Revival Meetings in BYT part 3 of 3


“We should be in a position where we may believe that God is willing to do for us more than we can ask or think.  ST May 7, 1896

Here are a few examples of the Holy Spirit at work amongst us!

  1.  At the beginning of the Friday evening meeting on health, a young lady from WaSuTa caught my arm and earnestly told me that her father, TeePo wanted to quit drinking.  We know him well.  He is the village drunk!  Never sober, always tottering around looking haggard and wasted.  He had come to the meeting!  I looked at him  sitting in the back against the wall – even now he appeared drunk, but I am so delighted that he was there!  After the meeting this man came to us asking for us to pray for him because he had decided to stop drinking.  He also told us that he had been in debt for 1000 baht and had just paid off that debt.  I was amazed, as this man still smelled strongly of alcohol, his gate was uncertain and unsteady, yet I marveled at the 3 wonderful steps he had already taken toward Jesus.  One:  He desired to quit drinking.  Two: He had paid off his debt.  And Three:  He had come to our meetings and was requesting help!  We placed him in the middle of our prayer circle, laid our hands upon him, pleading with God for him to obtain the complete victory over alcohol.  The next morning BletJhaw and I visited him in his home.  He was sober and his hands were trembling.  I was so happy because I knew that meant he had not taken a drink. We gave him our package of remedies for detoxing and explained that he must take all traces of drink out of his house.  Also it is best to stop smoking at the same time and get the misery over all in one go, if not he would have to go through the ordeal again!  We found out that he and his wife smoke, however the wife told us that she did not want to quit smoking.  We told her that this would make it really hard on him because smoking triggers alcohol and visa versa.  We explained the importance of prayer to him and told him a simple Bible promise to claim.  He said he could do that.  Finally we prayed and I poured out my heart in prayer for this poor man who was going to face quite a struggle and needed Jesus.  As soon as the prayer was finished, the wife quietly got up and went to the corner of the house coming out with her plastic bag full of tobacco. Her eyes were wet with unshed tears, as she handed it over to me!  This was a moment I will never forget – a moment when I felt the power of the Holy Spirit in that home in answer to earnest prayer.

2.  Another man, ChaPoe, in that village had been baptized last December. He was the one who had invited TeePo, the alcoholic and his wife and children to the meetings.  He was embarrassed to tell us but he too had picked up smoking again. (We had helped him to quite about 6 years ago).  Now he is determined to quite again.  He came to all of the early morning united prayer meetings and requested prayer each time.

3.  Now here is a sweet story of a woman who has my heart!  This lady, TreeAu, used to come to our church regularly.  She was a pillar in our church.  She has 5 children, and the 3 married girls that live in BYT, always came to church.  However one day about 5 years ago this lady got her feelings hurt and quit coming to church, in fact she and her daughters attended the Baptist church in WaSuTa instead.  We were heartbroken and since that time didn’t miss an opportunity to invite her back almost every time she came to our clinic for treatment, and also when we visited in her home, but she would not come. So you can imagine our joyful surprise to see her attend our last 3 meetings!  I was so overjoyed to see her come that I gave her a big hug and a kiss.  After the powerful Sabbath sermon, entitled Full Surrender, our entire group got up to sing the closing special music: “I Surrender All,” in Karen.  I was singing in the center of the group.  Because I was singing high alto in Karen, I was concentrating a little bit, however I know the chorus very well and was able to look out at the beautiful people before me.  My eye caught this lady sitting in the middle of the women’s section.  As I was singing I Surrender All, and looking at her.  She smiled a wonderful smile at me and nodded her head while raising her hand.  It was a wonderful moment because I sensed a commitment in her eyes. Tears came to my eyes and it was hard to keep singing because I feel she will return to the Seventh-day Adventist church!

4.  SawSay met us Sabbath evening after the AY program. His voice was shaky and his eyes looked like tears were beginning.  He requested prayers after his baptism.  We wondered if the Buddhist in-laws were upset and persecuting them for this decision. We encircled him and laid our hands on him, praying for his victory and for continued growth with Jesus in the truth and the love of the truth.  SawSay said he was not being persecuted at all, he just was so thankful for what we had taught him and for the joy of his baptism.  He thanked us again and again.  So sincere and happy that the things he once did that was wrong, he now does not do them!

Lovely family doing all that they know is right

5.  Pastor Martin had a real longing for the Baptist pastor from WaSuTa to attend the meetings.  He had been invited two times.  He came on Friday with several people from his church.  At the close of the meeting Pastor Martin asked for those who wanted to learn about the Bible and get baptized.  A young man that he had brought from WaSuTa raised his hand to join our church. He said his wife also wants to join! We continue to pray for the Baptist pastor.

  1. A 60 year old man in WaSuTa, BeeHtu, used to be very interested in our church. He attended all the Bible studies we did in WaSuTa, he attended all our church meetings.  His face always showed intense interest, which thrilled me, but suddenly he stopped coming. When we visited him he said that his children and son-in-law are against it.  But he attended our meetings and afterward BletJhaw was able to read him the verses in Matthew 10:37 and Luke 14:26 and encouraged him to come back to church and put God first!

So you see God has certainly given us more than we could ask or think!  Praise His name!

Now that the meetings are over, we have a responsibility to keep the fire burning and keep the people attending church and growing in faith. We really miss Pastor Martin – we are incapable of ministering to all these people properly, but God is capable and will help us. The Pastor advised us to continue the united prayer on Wednesday evening and the 6:30 Sabbath morning meeting.  This will bring power and unity into our church.

He asked us to do a 21-day Daniel challenge for our people where they will do the following for the next 21 days:

*Keep the 10 commandments with emphasis on the 4th and 8th     (Sabbath and tithing)

*Eat only clean meat – no coffee

*Drink 6 cups of water a day

*No TV, radio, or phone videos

*Take time in prayer and Bible

Also we want to encourage the church members to share their faith and invite others to church. They can take the audio Bibles with the messages on them and give them out.

Please pray for our people and for us as we are extra busy now spreading the gospel and giving the trumpet a certain sound!!



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