Hope for the Hopeless!

We were scheduled to leave BYT to exchange 2 students at Sunshine Orchard.  Our food was out and so were many medicines.  Another important reason was my visa must be renewed.  Two days before leaving, we again visited GeGhah village to see ChiDah who was dying of kidney failure and heart failure.  I needed to increase her Lasix medication among other things.  When we entered the house, I could sense the smell of death.  This lady was worse!  Her swelling was worse, and she could not stand up.  She did not have long to live.  What a helpless feeling!  Again we prayed with her and explained a little about the love and healing power of Jesus.  We talked a little about heaven, but again it did not seem to be comprehended at all. 

The next day we were called to WST, the nearest village for an emergency. PowWah, 18 years old, just had a baby and she seemed to have a big problem with bleeding, dizziness and much pain.  The poor worried husband was at our door asking us to come.  “Oh dear Lord,” I pleaded, “This is not my specialty, I am so afraid of these problems.  There is no possible way out of here to go for medical help.  I am all they have, but you are my refuge and strength a very present help in trouble!  -and this lady is in trouble– please take control and help me!” 

When we entered the house we found the Mother and baby closed up in a tiny room they call the kitchen.  It was crowded with women “helpers,” and had a hot fire burning in the center.  There is nowhere for the smoke to go, but down into your lungs and into your eyes.  I don’t know how the people could bare it – especially the baby! – It was also very hot.  Many times we had to dash out of that enclosure in order to gulp in breaths of fresh air and rid our lungs and eyes of smoke. True, they had called me because something was wrong, but they were not willing to do anything that I told them, In fact I could not even check her bleeding or message her uterus to cause it to contract etc, because they were so intent on heating bricks in the fire, wrapping them in rags and pressing up into her abdomen.  I could not intervene to help much at all.  She was in intense pain and very dizzy.   I was able to feel her abdomen and found a big bulge out to the right side!  This is NOT good.  I did take some emergency measures, and was able to take her vital signs – which made me even more nervous!  I was able to get the baby to nurse after much coaxing, and we did gather everyone for a prayer.   I believe the family was upset because I gave no medicine for dizziness.  But they could not understand how serious her condition was.  I gave some medicine along with instructions.

The next visit was to DeDee, 20 years old.  She was also very sick.  She was 12 days post partum and could not walk. She was experiencing fever and much abdominal pain.  Because of the unsanitary conditions in which it was delivered, the baby also looked like it was suffering from septicemia.  It had that same dreaded uneven respiratory rate that I had seen before, and a fever!  I indeed was alarmed and gave both Mother and baby antibiotics.  We prayed earnestly.

While we hiked out of BYT the following day my heart was heavy.  I prayed for these 4 people.  I agonized with God to please spare Chi Dah so that she could learn about God before her life is taken away from her.  I knew that only a miracle from the Living God could keep her alive until I returned, and for that matter the other 2 ladies and tiny baby were in just as much danger.  Oh, I had a huge burden for these people.  I would have to tell my friends over the web page that not all things here in the Mountains of Thailand are joyous and miraculous.   Not all the stories thrill my heart and have happy endings.  We are not a full-fledged hospital that can administer any treatment needed like an intensive care unit!

Due to delays, it took us FIVE days to get back to BYT.  Therefore when we finally made our way to GeGhah village the next day to visit ChiDah,  my heart trembled as we neared her house.  No shoes were near the ladder of her house.  But to my joy someone was inside, -There she was still alive!  This is a miracle!  As I asked questions and did a physical exam, it was apparent this lady was much better!  Her swelling had gone down and she could walk!  I told her that I had prayed everyday for her and I knew God was sparing her life so that she could get to know Him and be ready to go to heaven when He comes.

ChiDah and her husband live in this little hut.

Blet Jaw was not with me this time.  I had already asked the student, BeNayHtu to tell her about Jesus.  He sat there in that tiny house and earnestly shared what was in his heart and in his Bible.  As he did, I had to wipe the tears from my eyes, because he had the full attention of the lady and her husband, and the presence of the Holy Spirit was definitely in that dark and dirty room.  It seemed they were now understanding something about the lovely Jesus.  The husband told us that he had been so afraid because he thought his wife would die, but because we came she was getting better and he could not thank us enough – he was so happy.  We told him that it was God who was helping her get better.

The next day we walked to WST to see the two new Mothers. -and what about that 2 week old baby with septicemia?  They all could have died.   Again my heart trembled as we neared the first house.  This is what we saw!

God has saved PowWah’s life. She is still staying in this smoke filled kitchen, But Mother and baby, (JaRreeA) are beautifully healthy!

PowWah, 18 years old, is well!  She has no fever, no abdominal swelling, no pain and no dizziness

And when we entered the next house this is what we saw!

This is DeDee, age 20 and her baby boy, AuCha. They are perfectly healthy today!

Again and again I have to fall on my knees and cry out my thanks to the most magnificent and awesome God.  The Great Physician who loves to bind up wounds, heal and restore!!!  Oh Lord forever will I serve You.  Forever will I depend upon Your goodness and mercy.  Forever will I do Your bidding and delight in Your love!  By Your grace alone!




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  1. Barbara says:

    My heart is rejoicing with you. God is so good. He loves them so much! Oh God, please bring the message of love and redemption to each one, and their whole family. May they know beyond a doubt that it is God who gives them life. Praise the Lord from whom all blessings flow. I send a hug to you and each one of them!

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