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(If you do Facebook, please ask BletJhaw to be your friend.  He is posting lovely things and would like to include you in his friends.  I am going to put his latest post here for you:)


“This is my new son, his name is Ah Tee. We just adopted him yesterday. I know him long time ago but my wife saw him just five days ago and had a great compassion on him. He has 11 years old, older brother and 2 years old younger sister.His parents are still alive but they are so addicted to opium they can’t care their children. They try to quit using opium for many times but it didn’t last very long. They work very hard for others people so they can earn a little bit of money to buy opium. In the meantime three children are wondering around helpless and hopeless, filthy dirty and knowing not when they will have to eat. They are not Adventist so they have no idea about eternal life with Jesus in heaven. So we decided to help Ah Tee to find Jesus. We cut out the devil string and started to take care of him and introduce him to Jesus.

Devil strings cut off!

Devil strings cut off!



I’m really thanks God for my son Jonathan he really nice to his new brother.



I pray that Ah Tee real family will know the Living God and change theirs life and also pray for us too. Ah Tee will be 6 years old on July 15.”


(BletJhaw’s family was able to spend a whole week with us in BYT.  During that time, we cared for this little family.  BletJhaw’s wife, WaNeePaw, fell in love with the 6 year old. I am so happy that this one boy has a chance to learn about God!)


The mother and siblings

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