Audio Bibles and Tobacco!

During the week of evangelism, a group of us visited NyaLaGwee (NLG) village. Pastor Leonardo and his wife came along with Lisa Sharon and family and Jonathan Hill with his large, ever-present camera.

When we first entered the village we noticed that most of the people were working in their gardens and were not there.  Some, however needed medical help and we were led to the small one-room school house which was not in session.  It was a perfect place to put down a mat and conduct a clinic.  Many more people came from nowhere and so we began with a worship.  First of all BletJhaw introduced to the audio Bible.  I had brought 3 of them with the chargers.  Pastor Leonardo had a lovely worship with them, then BletJhaw gave the Bibles to those interested.

They know  a little bit about the Bible because we have taught them simply about Jesus for many years.  She jumped up and was so excited to receive her very own audio Bible!!  After the 3 Bibles were given, we treated the sick for a very long time.  So many sick people, then a family had cooked and fed our entire group!

This type of work is normal for us to do from village to village, but what happened next certainly was extraordinary!  The next day a group of people came to our clinic from NLG.  The first lady to be treated smokes a pipe all the time.  BletJhaw tries repeatedly with all the people to encourage them to stop smoking, but this lady in particular.  When he asked her if she had stopped smoking yet, she was embarrassed because there in her bag was a large plastic bag filled with tobacco and her pipe.  She pulled it out and handed it all to BletJhaw, saying that she will stop today!  We prayed for her and were overjoyed.  Then we asked the 2 other ladies with her if they too wanted to follow this good example and give up their tobacco.

“No”  they said, “Not yet, maybe next time.”

We encouraged them and talked for a long time.

Finally the other 2 ladies surrendered their pipes and tobacco also.  They wanted to stop smoking!  We prayed there on the porch for them all.  Then they asked for the audio Bibles, because they did not get one the day before.  With joy we gave out the Audio Bibles and explained how to use them.


Great exchange!  Tobacco for Audio Bibles!

That day we gave out 9 audio Bibles to that group of people from NLG village



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