Last trip out!

Leaving BYT in full rainy season!

(Sorry:  This was supposed to be posted back last August when I was leaving for America.  I don’t know how to place it back in the right sequence).

We were everything but rested when we headed out the next morning, Tuesday at 6:30a.m.  It had rained most of the night and was still raining.  I closed my eyes and tried to imagine the difficult mountain passes!  God always helps us and holds up our goings that our footsteps slip not!  We will trust in Him one step at a time.

I started out walking while BletJhaw struggled to get up the first mountain.  I could hardly take a step without sliding backwards. My precious Bible, computer and small ration of supplies for America were strapped onto that bike, making it even more difficult to manage.  I cannot describe to you in words the struggle that we had to progress through the perilous way!  Near the top of the mountain the rain came driving down accompanied by a strong cold wind and heavy fog.  I had no thought of a camera because if I tried to take a picture the camera would ruin in the rain.  I kept leaping off the back, trying to push that bike, but my feet had no traction – neither did BletJhaw and the bike. There were mud slides and fallen trees and I felt I would surely never be clean, warm and dry again.  The mud seemed to sink into the very core of my being.  BletJhaw has all my respect and admiration to even attempt to drive through those tangled, muddied, steep places on this simple wave 110 motorbike.  The bike slid and bounced in every direction.  Indeed, on the back of that bike without a seatbelt to hold me in place, I was truly the tail that wagged the entire dog, and I was barely hanging on!  Only by the grace of God we made it out.

Yet through it all I see God’s protective hand, I feel so tenderly cared for, nurtured and admired in His eyes.  Because I am so awkward, ignorant, and unworthy to work for Him and represent Him, makes His tenderness towards me even more overwhelmingly amazing! Words cannot describe how my whole heart goes out after Him.

“Our power is in the assurance that His love is exercised toward us.  If faith grasps this assurance, we have gained it all.  If we loose this assurance – all is lost.”  TMH 265



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