Today has been a lovely Sabbath day.  I preached the sermon today about prophecy and the great truth of the Bible.  Coe, a 49 year old man was there for the second week in a row!  He is the one who has suffered from severe asthma attacks two times now.

After church he came to our house with ChweeCoo and his wife DahBlet.


You can see the pure joy on their faces.  The couple on the right have been off opium for several months now and don’t even desire it!  They are encouraging Coe, on the left.  He has gone 5 days without opium!  He has come to us to find out how he can sleep at night.  It is very hard for him at night.  I gave him vitamin B complex with some excellent vitamins and minerals I found recently and we prayed together.  I will try to get a portable steam bath unit up here so that he can sweat off the poison. 

This village is changing!  More and more sense their need to be free of the habits that chain them.

To end the Sabbath day, we were sitting in church.  It was 5:30 p.m. and suddenly there was an interruption.  Apparently there was a student at the school who was unconscious.  They wanted me to hurry and come. 

On my arrival I found a 10 year old boy, HtuSaw.  He was in and out of consciousness.  The history was vague and eveybody had a different story.  I could not tell what caused his problem.  It could be a seizure, but at present he was hyperventilating and blowing off too much carbon dioxide.  I placed a plastic bag over his mouth so he could rebreath.  This seemed to help, but his blood pressure was 78/40!   Not good.  His pulse and respirations became dangerously low.  Some of the church people came over at this time and we all prayed together for this boy.  I dashed back to the house and grabbed an IV and adrenalin.  Again I felt so uncomfortable about being stranded outside of medical help.  However, the Lord reminded me that He was enough!  Hadn’t he healed all those other people! 

I only had two 20 gauge cathalons to start the IV with and the first one blew.  Because this boy was in shock, his veins had collapsed.  It seemed the entire school and teachers were pressing around me.  I knelt down right there amidst the strong Buddhist people and prayed that God would help me start this IV.  Now I was able to get the IV started without a problem.  In went the fluid.  I injected adrenalin two times 15 minutes apart and repeated the blood pressure.  As the pressure came up, the boy regained consciousness.  He was hungry and someone brought him something to drink.  Later he sat up and as I watched him over the next 2 hours, he indeed was better!  I discontinued the IV and told HtuSaw,  “Good night and God bless you!”

Now I have good friends in this school.  They have observed first-hand how God answers prayer!   

I am so happy to be working here.  My highest joy and utmost pleasure is in doings God’s work here.  I am so weak and insufficient, but God is everything and does everything!  I will never understand how it works I will never understand His love, but am always reaching out for more!   Please, together with me let us do His work wherever and whatever it is and press together till He comes!


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