Unfinished Story: CauNahWood

CauNahWood: An awesome testimony of God's healing grace! Certainly He has a big plan for this little ones life.

Do you remember two stories ago I told about a new born baby that was septic and needed hospital care quickly or it would die?  Well this babies’ name is CauNahWood, and please listen with all ears to the rest of the story!

It is not that the parents here do not love their newborn children, but these isolated and uneducated villagers, have no concept of the importance of life or the possibility of intervention to bring healing.  They have always lived their lives with sickness and suffering.  Some die and some do not.  It is brand new to them for someone to come in a try to save them.

You remember that now it is the 3rd day since we discovered this infant.  It was now 15 days old.  I prayed earnestly that the parents would let us take them, or even just let us take the baby before it dies!  This morning the Father agreed to take the baby himself and go with us.  The Mother would not go.  When I now checked the still living little form, I quickly saw that the apnea was 15 seconds duration.  This indicates severe septicemia.  How we prayed as we drove the long rough distance to Meta hospital on the west side.  We came to the rest stop area where there is a cross road.  To the right is three grueling hours over outrageous ruts and rocks.  We did not want to travel that way.  To the left is a road that takes a little more than one hour.  It had just been rendered passable, but straight ahead is what we call the steep way.  It takes only 45 minutes, however, for weeks or maybe months they have had that road blocked for repairs and you cannot get through.  We would be delayed quite a bit if we took that road and then found out we must turn around and take the alternate route.   The sign had been moved to the side a little bit, and somehow I was impressed to say with determination: “Go straight ahead!  We’ll try it!”  The result was that 15 minutes was successfully cut off from our trip and we drove straight into the ambulance driveway (none-too-soon), in order to get prompt attention.  Attention we got when I called to the attendant, “Apnea.”  The attendant swooped the baby up and just as he placed that little blue infant on the stretcher, it stopped breathing. The medical staff worked fast and soon had an ET tube in place, with oxygen and an IV.

They wanted to send this baby to a larger hospital, but the 3 that are in their transfer area were all full, so it stayed there that night.  In the morning they were able to transfer it out.  We heard that it was on a respirator.  I thought to myself, “It may not live, or it could be months.” Then I was prompted to put away doubt and recall the providential events here-to-for.

  1. We did not even plan to go to that village that day, and didn’t really feel like going there! 
  2. The Lord had answered our prayers and made the Father finally willing to bring the baby.
  3. The shorter road was open and passable so that we got there just in time.

Yes! God did want to save the babies’ life!  In just 2 days we heard that baby was coming back to Mae Sot hospital.  It spent 2 days there and then was sent to Meta hospital. After 2 days there it was  discharged, healthy as can be!!  Here is another testimony for these people of the healing power of our God.  The father has been introduced to prayer and seen its awesome results.  He is amazed.  I cannot wait to get back to their village and have a happy reunion with them.  We certainly have a strong bond of love between us and an open door to their hearts.

One very happy Father


Only one small boy to hold that baby 4 rugged hours on the back of a motorcycle to their jungle village!

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