The Baptism!

It was a beautiful day, Sabbath, January 30.  The pastor had arrived and all the chaos of the past week was forgotten.  DuPe and his wife came up smiling from ear to ear.  Their 2 boys were not ready yet.  They will get baptized next time.

Come Join us for church!



Here the pastor is reviewing the fundamental beliefs.  It is such a miracle that they know, understand, and do them out of love for their Saviour!  This is the first time this has happened to anyone in our church ever!

After the sermon we all gather outside because I want to take a picture of the congregation.  The first 41/2 years that we lived in BYT we were lucky to have 5-7 people attend church – now look at all the people!  God is working!




Now we make our way to the water.

IMG_2445 (1)


IMG_2447 (1)







All the heartaches, the loneliness, the hardships, sufferings and trials of the past 6 years in BYT suddenly pale into insignificance as I watch the deep joy on their faces when they rise out of the water and as I see the sincerity and fervor of their prayer upon the rock!

“They have found You, Oh Lord.”  I breath, my cheeks wet with tears, “May their feet always be planted on the Rock – Jesus Christ until You come!”


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