Breaking News!

Two new, surprising developments are taking place for us in BYT.

  1.  The government is putting in hydropower that will give BYT and WST permanent electricity!   It will be the largest hydropower system in all these jungle mountains.  The big bulldozer and skilled workmen have been working every day lately on this project!  We are told we will have electricity in one year!

2.   The government is also building a tower for phone service in a   distant village, BlaBluGlow.  This village, though far away is expected to bring us phone service in BYT also.  Perhaps in one year this will be available.  It is exciting because I have a program on my phone that enables me to have internet when in phone service.  This would greatly assist me in the medical work!

3.  In other news, PaPe, age 11 broke her arm 2 weeks ago when she fell from her bicycle.  Initially someone brought her to the hospital, where they only put a splint on her arm and told her to return for surgery.  Well, they did not take her back to the hospital, but decided to do it the devil way.  They knew a  head devil magic man in BlaGlow who gave special water and “prayers.”  He told them about many people in the past that had bad fractures and they are all fine now because of his ceremonies, so they believed him.  They did not want to travel that far to the hospital anyway.

Last week we visited PaPe at her home in LaGlah.  She was still in a lot of pain.  I examined the arm and figured out it was both the ulnar and radius that were broken and in order for healing to take place those bones needed to be set.  I figured that if the other hospital said return for surgery, than those 2 bones must be displaced.  I was praying as I pleaded with them to let us take her to the hospital because it would not heal properly on its own like this.  Plus she needed relief from pain!

All day long they thought about it, and waited to make a decision.  We treated all the patients, ate what they cooked for us, and had worship in another home.  When we were ready to leave we asked for their decision – yes, they would let us take her to the hospital the next day.  How thankful I was to God for this decision.  See the x-ray?  See the sweet eleven-year old?  She is in surgery now.  May her arm be restored but he Great Restorer!

I took a crude picture of the x-ray hanging on the doctor’s view box! You can easily see the deformities!

4.  The last Breaking News!   We had to really work to get this man, TheyMu, to the hospital.  He has been sick for days now.  We have taken him to the hospital 3 times in the past!  Now he is in the worst condition that I have seen.  We finally get him into the truck, but the bumpy roads are too hard on him and he begs us to stop.  When he got out of the truck and lay on the side of the road with his son and daughter assisting him, I really thought we would loose him right there – seemed like he was dying!  He was in pain and could not breath.  His children were crying and asking us to take their father back home.  Because of prayer we finally got him back in the front seat, lay him back and prayed.  We yet had a long way to go, but God saw us through!  He was admitted and tests were run. Upon admission the doctor suspected scrub typhus, (Quite a killing tropical disease).  I hope soon to find out what the final diagnosis will be.

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Bli Story Update

This is an updated report on Bli from MooDooKey village.  This story proves that it is nothing to do with us and everything to bring glory to the greatness of God!

Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised, and His greatness is unsearchable!”  Psalm 145:3
Two Sabbaths ago we visited Bli after church again.  This time 4 others came with us – three motorbikes – 6 people.  It was a wonderful visit once again because we can feel the holy spirit working upon the hearts of the people in this home!   I was privileged to do the worship service that day on:  “Taste and See that the Lord is Good!”  Very powerful.

BletJhaw interpreting and explaining

Bli told us that he had quit smoking.  He said that after he quit, he wanted to try just a few puffs again, but he had already told his daughters that he had quit, so he didn’t want them to see him!   Later he snuck out and had a few puffs on the cigarette.  To his surprise it tasted terrible!  He did not want to touch it again.  The complete victory is his!  –And please note that he has been smoking since he was a young boy. Now he is over 70 years old!!
He said that in the past when he quit eating pig and rat, the same thing had happened, it tasted terrible after he gave that habit to God.  Now he almost feels the same way about any meat product!  Surely the Holy Spirit is working with this man and blessing abundantly because he is doing all that he knows to be right out of love for God.  The verse in 1Samuel 2:30 “Them that honor Me, I will honor,” is being played out right before our eyes in this humble little MooDooKey home!
This is a very encouraging story to share with people you know who are struggling to stop some addiction or bad habit.  Only because Jesus sacrificed everything for us, can He help us to sacrifice everything for His name sake!!  “What He’s done for others, He’ll do for you!”
Bli went on to tell us that his 2 daughters had made their decision to follow their father into the SDA church.  They know for sure that is the right thing to do, and want to be ready for heaven.  They said that even after their father dies, and if their mother never accepts it, they will continue on in this religion!
So this has me really praying for that mother, WeeMu.  I love her so much!  Right now we need your prayers because she is in the valley of decision.  She seems so broken hearted about her family leaving the Baptist church, because all her family and friends are Baptist or Buddhist.  However, last Sabbath BletJhaw and 2 other motorbikes drove to MooDooKey and brought Bli, his wife, and youngest daughter to church with us in BYT!  My sermon title was:  “Jesus, Our Only Hope.”  I noticed that WeeMu sat in the back, but listened to everything.  We had a nice dinner together and then the motorbikes drove them back home.

