What a Wonderful Week~


What a week of blessings just poured out of heaven on us!


I will begin with Monday evening at DuPe’s house for Bible study.  We were late because we were detained by treating more patients than usual.  But because we were late the little ones all went to slept and the Mothers were able to stay and listen.  This was one of those divine and sacred meetings, with the people straining to hear each word and struggling to understand!   I spoke on how to have a relationship with Jesus in a living way and not just obey without love.  This practical loving relationship to Jesus is what many people miss.  Their obedience just comes from head knowledge.  Oh how we prayed before delivering these words!!  There are 4 people there who desire to follow God all the way and be baptized!

“Remember that the Lord Jesus is the Master Worker.  He waters the seed sown.  He puts into your mind the words that will reach hearts.”  CS 258  (Please read this entire chapter – it all needs to be copied here)!


We went to MeDeLeGwee village, far away with only 12 houses.  These people are very ignorant, helpless and needy.  Oh if only we could live here and help the people on a daily basis.  We treated the sick, then brought everybody to our truck and handed out blankets and mosquito nets for everyone.  The happiness and smiles were such a blessing!  Oh let us give and give again!

“A continual imparting of God’s gifts wherever the cause of God or the needs of humanity demand our aid, does not tend to poverty.”   Acts of the Apostles 345  (See Proverbs 11:24)








Now we invited everybody to come to one of the houses for worship.  Most of them came. Oh may God give them the light of understanding is my prayer.  Jesus says:
“The worth of a soul!. . . The soul that has given himself to Christ is more precious in His sight than the whole world.” Evangelism 489


“Whatever is done out of pure love,… be it ever so little in the sight of men, is wholly fruitful.”  2 Testimonies 135



We are now doing Bible study on Wednesday evenings in BYT because 2 people there wish to be baptized!  This week was our 3rd study on the devil.  This meeting is progressing slowly because the people don’t always attend.


This is our Bible study day in LaGlah.  Two people are interested in being baptized in this village.  As you will read in the next story our safety is in great danger when we go to this village.  It is over 90% certain we will see elephants and they are really terrible to say the least.  Another man has been killed north of us and a bamboo house destroyed. However we go with full assurance, for aren’t we promised protection?

When God grants us His protection and says of us “Ye are laborers together with Me,” If you keep the way of the Lord, you are safe in the midst of the greatest dangers!  (This Day With God 199)

We went on the motorbike, treated the patients, then invited all for worship.  We explained the importance of the Bible.  Oh if you could only have been there to see the complete amazement and intensity on the people’s faces.  God’s spirit is working!


Friday and Sabbath were filled with patient care, prayer and worships.  Also I preached on giving.  There was a great attendance and a more reverent spirit.  What a blessing and how powerful is the gift of the Holy Spirit!

I am so excited – the people are turning toward God that I can hardly contain myself! BletJhaw and I are wide awake and earnestly working to reach these people before it is too late. The dangers only make us press forward more eagerly.

“As those who have an understanding of Bible truth try to seek out the men and women who are longing for light, angels of God will attend them. And where angels go, none need fear to move forward. As a result of the faithful efforts of consecrated workers, many will be turned from idolatry to the worship of the living God.” (Prophets and Kings 171.2)





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