“Go Forward”

Yes!  We are heeding God’s instructions just now to “Go Forward!”  The weather has changed at last.  We left BYT in July intending to return in September after Medical Missionary Training, but along with many obstacles, seemingly insurmountable, and most recently the late rainy season, we have been delayed this long.  It is thrilling to me just now to see the difficulties we have encountered, because they only help us clearly see God’s will in our presence in BYT.  He has a field ripe and ready to harvest.  He now opens the door to us and says, “Go Forward!”  How grateful I am to be a worker for Him in this part of His vineyard, and how utterly humbling to think that such a weak sinner such as I, least likely to hold up the blood stained banner of the cross and be His witness!  Yet He chose me!  May I not work my way out of His control, may I constantly receive fresh supplies of His love and grace, may I wear His full armor in this warfare.  May my children continue to answer His call in their own hearts to valiantly “Go Forward,” no matter what the cost, is my heartfelt prayer.

 As usual I have been very busy caring for the sick here at LKY,  teaching a few classes, and conducting a few worships.

 Bradley has enjoyed good results from teaching the kindergarten classes and supervising the students work program.

Micah greatly enjoys his full time job of teaching all 7 classes English.

Blet Jaw is taking advantage of the time by continuing Thai language classes from Malee.

We all met in a family counsel together last Friday to decide when to return to BYT, and how to resume the work there.  Bradley wishes to teach kindergarten one more week plus we need to go to Mae Sot and purchase some much needed medical supplies  (Praise the Lord we have been donated enough money to get the medical work started)!  We also must have warm blankets for the cold nights on the mountain this season.  It was decided to leave in one week.  The weather has now been dry for several days so we think the roads will be passable. 

Because of Micah’s love for teaching and his full time responsibilities, he will stay, but drive his motorbike to BYT on weekends.  The LKY school has  found out that because they are not a Thai government school they must teach for 3 months and then take the 4th month off, so we will have Micah for the full month of December. In the spring he will be with us full time.  Right now he plans to spend a few days in a local malaria clinic learning how to diagnose the different types of malaria using the microscope.  It is our dream to purchase a microscope, as the test kits for malaria are terribly expensive and hard to get.   Malaria is the number one illness here, I can cause death, but it is such a violet sickness that without medication you might wish you were dead.  Micah will be the malaria specialist and travel on his motorbike to the remote villages, diagnosing and treating malaria. thus  saving  lives.

Here are a few pictures in summary of our time here at LKY:

3 of Bradley's kindergarten class - hard at work

Classes in session

New school building

America is missing out on this amazing game of cain ball. It requires strength, aggility and lots of skill. The ball is 6 inches in diameter, made with woven cains. You use head, chest, knees and feet.

Could you do this?

...Or this?

White rice for 250 students, plus one more large pot

Lined up for prayer before dinner

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