WeeMu on the right of course

We are asking for your intercessory prayers for WeeMu, and praise!

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Yesterday a boy brought his grandpa to our clinic on the back of his motorbike.  They had come a very long way, all the way from DaGwaDay village.  Of course you do not know where that village is, but the roads are very steep and difficult as you can imagine.

The day was super hot.  Not many patients came because of the intense heat I suppose, yet I see this motorbike with 2 people on it, go past our gate and stop.  They got off the bike and opened the gate surveying  the steep crooked driveway and decided to walk up.  How old could this man be, I wondered out loud, as I watched the young man help his grandfather struggle up our steps.  Why would they come way over here, when they could have gone to other closer clinics?  Once on our porch, the poor old man crumpled onto the floor of our porch and struggled to catch his breath.

Here’s what we found out:

I don’t know how to word this in English, but he is a devil, witchcraft, worship, leader.  He is 110 years old, he eats pig and rat, and never takes a bath!  As I see it, none of these things add up to a long life?  But here he is on my front porch.  I don’t even want to make him come inside to treat him, because he is so tired.  I bring my vitamin shot, and supplies to him.  To my horror, he suddenly goes into a 30 second seizure-type convulsion, – shaking, incontinent, and unresponsive.  This was followed by 2 more similar episodes.  The grandson looked on, smiling and unperturbed, saying: “He gets these all the time, especially when it’s hot like this!”

I felt so sorry for this man, not so much his age and health, but the devil part!  Obviously there is nothing substantial that I can do for him to make a difference in the quality of his life, but I say to BletJhaw, “We need to talk to him about Jesus, heaven and prayer, because this man cannot live much longer.  God sent him here for a reason.  He must be told.”

We informed the grandson that we would drive this man home in our truck. I have no idea how he made it all the way here on the back that motorbike in his condition, but at least we could make it easier for him on the return trip.  As we were driving, BletJhw had a perfect opportunity to tell him about God!

Many people, including this young grandson, tell us that the reason they travel such a long way to come to us in BYT, is because word has gotten around that people get well when they come here.  They say that after being treated by us, the people can tell a big difference unlike any other clinic or hospital where they have gone before!  So more and more new patients are coming.  Our patient volume has gone up!  I notice I am buying much more supplies than ever before.  May God’s name continue to be proclaimed among the heathen!

“Sing unto the Lord, all the earth, show forth from day to day His salvation.  Declare His glory among the heathen, His marvelous work among all the nations.  For great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised.  He also is to be feared above all gods.  for all the gods of the people are idols, but the Lord made the heavens.”  1Chronicles 16:23-26


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Baptist Head Elder Converts to Adventist!

