Tribute to Blet Jaw

Our project in BYT began one year ago.  During this year, the devil has attacked our team and each one of us individually greater than we have ever experienced before and more than we can share on this page. Our way has been obstructed by many obstacles.  At times it seemed we could not carry on.  Blet Jaw has  faithfully stayed with us, bearing the pain, enduring the cross and giving 100% of his loyalty to God’s work. He is a meek and quiet servant. He has hiked for hours in the hot sun to visit other villages, he has interpreted for me in the medical work consistantly with personal care and compassion for each patient.  Whenever a helping hand is needed, he is right there to supply it.  He has fit right in with the construction work on the house and ridden with us on scary, trecherous roads to transport patients or travel for supplies etc.  I will never forget how he stayed with me when that baby was being delivered even though his knees felt weak and his stomach sick.  I could not have done it without him.  Often you can hear him singing deeply spiritual songs and playing his guitar from his whole heart.

Blet Jaw has experienced many hard times in Burma.  His Seventh-Day Adventist parents were put into jail  for 10 years because of the tyranny of the Burmese soldiers, and their hate of Christians.  Consequently Blet Jaw lived alone from age 4-14.  Many brutalities that are too painful for him to tell about, have molded his character and brought him out shining as gold. 

He holds a Batchelor of Arts degree in education from the Myanmar SDA college.  He became the principle at the LKY school for 2 years, leading the students to higher standards.  His life gave them a living testimony of how to live and work for Jesus.

Since working with us at BYT, others have quite understandibly offered him wonderful jobs either in God’s work or outside of it.  There is much more money to be earned with the government or in the Thai cities, or anywhere else!  His life could be filled with ease and enjoyment.  He dearly loves his parents who live in Burma and longs to help them.  He cannot go to them because of the danger, but he would love to send them much needed money to lighten their hardships, however he feels God calling him to work with us in BYT and he has firmly chosen to do God’s will and make His service of first importance in his life.  I have told Blet Jaw that he is free to go wherever and whenever the Lord leads him. These two lovely quotes reminds me of Blet Jaw’s life of commitment:

“If men will permit themselves to become discouraged in the service of God, the great adversary will present abundant reasons to turn them from the plain path of duty to one of ease and irresponsibility.  Those who can be bribed or seduced, discouraged or terrified will be of no service in the Christian warfare.   …Everything must be held secondary to the work and cause of God.  He must be willing to bear patiently, cheerfully, joyfully, whatever in God’s providence he may be called to suffer.  His final reward will be to share with Christ the throne of immortal glory.”

“Those who come up to every point, and stand every test, and overcome be the price what it may, have heeded the counsel of the True Witness and they will receive the Latter Rain and thus be fitted for translation.  5T 214

May this be true of us all!  Please pray for Blet Jaw.  He is faced with an uncertain future as are all the Karen people.  They have no real home.  The soldiers and check points etc. can be a real threat.  It is not a bit fair, but how much brighter appears our heavenly home where all people are equal and God reigns supreme!!

Blet Jaw has a wonderful girlfriend.  She is very shy, but I have had the privilege to become a close friend and companion with her.  She shares the same commitment to God in her life as Blet Jaw.  She holds high standards and has meekly and faithfully worked as a teacher in LKY for over 2 years.  She can speak Karen, English, and much Thai.  The Karen culture does not show any affection in public.  Even married couples are not seen together much.  For me to be allowed to even take this picture is a great accomplishment!  They do not talk about their upcoming marriage plans, Micah may know more about this than I do, but one thing is certain it will occure.  I can wholeheartedly say that this couple is Divinely appointed.  God can and will accomplish His work through them.

Blet Jaw and WahNeePaw

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