Kidney Failure

Kidney Failure is a dreadful problem, especially here in the jungle.  BeLoo has struggled to keep alive for several months now.  She must irrigate her abdomen, (Peritoneal Dialysis) four times daily, in a small and dirty bamboo hut.  It takes almost every waking hour of the day to keep her system washed out enough to keep her alive.  Her life has turned into total helplessness and a desperate struggle to keep going.  She has had no hope for the future.  Once she had a sudden turn for the worse and went unconscious for over two hours.  Her skin itches all over all the time. It is covered with thick tough skin and red raised itch bumps.  She lives with her sister.  Both of them have lost their husbands through opium, anger and unfaithfulness.  The sister’s son is an angry person also who threatens them both and even told BeLoo he would rather see her dead.  Another lady from a different village suffered with this same condition, she could stand it no longer and committed suicide by hanging herself in the cooking area of her house just 3 months ago.  We asked BeLoo if she had been tempted to end her life.  She told us that she has thought of it, but is too scared to do it.

In all of her struggles with sickness and suffering, we introduced God to her, telling her that there is hope, there is a future of beauty, health and happiness with Jesus.  We asked if we could study the Bible with them.  For many weeks now we have been telling her the good news of Jesus and His love.

The hospital suggested that she find someone who would donate a kidney, so she could lead a normal life, but nobody was willing to do that.  Yesterday we visited BeLoo and her sister.  We explained to the sister that when you donate your kidney, that means that both of them can lead a normal life.  Now the sister seems willing to donate her kidney, and our prayers are that she has the right blood type to help her sister because there are no other willing family members or friends.

BeLoo on the right, her sister on the left.

Please pray for these two precious people, that they can understand the Bible studies, fall in love with Jesus, and that BeLoo can get a kidney transplant that will give her life back to her.



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Miracle of the Artist

The words that came out of this artist’s mouth one never-to-be forgotten day came to me as a complete, unexpected, and unparalleled shock. They were riveted in my mind in that instant in such as way that they could never be forgotten. I am not driven to tears very easily, but in that moment as I gazed up at the large, unassuming, country man before me, sudden, insuppressible tears sprung from my eyes, and I found no voice to speak.

It all began during the month of September. I had made a surprise visit to my Mother in Garden Plaza that month for her 94th Birthday present. How special and valuable the time was. We did everything together, including walking the halls downstairs where various local artists were selling and exhibiting their work. We admired and commented about each lovely picture. When my son came to visit, he was particularly drawn to two very well done, detailed pictures of old-time Montana scenes, with old barns and antique vehicles. Later my Mother and I decided we would buy these pictures for his birthday. They were $95 each. I called the number that was listed on the pictures and agreed with the man to meet him the next day and give him some money as a deposit and then at the end of the art show on September 28, I would pay the remainder and claim the pictures.

The next day I met him and gave a one hundred dollar bill as a deposit. I spoke to him briefly about his remarkable talent as an artist. When he asked me where I lived and what I did he was surprised to hear that I was and missionary to the Karen people in the jungles of Thailand.   His questions led me to explain some of the dangers and the joys of my work. I love to recall the miracles of the Lord and the strength that He gives.

Mother and I came to the lobby September 28, looking for our artist. Many artists were entering and retrieving their paintings. Some were obviously upset that they hadn’t sold their pictures, still others were excited that they sold 2 or 3. One man came up to me with 2 of his pictures, extolling their beauty and asking me to please buy them. He was very persistent and continued with his sales pitch even after I explained that I had already bought 2 pictures for my son and couldn’t possibly afford another. It seemed like the entire atmosphere in the lobby that day was heavy with greed and money seeking. Finally I recognized the man whose pictures we were buying. We followed him to the room where his pictures were displayed. There he stood – and there hung his pictures . . . and then came the most stunning words out of his lips . . .

“I really admire the work you are doing to help those people in the jungle. Do you mind if I just give you those 2 pictures to help you out a little bit? It would really mean a lot to me!” . . . .With that he handed me back my crisp one hundred dollar bill.

Oh Lord there are still people in this old world whose hearts are soft and touched by the impressions of the Holy Spirit, who give ungrudgingly – even eagerly, and have a heart for missions and a longing to do their part to help the poor, the lost, and the suffering in other lands.



