Bright Light in the Darkness!


There have been a lot of disheartening things going on lately. The devil has so many things sliding backwards. I even asked the Lord one day if He was indicting for me to change my location to another village – what did He want me to do – keep pressing on through the dark, stormy night?  Never-the-less, the Lord has His hand on me and I will not be discouraged I will not loose courage and my faith will not grow dim because His precious hand is on me! Encouragement came – a cup of blessing that He held to my lips!

It was Sabbath night. A lady, LaCher, came to see us from GeGhah village: “Please come and take my husband, DeeTee to the hospital. He has a lot of pain in his leg. Oh do come with the truck right now!” BletJhaw and I looked at each other. It has been raining, the pathways are mud, slime, very steep and it is dark. Some places have broken away right into the river. We do not know the true condition of this man until we see him. Sometimes it is no where near as bad as the people say, but sometimes it is much much worse. We decided we would take the motorbike early in the morning.

The man was indeed in extreme pain. I felt so sorry for him and determined after examination that he should be taken out for x-rays – probably a herniated disc from working on his house, hope it doesn’t rupture. Now we return home to get the truck. This was no small job we were tackling. The roads were worse because rainy season had begun, and the way the truck has to go is way further than the motorbike. It has to go in a huge circle all the way around just to get to GeGhah. It will take us 5 hours to get him to the hospital. I am so proud of BletJhaw, he is willing to drive even though the rain is coming and in our minds eye we can just see those dangerous areas and our hearts are shrinking from them!






Finally we’re loaded and go. The whole trip and hospital visit was what you might call a nightmare and very wearing. However we were glad that we had helped the people.

Two weeks later, LaCher came to us again. Her husband is doing a little better, but this time she said they wanted us to come and have a worship in their home. They had heard the prayers and listened to what we said about our Living God during the time we spent together and wanted to know more!! That day was sweeter than all the dark days put together! I told the gospel story very simply and why we worship the true, living God in heaven. These people sincerely listened. LaCher brought scissors and asked us to please cut off their devil strings. They wanted to change and learn how to worship this true, living God in heaven.










All the devil trinkets and Buddha idols were taken down and thrown away!

All the devil trinkets and Buddha idols were taken down and thrown away!

Please pray for them as we will begin Bible studies in their home as often as we can.

“The people that walked in darkness have seen a great light. They that dwell in the land of the shadow of death, upon them hath the light shined.” Isaiah 9:2

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