The Truck

This letter comes with my love and with prayer that you and I will not shrink at the trials and the dangers, but pick up our cross and follow Jesus completely!  May we stand together in that day with Jesus – the One who carried us through!!!

Our truck has become a problem suddenly!  Again it doesn’t surprise me just before engaging in another powerful week of evangelism in BYT!  Everything that can go wrong will go wrong as we move forward with the Lord, but He always sees us through!  This is a time when the truck is of supreme importance as we transport visitors and supplies.

As you know, on the way out of BYT October 21, 2018, when I was on my way to the Philippines, our CV axel broke and we had to walk in the rain etc.  Well I went on to the Philippines, and BletJhaw met a mechanic out there who put a new one one.  As BletJhaw carefully drove, it broke after just 0.7 kms!  Now he had to drive out in 2 wheel drive.
When I returned from the Philippines November 5, we got that part replaced by my mechanic in MaeSot. They were perplexed because these parts are 2 cms shorter than our original factory part.  We have used the shorter size before because it has broken twice before, but they have lasted longer than this! Nobody has that original size it seems.  So because they ordered the most expensive and strongest part from Bangkok, they were sure it would work fine for us.
Sad to say right away on the bad roads, it broke.  We almost fell off the bank into the river at one point because we only had 2 wheel drive!  We spent several tense moments with the wench tied off onto flimsy trees, but finally made it all the way to our house in BYT in the dark on Friday night. At least we were there to preach and care for the sick.
 Please note the desperately injured left hand of a patient who had been touched by the hair of a very poisonous caterpillar.  It’s the worst I have seen! She only waited 2 days before going to the hospital and she already had to have one finger removed and now needs the next one removed! I believe she will eventually loose her whole hand.   Poor lady!  We prayed for her and sent her off with enough money to make the trip!
Now we needed to take the truck for repairs because this week we bring the pastor, Martin Kim, from South Korea plus we need supplies!
After the Sabbath sermon, we left with the truck and 2 wheel drive!  We simply had to get it out before it rained!  Yes RAIN!  Not fair!  Thunder and black clouds were rolling in.  We made it all the way out in 2 wheel drive, going the long way because of the rain and 2 WD.  Once again we thank God for pushing us through with the strength of the angels!  After we parked the truck in KenAJew, we borrowed an old motorbike and rode back to BYT that same day after dark!  It was a wild ride with slick tires and muddy roads.  The headlight was very weak, so BletJhaw struggled a lot to drive. The seat was extra hard and there was not much to hold onto in the back.  My body wanted to catapult off the back more than it wanted to stay put!  Finally we made it.
We had one day –  Sunday to work and prepare for visitors.  Things were in disrepair everywhere.  Weeds had grown up above my head and the house was damp and mildew.  So we worked, washed, cleaned and scrubbed.  BletJhaw used the weed eater and washed blankets!  (A big job by hand)!  We would leave on that old motor bike Monday morning early, and try to fix the truck again!!  Alas!  Thunder and lightening!  Alas!  Rain!  Lots of Rain!  It rained all afternoon and into the night! But early in the morning found us on that bike headed up the mountainside!
Alas, the back tire was leaking and flat, the mountain was muddy and slick.  I walked together with the leeches, (you have to be here to believe it), but every step got us further out!  Only God can find the right part that will last at least through these most important meetings!  So we prayed and we rode that motorbike.
When we got into phone service I called the mechanic.  Praise the Lord they had found a new part at the second hand parts shop!  It is new and is as long as the original one – 2 cms longer!  In answer to our prayers, God had prepared just what we needed.  So here we are at the shop with thankful hearts.  As soon as we are finished here we will drive again all the way into BYT.  I will report on everything that ensues after the meetings.
Please pray for our meetings, that hearts will respond to God’s call!  I long to see my people in heaven!  It is worth all the toil and hardships, trials and yes, the mud!!
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I have been to the Philippines twice this year and have fallen in love with he Philippine people.  Last May/June I was one of the speakers for PYC, (Philippine Youth for Christ), in Iloilo where over 1000 youth meet yearly and fellowship with Jesus! Now I have just returned from a 2 week trip speaking at two different locations.   I know why God sent me, because the blessings and inspiration that I received from the leaders and youth, far exceeded the blessings that I gave!




