Privileges in Hardships

Every season here is harsh – the bitter cold of November through January, the stifling heat of March through May.  The dreadful rains of June through October!

It is 112 degrees today, the dust is choking us and the smoke is burning our eyes.  Sure glad we have strong lungs, even if I am clearing my throat all the time!  However, many patients young and old do not handle this well.  I have used up all my Salbutamol for the nebulizer treatments.  The floor in our house is covered with fresh black soot/ashes every day.  We drove the truck out and barely made it because the fires had gone over the road.  Yesterday we would not have made it through those fires. I was told that our shock-ups under the truck will blow up if they get too hot!  We have to be careful. In some places you can barely see past the next corner the smoke is so thick!

Many mountainsides or naked as the people clear more and more areas to grow their rice.

Fires burn here in Thailand every year, but this year it seems to me like the entire country is burning up.  It is very dry here.  All along the main highway fires have been started from people’s cigarettes.  We can tell the government is trying to stop it, but they cannot.  Fires are roaring up into the jungle, but unlike America, it does not kill the trees.  Even if the leaves are all burned off, the rainy season will bring that tree back to perfect life again.

Even with all the heat, dust, and smoke, I personally like this hot season much better than the cold season! …..And all the seasons are total bliss compared to the rainy season!

But listen to this!!

“When the Light of the world passes by, privileges appear in all hardships.”  CH 26.3   (You will fall in love with God and leap out to work for Him when you read this entire chapter:  “The Outlook.”)


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