New Additions!

We are scrambling to be ready for rainy season.  This is a very tricky time of the year for us!  The rain started so early this year, that it got us all messed up and disorganized, but now it has cleared up a little and we are darting out one more time to get supplies. We have not given up the use of the truck yet, but are taking a chance to bring it in one more time.  There are some patients that we must bring to the hospital.

The village people are putting up a strong fence all around the mission compound!  We bought the barbed wire and they cut all the posts in the jungle! We also bought more roofing tiles that match our house, and two young men from WaSuTah will build us a garage!

One day when we returned home with some beautiful trees and flowers to plant, they had finished the garage.  Isn’t it beautiful?!  Now there is protection for the truck from rain and sun, and it is right in front of our house!!


Village men did a really nice job and it was almost free!



You can see we are trying to put a cement floor down, but cannot finish because we ran out of cement and it is raining.

The next trip in we brought more fruit trees and flowers!!  How exciting to get them in the ground at the right time – just before rainy season.


Now, because the fence is finally up all around us, we have planted 14 different types of fruit trees plus we already had loads of pineapples and different kinds of flowers!!  Maybe someday we will have fresh fruit up here!  However we have already had big guavas on our tree, but the village people have helped themselves!  Sure hope they were delicious!











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