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My Mother


I went to America during the month of September as a surprise visit to my Mother.  It was her 94th birthday and I had nothing to give her that would mean anything to her – so I gave her myself!  It was the best gift for both of us because we enjoyed each others company so much.  I thank my dear Mother for her spirituality, her deep care and compassion for people, for her courage, strength and self sacrificing love to say good-bye to me, thinking that she may not ever see me again on this earth.

Her friends asked her if she was afraid for the danger I am in and expressed how sad and lonely she must feel to see me go.  Her answer to them was how very privileged and happy she is to see me working for God as a missionary, for this is what she trained me for.  No Mother could ever be more blessed than to have both her children walking with Jesus and working for Him. She knows God is with me and no matter what happens she is willing to let me go because she knows I am doing God’s will and we will see each other in heaven.

What a precious and sweet Mother.  I see her in the doorway waving goodbye saying, God goes with you, we will stay true to Him.

Thank you dear Mother I can perform my God-given work so much better with your blessing!

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It was midnight straight up when we heard a woman knocking and yelling at our front door.  The rain was coming down and she had just carried her 10 year old son all the way up the 2 steep hills to our clinic.  One look at NauTee told me he was in terrible trouble.  With a temperature of 105.6 degrees he was at the point of seizures and convulsions.  His chills were so severe he could not talk or get a breath.  His face, hands, and feet, were blue and white, his body stiff.  Quickly I tore the heavy blanket and jacket off and BletJhaw and I began to wash with cool water.  Finally we were able to get him to swallow paracetamol, but the chills continued.  BletJhaw stayed up all night with him.  The antibiotic for scrub typhus kicked in during the next day.  Praise the Lord for th!is precious, happy and thankful boy.  So thankful to God!  So happy we can save lives and teach eternal life!


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Fighting Through the Mud

These pictures denote just part of our trip to MeDeLeGwee village today on the motorbike to treat the sick.  I only fell off onto my back in the mud one time!  Soft landing – – – no pain!  Just messy appearance all day!

Don’t forget, we’ve got to come back the same way!



Fighting our way for over an hour one way.


Tired of the mud.  Only approximately 4 or 5 more weeks of this!

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Thara Jerry

We have just hired Thara Jerry!  He is the first one ever to want to work permanently with us in BYT.

Please meet Thara Jerry.  Do you remember him?  He is the one who joined us when we spent a week in MeDeLeGwee village last March.  He is an excellent cook and really adds a lot to our singing, prayers and worships etc.

Jerry is BletJhaw’s brother-in-law.  We are overjoyed to have him here with us, especially me because I have officially resigned and retired from the kitchen!  Now even though we must work with the patients, we will not miss our meals or be so very late with them.  Jerry will have a meal ready!  He is like a magician. He can make something tasty out of almost nothing!!


Please welcome him to our team!

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Wild Elephant Face to Face!

Rainy season takes its toll on all of us out here in the jungle. Presently I have a kidney infection, a bad cold, and the “Jungle rot” in my scalp. We have met a hooded cobra face to face, I have tripped right over 2 dreadful snakes and met a wild elephant face to face!

Of all these things I think the later is the most lethal! It happened this way:

ChaPoo, age 65 from WaSuTah is very painfully sick. We must take him to Meta hospital, but his son must first get him out on a motorbike, then we will get our truck and take him the rest of the way.

We make it to the big pagoda, but soon after that we meet up with 5 other men and a lady. They are shaking with fear and tell us not to proceed – a wild elephant is just ahead. We wait for a long time, then decide to proceed with caution. There are 3 motorbikes with 6 people. Nobody wants to go first, so BletJhaw and I go ahead, rounding one corner, 2 corners and now 3. The heavy clouds have sunk down upon us so that it is impossible to see too far ahead, but our eyes are straining in every direction. We are praying for God’s protection. People get killed in situations like this. Suddenly we see it – a large ‘boulder’ beside the road on the right. I don’t remember a large rock just there – no – not a rock – that’s the elephant! He lifts his massive head! I leap off the back of the bike while BletJhaw pivots it around, then I jump back on. The other 2 motorbikes do the same and we roar back at top speed, all the while I am looking behind to see if he is charging us.