My first location was in Romblon.  The main church that we gathered at was right on the beach.  The beauty of the location and the fellowship with the leaders and young people was incredible.  I had 5 presentations, and because this was their first time to introduce Romblon Youth for Christ, (RYC), there were less attending.  I therefore had more time to counsel with them and get to know them. Early mornings were spent in united prayer.



Friday is the day for outreach, I joined the medical group visiting in the hospital.  We wore our Romblon Youth for Christ T-shirts, and encouraged the people, singing and praying in the rooms.  Afterward we handed out tracks in the streets.


Sabbath was very special, the big church was full, and the Spirt of God moved upon the people. After my Sabbath School presentation they invited me to speak in the neighboring church which I was delighted to do.  Kyle Vincent, one of the leaders took me there on the motorbike and I meet many other wonderful Philippine church members.


Sabbath evening we had a very special communion service out on the beach!  Singing, praising God and praying for each other.  There was unity and love between us.  Hearts were moved and many youth dedicated their lives in service to God!  Praise the Lord!



Night songs on the beach

Preacious moments of prayer on the beach!

Romblon: You will always hold a special place in my heart!

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“Frequently the very best evidence that we can have that we are in the right way is that the least advance costs us effort and that darkness shrouds our pathway.  It has been my experience that the loftiest heights of faith we can only reach through darkness and clouds.”  This Day With God 212.2
This is so very true.  I will now open my entire  heart to you.
I have found myself undaunted by the difficulties and hardships that come my way just before taking another step forward.  Expecting it and satisfied in knowing that the harder Satan works to trip me up and stop my work, that means the greater will be the results for God, and more lofty heights of faith can be reached!
However I met the deepest darkest experience when I left America just one month ago –  October 7, 2018.  My Mother is just turning 95 years old.  She is losing her strength and I can see a big difference in her this year, in fact sometimes I wondered if she would make it through the night.  She seemed to need my help in everything.  I had been busy the first 2 months in America with speaking appointments and travel from West to East, North to South.  So I dedicated one extra month just for quality time with my Mother.  We have such a strong bond of love between us that it is beyond explanation.  She is precious beyond words! How we enjoyed out time together – making the most of every moment.  But soon I must leave and resume my work in BYT, and I felt that I would never see my beloved Mother again.  I pleaded with the Lord show me what to do.
“Oh Lord You know I want only to do Your perfect will.” I pleaded.  “Right now I feel I cannot go on, I am so torn, please help me!”
I asked the Lord that if I must leave her could He please help her rally and regain some strength.  How could I leave her like this?  The devil pushed and pushed me down until I felt oppression like I’ve never felt before.  I was so torn that I thought my leaving would cause the end of life for my Mother.
I quote Mrs. White’s comments about Elijah:
“Into the experience all there come times of keen disappointment and utter discouragement, days when sorrow is the portion, …days when troubles harass the soul, till death seems preferable to life.” PK 162
We are supposed to honor our dear parents.  I desperately sought the Lord with strong crying and tears.  Oh utter anguish. But Somebody was bending over me with love and tender compassion, and He softly and tenderly spoke to me:
 “He that loveth father or mother more than Me is not worthy of Me.” Matthew 10:37
and  “Whosoever doth not bear his cross, and come after me, cannot be My disciple.”  Luke 14:27
It was the Lord saying to me, “What doest thou here Elijah (Gayle)”  Why are you utterly cast down?  Come and follow Me.  Put Me first.  Pick up your cross – Don’t lay it down – Be My disciple!”
I purchased my airline tickets to Thailand for October 7, this would give me 2 weeks back in my village before going to the Philippines where I had numerous speaking appointments and needed to be rested and close to the heart of Jesus in order to bring an appeal to the large groups of  young people, to surrender all and work for Jesus.
I can now teach them about full surrender because I have just surrendered my all once again to that sweet, still small voice!  And what a victory for the cause of Christ to speak to those Philippine young people! Only in heaven will we see the far-reaching results of our work here on this earth.
I must tell you that my Mother has rallied and once again she says to me:  “I am the happiest Mother in all the earth because my daughter is a missionary working for God!”
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Warm Welcome

