PahCoo, a young monk, 16 years old, came to see us several days ago with a deep, jagged laceration on his left cheek.  It was certainly a mess. He said something about killing fish with his home made spear.  However he said the laceration was caused from glass.  The story did not fit together very well in my brain, but praise the Lord the jigsaw puzzle type laceration on his face did fit together really well!  I really enjoy doing “plastic surgery,” and getting the pieces together perfectly. Using many fine sutures close together is the key to little or no scarring.

(This paragraph does not explain the title of my story). . .so. . .here it comes!

After his wound was sutured and dressed, I told the young man that I wanted to pray for him.  He did not understand my Karen, so Anna, who was working with me that day, told him again that we wanted to pray for him.  I was kneeling reverently with my hands folded, so he could see how we position ourselves for prayer.  But PahCoo evidently had misunderstood our words, because, the next thing I knew, that young man had quickly gotten up off the floor.  His hands were raised in some sort of blessing and he was repeating a monks prayer in the monks special language!! (Which nobody else can understand)!  With horror I realized I was kneeling with my hands folded right at this monks feet!!!  If someone had taken a picture at that moment, no telling what people would think of me!  I left no time for pictures, however, because I instantly leaped up on my feet, saying “de may ba, de may ba!  Ya ga ba toe ga pa ler na gau na.”  Meaning, “No, No, I will pray for you!” This dear monk boy then copied us respectfully by knelling down and folding his hands while I prayed for him.



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