God is REAL!  The Holy Spirit is REAL!   I have seen the Lord’s hand this day. What an incredible day as we behold the power of God as it has been revealed in the life of a man! This is no ordinary day!  My heart is bursting with thankfulness and praise!  It is worth all the sacrifice and missionary work for the past 10 years, just to see this day!
Here’s the story:
ChaPoe, is 62 years old.  He lives in WaSuTa.  We worked with him 9 years ago to stop smoking.  Just one and a half years ago he left the Catholic church to be baptized into our Seventh-Day Adventist church!
During our revival meetings last November, he confessed to us that he was smoking again! We prayed with him and encouraged him again and he was able to stop smoking for good, and is a faithful member of our church now.
ChaPoe visited us yesterday, to say that his cousin’s husband in MooDooKey, (A distant village), wants us to come and have worship in his house, he wants to join our church!  ChaPoe could not answer the man’s questions, but told him that he would bring some people who could teach him.  What we found out the next day on our visit to MooDooKey is simply amazing – incredibly thrilling!
This man’s name is Bli.  He is over 70 years old.  He moved here from Burma 20 years ago.  His parents are Buddhists, but he never took to that religion, he even worked with some monks for 2 years.  He went through 6th grade in school, and during that time, learned to read and write Karen and Burmese.  He joined with the Karen soldiers for a while, but later ran away.  When he came to Thailand, he got baptized into the Baptist church in MooDooKey village.  Most of the small churches in these little villages get organized by foreigners from Australia or America, but the leaders do not live with the people, they put someone in charge and only visit occasionally, so Bli was put in charge of the Baptist church.  He was the only person who owned a Bible and was able to read it, so he led out in worship services and routine worships in people’s homes. He has been very popular and well respected among the people.
Bli told us that he has been thinking, thinking, thinking.  As he read his Bible, he found out that the 10 commandments are very important, then he read in James 2:10 that if you keep all the commandments, but break one, you are guilty of breaking all of them.  As kept reading the Bible he was convicted that he must keep the 7th day holy – not Sunday.  He became afraid that he would die before obeying all 10 commandments.  Because he is over 70 years old now, he decided that he better obey all God’s commands right away before he dies so he can be saved in heaven!  The Holy Spirit is convicting him, as he reads his Bible and prays!  He learned that it is wrong to eat pig and rat, so he does not eat those things!  He said he does not drink or do opiuim, but he does smoke and will quite smoking now.  He asked us many questions.  We were so surprised at how much Bli understands about the Bible.  We explained why he needs to get re-baptized into the SDA church.
Bli is not just a Baptist church member, he is the head elder and only leader in that church, in fact he has just completed building a Baptist church on the hill behind his house!  He has done most all the building by himself.  He used his own money from selling coffee beans to purchase the lumber.  The Baptist organization only purchased the tin roof, but Bli is so motivated and consecrated to the truth that he wants to be free of the entire thing, so he will pay them for the roofing material also.  He told us that the Baptist leaders can have it all – he is giving it all to them.
We stayed and talked to Bli all day long.  His daughter cooked us a lovely meal.
In the afternoon some people came requesting him to come to their usual Bible study.  Bli invited us to come with him.  These people did not really know about Bri’s conviction to join the SDA church.  They seemed shocked, because there we were with him as evidence of his change of religion. Bli told them that he would still do worships for them, but he would not join in their religion.
We told Bli that we would visit him on Sabbath afternoons for a worship service, as much as possible, because it is impossible for him to travel the distance to BYT for church.  Please pray for this dear man, as we know the devil is angry to loose his subject.

Here is Bli, his younger daughter and his wife.

Bli with his baby grandson

Please pray for Bli’s wife because she is “heartbroken” about this change in his life.  She has not gone along with it so far, but is very sad because all her family and friends are Baptists or Buddhist. They only have 2 daughters, they told us that their son at the age of 16 committed suicide.  He went out and hung himself.

This is the following Sabbath afternoon when we visited Bli for Sabbath worship and Bible study! Bli is an eager learner.  BletJhaw explained many things to him about the Bible.

Bli has no idea of the power of his witness in MooDooKey village and surrounding villages.  Please pray that his convictions and the witness of his changed life will be a catalyst to bring many people to the truth in these last days!
I compare this experience to Phillip, who God sent to teach the Ethiopian, and I am so encouraged!  Acts of the Apostles states:
“This Ethiopian represents a large class who need to be taught by such missionaries as Phillip.  Men who will hear the voice of God and go where He sends them.  There are many who are reading the scriptures who cannot understand their import.  All over the world men and women are looking wistfully to heaven.  …Many are on the verge of the kingdom, waiting only to be gathered in.  An angel guided Phillip to the one who was seekng the light and who was ready to receive the gospel.  And today, angels will guide the footsteps of those workers who will allow the Holy Spirit to sanctify their tongues and refine and noble their hearts.  …Such work calls for laborious effort, but it brings a rich reward.  Those who engage in it with sincerity of purpose will see souls won to the Saviour, for the influence that attends to the carrying out of the Divine commission is irresistible!”
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Heat, Dust, and Smoke

It is hot right now.  March and April bring the most heat – sizzling, suffocating, stifling, sweltering heat!  We drive the motorbike and oven-like temperatures hit us in the face making it hard to take your next breath, to say nothing of the constant smoke from burning rice gardens and mountainsides all over Thailand and surrounding countries.  This season it seems to me that all of Asia is burning up!

