BYT’s Future

Several times within the 4 months that we have been away from BYT, (first due to the Medical Missionary Training, and then because of the rain), we have all felt a hesitancy or should I call it a lack of desire to return, even might I use the word dread.  Had we become spoiled by the variety of food and comfortable lodgings, or was Satan working once again to pull us off course and spoil the work God has laid out before us?  Certainly it was the latter, as many obstacles had been hurled in our pathway.  This type of discouragement was really something to rejoice over, because Satan hates us to work for God and he is a defeated foe!  I prayed long and earnestly for the Lord to renew the burning desire we first had for the project, and that each of our hearts would be submissive to His will and guidance.  The next day my doubts and feelings were gone! I again was overwhelmed with desire to be with the people of those far away villages, to help them physically and then spiritually.  One by one each of the others on our team became excited and inspired by the work ahead of us also!  Bradley had most of the good ideas.  A clinic right near our house to serve BYT, then as time and money permit build clinics in strategic places where 3 or 4 other villages can bring their sick.  We could then visit each location weekly and take care of the physical needs all around us.  Pastor Phamor visits us December 9 and if this meets his approval we would like to begin immediately.  This building will be small, but built with cement so that it can be kept disinfected, clean and locked.

Another project came in focus the very day we set foot in our house.  The bugs had done a huge work on the bamboo!  “Sawdust” or shall I call it bamboo dust stood 3 inches deep around the walls where the bugs had gorged themselves on the “lushous” bamboo!  To our dismay we discovered that Bradley and Micah are very allergic to this type dust, making it impossible to live and sleep in their own house!  Even after Blet Jaw and I totally scrubbed the entire bamboo inside and outside with detergent and chlorox, ending with a spray of pure chlorox, we discovered that the dust continues to come and the boys both would cough, sneeze and itch unbearably! 

Nothing in the room was exempt from this bamboo dust, it was everywhere

All day thursday, inside . . .

. . . and outside

What took us 10 minutes to move in the first time, took a day and a half to move in this second time

The bamboo must be replaced with wood.  Now let me tell you about wood in these mountains.  It is illegal for anybody to cut and utilize the wood.  The villagers tell us that they cut it anyway and make lumber to sell.  Because of the danger of the forrestry service arresting them, they sell it at a high price – 20 baht for a board 8 inches wide by only 20 inches long!  But they said the wood is close and you won’t have to transport it in your truck all the way from Mae Sot.  Well we were not going to do anything illegal, and we knew that God would help us get enough wood to complete the project. 

All I can tell you about this project right now is that we are in Mae Sot today and Bradley has purchased our first 2 truckloads of used wood which is not much cheaper than the mountain wood, but it is legal and we will return for more when our finances can handle it.  If you wonder how one truck can transport 2 loads of wood, Jason Sharon happened to be in Mae Sot today also and has offered to take a load to the school for us in Paul Adams truck.  Now we only need to return to LKY to pick up the next load when we need it.  Thank you Jason!

Thank you so much doners!  I have been able to purchase $750 of medical supplies to bring with us to BYT.  I could not bear to disappoint those dear people who were waiting so long for medical help and not be able treat them.  Before anything could be organized into the drawers of the chests that the Osborns had donated us, the patients came.  You should see me struggling to find things amongst the boxes and bags but so happy that I had it!  Now, however the things are organized and all the drawers are full!  Thank you so very much for your generous donations and support in this part of God’s vineyard! I thank the Lord for you as I open the drawers and treat the sick.

Here it is - clinic in our house. These drawers are chuck full - thanks to you!

See inside! - Antibiotics . . .

. . . Dressings

Complete with nebulizar. This functions on just room air, but the Lord in heaven brings great results to asthma and pneumonia sufferers. The second day we arrived with medications this machine was needed and praise the Lord our weak liittle solar system supported it for 2 treatments, 20 minutes each!

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