The pastor that comes to BYT once a month wanted to take us to Dee-A-Day village, 2 hours motorbike drive from our home.  I needed no coaxing!   There is a small SDA church in that village that the pastor visits as much as possible. We would spend the night with a church member and I would treat the sick.  Blet Jaw had borrowed a very old motorbike and the Pastor had just purchased a new bike.  The trip was simply beautiful up and down the mountainsides.

As soon as we drove up I noticed that the whole village had shown up plus many from the next village.  We  treated what seemed like all the people in both villages.  The back packs were quite empty.  We sat on the floor and ate our rice and curry with the neighbors.  These people are truly the most loving and beautiful people.  One lady in her mid 50’s had just stopped smoking 5 weeks ago!  She decided that day that she would also stop the bettlenut chewing, as I would not give her vitamins while she still chewed bettlenut, -it depletes the body of vitamins.   This lady had a determination in her voice as she told me she would not chew the stuff any more.  She wanted to be healthy and help others to stop bad habits. What a special person! I prayed with her and with many other people. 

The Dee-A-Day village will always be special to my heart.  Of the people who had been treated, many came in the morning to say good-bye to us.  I have never been hugged so many times and kissed and pleaded with to return soon! I thank the Lord for sending me there and pray that I can return quickly and encourage these dear people as much as they have encouraged me!! 

Typical Karen Kitchen


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