Heaven is Much Nearer!

Mrs. White says that we should read and give special attention to Acts chapters 8-10.  She says:  “In them we see that heaven is much nearer to the Christian who is engaged in the work of soul saving than many suppose!”

The angel gave Phillip specific directions to go south to a certain place in the desert.  He obeyed and a soul was saved.

The Lord gave Ananias specific directions to find Saul that he might receive his eyesight and be baptized.  He then became a powerful preacher and thousands were converted because of his ministry.

The Lord also gave Cornelius specific directions so he could find Peter to come and teach them.  In the meantime God prepared Peter’s heart to go to the gentiles.  Consequently Cornelius, his family and many others were baptized.

My heart is thrilled as I ponder these accounts and reflect on how the people were sent to specific houses and responded immediately to the Lord’s requests, and as a result many precious souls are saved for the kingdom.  I prayed to God this way:

Oh dear Lord, is heaven closer to me than I would suppose?  Could You please use me and send me out just like You did Phillip, Ananias and Peter?  Could You send me to the specific house that needs me?  Could You please help me respond just as instantly as those godly men did?  And Oh dear Lord, one more thing, could You please multiply the results as you did for those men so long ago and bring many of these people to Your kingdom?   -In Jesus name amen


            NeLeeGwee village:     (Story #1)

It was a rainy miserable Tuesday morning.  We had already packed our medical bags to go to NeLeeGwee.  The last time we tried to go to NeLeeGwee, someone saw us walking in the rice paddy and ran to call us to their house in the paddy.  We ended up treating patients in that house until most of the medicine was gone and we had no time to go on to NeLeeGwee.   So today we knew that we MUST go.

It’s OK if it rains while you are on the way, but to start out in a hard rain takes courage.  BletJaw and I both felt lazy and slow.  We had our usual prayer and ‘launched’ off.  The final mountain climb was difficult.  BletJaw said:  “I don’t remember the climb being this hard.”  I silently agreed, too tired to find my voice.  The backpacks were feeling so heavy and the rain caused rivers to flow down the path making it seem harder to ascend.  What a struggle!

NeLeeGwee at last!  We sank onto the floor of ShePaw’s front porch and what a lovely thing to pull the backpack off!  Now we are wet and cold, but no time to bother about that – there were patients to see!  So many patients, that for almost 2 hours we talked and laughed and treated all manner of sicknesses.

ShePaw is the one that asked us to cut off all their devil strings a few weeks before.  She feeds us a lovely meal of rice and greens, and then gathers her family and friends together so we can teach them about God!  I find myself once again in that most delightful position:  -in the midst of eager faces and shining attentive eyes!

“Oh Lord, may they hear You and see You today!”

Most of our worship group that day in NeLeeGwee

Most of our worship group that day in NeLeeGwee

I told them the simple creation story, using the “My Bible First” pictures to help them understand.  They had never heard the story before.  They did not know anything about God the Father and Jesus His Son who created the world!  We are in debt to them!  We know so much and they know nothing!  They want us to come back and tell them more!  All thoughts of the hardships of getting here has melted into total insignificance, and the rewards are fathomlessly more overwhelmingly glorious!

Heaven is much nearer!!


*     *     *     *     *     *


LaGlah village:   (Story #2, three days later)

PaGee is 24 years old, and lives in LaGlah village.  He has a wife and 2 adorable children.  Yesterday, he walked to BYT to ask us if we could please come to his house the next morning and have worship at their home.  Certainly! We were delighted to do just that!

When we arrived at their home, we discovered that they had gathered other family members and friends together to attend worship also.  What a lovely group of people! PaGee told us that he and his family are now keeping the Seventh-Day Sabbath!  My joy knows no limit!!  Once again I find myself in that most delightful position:  -in the midst of eager faces and shining, attentive eyes!  I breath a prayer:

“Oh Lord, may they hear You and see You today!”

I told the simple story of Jesus.  How He created this world, came to live in this world, died at the hands of wicked men on a cross to save us, then was resurrected and now is preparing a place for us.  I showed the “My Bible First” pictures to illustrate and told them how much I love Jesus for doing all this for me and for them!  Unbelievable amazement and awe were written on their faces.  Next we sang the song:  “Tell Me the Story of Jesus.”   As I looked into the sweet faces of the children and adults around me, I could feel the presence of Jesus and with tears in my eyes I thought to myself – yes indeed!   -Heaven is much nearer!                                                                                        

Please save them dear Lord.  Thank you so much!

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