The Last Trip

(If I started to really write down all my blessings it would fill a book and then I may have to have a second and third volume)!!


Last trip in with the old truck:

Here is the news.  We took the old truck into BYT for a second time.  It was a risky thing to do because it started raining in the beginning!  Oh what a chore!  We drove 4 hours on the most deplorable roads and just when we had only 1 hour 15 minutes left to get to BYT, we came across a new wet concrete section that people were working on.  There was no room to pass by it.  There was a drop off on the right and a tall bank on the left. They said that in 4 days it would be ready to use.  We had to drive all the way back out.  That is approximately 8  hours of driving today.  Poor BletJaw!  He loves to drive and is an excellent driver, but these roads wear you out just to sit and bounce around in the truck, let alone drive it!  There is an alternate way that we know about, leaving from MaeUsU, but we don’t like it.  If we travelled back that way today we would not arrive in BYT until 10p.m. or later! We wanted to go back today, but it is too late. One thing worse than driving on those bad roads in the daytime, is driving on them at night!  Plus it would be over 13 hours of driving in one day – – -IMPOSSIBLE!

I took some videos out the window of the truck lurching through the mud at the edge of cliffs and over the rocks and high ruts, but I cannot make them work on this web page.



Wet cement on the left







I think about the trucks that come into our area just one time for fun. For one day’s driving only, they have good new high trucks with straight axels, skid plates, steel bumpers, wench, roll bars, huge tread tires and snorkels!! In comparison, we LIVE here and drive constantly in all different weather conditions. My “Driveway,” meaning the distance from my house to the main road is approximately 64 kilometers without having to take any detours! This is all on extremely bad roads. No wonder my small fourteen-year-old 2.8 diesel Mitsubishi 4WD pick-up truck cannot handle it any more!

This  also is clear evidence and proof of God’s love and total care!




We ventured out again the following morning to go the MaeUsU  way.   Now going this way takes you up 5 steep places that seem to us to be straighter than straight up! It is worse than the other way. It is breathtaking to feel the pull on your neck as you try to hold it up against such an incline, to say nothing about the straining pick-up truck! However there is also a breathtaking view!!

Because it was so breath-takingly steep, we also had a breath-taking view!

Because it was so breath-takingly steep, we also had a breath-taking view!




We are up in the clouds

We are up in the clouds.  It is so close to God up here!


All I know is that God is with us as usual, all the wearysome way. We high centered a couple of times and struck rocks up under the truck many times. This makes it clear to me that we need a straight axel, high truck.

I thank God over and over again because so many times I think that someone else could do so much better than me at everything. I think I need an evangelist to preach, I think I need a real medical doctor to treat the sick, I feel I need a real good mechanic to advise me about what off road stuff I need, but I do not have these things and every time as I cry out to God about them, I hear God telling me that He will show me, He will help me do it.  He is my help in every situation.  I can depend on Him!  It is so true! He brings me through every thing every time!  What a wonderful Saviour!


Last trip out with the old truck

Now on our last trip out of BYT the truck seemed to just give up again!  We hear the same loud, ominous, noises and know the 4WD is going out!  What a wonderful God we serve!  He held this truck up for 2 more trips into BYT! We really needed to bring supplies in and be there to take care of the sick and preach and do worships.   It did not totally brake down on us in the jungle roads either!

There are other obstacles too this time!  I would like to know why it is still raining in the month of November!  This 3 trunked tree fell across the road just a little way out of BYT.  We backed up and walked back to BYT to get help.  These men sawed with the long saw blade, and chopped with machetes until they dropped it and pushed it out of the way!  Many trees fall across our path like this especially during the rain, sometimes we can just use the machete because they are smaller, but not today.






Tucker looked at me today and said these words exactly.  In fact he took my computer just now and wrote the next paragraph himself!

“It’s a complete miracle that you haven’t died yet. You’ve been doing this for almost 5 years, driving these roads that shouldn’t be driven on. It’s crazy, no one would understand unless they had a firsthand experience. The trucks tires are literally sliding alongside the edge of loose, muddy cliffs that fall hundreds of feet down. It’s a miracle.”

That is true, but doesn’t that make you so happy because you know it is God that carries you through in His arms every time!

“The Lord shall preserve thy going out and thy coming in from this time forth, and even for evermore.” Psalms 121:8


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