I have only known him for 5 weeks, but I see someone who is a born missionary!  I was impressed from the start because he was so excited to actually be here and had no desire to wait around for anything before coming to BYT – not even the rainy season or jet lag!  He arrived in Thailand on the 17th of September and we hiked all the way into BYT four days later!  He got the tail end of the rainy season and joined right in with the more primitive lifestyle, mountain climbing, mud and leeches.

Breck is 22 years old and has just graduated from Southern College nursing program.  He wanted to serve somewhere overseas.  As he prayed about it, the Lord clearly directed him to BYT!  It is very thrilling for me to see a young person who is connected with God, ready and willing to go wherever He sends them.  I see him praying and reading his Bible here morning and evening and I just have to turn away and fall on my face at Jesus feet and praise the Lord with all my heart for sending him here to work with me.  His humble, teachable spirit, adaptability, helpfulness, ready smile and hearty laugh make him completely loveable and a joy to work with.

Already Breck has experienced IVs, suturing, injections and has helped care for many difficult cases.

Breck’s first sutures. He had just practiced the knot-tying on a cucumber a couple of hours ago, then in walks the laceration!


This suture line looks great. It is all healed now and the man is happy and very thankful!


Injections to a man coming off opium.

We complement each other as I have a lot of experience and he has a lot of fresh, up-to-date book knowledge!  It is so nice to be able to discuss patient symptoms and share the responsibility of patient care and stocking supplies.

Breck is a gymnast and says his entire family does gymnastics.  All his life he has tumbled, so it is quite normal for him to spend time upside down.  You can see him on his hands in many different places.  Sometimes you turn around to talk to him in the house and you are speaking to the wrong end!  But he still can hold a conversation!  He turns 30 back flips in a row, from just a standing position on the ground!  I believe this long history of exercise and strength has made him very healthy for the work he is doing right now.


Most importantly, Breck shares our passion to win souls to Christ. He has Jesus love in his heart for these people and he sees the power of the medical work to win the hearts of the people and open the way to share Jesus with them.  He has done worships in different homes and in the church, numerous prayers for the sick, and best of all he has shared Jesus in the homes of those who do not know Him and have never heard the Bible stories.  This is indeed the most thrilling experience of all, which keeps your faith and love for Jesus strong and ever growing.

God has given him a talent for preaching teaching and sharing His Word in a simple yet powerful way that these people can understand.

Thank you Breck


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  1. Dawn Dunn says:

    Thank YOU Gayle! Not an eye opener about his character, love, energy, intelligence and passion he exudes at all times, but a real gift of words with a bow on top to his parents!!!! It’s coming back to them after all his years of their over-the-top nurturing. Praise the Lord Breck’s heart was soaking it all in!! What a blessing we are missing! But thankful he is there for you and the people and happy you are there for him! With constant prayers, Dawn

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