God is the only One who can hold us together in these last days of earth’s history!  I am up and down in so many airplanes, back and forth across America and across the ocean, and clinging tightly to Jesus hand, my only sanity, as I say hello and then goodbye to my boys, my family and so many people both sides of the ocean.  Tears pour down my face as I part with my precious Mother, who has always stood by me with a love beyond explanation.  God is the only constant, the only One I never have to say goodbye to! The inner strength of my being!
As I enter BYT, my mission life swings sharply into focus.  It is Wednesday evening and we go to prayer meeting.  I get hugged so tight that I fall right over!  Such a warm welcome!
Patients pour into our little clinic. Young and old seek relief from so many ailments.  I am privileged to pray for the patients and again feel the utter joy as I watch them kneel, fold their hands and bow their heads with eyes closed.
My heart is filled with gratefulness to BletJhaw who has faithfully worked in BYT all by himself while I was away.  He visited villages, treated the sick, gave worships, and preached sermons.  His way on the motorbike was most difficult in the constant rain and mud.  Words cannot describe the difficulties, but he faithfully continues on in faith and courage!
My friend, LooPaw, from LaGlah came with a large abscess on her left temple. She had intense pain. The whole side of her face is swollen and red. She cannot open her mouth. Her right eye can barely open.  Another abscess is beginning on her neck.  This needs immediate attention because she has a high fever which indicates the infection has already spread to her blood stream.  This is dangerous.  We pray.  I carefully numb and drain the pus, and start her on antibiotics.  I must drain this abscess daily and place a wick inside to keep draining it.  We go to LaGlah two days in a row to repeat the process, and we pray.  In 3 days I must go to MaeSot and do my year-end visa.  In 3 days the fever, pus, swelling, and infection is gone!  LooPaw is so happy and has learned more about the God who heals us!  Me too – constantly amazed and praising Him!!
During our visit to LaGlah village we saw 44 patients.  It took us hours. People heard that I was back and they came from other far away villages. We used up most all our medicine. One girl cried because we had run out of medicine for her.  Tears just poured out of her eyes when she found out we had no more clotri/beta cream to treat the fungus infection on her shoulder.  We had used up all that cream on many little children who had terrible skin from never taking a bath.  One little girl BletJhaw took under the house and cut off all her hair so we could treat the fungus all over her body and on her scalp.
We had to return to that village the very next day with extra medicine, so everyone was treated properly and the poor girl who cried could be happy again!
I see groups of people from other villages expressing their gratefulness that I am back, as only the Karen people can do.  I see how the babies have grown over the last 3 months that I have been away.  PahJew’s family have a new baby already 2 months old that I get to see for the first time.  This family has become devoted Seventh-Day Adventists!  I am so thrilled and delighted because as we had worship with them yesterday, I talked about answers to prayer and making decisions.  PahJew tells us about the prayers he has had answered!  This is a huge thing for our Karen people of the jungle!  PahJew and his wife are living up to all the truths that they have learned! Praise the Lord with me – this is wonderful!
This Sabbath in the BYT Seventh-Day Adventist church, I am delighted to count 65 people in attendance!  (See photo).  I know the Holy Spirit is drawing the people!  My sermon title:  “Remember Me.”  How I love my work God has given me to do, deep in the jungle mountains!  Oh let’s work for the Master while it is yet day.  May heaven be filled with our prayers for lost souls to find the light!

Can you even imagine that for the first 4-5 years in BYT we only had 5 or 6 people attending church? Now just look!! This is why we must never be discouraged but press on with firmer faith and greater assurance from above!