Now we wait again. All the other people leave and go back to their villages, but we must get this man to the hospital. After another hour or so, we hear just beside us to the left, a loud roar and trumpeting sound of the elephant. We leap on the bike and go back farther. What seems like an hour later we go again, this time we do not see the elephant and praise the Lord, ChaPoo makes it to the hospital.

(In this picture we are in a very dangerous situation. Waiting with our ‘get-away vehicles’ at the top of the mountain. ChaPoo is the one in the back)

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Another Life Saved in the Nick of Time!

My first look at DiTee told me she was dying. She lay there on a pile of dirty blankets in the bamboo hut, just skin and bones, eyes sunk in, clammy, cool, pale skin, and even exuding the smell of death. She had a high fever, and intense pain all over her body especially in the abdomen. When she moved even one arm up in the air it took great pain and effort to put it where she wanted it. She is 28 years old and has 2 small children.

Her diagnosis: SLE (Systemic Lupus Eryth)

This disease does not have to be fatal if treated with steroids, but can be quite severe or life threatening because it knocks the immune system out, therefore secondary infections come easily.

Oh, poor suffering humanity, how I long before Jesus can come and end this long reign of sickness, suffering, sorrow and sin.

We will have a very hard time taking her to the hospital because it is rainy season and she is way to fragile to struggle up that mountain on the back of a motorbike. They hire a truck to take them the long way to the big pagoda. It is late coming because they had a very hard time. BletJhaw and I take the motorbike to the main highway and return with our truck on the concrete part to meet them.

After a long drive and much pain on her part we get the silent sufferer to MaeSot hospital. Fortunately I meet a kind doctor in the Emergency who looks past her filthy dirty, smelly clothes and carefully examines, diagnoses and treats her. She is admitted to the hospital for over 3 weeks.

When she is dismissed, she is still very weak and sick. We never took pictures of her before her treatment. It somehow seemed so unkind to photograph such wretchedness.

We offered to take them to their relatives’ house, which they indicated was not too far away! WRONG! It took over an hour on the worst roads imaginable. If it had rained during that time we never would have made it. But God wanted that sick girl to get there!

Husband has a difficult time



With deep gratitude I sense more of the love of God for my people, when I see Him miraculously hold the storms back, stop the rain, push us up the treacherous places, hold us back from falling off the cliffs, so the sick can be taken care of. Surely He came to this world “That they may have life, and that they might have it more abundantly!” John 10:10

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All in One Day!

Today is, August 20, 2017. We bow our heads together and pray on the front porch before we begin our hike to LaGlah village in the rain. We have a late start because so many patients came this morning making it difficult to eat our breakfast and pack the medicine. Our backpacks are a bit lighter this day because now there are three of us to share the load!

Climbing such steep places in the rain make you too hot to wear the cheap plastic raincoat, but it is raining too hard to take it off. To carry an umbrella is too much for me to navigate the steep descents. At any rate you get wet inside and out on a day like this. The last half of our journey leads us on a steep downhill jungle footpath. As we push our way through the tangle of weeds overspreading the pathway, we become aware of hurrying leeches large and small, all desperately waving their way up our boots to our legs, or any piece of flesh they can latch onto. It is impossible to get rid of them all. Finally we stand in a stream and work on detaching and launching them one by one. But more take their place as we resume our hike. BletJhaw said it is safe to say that each of us got at least 30 to 40 leeches on this walk.

We pass a small green snake in the mountain rice.


By now we are all starving hungry because of the exertion, and it is already 1:30 p.m.

We never know how many people will be in this village. Many people go to their gardens and work all day. I am praying that we will get to have a Bible study with PahJew, but we are told that he went on a trip somewhere.

Many patients come for treatment as soon as they see us enter a house in the village. We are wet and cold, shivering in the breezes of the front porch where we are treating the patients. The grandma is cooking us a meal – how wonderful to eat the noodles, chili and rice that she has prepared – now we have strength to carry on!

