The Great Commission


November 12, 13, and 14

Emily has experienced the call of God to go and be a Bible worker with the Karen people of LaGlah village! She has visited this area several times with us and knows this village and some of the people there.  Only after much prayer and preparation did she plan to live with a family there, until a small house of her own can be built.

November 12.  Emily, Breck, Blet Jaw and myself prepare to hike out to LaGlah.   Emily will stay with them and teach little by little the Bible truths.  Please pray for her as she steps out courageously to lead these people into truth.

I do not come away from LaGlah village without a tremendous blessing. This day was no exception.  First I am so Thankful for Emily, her talents and the warm reception she has with these people.  Second, we had gathered with 2 families on the side of a mountain slope discussing the building of a simple, small house for Emily to stay in.  Two men told us that they would go ahead and build it as soon as their rice was harvested.  They told us that most of the village would help in leveling the property and building the house.  Even the people in the next village BlahGlow want to help.  One man owns an elephant and will use it to bring the posts in from a far mountain. The head man who lives in BlahGlow, a nearby village, is in full agreement and very happy for us to come.  Land was also given to us to build a medical clinic when we get a full time, long term medical worker. This land overlooks a marvelous view of rice paddies and mountains.   Oh how the Lord has worked marvelously for His cause in this village!

Some of their comments rang through my ears as I walked back to BYT.  “After the clinic and house is built, we want to move our house over very close to it, because we want to be together, eat together and talk together.” Their eyes were bright with excitement and their talk was fast.  They also want a school for their children, even though there is a small government school in that village.  I know God is working on their hearts and I feel so blessed to see the results of the Holy Spirit’s work all around me!!  How unworthy and sinful I am to be a part of this great work! How great God is!  How powerful He is to bring a desire for Him, and change hearts and lives!

November 13:  We visited an older couple in WST.  They had received an audio Bible several months ago.  How delighted I was when the man began to ask questions about the things he had heard on his audio Bible!!  Was he sinning against the Holy Spirit when he got angry or said bad words?  He was very scared that he might be sinning the sin that could not be forgiven?  Do the people in America all know more about God than his people do here?  Do we ever get angry?  How can he stop thinking bad thoughts?  He is afraid that he just does not know God.  If God loves us so much, does he love Satan? Does God ever talk to Satan? These are just a few of his questions that day as we sat and talked together for over an hour.  His house was a small bamboo hut, just large enough for him and his wife.  Their belongings consist of an old blackened cooking pot, a pot of water and a few old clothes, yet, here was a man richer than the king of Thailand, because he was grasping the hand of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords!

November 14:  ChaPoe, 58 years old and BeeHtu, 48, from WahSueTah (WST), came to our house this morning.   ChaPoe had told us 2 days ago that he needed help to stop smoking.  We had agreed to come to his house the next day, but had not been home.   As I spoke to ChaPoe about the five day plan to stop smoking, I came to the part where you encourage them to go to a close friend who can support you in your crises and pray with you.  It was then that BeeHtu said that he too wanted to stop smoking and drinking and would join ChaPoe.  They would pray together, encourage each other, and remind one another of the treatments and Bible verses to claim.  We gave vitamins and many things to help them through the entire program, especially the first three days which are the hardest.  We prayed with them. Later we delivered the steam tent to ChaPoe’s house and taught them how to use it.  ChaPoe’s wife is not ready to stop smoking yet.  We told her that it would make it extremely difficult for her husband to stop smoking if she kept doing it, but she had just purchased a bundle of tobacco and was not willing to throw it away.  We prayed there for both of them.


ChaPoe is on the left and BeeHtu is on the right.


I plead with you to please please pray for the people of LaGlah and these 2 men.  We took their picture and told them that we would send their pictures all over America and Canada etc. asking the people there to pray for them!  Knowing this brought more courage into their hearts.  I cannot send this out tonight though because the internet is not working again at the school here.  But before the 5 days are up I need to get this to you so you can fall on your knees and pray.

Matthew 28:19 says, “Go ye therefore and teach all nations.”  This is the great commission. We know it well.  It is our duty to go and teach all over the inhabitable globe, because we know Jesus.  Now let me ask you three questions.

  1. What would have happened to the dear people of LaGlah and these precious souls in BYT and all around us who are hearing God’s call to their hearts to forsake all their bad habits and follow Jesus, if I had not heeded God’s call to come to Thailand 3 years ago?  A more serious question is this:
  2.  What has happened to hundreds of other people in my past who have not heard because I was not listening to God’s call and was not going wherever He wanted to send me!  This is a gut wrenching thought to me.
  3. What are you doing to fulfill your part of the great commission today!  Are you willing to forsake all and follow Him?  Do it now before it is forever too late for you and the people you are supposed to reach!



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