Have you ever heard that when there is a lot of smoke rising up into the air, that it causes rain?  I heard that when I first came here and laughed because I didn’t believe it, however after several years here I know it’s true!  At the height of the smoke comes rain for a day or two!  Waiting for that rain now, because it is so dry here that the earth is cracking open and turning into deep powdery dust, blowing in every direction and causing the ruts to grow deeper and these dirt roads to take on more difficult dimensions. Travel is so difficult!!

Now that being said, let me quickly add that this is my favorite season of the year!  The cold season brings no relief, and the rainy season lasting 4-5 months  is the most deplorable season!  But hot season brings dry roads, no jacket needed, no cold hands and feet, warm water for bathing, clothes dry in less than 30 minutes outside, and no need to carry warm clothes with you when you travel!  This season we often find ourselves chilling when the temperatures dip below 85 degrees!

Another precaution about the heat here however:

We call the 25 kilometer road to BYT “Our driveway,” because we travel it so much more than anybody else! This heat is very dangerous for vehicles and motorbikes traveling the steep mountainsides.  Just in the month of April alone, two trucks and 4 people have died on “Our driveway” due to brakes burning out,  causing them to plummet over the cliffs.  In the month of March there was one more death and 5 severely injured as the driver had to turn into the bank on a steep grade in order to stop when his brakes gave out. His truck flipped over and came to a halt just before the precipice.  This has made us a lot more cautious when we approach the steepest downhill grades.  When possible we stop and cool the brakes by throwing water on them in an attempt to cool them down. The motorbike in particular smells very bad as we brake our way down the mountainsides.

At such times I reach up and take the hand of God.  I can feel the angels holding us back as I recite Psalm 91:11, 12!

“For He shall give his angels charge over thee to keep thee in all thy ways.  They shall bear thee up in their hands, lest thou dash thy foot against a stone.”

What a comfort to know that the Saviour is at the helm!

By His grace alone!





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Birthday Memories

My lovely family gave me a very special Birthday this year!

Sure do love this family

We drove 4 1/2 hours over a mountain to get to Umphang – a beautiful little town where we slept the night.  In the morning, April 21, we drove to this beautiful waterfall called TeeLorSu.  The water is low this time of year.  They say it is the best in January, but to me this is better!  The hot weather makes swimming more delightful and because it is not tourist season, there are not crowds of people!

I have not been swimming for a very long time. Because the weather is so hot now, (100degrees), it was wonderful to swim around the waterfall!

Beautiful place! We walk 2 km to the waterfall.

This is how many curves you drive around to get over the mountain to our destination: Umphang

Two children were car sick on the way back home. Not fun for them.


Thank you for taking us. I had a wonderful birthday with all of you.

I really praise the Lord for all His mercies towards me.  He has now given me another year to serve Him.  May I draw closer this year and not let go of His hand.  Lord give me Your power to save souls!

