Meet SoLoChi



SoLoChi is 4 years old. He lives in MeDaLaGwee village, almost 2 hours walk from BYT.  We met him about 6 months ago and immediately fell in love with him and his winning smile. His legs were raw and bleeding from a fungal infection and eczema. At least that is what we treated him for.  He healed up beautifully.  However several more months of poor hygiene and SoLoChi was seen at our door again accompanied by his Father, HtuLie.  This time his poor skinny body was totally covered with sores.  He was shaking at times due to the extent of the itching wounds.  The Father told us that his sister, who was older than he was died from the same problem!

Breck did wonders at mixing an oatmeal, betadine, and fungal cream bath for him.  After scrubbing in that for 15 minutes he was slightly relieved, but we knew we must take him to the hospital for IV antibiotics and skin care.  The next day we took him to Meta Hospital on the border.  After 3 days of care there he looked a LOT better.


We bought him new clothes and lots of nurishing food.  Oh how he smiled!  Breck and I wanted to keep him with us, we could hardly part with him, but the boy missed his home and the Father told us that he knew how to keep him clean and apply the medicine.   It was the hardest thing for us to just leave him there today!  It is difficult to heal chronic eczema and fungus in the cleanest environment, but his house is not clean his village is not clean and they are not used to using soap of any kind to wash their clothes or their bodies.   Tomorrow we will visit his village and give them laundry soap and bar soap.

Please pray for him.

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