This morning before leaving BYT to do my year-end visa, tears and sudden anguish wrenches my heart!  Another dying infant in its mother’s arms, so dehydrated from vomiting and diarrhea that the little body cannot sustain life.  Here in the jungle the people are ignorant of danger signs.  They have no idea that their baby is drawing its last few breaths. Oh, how to teach everyone?  How can Jesus bare so many heartaches as He watches His creation groaning?
Thank you dear friends for your prayers.  I also need more prayers for the upcoming meetings in the Philippines October 24 through November 4.  I begin that trip Monday, October 22.  I will do 10 presentations in 2 different locations. Pray that the hearts of the youth will respond to the call to work for God.
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Take Control

Oh dear Jesus take control

Of struggles, fears and doubts,

When life’s fierce storms oppress my soul

And I am tossed about.


Oh dear Jesus take control

My life is but a thread.

The skies are dark and billows roll,

And I am filled with dread.


Oh dear Jesus take control

I see You through my tears.

Your look of love!  You’re all-in-all!

Oh please forgive my fears.


Oh dear Jesus take control

This long night has an end.

You’re always here, You’re in control

On You I will depend.


Oh dear Jesus  — my control

The darkness You erase.

You guide my feet toward the goal.

You whisper, “By My grace!”


Oh dear Jesus – my control

Through fiery trials You trace,

Your work for good – Your future plan,

To see me face to face!


“Oh Lord, I love You!”


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America Schedule

Beloved family and friends!

Soon I will be boarding a plane for America God willing.  Reality has not struck me yet, as I am still water-soaked and mud-soaked in the jungle!

Here is my schedule in America as I understand it up to this point!
1.  July 11-15   FaithCamp West, Spangle/UCA, WA
2.  July 21        Eurika SDA church MT
3.  July 28        Sabbath School, Collegedale SDA church TN
4.  August 4     Watertown NY district meeting – 2 presentations
5.  August 8     Midweek program New York
6.  August 11    Curch service North Creek NewYork
7.  August 12-19  Sarasota FLA – time with my son, Bradley
8.  August 28    OPEN
9.  September 1  East Ridge church service
I would love to see you in any of these locations, or let me know if you would like me to come to your church.
God bless you till we meet again!
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Near Death Experience

Thank you for your prayers everybody!  They really saved our lives!  The devil had to take a couple more good kicks at us coming home from MaeSot Thursday taking the lady home that had cataract surgery, and her daughter.  Thought we were really going over the edge.  If it were not for our Holy Angels and your prayers, we would not be here to tell the story.  I know God is not finished with us yet in this place!  At one point we all walked and BletJhaw drove up a steep narrow grade where there is no room to slide sideways because of the steep cannon on the right and the bank on the left.  I was outrageously dangerous! At many other places it was a nerve wracking, impossible, uphill mess of deep ruts, open chasms, oozing mud, and steep ravines that met our weary gaze!  We were too tense and no time to take a photo in the rain.

I grabbed my cellphone and saw I had service.  I quickly texted a friend I met in the Philippines who had told me to let him know my prayer requests and he would pray.  I said:  “Please pray now, we are in terrible trouble on these roads.” I had no idea if he got it just then or not, but I do know that many people routinely pray for us.  Thank you so much dear friends you really make a difference!

When you’re really in trouble there is no time to take a picture.

Underneath, the wet loose dirt brings the cement road down with it. Very narrow and dangerous!


Now we have safely made our last trip out with the truck this season!  The next thing you will be hearing about is motorbike stories!

All this is difficult, but you know it says in RH Nov. 19, 1895:  “God scatters His blessings all along our pathway to brighten our heavenward journey!”

This is so true because blessings far outweigh the trouble. I wouldn’t trade it for anything when I see the people eagerly listening to the Bible story!!  Look at their faces! Oh what joy!


