Blatant Attacks of the Devil

I am learning more each year about the blatant attacks of the devil and his evil host out here in these jungle mountains.  There are several wicked men that I shall call witch-men who have super-human power.  They cannot be called witch doctors, as their intent is not healing, but killing!

Just 2 months ago (This was written in March) a man came to our clinic desiring help with a doctor’s diagnosis of liver cancer.  Indeed one look told me he was a dying man.  I was surprised that he was so bad in such a short period of time. Two days later we visited him in his home in MooDooKey village.  I read his diagnosis in the medical papers that he showed us, and looked at the xrays.  Shortly after this the man died.

Today we learned that a witch-man, MooPa, had eaten in this man’s house on 2 occasions, prior to his sickness.  He was rude and did not wash his plate after eating, as is the custom among the Karen people, but he dumped his unfinished portion of rice onto the wife’s plate and told her to wash his plate.  The husband scolded him for this. Consequently MooPa became angry and flicked his fingers over the man’s liver area 3 times.  Shortly after this the man began to have pain there, consequently he died soon after.  Before his death he told his family to cut open his stomach after he dies.  The family did so and found that filling his abdominal cavity, were swarms of fish eggs moving about.  In other people who die of curses, they find a shoe or a fish etc.

In vengeance, the family immediately called a hit man from MaeLaCamp to come and kill MooPa.  The very same day the hit man came and smoked opium with MooPa in his house.  MooPa’s brother, MooHe, was also in the house.  Next they ate dinner together.  As they were eating the hit man said to MooPa:  “I was told to kill you.  You have to die.  I don’t know how he did it, but noiselessly while MooPa was washing his dinner plate he was killed.


MooPa’s Brother, MooHe was in the house at the time, he also is a witch-man.  When he knew the intent of the visitor and witnessed the murder, he ran away and barely escaped with his life.

Soon after this MooHe visited us in the clinic April 5 and April 8.  He asked for an IV both times, but I did not give it because his vital signs were good and he was eating and drinking fluids just fine.  Today, April 8, he had an infected lower lip and chin with extreme pain.  I treated him for an infection and gave him some yogurt milk to compliment the antibiotic and a nice knitted hat.  He was very afraid because he knew there were people who still were after him to kill him.  BletJhaw and I prayed with him.

This also has solved the mystery of the man in MeDeLeeGwee village who had committed suicide 2 years ago.  He was a recipient of MooPa’s curse!  This curse was the kind that causes great depression.  It was so bad that this man went out at night and hung himself in a tree.  We had been shocked and dumbfounded about this terrible news, because this man had no reason for depression, he had everything going for him, above all of the other village people.  He owned a truck, had a nice big house with a lovely wife and 2 children, he owned water buffalo, his rice garden and coffee gardens were flourishing and he also got money from the government.  Now we know it was MooPa’s curse.

Oh dear Lord, if there were just more SDA missionaries who could help us in these mountains to tell the dear people about the power of the true God in heaven.  No curse can harm them when they worship and call upon Him.

What is wrong with us?  Why are there way more Baptist, Anglican, Catholic and other denominations all through these isolated mountains.  But the Seventh-Day Adventist people who have and hold the truth are not here.

“It is the duty of every Christian to strive to the utmost of his ability to spread abroad the knowledge of truth.” Maranatha 107

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