Media Truck

Here’s an amazing story! Jesus for Asia has a foundation now in Chaing Mai called, “Love for Asia.” Jon Wood came to Thailand last October to purchase a 4X4 truck and adapt it for media use. The team worked on this project all month and outfitted this truck into a mobile, state of the art, production studio. What a miracle! It cost a lot of money, but now it can travel to remote sites and video meetings etc. in the people’s native language and the DVD’s or MP3’s can take the gospel to many other locations.

When I heard that this work of art was completed, I called Jon Wood before he left Thailand to congratulate him on this huge project, and say good-bye to him. He had been too busy to visit us in BYT this time. We were planning our evangelistic meetings, and I decided to be really funny and tell Jon Wood that now he had completed this truck just in time so he could bring it to BYT and record our evangelistic meetings! I knew that we were by far too remote and that could never happen, but I wanted to be outlandish. . . ..However.. . . to my utter and profound, amazement his reply was:

“Yes! That’s exactly what we will do, that’s what it’s made for. This truck will come to BYT and record the entire series if you would give your permission!”

PERMISSION!! I was completely shocked and dumbfounded – speechless, unable to process what I had just heard! To think something this expensive and valuable and new would be traveling way out here to this small place with all that big capability! This really was encouraging because I knew the timing of that truck was providential and even if hardly any people came to our meetings, those videos could be taken to many other villages. How encouraging! God was working!

Sure enough it came with 5 young professional men who knew what they were doing for sure! I really thank them for taking the time, money, and effort to do all that work.

God’s word is going to cover these mountains!



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