Birthday Memories

My lovely family gave me a very special Birthday this year!

Sure do love this family

We drove 4 1/2 hours over a mountain to get to Umphang – a beautiful little town where we slept the night.  In the morning, April 21, we drove to this beautiful waterfall called TeeLorSu.  The water is low this time of year.  They say it is the best in January, but to me this is better!  The hot weather makes swimming more delightful and because it is not tourist season, there are not crowds of people!

I have not been swimming for a very long time. Because the weather is so hot now, (100degrees), it was wonderful to swim around the waterfall!

Beautiful place! We walk 2 km to the waterfall.

This is how many curves you drive around to get over the mountain to our destination: Umphang

Two children were car sick on the way back home. Not fun for them.


Thank you for taking us. I had a wonderful birthday with all of you.

I really praise the Lord for all His mercies towards me.  He has now given me another year to serve Him.  May I draw closer this year and not let go of His hand.  Lord give me Your power to save souls!

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