Fountain View Academy!

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine that part of FountainView Academy in Canada, would ever step foot in my village far away in the jungles of Thailand. But God is always surprising me with blessings beyond my comprehension!


I heard that the president of this famous musical academy, Michael Dunbar, had heard about our work in BYT and when he brought the Senior class to Sunshine Orchard, a group also came to visit and bless us from March 14-18!! There were 17 of them, (Ten students and 7 teachers).  I was so filled with joy and thrilled with God’s blessings that I could hardly keep my feet on the ground!

Still hard to believe – is it really true? Seventeen people from FVA right here in front of our mission house/clinic in BYT! Praise the Lord forever!


Not only did those ten students and teachers sing together like the angels, but they also restrung my two old, simple, Thai violins, and using the deteriorated violin bows, amazed our simple village people, (Me too)!! with the incredable sounds of heavenly music.  The walls of our little church has never heard such harmony and the people never gazed upon so many faces, radiant with the love of God, and the joy of a life hid in Christ Jesus! Only in heaven will we learn of the results of their music, their testimonies, worships, and sermon in this place.

I have a lovely video of my favorite group song and of Mertessa (Girl in the blue) playing the violin, but it won’t send because it is too long.  If anyone can help me send videos by some other rout it would be so nice.  I really want you to hear the music they brought us.  Even though it sounds even more wonderful in real life!!

But hang on!  I am not finished yet!  Dr. Thomas, a practicing doctor in New Zealand was also in this group.  He shared up-to-date medical knowledge with me in the clinic, as I face all manor of diseases and undiagnosable problems from day to day.  He was such a support and help to me, that I now really miss him.   Also I discovered that the president, Micael Dunbar has a profound knowledge of medicine, illness, diagnosis, and treatment of disease. (I might explain this president as a “Walking Encyclopedia!” What encouragement, support and knowledge has been gleaned from their short visit!

President, Michael Dunbar

Doctor Thomas from New Zealand

…And that’s not all!  A dear dentist and his wife, Ronnie and Ashley Hold from BlueRidge Tennessee were also in the group, full of smiles and wonderful words of encouragement!  Their son, Nick, a FVA senior was also in the group. I knew them from a visit I had in their church 4 years ago!  My heart is just melted right down and running over with thankfulness and praise to God, because He knows my dental knowledge is very small, and even with the 2 visits of our dear dentist in Alaska, Jack and Katie Hamilton, I still run into problems too difficult for me!  Now Doctor Hold taught me, showed me, gave me more supplies, and demonstrated their use.  Michael Dunbar so thoughtfully took a video of the instructions as I pulled a few teeth, knowing it would be such a helpful resource for me in the future.

Doctor Ronnie Hold with his wife, Ashley

Our Sabbath divine worship was “Over-the-Top!” for me because more than 100 people attended that day from at least 4 different villages. (Not counting the visitors).  I could not restrain the tears of joy that continually came to my eyes, as I heard the lovely music and knew this was God Himself bringing His love to my people of the jungle mountains, through FVA! It shows me with outstanding clarity the marvelous love of God for these people and He is working to save them for eternity!

You do not even see all the people in this picture because they are also on the porch and down the stairs!!

BletJhaw and I with Fountain View Academy!

The president, Michael Dunbar preaching the Sabbath Sermon

Song Service with violins!

Three young men, singing: “A Few Good Men!” Beautiful!

I have a lot of hand woven Karen clothes that people have given me, so the girls all wore them for church, making our village people so happy. One lady came up to Tessa, (Far left) and proudly told her: “I made that shirt and skirt!”


After church we had a lovely meal all together under the church!  The people are so happy!

We eat white noodles and curry together. Everybody is happy!

On Sunday we hired another truck to help us take everybody to LaGlah village with us, where we did our normal routine of treating the patients, eating their food, and having a worship in PaJew’s house.  We had given him money to cook for all of us, which he was so happy to do!  FVA sang for his household and conducted a short worship.

Doctor Hold carrying his dental suitcase into LaGlah village!

Dear Doctor Hold, always smiling, always encouraging and helpful. He pulled one tooth in LaGlah village. The patient was so grateful to get rid of that aching tooth!


Treating the patients together in LaGlah village, while FVA sang song after song to the patients who were waiting for treatment! You can see them singing in the background! What a wonderful day it was!

Here are the faithful ones, MeMe, BletJhaw’s sister, and WaNeePaw, his wife! They cooked all the food for 24 people for 4 days, delighting everyone with their tasty food!  Even those not used to eating rice 3 times a day were very complimentary of the food.  I really thank them with all my heart because I NEVER could have done it.  They were not expendable to say the least!!

BletJhaw’s wife on the left, his sister on the right!


I have fallen in love with all these people from this famous school in Canada and now I miss them very much! Many of the students and teachers have expressed their desire to come back and spend more time with us!  Until that day or until the day we meet again in heaven BletJhaw and I will always hold you all so dear to our hearts, and pray that each senior will pursue the work that God has given them to save the lost.  May they stay true to God till He comes.


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