Laborers Together with God!

Jesus is coming soon!   Let’s help the people in every land to get ready!


Have you heard these words so often that they fall down dead at your feet? Well pick them up quickly and run with them. Run to the uttermost part of the world. Precious time is wasting. Don’t just take care of your own lives, because that will cause you to at last loose all! Please Oh please care about the needs of others!


Mrs. White says: “It is time that cities and villages everywhere were hearing the solemn note of warning, “Behold He cometh with clouds and every eye shall see Him.” Get ready that you may be found of Him in peace….I entreat you, whom God has favored with a knowledge of the truth, go to work! There is work to do everywhere. The fields are all white unto the harvest. Sowers and reapers are needed just now…Take hold of the work to communicate life to save perishing souls. Angels are waiting to bless the consecrated workers.

The divine presence will be with them to give strength and courage and faith and hope. The true-hearted workers will be laborers together with God.” TM 231, 232


What better things could you be doing in these last days? You will have the divine presence to go with you! What more do you want? What better way is there to spend your life than to be a laborer together with God!!


With all these words ringing in my ears, I take off to NeLeeGwee village. If you really want to have fun, if you really want to enjoy yourself and fill your life with satisfaction, then do what I am doing. I feel so sorry for everyone else who is not a laborer together with God in the field that God has chosen for you!


Tucker, BletJaw and I hike through the rice fields, through the vine covered jungles and streams, over bamboo and log river crossings, and finally up a steep long mountain. In an hour or more we arrive at NeLee Gwee village. As we slip off our backpacks in ShePaw’s house, the village sick people suddenly surround us.


Our procedure goes as follows: First we pray with all the people while they are gathered together in one place. Next we treat patients for almost 3 hours because many are very sick, and we must visit another home, to give an IV of vitamins to a lady.   Next we eat the food prepared for us. After eating it is time to D/C the IV.  I invite the lady and her husband to come and have worship with us at ShePaw’s house. I tell them that we have a good time because we sing, pray and tell a Bible story. They come!!


This time there are a lot of people filling the house for worship! I tell about Jesus birth and the visit of the shepherds. They are spellbound. The children are quiet. I have several pictures from ‘My Bible First.’ Oh the beauty of those pictures and the rapture of the people as they listen and stare. Then we pray and everybody folds their hands and close their eyes. I pray as never before for these dear people who have just heard this story for the very first time. God heard the prayer. God knows the hearts of the people who are bowing there before him under the broken leaf roof of the dilapidated, dirty bamboo hut. I feel at this moment that I can hear the angel choir singing melodiously. My heart is full of love.



She is captivated by the picture of baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph!  She gazes for a very long time!

She is captivated by the picture of baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph! She gazes for a very long time!


This may look to you like a normal every-day picture of somebody praying.  But not so here.  This is a result of many stories told in their house, and many earnest, agonizing personal prayers!

This may look to you like a normal every-day picture of somebody praying. But not so here. This is a result of many Bible stories told in this house along with many prayers and songs.  There has also been  my many earnest, agonizing personal prayers!


There are others in this family that are attracted to Jesus, but not like this dear lady.  She has learned to pray and knows something of a wonderful Saviour who loves her!

As we leave this house and make our way down the rugged pathway that leads through the village, I pause at the poor old lonely lady’s house – PeeYo.   She is still hanging onto life, though she seems to be so very wrinkled bent over and old. You remember her story don’t you? The one who killed her baby that she had out of wedlock because everyone accused her and she felt so guilty about it, then when she finally did get married she could not have any children. The villagers told her that it serves her right. Now she has no family and everybody still holds her past against her.  Nobody likes her or helps her.


PeeYo motions for me to come in and sit down. I notice that the bamboo floor in the front of her tiny house has broken away and the rest of it looks like it will crumble under the next footstep that presses upon it. Her bed is an old blanket, torn and black from years of dirt and waste and smoke from the fire. Her voice is so raspy, and her head is so shaky, that I can barely make out the words. She needs some medicine for her burning, itching eyes. Also her knees are painful. I find the much-needed medication and explain to her how to use it. I do not believe she will remember anything that I tell her. A young boy is at my side and I ask him to please come and put 2 drops of eye medicine in each of her eyes every day before going to school in the morning, and then 2 more drops when he returns from school in the afternoon. I have him try it out and he does an excellent job. He is happy with his newly assigned responsibility and assures me that he will remember.


The next part of my story, I tell with solemn and sacred reverence and awe!

I told PeeYo that before she died, she must know Jesus, that if she believed He was the only true God and asked Him to stay with her, He would. I told her how much He loves her and about the beautiful home that He is making for her and that He wants her to be there, if she only just believes in Him and asks Him to be with her now.


She told me that she does want that and she does know who Jesus is. She talks to Him every day, because we told her how! I prayed for her just then. Now her eyes meet mine as I say good-bye. I smile at her and say, “Remember, Jesus loves you!”




Oh joy of joys! I am a laborer together with God!

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