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God’s Providences

I had a lot of problems with my communication systems lately that I could not figure out.
1.  My phone would not accept any passwords therefore I could not update it.  Consequently after a period of time it closed down my messenger, facebook, and emails.
2.  My computer was overloaded and therefore did not allow me to receive or send emails, even after I deleted oodles of my pictures and videos.
3.  My wonderful international phone package that I had used for several years to call America suddenly shut down and I was unable to call my family.
I know God permits these things for our own character because of the famous quote in MR 926 36.2
“We can never perfect a round, full Christian experience until every earthly support is removed, and the soul centers its entire affections about God.”
On March 31, we had a 2-fold purpose to drive to ChainMai:  I could receive help from the professionals, (Jonathan and Hannah Hill, Daniel Bair and Harvey Steck) for my phone and computer, and also help Daniel Bair and his family in their move across town. It was a lovely time of missionary reunion plus receiving and giving help.  Early Tuesday morning we made the long drive back to BYT.
Upon our arrival patients began streaming in.  BletJhaw told me in the midst of all this that he felt he should bring his aunt some medication because he heard that she could not sleep due to pain in her leg.  It would also give him an opportunity to put new brakes on that motorbike and change the oil in Meta. My first reaction was concern for him, because he had driven that truck for 3 days, working hard in between.  However he left on the motorbike around 4:30p.m.stating he would return the next day.
Because it would soon get dark, he drove quickly.  Once on the cement road he made even better time.  Especially with only one person on that bike he could take the corners quicker.  SUDDENLY around a steep bend in the road he was face to face with a huge elephant.  He screeched on the brakes and came to a stop just 30 feet away – his heart pounding.  This elephant had his two front feet chained together and was dragging a long chain, which told him it most likely was a tame elephant, but the chains implied that it was dangerous none-the-less. I sure would like to have seen how quickly he swung that bike around and headed in the opposite direction.  The elephant came towards him, but did not charge.  BletJhaw waited a while wondering if he should return to BYT, but just then he heard a truck coming from the other direction.
You will never guess who the driver of that truck was:  – He was the owner of that elephant!  What are the chances of that?  The owner was not out to find his elephant either, but was just returning with supplies to sell in his little shop.  He got that beast off the road and BletJhaw was able to continue on his way.  God’s plans – His timing is perfect!
BletJhaw continued his journey, but shortly after that the motorbike got a flat tire.  He had at least 20 kms left to travel.  It was slow going after that.  It was well after dark when he finally arrived at the main road.  Now all his plans changed.  He called a man who used to be his neighbor in MaeLaGlow.  This man picked him up and kept him for the night, taking him back to his bike in the morning.
Two extraordinarily providential things happened to BletJhaw while he was there. He owns a parcel of land in MaeLaGlow where he plans to build a house, but the plot of ground next to it had just the other day been promised to someone else.  Half the down payment had already been made.  The neighbor told him that this man would not be a good neighbor because he drinks a lot and has friends that are real loud and obnoxious.  Now BletJhaw had a chance to talk to the owner, just in time.  He agreed to deny that man and sell it to him instead.
The next extraordinarily providential thing is that Jerry, BletJhaw’s brother-in-law, was just coming home on school break.  He was able to stop in Meta and meet BletJhaw, so that he could carry the medication to his aunt.
Finally BletJhaw returned to BYT.  Mission accomplished!   (Psalm 121:8 one of my favorites)!
“Oh give thanks unto the Lord for He is good, for His mercy endureth forever.”
Psalm 136
PS.  (We heard later that on the very self-same day that BletJhaw returned on his motorbike, another young man met that same elephant on the same road and got charged.  He ran away as fast as his legs would carry him and barely escaped.  But the elephant stomped on his motorbike and totally flattened and ruined it).
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‘Light’ Miracle

Every year we must get another registration sticker for our motorbike, and every 5 years we must bring it to the transportation office in MaeSot for inspection.  This year the time was up for inspection, so BletJhaw drove the motorbike two hours from Khane Chue to MaeSot.  He went into the Transportation Office to purchase the registration sticker and then proceeded to the inspection building.  He was thankful that only one car was ahead of him, because he needed to get back to pick up his boys from school.

They are very thorough at this office.  The motor is tested by a machine, the brakes are put under rigorous testing, the exhaust fumes are calibrated and the wheels and tires are inspected.  It is driven, stopped, and revved up.  Next the lights – signal light, brake light….”OH NO!”  BletJhaw remembered that the high beams did not work!  They had not worked for a very long time.  We have a hard time seeing at night, but then again seldom do we need to drive it at night, hence, they have not been fixed.  He sent up a quick prayer to God to somehow help him because he would receive a fine, and then have to go get the necessary repairs and return for inspection again.  He really didn’t have time for that because he needed to pick up his boys from school.

The low beam light was shone into a machine which registered satisfactory.  Then to his complete astonishment, the high beam light came on and shone brightly into the machine!  This motorbike had successfully passed inspection!

With an amazed and grateful heart, BletJhaw drove the motorbike back to Khane Chue, picked up his boys from school, and then went to show his wife the high beam light….but it did not come on!  It did not work before or after inspection!  (We are getting it fixed now)!

“Ah Lord God!  Behold, Thou hast made the heaven and the earth by Thy great power and stretched out arm, and there is nothing too hard for Thee!”  Jeremiah 32:1

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The Heathen Wedding

The tougher my trials and disappointments, the tighter I cling to the Master.

The tighter I cling to the Master the better I see His grace and His power.

The better that I see His grace and His power the stronger and clearer my testimony of Him! 


Last week we discovered that a BYT boy would get married to a girl living in another village.  The actual wedding would be in another village, but the usual heathen preparations were made in BYT, which included slaughtering the pig, and playing extremely loud wicked music over two loud speakers, supplied by our head man.  It seemed the whole village came alive with revelry and mirth.  We heard the dying screams of the pig, followed by the sound of heavy chopping, as many hands made light work of finely chopping the raw swine’s flesh, which is the delicacy of a heathen wedding here in our jungle mountains – topped only by the abundance of alcohol.


