Jack Hamilton, DDS

Before they call I will answer and while they are yet speaking, I will hear.” Isaiah 65:24

I prayed earnestly for help with my dentistry skills.  I felt that I was doing my patients an injustice because even though I got the teeth out, I knew I was not doing it right.

I am sure that even before I said that prayer, a lovely dentist way up in Alaska heard God’s call to his heart.  He watched a program of our work in BYT on Mission TV and found out about Faith Camp in WA.

By the time I finished my last presentation last year at Faith Camp, I met him and found out he was a dentist!  I was embarrassed and apologized that I was pulling teeth without any instruction because the people had terrible pain and there was no dentist.  He and his lovely wife Katie showed me instruments they had brought and answered all my questions.  I asked them why they brought the instruments, did they think they would need to pull some teeth.  They laughed and he told me that the Lord had impressed him to bring them because someone might need them!  He gave them to me that day!  Besides all that, they said they would like to come visit me for a week and help me learn more!!!

That week was last week!  He brought loads of instruments and supplies.  By the end of the week he gave them all to me!  What a blessing, what friendship, what lovely encouragement and support!


In BYT we only had 2 teeth to pull, but I learned so much about teeth and gums, procedures and precautions, medications and the use of instruments.  I am sure we would have had many more patients that week, but the wild elephants had moved right into our area and into our village and nobody was brave enough to come!  One man had been killed and a female elephant had been stomped to death!

We went to Sunshine Orchard the next week and found many students that needed dental help.  IMG_1152

This one must come out.




Dr. Hamilton patiently instructed me, watched me, guided my hands and loosened up the particularly difficult teeth.  We pulled about 13 teeth that day.  I am forever thankful to them for the great sacrifice they made of their time, energy, and money.  They left their busy office come to the hot and humid weather of Thailand to help me.

I miss them now and will never forget them. They are angels of mercy.  Praise the Lord with me!


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