Free Surgery

I have a doctor friend in MaeSot that has helped me a lot.  She does not mind if I call her at any time to ask a medical question.  She has given me important formularies, drug books, and other health care documents.  She includes me in donation opportunities that have come to her.  ei:  She can receive individual family water purifying units for many people in my village.


Dr. Elizabeth is a Roman Catholic friend of mine from Italy, who works in MaeSot, much the same way as I do in the jungle!  She and her husband, who is also a Doctor dedicated their time, money, and talents, treating the sick in MaeSot and surrounding border villages.  Dr. Elizabeth has written several medical treatment books on illnesses on the Thai/Burma border.  They have helped many people give proper health care to the Karen people – including myself!  Dr. Elizabeth has become a good personal friend for me.  She is humble and helpful.  Always taking the time to answer my questions and give me some of her new ideas that she has found work on some of her patients.  She also includes me on special donations coming to her and healthcare opportunities.

This time she told me about a great group of plastic surgeons who will come over from Sri Lanka, India to do clef-pallete repair and remove other growths or abnormalities that are within their scope for free.

BletJhaw and I were very excited because we knew of several people that could really benefit, because when we take these type patients to the hospital, they are not taken care of properly or not at all.

Immediately we took the motorbike to many villages finding people that could benefit from this free service.  We travelled far away to villages outside of our usual area.  That motorbike went over the roughest most unmanageable areas that you could imagine.  I was always saying:  “I can walk this one!”  But if the motorbike keeps going, you stay on and pray for safety.  Sometimes the rain would threaten us with lightning, thunder and wind.  Other times we would be balancing downhill on a narrow little ridge – deep ruts either side – ducking under branches, and just missing a snake at times! I don’t know how BletJhaw has so much courage to attempt to tangled mess of a mountain road that lies ahead sometimes, but with prayer we make it every time.  I am so thankful.




Bad, bad, bad roads.  A picture cannot tell you how bad.





When all was said and done we only had 4 patients that were willing to go.  On the morning we were to leave, only 1 showed up!  However the other lady met us partway down the road.  It is a shame that the others didn’t come because this program was huge!  Doctors and nurses were everywhere.  Over 300 clef-pallet cases were there to undergo surgery that day, along with many other problems.  I thought my 2 patients were too insignificant to be counted amongst all these grossly deformed babies and adults.  But no – they treated everybody, and did an excellent job!!  I was amazed that it all went so smoothly even though we were pressed with hundreds of people all day long and it took 3 days.

Of our 2 patients only one got surgery.  NyaThu age 48.  She had a big growth on the side of her face.  I thought it was cancer, but the doctor seemed to think it was a salivary gland.  I certainly hope the later.  We bring her back for the pathology report in one week.  The other patient, a 5 year old girl has a drooping eyelid.  She is not old enough to have that operated on yet.  Next time.


I am so thankful to God for the help this one lady received.  I know without this opportunity she never would have let us take for help because she does not have a Thai card.






The pathology report is negative and I am more happy than she is because she doesn’t understand the significance.  She has learned to pray and will try to stop smoking!






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