It was a poorly attended prayer meeting that night in our little Seventh-Day Adventist church.  In answer to our fervent prayers the music stopped while we worshipped and started again shortly after.  My heart was heavy, as I thought of the dear people around me. Many were baptized church members. Would they join in the dissoluteness and depravity surrounding them?


My heart was pounding in my head.  My entire body seemed to be revolting against this wild and wicked music, which invaded our house and overpowered any headphone containing godly music.   Heart breaking thoughts of our people conforming to worldly practices and their lack of concern for the things of heaven, drove me out of the house that night.  I found myself climbing up the mountain trying to get away from the horrid, heavy beat of that wretched music so that I could commune with God.


At the top of the first mountain I could still hear that music. –  I kept on walking.  It was a beautiful night!  The moon was large and full right at the horizon, making it easy to walk without the help of a flashlight.  Finally all was silent.  There was only the sound of night bugs and the faint breeze sending a light rustle of the leaves in the trees.  I was not alone.  I kept singing my Mother’s favorite song: “My God and I go in the field together, we walk and talk as good friends should and do.  We clasp our hands…”


I rededicated my life to God that night.  Watching that bright circle of light passing behind the dark outline of the trees as I passed by filled me with a greater longing to reflect the ‘Sun-of-Righteousness’ than ever before.  I thought about something I had read in Gospel Workers:

“He who calls men to repentance must commune with God in prayer. He must cling to the Mighty One, saying, “I will not let Thee go, except Thou bless me.  Give me power to win souls to Christ!”  page 509


Oh how I prayed for the people of my village!


I found myself all the way up to Hoe Pado (The big Pagoda) , which is 7 kilometers from our house, I still wanted to walk farther, but turned around, thinking that BletJhaw may be worried about me seeing that he was gone when I left the house.  It was late and I still had 7 more kilometers to go! As I descended that last mountain into BYT, the music met my ears again and grew louder and louder as I came down. I thought of Moses descending Mt. Sinai and how he had to break God’s precious 10 commandments because of the people’s disobedience.


The next sermon I preached came straight from God.  I can take NO credit.  The title: “Believing the Devil.”  It was a simple outline:

  1. A story of a girl who disobeyed and rebelled against her parents.  Going to a party that her parents told her not to go to.  She drank alcohol, met a young man who was drinking heavily, got into his car and had a head-on collision.  At the hospital she asked the nurse to please tell her parents she was sorry and then she died.  She did not know that the car they crashed into was her parents coming to find her and they were both killed also.
  2. The Bible story of Zedekiah who refused to believe God’s warnings from Jeremiah, therefore receiving his fateful end!  Watched his children killed before him, then they gouged his eyes out and he died in captivity, just as predicted. Jeremiah 39:6,7
  3.  I talked about myself.  God sent me to BYT.  It looks like my main purpose is medical because I care for the sick every day and go to other villages with medicine, but my main purpose is to teach them about God so they can love and obey Him and be saved.  These things that they do will keep them out of heaven.  I told them how much I love them and that I did not want to go to heaven without them.  I pleaded with them and cried as I spoke.  As BletJhaw interpreted he cried also.  It was a very powerful time with the Holy Spirit in control.  I noticed several wet eyes as I shook hands at the door afterward.


“True workers walk and work by faith.  Sometimes they grow weary with watching the slow advance of the work when the battle wages strong between the powers of good and evil.  But if they refuse to fail or be discouraged they will see the clouds breaking away and the promise of deliverance fulfilling…After doing what you can, wait for the Lord, declaring His faithfulness, and He will bring His word to pass.  Wait, not in fretful anxiety, but in undaunted faith and unshaken trust!”  7T 245

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Fountain View Academy!

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine that part of FountainView Academy in Canada, would ever step foot in my village far away in the jungles of Thailand. But God is always surprising me with blessings beyond my comprehension!


I heard that the president of this famous musical academy, Michael Dunbar, had heard about our work in BYT and when he brought the Senior class to Sunshine Orchard, a group also came to visit and bless us from March 14-18!! There were 17 of them, (Ten students and 7 teachers).  I was so filled with joy and thrilled with God’s blessings that I could hardly keep my feet on the ground!

Still hard to believe – is it really true? Seventeen people from FVA right here in front of our mission house/clinic in BYT! Praise the Lord forever!


