More Than Mud (part 2)

We hiked out to LeGlah village again recently to encourage ChaDwee’s family in the Lord.  ChaDwee was still in the Chaing Mai hospital.

When we arrived we were surprised to see so many patients.  After treating them all we sat to talk with the family that we had come to know and love.  Three other men were there that I had met before but did not know by name.  We sat and told the Bible story again.  I was impressed to talk about the Godhead, the entrance of sin and creation again.   As I spoke, Blet Jaw interpreted with inspiration in his voice, I noticed the rapt attention on these 3 men’s faces.  We prayed together and then one man, HeSe, age 37 spoke with Blet Jaw.  He told him that he was baptized into the Baptist church, but he could see that this was the truth and he wanted to become a Seventh Day Adventist like us.  He knew how to read and he also wanted a Karen Bible.  We gave him one and he told us that he would read it to the other people.  He was earnest and spoke a long time to Blet Jaw.  We told him that we would love to come and tell him all the truths of the Bible so he could know and accept what we believe as the Bible teaches.  He was delighted to do that.  The other 2 men also were eager to learn more!

We had brought Karen Bibles to give, and also gave the family an audio Bible, spoken in the Karen language.  Everybody was delighted as they learned how to turn it on, charge it (Either solar or electric charge). 


Here they are listening to the audio Bible of the New Testament for the very first time!



SeHe, so happy to know the truth of the seventh day as it is in the Bible!

Here is Blet Jaw explaining how the Karen call Sunday the beginning of the week and Monday the first day. This puts Saturday, God’s Sabbath as the sixth day. But that is not what God tells us. Sunday is the first day and Saturday is the seventh. SeHe understands!

My heart was light, my soul inspired as I fairly ran and skipped down the steep mountainside in our return to BYT.  Oh dear Lord I breathed!  No mountain is too high!  No mud or river is too deep!  No leech or diet is too miserable!  No continuosly gloomy and cloudy sky is too depressing, when Your glory beams down upon a soul!  This is heaven’t light and it floods the land! This is a miracle of the heart and is more mighty a miracle than the Israelites crossing the Red Sea on dry land!

“I have trusted in Thy mercy, my heart shall rejoice in Thy salvation.  I will sing unto the Lord because He hath dealt bountifully with me.”  Psalm 13:5,6

I love you Lord!

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