Dreadful Pain!

MauDa is approximately 42 years old and lives in WST.  His brother came to our house one day and asked if we could go and give him an IV.  When we saw this young man we were appalled!  He could not move without unbearable pain.  Even a light touch made this man turn pale, bite his tongue, shake and scream out in pain.  He had seen a doctor in Omkoi over one month ago.  I looked at the papers and saw that the doctor had written Bell’s palsy for a diagnosis, but his blood pressure was high.  I gave him an injection of Tramadol 100mg, but it did not phase him one little bit.  We could not take him to the hospital that day because of the pain, so we drove all the way to MaeSot to buy Valium.  I thought if I could just give him 5-10mg in the vein, he would be relieved enough to get him in our truck.

I was able to give him 5mg IV the next day, and we got him into the back of our truck.  But not without extreme pain.  He yelled and screamed with pain all the way on the rough road.  We stopped every 30-40 mins. and I hopped in the back of the truck and gave him 5 more mg in the vein.  BletJhaw was gripping the steering wheel and I the hand rail so tightly as if that would help ease his pain.  BletJhaw was trying to drive slowly to soften the big bumps, yet fast to get him there quicker.  Our tears could not bring him the sympathy we felt, but they came anyway. It was truly terrible.  At the hospital I found out he had had a stroke (Not bell’s palsy), and he had a huge infection, causing stenosis of the muscles of his legs, pain and fever etc.  He would not have lived if we left him in his house and I could not have cared for him there.  He was transported to a larger hospital for surgery, but the good news came at the end of our time with him and his family.  He told us that if he got well again and came home he would come to our church and wanted to find out about our God!!   Truly all things work together for good to those who love God!!

Please pray for MauDa!  Thank you!


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