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DahBlet is the girl we are sending through nursing school at AUP (Adventist University of the Philippines).  She is finishing her 2nd year of nursing there, and had just failed the final exam.  She of course was under a lot of stress, but was able to attend PYC with me.  I wanted her to have a quiet place to study and also attend some of the meetings and prayer groups for a spiritual boost.  I noticed that she had slipped from her morning devotions. She was able to attend some meetings but did not feel like part of the group and remained stressed over up-coming exams. She must take 3 exams as soon as she returned, and receive at least 90% in order to continue in AUP!  I understand her fear.  After PYC, we prayed together and parted company in Manila.  The next day she took those tests and passed them all!  Now she will do summer school and enter her 3rd year!  She had told God that if she passed those tests she would promise to pray and read her Bible every day!  We are rejoicing in the Lord!!
She is a dear girl, who has come straight out of the jungles of Burma, who’s mother tried to kill her by taking poison when she was 2 months pregnant, but DahBlet did not die!  She has a story to tell which should be written in a book!  She has visited me 3 times in BYT, and wants to copy me by being a nurse and doing the same work that I do, only in her own village and surrounding villages in Myanmar.
Miraculously we got her into nursing school at AUP, But as usual, the devil hated it.  During that first year her Mother died, later the Burmese attacked and burned her village, torturing some of the people and putting the rest in a Burmese refugee camp, including her entire family, with rotten rice and filthy water.  During her breaks, she wants to visit her family, but it is very dangerous.  Many times she has been saved from the violent ruthless soldiers.  Buddhism and worship of the monks are brutally enforced or you die!
She is the most courageous and brave girl I know.  She had to get a passport and visa and take her first airplane ride to a brand new place and enroll in the University that teaches in the English language.  She has learned English mostly on her own with a dictionary and talking to as many people as possible, and yet has gotten into her 3rd year of nursing by God’s grace.   I know God has great plans for her life.
I could tell you more, but like I said, it needs to be written up by a journalist who can inspire others about what God can do.
Please pray for this girl as she is pulled by the devil in all directions, but persists in giving God her heart and her life!

DahBlet is on the right

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“Each Step I Take”


“Each step I take, the Saviour goes before me!”                                                            

And with His loving hand, He leads the way!

And with each step, I whisper, “I adore Thee!”

I am safe when He is by my side!

 Today was an incredible day. Once again Mrs. White’s statement came true for us!

Often, our plans fail so that God’s plans for us might succeed!”

We had our medical bags all packed ready to walk to LaGlah village in the rain.  This past week and a half has been one huge rainstorm – rivers are flooded, trees are down in the road along with huge landslides making travel impossible – even on foot, but with our backpacks we are ready to try!

Before breakfast a man came asking us to come to GeGhah and see his aunt who had fallen the day before and is in great pain.  Because of the landslides he told us we couldn’t use the motorbike.  We told him we would finish eating and then be on our way.

We very soon discovered that the way to this village had become very difficult due to enormous landslides, sometimes causing your feet to get stuck in the oozing sucking mud, and other times climbing up in the jungle, around the fallen trees!  I couldn’t begin to tell you how difficult it was!  All along the way the rain would stop and start – pour and pause.

This is the actual road I’m walking on. The only difference is that the mountain came down.

Just a quick glance at my patient, told me she had a hip fracture.  Her left leg was drawn up shorter than the right and rotated outward. She was in severe pain and could not move.  She had slipped on wet concrete the day before and fallen hard against that left hip. She is quite heavy.

Now, how to get her out when the roads leading out of GeGhah were full of landslides and fallen trees. The road out of BYT, however, had been cleared yesterday, so the people asked us if they could get her to BYT, would we drive her to MeDooGlow in our truck?  We will do our best!  For us to drive out of BYT we must cross the river 3 times.   The first 2 crossings have no bridge.  Up until today the water in the river was way too high and furious for us to drive through, but we will try today!  Our angels excel in strength and they are always on our side!

Sure enough, shortly after we returned home, here the people come, carrying the poor lady in a blanket that was securely fastened to a bamboo pole.  I am amazed at how strong they are to carry her all that way through all the landslides and in the jungle around fallen trees. She was placed in the backseat of our truck, suffering greatly.  I felt so sorry for her.

