulatory system, digestive system, respiratory system, brain and physical assesment.  Also I was able to teach them the one hour circulatory massage that helps to heal so many diseases.  Already one of the boys helped me by doing the massage daily on one of the male teachers who is very sick.  He is doing a fine job and has taught the wife to do it, thus mastering the procedure very well.  They will graduate this sunday and receive their back packs.  Congratulations to Maria and her persistent good work!

I am priviledged to work with 2 of the teachers here to help them get off strong medications and through natural remedies pray that God in His will restores them to health.  Please pray for them.  One is a young girl suffering from bone and joint pain intermittently for 3 years.  Each year it is worse affecting different bones of the hand, foot or hip and bringing excrutiating pain for 3 days.  The doctors did not know what is was and gave her strong medicine.  I do the massage every evening and give her brown rice instead of the infamous white rice.  We pray together each day.  We have black seseme seeds here that are most nutritious and good for the joints.  Twice since we started her treatment, she has begun to get the redness, swelling and pain.  Each time we put on clay poultices which completely stopped the problem overnight!  Praise the Lord.  She said, never has the pain stopped suddenly like that.  Please help me pray for her that she can experience complete healing if it is God’s will.

The next project I have is a male teacher approx. 27 years old.  Thara BlooNahSay.  He has become an SDA during this last year and is an excellent teacher and personality.  However he used to take some kind of drug (we do not kow what kind), and drink and smoke. The day we arrived, they took him to the hospital with a worse spell than he ever had before.  He was admitted and then taken to another larger hospital and placed on terribly strong drugs.  I truly do not know if it is the side affects from the previous drugs he once took, or the ones perscribed by the doctors here, or both that made him thin, shakey and hiccup for 3 days.  He stood around as in a trance and did not know where some of the other teacher’s houses were!  I asked him and his wife if they wanted him to continue these drugs or let me work with him naturally to get him off them and trust in God for healing.  He chose the latter and so treatment immediately ensued.  2 days of cleansing and fasting, followed by many detox. treatments such as Molasses, steam baths, hot and cold, charcoal and a daily full body massage etc.  His diet was changed to parched grains, brown rice and as much fruits and vegetables as I can find and afford.  He takes warm molasses and lime juice every morning which builds his blood.  He takes charcoal every day, and the 8 natural remedies used to the best of his abilities.  The most important thing – prayer earnest daily prayer.  The job is slow, he became discouraged yesterday and I saw him leave on a motorbike!  Someone told me he was going to his home for a while he wanted to get away.  I could have cried to think all this treatment going to waste if he resumes his usual lifestyle.  I prayed for him and by that evening he appeared at my door!  I believe the Lord will help him.  Please pray that his mind can return to normal and his strength will be renewed so he can teach and serve God.

I see each of the 3 missionary families that I am aquainted with here, going through really rough times.  (The Adams family, the Sharon family and us)!  I will put a link to their web site when I learn how that is done.  It is very challenging here.  We see the devil in active attacks each small step of the way.  There are so many challenges, but so many joys as we press on with dear Jesus at the helm.  How precious to have Him who’s heart is touched with our infirmities and who has a perfect remedy to every emergency.  We would love to know you pray for all of us.

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