Dry, Dry, Dry



“Send some rain. Would You send some rain?
‘Cause the earth is dry and needs to drink again.
And the sun is high and we are sinking in the shade.
Would You send a cloud, thunder long and loud,
Let the sky grow black and send some mercy down.
Surely You can see we’re thirsty and afraid.
But maybe not, not today. Maybe You’ll provide in other ways.
And if that’s the case – we’ll give thanks to You, with gratitude,
For lessons learned in how to thirst for You
How to bless the very sun that warms our face,
– if You never send us rain.”

*          *          *          *          *          *          *
This is the first stanza of a beautiful song sung by the Nebblet family about trusting God under all circumstances. Very applicable here right now as we are in a severe drought. Usually it rains one time in April, but not this year. It has not been this scorching hot and dry in 20 years.
Though I love dry roads to drive on, and dread the impossible roads in rain and mud, but now I am praying my very first prayer for rain. My usual prayer is: “Oh Lord please don’t let it rain until we get home” etc. But now, villages all around us are suffering – they have no water including ourselves. We bathe and wash our clothes in the river, but it is a greatly diminishing river.

Usually a big, rushing, rapid, river.

Usually a big, rushing, rapid, river.

We can ALWAY praise the Lord!  Just when we needed it the most, my good friend, Dr. Elizabeth gave us 12 simple water filter units that were donated to her.  We are giving them out and use one ourselves, as the water is very dirty.

Dr. Elizabeth and the water filters

Dr. Elizabeth and the water filters


PeeWah and her new water filter!

Along with the stifeling heat comes thick smoke from burning the rice fields and the mountainsides this time of year.  Billows of dust fly around when driving on roads with 6 inches of powder.
Because of this many babies are suffering from asthma and pneumonia.


May Jesus come soon!

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