We are asked to visit an old lady and her son who are too sick to come to us. Yes, they both have a dreadful case of amebic dysentery! The son is worse. His bloody diarrhea has continued for 9 days. His BP is 80/60. It is a helpless feeling to be faced with the critically ill when the rain and mud has you locked in. We cannot take him anywhere and I have no IV solution to help them rehydrate. We must try to coax them to drink the rehydration water (ORS). They are extremely poor, mainly because they are both hopelessly addicted to opium. My heart aches with pity as I see that the 2 sick ones are staying in a tiny shelter with a dirt floor.   A pot is sitting on a small fire on the ground, heating up some kind of didrty water with weeds in it. They will drink their ORS with that water, out of a dirty, bent, tin can that has been cut in half and black with soot.  (Can you see it on the floor picture)? Trash is all around. We stand there and pray for them. Oh if the rich could see how the poor have to live, if they could put themselves in their shoes. I am just now trying to do just that!

Now we go to PahJew’s house. He has returned and some of his relatives are also there. We can have worship with them all! My heart is cheered as I see how eager they are to learn more about God! We sing, we pray, and I review all the things that we have studied with them in the past. To my delight they remember and obey each one!

The Bible

The trinity

The truth about Satan

Second Coming and heaven

The 7th day Sabbath

The 10 Commandments


Health (They have stopped eating unclean meats, they   do not drink, smoke, do beetle nut, or opium)

Jewelry (The wife has taken off all ornaments)

The state of the dead

I am listing all these things out here because it is so unusually awesome for these people to so readily agree and make the changes in their lives! How thrilling!

Today we talk about tithe. It is very positive. Because giving to God does not bring poverty. Malachi 3:10! We illustrate with a story of how God blessed a family when they gave a faithful tithe. Next visit we will talk about hell, and then I do not see anything else hindering them from being baptized!!

PaJew, his wife, and 2 children.  Beautiful little family.  Please pray for them.

The hike back home is just as strenuous, just as challenging, but I hardly notice it because my heart is singing all the way, and my voice is singing also:

Praise Him! Praise Him! Jesus my blessed Redeemer

Sing ye saints! His wonderful love proclaim!

Hail Him hail Him! Highest archangels in glory,

Strength and honor give to His holy name!

Like a shepherd, Jesus will guard His children,

In His arms He carries them all day long.


Praise Him! Praise Him! Tell of His excellent greatness,

Praise Him! Praise Him! Ever in joyful song!


Oh Jesus! Dear Jesus! How wonderful You are! Some more people will join with You in heaven because You are doing such great things in their hearts!





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Cobra Face to Face

I did not take this picture

There is something quite warm, relaxing, satisfying and comforting to be in a house, under a firm roof, with dry, warm clothing on, sipping hot water while outside a storm is raging, the clouds have you socked-in, and rivers of non-stop rain jet down in torrents. However, we have been, or (have been trying to be), on a motorbike ascending and descending breathtaking mud tangled slopes in just that type of weather, wondering if we will ever reach our destination. The oozing sucking mud, knee-deep ruts, cliff cambered roads, sprinkled with protruding roots, rocks, and gaping chasms, afford no room for slips and driver error. We spend a lot of our time leaping off the motorbike and pushing desperately trying to defy gravity and go up while sliding backwards! Then when emerging onto the highest altitude, we experience cold winds and driving rain! We are soaking wet because no raincoat can keep us dry in all our struggles. There is nothing warm, relaxing, satisfying and comforting about this experience.

On one such a trip we are climbing up a mountain. I am ready to eject off the back any minute so BletJhaw can get the bike up, when suddenly he turns the bike sharply to the left into a large rock and we are pretty much dumped off. I wonder why in the world he did that, when I saw it – a large cobra at our right feet, head raised and hood out, posing for a strike! I have stumbled over snakes before, not really seeing if it is a cobra with the hood until after the danger is passed, but this one is so close, so threatening, reminding me of the devil himself laughing up at us. We are between a rock and a hard place (bank) and really cannot get away. We watched as that serpent slowly slithered defiantly behind us just like he knew that he was the ‘king’ of the jungle!

I never tire of Jesus red-letter words to me personally in Luke 10:19. Read it yourself, slowly, and meditate long and deep over each phrase.

“Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means hurt you.”

Now this is warm, relaxing, satisfying and comforting! What a God we serve! How I love Him. I thank Him for His protection and pray that He will help me to always faithfully serve Him with my whole heart.

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