I have been to the Philippines twice this year and have fallen in love with he Philippine people.  Last May/June I was one of the speakers for PYC, (Philippine Youth for Christ), in Iloilo where over 1000 youth meet yearly and fellowship with Jesus! Now I have just returned from a 2 week trip speaking at two different locations.   I know why God sent me, because the blessings and inspiration that I received from the leaders and youth, far exceeded the blessings that I gave!




My first location was in Romblon.  The main church that we gathered at was right on the beach.  The beauty of the location and the fellowship with the leaders and young people was incredible.  I had 5 presentations, and because this was their first time to introduce Romblon Youth for Christ, (RYC), there were less attending.  I therefore had more time to counsel with them and get to know them. Early mornings were spent in united prayer.



Friday is the day for outreach, I joined the medical group visiting in the hospital.  We wore our Romblon Youth for Christ T-shirts, and encouraged the people, singing and praying in the rooms.  Afterward we handed out tracks in the streets.


Sabbath was very special, the big church was full, and the Spirt of God moved upon the people. After my Sabbath School presentation they invited me to speak in the neighboring church which I was delighted to do.  Kyle Vincent, one of the leaders took me there on the motorbike and I meet many other wonderful Philippine church members.


Sabbath evening we had a very special communion service out on the beach!  Singing, praising God and praying for each other.  There was unity and love between us.  Hearts were moved and many youth dedicated their lives in service to God!  Praise the Lord!



Night songs on the beach

Preacious moments of prayer on the beach!

Romblon: You will always hold a special place in my heart!

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