Burned Out!

Friday, February 5, SeeHe from CooDooMa village came to visit.   This village is near the big pagoda.  Though we never visited this village before, we know most of the people because they have come to us for medical treatment.  SeeHe told us that his house burned to the ground 5 days previous.  They had lost everything.  He had tears in his eyes as he showed us pictures that someone had taken of the terrible blaze.

These people didn’t have an awful lot to begin with because both he and his wife are addicted to opium.  They are usually going from village to village finding work to do for people so they can earn money for opium.  They have 3 children in grade school.

BletJhaw and I immediately gathered together some of our own warm clothes and blankets to give SeeHe.  They were walking, so we couldn’t give a lot of things.  CooDooMa is almost 2 hours of walking uphill.  Elephants are all around that area, in fact they had met one on the way down, and hid behind a tree!

The following week BletJhaw and I made a trip to MaeSot and purchased everything that the family would need to start a new home.  We also purchased 100 blankets to give out to all the poor families who are suffering from the bitter cold up here in the mountains this time of year!  (I simply cannot bare to think of people being too cold).


On Wednesday we braved the elephants again and drove our truck with all the supplies to CooDooMa.  SeeHe’s sad story is true.  Here’s what we saw.


                       Nothing remaining

They are living with his Mother right now along with her daughter and her husband and 3 children!  So now 11 people are living in this small wood home!




The Mother and daughter with husband and baby

The new items brought joy to their hearts.


We will help them build their new home, if the government, or school does not assist them.  We must wait and see.  It will cost 7000 baht just for the elephants to haul in the posts. We must be careful though and pay the workers directly, otherwise it may go to buy more and more opium.

We talked to them about their opium habit and explained the dangers.  I really pleaded with them to stop.  We explained a little about God and prayed with them before leaving.

I really love these dear people!  Won’t you please help us pray for them?!

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