Not only did those ten students and teachers sing together like the angels, but they also restrung my two old, simple, Thai violins, and using the deteriorated violin bows, amazed our simple village people, (Me too)!! with the incredable sounds of heavenly music.  The walls of our little church has never heard such harmony and the people never gazed upon so many faces, radiant with the love of God, and the joy of a life hid in Christ Jesus! Only in heaven will we learn of the results of their music, their testimonies, worships, and sermon in this place.

I have a lovely video of my favorite group song and of Mertessa (Girl in the blue) playing the violin, but it won’t send because it is too long.  If anyone can help me send videos by some other rout it would be so nice.  I really want you to hear the music they brought us.  Even though it sounds even more wonderful in real life!!

But hang on!  I am not finished yet!  Dr. Thomas, a practicing doctor in New Zealand was also in this group.  He shared up-to-date medical knowledge with me in the clinic, as I face all manor of diseases and undiagnosable problems from day to day.  He was such a support and help to me, that I now really miss him.   Also I discovered that the president, Micael Dunbar has a profound knowledge of medicine, illness, diagnosis, and treatment of disease. (I might explain this president as a “Walking Encyclopedia!” What encouragement, support and knowledge has been gleaned from their short visit!

President, Michael Dunbar

Doctor Thomas from New Zealand

…And that’s not all!  A dear dentist and his wife, Ronnie and Ashley Hold from BlueRidge Tennessee were also in the group, full of smiles and wonderful words of encouragement!  Their son, Nick, a FVA senior was also in the group. I knew them from a visit I had in their church 4 years ago!  My heart is just melted right down and running over with thankfulness and praise to God, because He knows my dental knowledge is very small, and even with the 2 visits of our dear dentist in Alaska, Jack and Katie Hamilton, I still run into problems too difficult for me!  Now Doctor Hold taught me, showed me, gave me more supplies, and demonstrated their use.  Michael Dunbar so thoughtfully took a video of the instructions as I pulled a few teeth, knowing it would be such a helpful resource for me in the future.

Doctor Ronnie Hold with his wife, Ashley

Our Sabbath divine worship was “Over-the-Top!” for me because more than 100 people attended that day from at least 4 different villages. (Not counting the visitors).  I could not restrain the tears of joy that continually came to my eyes, as I heard the lovely music and knew this was God Himself bringing His love to my people of the jungle mountains, through FVA! It shows me with outstanding clarity the marvelous love of God for these people and He is working to save them for eternity!

You do not even see all the people in this picture because they are also on the porch and down the stairs!!

BletJhaw and I with Fountain View Academy!

The president, Michael Dunbar preaching the Sabbath Sermon

Song Service with violins!

Three young men, singing: “A Few Good Men!” Beautiful!

I have a lot of hand woven Karen clothes that people have given me, so the girls all wore them for church, making our village people so happy. One lady came up to Tessa, (Far left) and proudly told her: “I made that shirt and skirt!”


After church we had a lovely meal all together under the church!  The people are so happy!

We eat white noodles and curry together. Everybody is happy!

On Sunday we hired another truck to help us take everybody to LaGlah village with us, where we did our normal routine of treating the patients, eating their food, and having a worship in PaJew’s house.  We had given him money to cook for all of us, which he was so happy to do!  FVA sang for his household and conducted a short worship.

Doctor Hold carrying his dental suitcase into LaGlah village!

Dear Doctor Hold, always smiling, always encouraging and helpful. He pulled one tooth in LaGlah village. The patient was so grateful to get rid of that aching tooth!


Treating the patients together in LaGlah village, while FVA sang song after song to the patients who were waiting for treatment! You can see them singing in the background! What a wonderful day it was!

Here are the faithful ones, MeMe, BletJhaw’s sister, and WaNeePaw, his wife! They cooked all the food for 24 people for 4 days, delighting everyone with their tasty food!  Even those not used to eating rice 3 times a day were very complimentary of the food.  I really thank them with all my heart because I NEVER could have done it.  They were not expendable to say the least!!

BletJhaw’s wife on the left, his sister on the right!


I have fallen in love with all these people from this famous school in Canada and now I miss them very much! Many of the students and teachers have expressed their desire to come back and spend more time with us!  Until that day or until the day we meet again in heaven BletJhaw and I will always hold you all so dear to our hearts, and pray that each senior will pursue the work that God has given them to save the lost.  May they stay true to God till He comes.


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