Near Death Experience

Thank you for your prayers everybody!  They really saved our lives!  The devil had to take a couple more good kicks at us coming home from MaeSot Thursday taking the lady home that had cataract surgery, and her daughter.  Thought we were really going over the edge.  If it were not for our Holy Angels and your prayers, we would not be here to tell the story.  I know God is not finished with us yet in this place!  At one point we all walked and BletJhaw drove up a steep narrow grade where there is no room to slide sideways because of the steep cannon on the right and the bank on the left.  I was outrageously dangerous! At many other places it was a nerve wracking, impossible, uphill mess of deep ruts, open chasms, oozing mud, and steep ravines that met our weary gaze!  We were too tense and no time to take a photo in the rain.

I grabbed my cellphone and saw I had service.  I quickly texted a friend I met in the Philippines who had told me to let him know my prayer requests and he would pray.  I said:  “Please pray now, we are in terrible trouble on these roads.” I had no idea if he got it just then or not, but I do know that many people routinely pray for us.  Thank you so much dear friends you really make a difference!

When you’re really in trouble there is no time to take a picture.

Underneath, the wet loose dirt brings the cement road down with it. Very narrow and dangerous!


Now we have safely made our last trip out with the truck this season!  The next thing you will be hearing about is motorbike stories!

All this is difficult, but you know it says in RH Nov. 19, 1895:  “God scatters His blessings all along our pathway to brighten our heavenward journey!”

This is so true because blessings far outweigh the trouble. I wouldn’t trade it for anything when I see the people eagerly listening to the Bible story!!  Look at their faces! Oh what joy!


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