Warm Welcome

God is the only One who can hold us together in these last days of earth’s history!  I am up and down in so many airplanes, back and forth across America and across the ocean, and clinging tightly to Jesus hand, my only sanity, as I say hello and then goodbye to my boys, my family and so many people both sides of the ocean.  Tears pour down my face as I part with my precious Mother, who has always stood by me with a love beyond explanation.  God is the only constant, the only One I never have to say goodbye to! The inner strength of my being!
As I enter BYT, my mission life swings sharply into focus.  It is Wednesday evening and we go to prayer meeting.  I get hugged so tight that I fall right over!  Such a warm welcome!
Patients pour into our little clinic. Young and old seek relief from so many ailments.  I am privileged to pray for the patients and again feel the utter joy as I watch them kneel, fold their hands and bow their heads with eyes closed.
My heart is filled with gratefulness to BletJhaw who has faithfully worked in BYT all by himself while I was away.  He visited villages, treated the sick, gave worships, and preached sermons.  His way on the motorbike was most difficult in the constant rain and mud.  Words cannot describe the difficulties, but he faithfully continues on in faith and courage!
My friend, LooPaw, from LaGlah came with a large abscess on her left temple. She had intense pain. The whole side of her face is swollen and red. She cannot open her mouth. Her right eye can barely open.  Another abscess is beginning on her neck.  This needs immediate attention because she has a high fever which indicates the infection has already spread to her blood stream.  This is dangerous.  We pray.  I carefully numb and drain the pus, and start her on antibiotics.  I must drain this abscess daily and place a wick inside to keep draining it.  We go to LaGlah two days in a row to repeat the process, and we pray.  In 3 days I must go to MaeSot and do my year-end visa.  In 3 days the fever, pus, swelling, and infection is gone!  LooPaw is so happy and has learned more about the God who heals us!  Me too – constantly amazed and praising Him!!
During our visit to LaGlah village we saw 44 patients.  It took us hours. People heard that I was back and they came from other far away villages. We used up most all our medicine. One girl cried because we had run out of medicine for her.  Tears just poured out of her eyes when she found out we had no more clotri/beta cream to treat the fungus infection on her shoulder.  We had used up all that cream on many little children who had terrible skin from never taking a bath.  One little girl BletJhaw took under the house and cut off all her hair so we could treat the fungus all over her body and on her scalp.
We had to return to that village the very next day with extra medicine, so everyone was treated properly and the poor girl who cried could be happy again!
I see groups of people from other villages expressing their gratefulness that I am back, as only the Karen people can do.  I see how the babies have grown over the last 3 months that I have been away.  PahJew’s family have a new baby already 2 months old that I get to see for the first time.  This family has become devoted Seventh-Day Adventists!  I am so thrilled and delighted because as we had worship with them yesterday, I talked about answers to prayer and making decisions.  PahJew tells us about the prayers he has had answered!  This is a huge thing for our Karen people of the jungle!  PahJew and his wife are living up to all the truths that they have learned! Praise the Lord with me – this is wonderful!
This Sabbath in the BYT Seventh-Day Adventist church, I am delighted to count 65 people in attendance!  (See photo).  I know the Holy Spirit is drawing the people!  My sermon title:  “Remember Me.”  How I love my work God has given me to do, deep in the jungle mountains!  Oh let’s work for the Master while it is yet day.  May heaven be filled with our prayers for lost souls to find the light!

Can you even imagine that for the first 4-5 years in BYT we only had 5 or 6 people attending church? Now just look!! This is why we must never be discouraged but press on with firmer faith and greater assurance from above!

This morning before leaving BYT to do my year-end visa, tears and sudden anguish wrenches my heart!  Another dying infant in its mother’s arms, so dehydrated from vomiting and diarrhea that the little body cannot sustain life.  Here in the jungle the people are ignorant of danger signs.  They have no idea that their baby is drawing its last few breaths. Oh, how to teach everyone?  How can Jesus bare so many heartaches as He watches His creation groaning?
Thank you dear friends for your prayers.  I also need more prayers for the upcoming meetings in the Philippines October 24 through November 4.  I begin that trip Monday, October 22.  I will do 10 presentations in 2 different locations. Pray that the hearts of the youth will respond to the call to work for God.
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