Building Project Surprises



The Hill view before any leveling done


Comparison shot. It was all done by hand in the hottest season! A work of love!

 Do you remember the last comment on the building project?  We had lost the hill and then through a marvelous answer to prayer, God gave it back to us.  Now it is twice as valuable to us!  Our next question was, “How are we going to get the people back again to level this land?”  We didn’t have to worry, because God had it all planned…

 … I stood amazed at the news I was hearing!  The 3 closest villages were going to do our leveling for free!  The villagers in BYT were going to work as a team on day one, to level the land.  On day two, WahSoTah would work all day.  On day three  –  GeGhah village!  (This village, however was late in coming.  They had a wedding which includes a lot of drinking and slaughtered pigs.  Also it rained for 3 days in a row).  It seemed we must move quickly because the rainy season will soon be upon us. We wanted to hire that original group of men to finish the job, but when the head man of our village heard about that he said, “No, all 3 villages will finish it tomorrow.”  Sure enough the next day over 70 people were there at 8a.m. moving dirt!  Blet  Jaw and I worked shoulder to shoulder with them .  It brought me the greatest joy to work with those women, who were all just about as short as me.  We became fast friends that day, hoeing dirt onto rice bags with wooden sticks on either side, then 2 people would carry it to the low sides and dump it.  In the heat of the day, hoeing and lifting, our hearts were bonded by the living God in heaven who was the One who had orchestrated all these things.  Because the people put in their own time and effort, they will be more thankful for the clinic and more receptive to the sharing of God’s Word and health messages taught within its walls!

Leveling crew hard at work

 God honors His commandment keeping people!   Because we asked the other men not to work on Sabbath, they had left, this enabled us, (Unknowingly), to wait for the location on the hill and then get it leveled free, thus saving 7000 baht! I am singing praises to God who showers us with benefits. 




I began to see piles of small rocks around BYT, collected from the river.  I also began to see piles of sand.  Blet Jaw and I thought it was for the school to use, as they are doing some building.  I thought to myself, “That is just what we need too, I wonder how we will collect that stuff for all the cement we will be using on the clinic?” Then I was told that the villagers had collected it for US!  To think they want us here so badly that they are willing to work hard in the hottest season of the year, even though they are tired from planting all their rice on the mountain slopes.  My cup is simply brim full and running over with gratitude to God and the precious people of these villages.


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