Worship in the Garden

As soon as I arrived in BYT after my trip to America, I heard from several people that ChaDree was ill. They said he has been throwing up incessantly. He cannot eat and is very skinny. Well my heart sank. I always think when he gets sick, that the cancer has taken over and he probably doesn’t have long to live. Then I think we must hurry up and baptize him because that’s what he wants to do, but it seems he needs more time, because he now is smoking home-made cigarettes and doing opium!! How does God want us to care for this man’s spiritual and physical needs? I know He has the answer and I will continue to pray.

I was delighted when we got called to come to ChaDree’s house on a certain morning, and then accompany them to their garden for a worship there. They needed us to pray for their garden. Many times insects come in just before harvest time, (Which is right now), and destroy a lot of rice. Mice and rats come and eat it also, and the late heavy rain that we have been having, can cause entire sections of precious grains to lay down flat in the field and never recover.

Upon entering ChaDree’s house that morning, I was astonished to see ChaDree, very well and strong! He said that morning he was able to eat again like normal and felt well! He seems to be even better than a cat with nine lives! God is preserving him in order to save him.

It was a long walk through the jungle and across several rice fields to the small hut that overlooks ChaDree’s rice field. The people here always build a small hut to live in while working in their gardens. This little hut, surrounded by the bright green rice fields all the way around it, was a beautiful sight indeed! The people that gathered inside for worship was an even more beautiful sight to me. They are learning about God! Several families had come together that morning. We talked about the power of God and prayed for their rice crop and their families.

The women had carried heavy pots, dishes and water all the way out there to cook a meal. Everyone ate chicken, but they once again had prepared a vegetarian curry for me.

Please join me in praying for these dear people in LaGlah village, and that He will give me wisdom to effectively teach them about Jesus.

ChaDree's garden house

ChaDree’s garden house


ChaDree’s garden


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