It was an amazing trip we took in our black Toyota truck.  Turning sideways down steep ravines and twisting through the water, through the mud, and through the rain, to the small clinic in MDG, but a poor hurting lady was brought to where she received help.  They put her in the ambulance and took her to Omkoi for x-rays, then on to the large hospital in ChiangMai for surgery.

It was an amazing day of hiking and driving.  We praise God that He made a way for us to bring her the help she so desperately needed! These people are Buddhist, but we pray they will see the only true God in us!

Here is such encouragement from heaven for our weary souls!!

“God reaches hearts through the relief of physical suffering.  A seed of truth  is dropped into the mind and is watered by God.  Much patience may be required before this seed shows signs of life, but at last it springs up, and bears fruit unto Eternal Life!  MAR 185.7


…Each step I take just leads me closer home!

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Devastation of Roads and Rivers!

“What shall I render unto the Lord for all His benefits toward me? “   June 12, 2018


His benefits toward me are enormous!


Coming away from PYC last Sunday, I was constantly thanking the Lord for sending me there.  He knows just what I need and just what everyone else needs.  However I received 10 times more blessing than those youth got from me!    They call older women, like me, “Mom.”  I think that is so wonderful because that makes all of them my children, and if they are all my children, then they must know how much I love them each one!  They touched my heart as never before, and gave me so much joy and encouragement. How I miss them all and hold them in a very special place in my heart.  I can still hear those young people pray and sing like the angels sing in that big prayer room!  How I miss united prayer every morning with Gem Castor, as we were brought right up into the throne room of God together!


Coming away from that mountaintop experience we dove to BYT and right into the valley of difficulty!  Rainy season in BYT Mountains has hit us instantaneously and with a vengeance. Driving rain is incessantly beating down upon us here in these mountains for over one week now.  We are not ready to give up the truck yet because we took a lady, ThuCah, to MaeSot for cataract surgery last week and now we need to bring her back for a recheck.    Also I have not stocked up with medicine and food supplies to last us through the rainy season.  We are praying to be able to drive the truck out and back in one more time.


Today part of the mountain slid down upon our house in the back, filling the ditch and starting to enter the back door!   We have been fighting with the mountainside and shoveling mud and water all day in an effort to stop the flood of water, and mud threatening our house!  When we finally finished moving the mud, lo and behold more of the bank broke loose and slid upon our house again!   We began the process all over again.  We have been soaking wet for hours, and covered head to toe with mud!


Our gravity water flow to our house also filled with mud and then stopped entirely.  Our drinking water, which is filtered through a small portable cylinder, is a little brown and hard to drink!

Thankfully we can now drink clear good rainwater!  Later we had to go and clean out the large tank, on the hillside, which is supposed to bring water to our house.  However the problem is further up the mountain at the water source – perhaps a landslide.  No water for now. I really do not want to bathe in this muddy river!


And still the downpour continues!  The sweet little river that flows gently over the rocks has become a monster, rising up to reach the flimsy footbridges.  The angry water is dragging huge tree trunks with great force and speed through the turbulent currant.

We drove the motorbike to WST for our usual worship at BeKee’s house last night.  Our worship was cut short because of the deafening roar of the wind and rain! Even with raincoats on we were soaking wet and timid to cross the river twice by motorbike on the small footbridges.  Now we know we cannot cross this river with our truck.  It would easily flip over in the depth and force of this currant.

Many large trees have fallen across the roads making it impossible for even motorbikes to get around.  Also landslides have totally covered the roads in places as well so it seems we cannot go anywhere for a very long time!  Thank you Kelly Bolton of NY and friends, who have supplied us with good food for the rainy season, and for Elani and Brendon Dodd who brought it to us! We will not starve!  THANK YOU SO SO MUCH!

We pray that ThuCah will suffer no bad effects for missing her follow-up appointment in MaeSot hospital. We pray that more than the restoration of her physical eyesight, that her spiritual eyesight may be opened to receive the “Light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ!”  This is our earnest prayer!





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