Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow!


Sing it with me!  Sing it loud and clear!  God has done a marvelous thing! We give God all the praise and the glory that a human heart can give! 

 DuPe is alive!  He is home!  It is a miracle!




After a very successful brain surgery in Chiang Mai to remove bullets, and a short recuperation period, we found out that DuPe was home once more.   We bounded out of our village and wasted no time getting to his hut.  When I entered, I found more of a shock this time than I did the first visit when I thought he was dead!!!  Oh what a wonderful sight met my eyes, DuPe, sitting in the same corner of the bamboo, with a huge smile on his face!  His eyes were bright and filled with joy!  So were mine, as I heard his testimony that he was determined to never again use opium.  Only our precious Saviour can save a life and put these determinations in someone’s heart, as He works to save the soul for the kingdom of heaven!!


DuPe told us that when he shot himself, he could remember that his smallest girl was sitting just behind him.  He remembers hearing her cry so hard that he thought she would die.  This scared him and told himself that if he lived he would be a good Father to his children and not use opium any more.  He realized that he would have died if we had not been there to take him to the hospital.  Thankfulness poured out of his heart.  We told him that indeed we were supposed to be gone for the day, visiting those 2 other villages, but that God had held us there so we could help him.  We told him that it was God that spared his life because He has an important work to do for God.  His children clung to him in delight.  Not only did they have their Father’s presence at home with them again, but they had quality.  They had his heart and mind, unharrassed by the evil spirits that had kept him chained so heavily to his anger and bad habits. 

DuPe, his wife, BehKee and 3 of the 5 children.

We talked and prayed together that day.  Even the little blind grandmother told us that because we had treated her swollen, sore and itching eyes, she was all better.  Yesterday she had tried to pray for us the best she knew how!  My heart was filled with a strong emotion of thankfulness as I bade the joyous little family good-bye.  We will come and have a little Bible study once a week, and our prayers will ascend daily for the truth to be planted in their hearts and a love relationship with Jesus started that will grow each day and keep DuPe firm in his decision to leave opium alone

BehKee's dear blind Mother

 Here I must tell you of my prayers for the many many people, especially men who are chained to opium.  It seemed in this area like a huge, insurmountable obstacle to me.  The sickness, depression, guilt and suicide so prevalent in all these mountain villages, as well as soldiers killing or arresting people, weighed heavily on my mind all the time and I knew not how one little person could deal with the root of such a widespread gigantic problem.   Well God has a thousand ways when we have not a clue.  In this situation, Satan tried desperately to snuff out the life of a sin sick miserable life before the hope of Jesus had been recognized. God snatched him as a brand from the burning.  What an example to others who suffer the same miseries as this.

God has just begun a great work here and I know He will complete it and I cant wait to tell you just how He does it!  Please continue to pray and rejoice with me.    




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