Beware of the Poison!

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  1. Iris McOmber says:

    Hi Gayle, praise God I’ve been able to contact you. We met at Faith Camp in Laurel Brooks, Tn.
    First of all, thank you so much for those beautiful n encouraging Bible verses.
    I apologize for not having been able to send you the myrh n hair vitamins. I got to Florida n I’ve been very much in pain with a health issue I have. I’ve been praying to be able to contact you n felt impress to enter into the Web page. ( Unfortunately I left the papers that you gave me with your sister’s number n your email in a box in Tn. Please forgive me, I haven’t forgotten you n what I promised, I’ve been praying n Lord willing as soon as I hear from you I will send you the hair vitamins. I still trying to get the little bottles for the myrh. I’ll be calling Tn to see how I can get this to you. Please pray for some health issues I have as well as some private prayer requests i have and a dream that I had I’d like to share with you if possible. I’d appreciate your prayers very much. Oh, how I cried as I read Toto story. What a mighty n merciful God we have!.Praise the Lord! I’ve been praying for you n the person’s you asked for about the opium.
    Well I hope to hear from you n may God continue to keep, bless , help n guide you in your ministry.
    Sincerely in Christian love, your sister in Christ, Iris McOmber.

  2. Iris McOmber says:

    Will be praying for your constant protection from all those little creatures. As well for the rest. And most important for Toto. Lord bless him and to His glory if it’s His will to heal him. AMEN!

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