Good-Bye to the Devil!

Last night after dark, two people came from GeGhah village.  They asked for us to please come to their house because both their parents were very sick.  To make a long story short, they thought the demons were in them.   They said it was terrible.  They were scared.  Could we please come and pray!  

I was so happy that they came to us asking for prayer!  BletJaw and I took off on the motorbike with a small supply of medicine and a big prayer!!  That night ride was so interesting, in the dark on a very steep and difficult pathway – branches and vines were grabbing at us, rocks and streams were hindering our progress! 

When we arrived I found the woman all bundled up with dozens of blankets and a temperature of 104.5!  Her right lower leg and foot was in excruciating pain!  She was throwing up constantly – VERY ill.  The man was a disaster, he also had a fever and he was shaking hard all over.  He coiuld not stop.  His muscles and neck hurt so bad from shaking for 2 days and the entire night before.  He could hardly talk.  We treated them as best we could and then I was asked to do the most honored thing – PRAY!   I was inspired to put the whole gospel story in a prayer.  I pleaded for God to show them His glory and how great He is, so their hearts could turn to Him. He is the only God.  He can see, hear, love us, and answer our prayers. No other god can do these things.  I told of how with God all things are possible.  We treated them simply and left, saying we would return the next day in the truck and if they were no better we would take them to the hospital.

Today we drove out to them. The way the truck has to go is a very long way. 

Guess what?

Oh joy of joys they were well!!! God had healed them!!

The man had stopped shaking that very night and slept well – no fever!  The lady now had a very low grade fever, but all her pain and vomiting – gone!  She is well!!    They were so thankful and said they wanted to worship God the way we do!!  They had sacrificed to the spirits, had worshipped the devil and given him gifts, but they only got worse.  We had come to them, prayed, and they got well!  We had a short worship and during the worship the man started pulling the devil strings off from around his neck.  We got the scissors and helped him out, also his wife and his two grown children had theirs cut off!! This is the greatest joy!!




Then the older boy got up and removed all the buddha worship things off the shelf, took down the picture of buddha and everything.  He threw them all away.

Buddhist flowers and ornaments - going to the trash!!

Buddhist flowers and ornaments – going to the trash!!

Buddha picture - tossed!

Buddha picture – tossed!

This has been such an inspiring day.  All the disheartening obstacles that Satan places in our pathway all the time is NOTHING compared to the joy when someone finds Jesus and turns to Him!!!  It is worth all the years of work.   Please pray for these dear people.  They have turned to God but do not know anything else about Him.  It is our duty to go as often as possible and teach them!


The man and his wife are in the front center and all the children and in-laws surround them!

I really wish I had a picture of the man and his wife the night before, so you could clearly compare the health and vigor seen here, versus the agony of the night before. Just look:  A huge miracle has taken place right here before our eyes!!  Now they are bright and alert, very happy and excited about their future! Just look at them!  There is not a trace of sickness anywhere!

Thank you for thinking and praying for us!!  You can see how prayers are being answered out here in the jungle!!!!!  Praise the Lord!


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