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The Meyer's family in BYT. Left to right, Preston, Denise,Kelly and Landon.

During the 2 years we have been in BYT we have had only one group of visitors out here.  Just lately we have had many visitors!  This time the entire Meyers family ventured up to spend 9 days with us.  (March 26-April 3).  The purpose of their visit is to video the work here and make a presentation to show in churches and groups in America, to increase awareness of the great needs.

I became quickly aware that Preston, the oldest son, age 17, was the skilled  media person.  He had learned a lot from different groups in America and was excited about putting his knowledge to use here in Thailand.  I came to know him very well, as he videod everthing that we did for the entire 9 days. 

A usual sight - Preston hard at work. I looked into this camera for 9 days!


 If he includes all the video clips that he took, you will know exactly what we do from day to day.  The only exception is that Blet Jaw has hardley recovered from his appendectomy and we used the truck and went to more easily accessed villages, instead of hiking with the back packs.  One day he drove the motorbike with the supplies and we hiked.

We greatly enjoyed the Meyer’s  family and their motivation to help God’s work progress in this country through awareness of the desperate needs seen in every village.  Their hearts seem to ache with the needs of the unfortunate as much as ours do! 

Since that visit Preston has been up early to edit these videos and to bed late.  It seems like an endless job.  I would be more than overwhelmed.  He however is thrilled to find different ways to present each scene.  I thank you for your energy, creativity and hard work Preston!  I pray that God will direct all that is said and done to truly show God’s plan here and rightly represent the people that He died to save.

Thank you Meyer’s family – we appreciate you.


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