Urgent Prayer Request

We desperately need your prayers.

I have been concerned about BletJhaw’s wife, WaNeePaw, age 41. Her right eye has bothered her for a couple of months with blurred vision and difficulty reading. I got her reading glasses which did seem to help, but one week ago it got much worse and involved the left eye as well. I took her to the ophthalmologist last Tuesday who referred us to a clinic. (I do a lot of gues work in this country)! The clinic was a brain clinic and we saw a neurologist. He did a quick check and ordered an MRI for January 3. I asked him what his thoughts were on this and he impatiently told me – “Brain Stem Lesion!” This instantly went through my heart like a knife. I said nothing but as we were driving home that neurologist called us back and said he didn’t want to wait till January 3, we will do it tomorrow. I sensed it was an emergency.

The MRI was done last Wednesday and they told us we would receive the results on January 8, however, they called us Friday saying the MRI had been read, but didn’t call us back any sooner for the check-up. We will go and get the results January 8.

I have told BletJhaw what “brain stem lesion” means and a surface definition of what that might entail. I suffer more with my background of medical knowledge! We did not say anything as of yet to WaNeePaw to make her frightened.

So we are on the verge of something huge! A big threat for our work in BYT. But I cannot imagine the Lord allowing devastation to come upon this most loving, close, godly little family. WaNeePaw is just as much a missionary to our people in BYT as we are. I have told her so on numerous occasions. We rely on her. She does a lovely job of caring for her boys, cleaning and cooking. She is meek, loving, shy, quiet, hard working, and lovely. BletJhaw has always adored her. Two days ago he was talking to his boys telling them that their mother had to go to the hospital because something was wrong with her head. He told them they must be good to their mother and be obedient and helpful. Brayden, 8 years old, immediately piped up, saying: “Oh, I will take her to school with me and help her every moment! I will care for her myself! I will not let anybody else take care of her!”

So here is our situation up until now. We are trying to be optimistic and think perhaps it is not as bad as we thought. We were not called in to be checked any sooner. Still waiting for January 8. But the medical care in this country is not as organized as in America. Many things fall through the cracks here. Also I become exceedingly alarmed as I see WaNeePaw’s eyes looking worse. Also she is becoming exhausted after just a little exertion. Our hearts want to break, but God is holding onto us and we are cleaving to Him, because so great is the Lord!

“Cleave unto the Lord your God!” Joshua 23:8

I have contacted both of my missionary prayer groups that I am on here. That includes 67 people. Today I am writing this newsletter asking for prayers! It would bring us much peace as we know you are praying for her also! God is in control. His power is supreme, and we only want His perfect will. May His name be glorified here!

Updates on DeeGaLer and our recent evangelism

After much earnest prayer, the devil strings which were binding this little boy to Satan, were removed! The little mother had contemplated our prayers and worships. She decided to believe God and cut off all those strings which previously meant so much to her. It is a HUGE victory for these people to cut them off because they sincerely believe the tradition that they keep them safe, well, and prosperous. So to cut them is very scary, maybe meaning death – so strong is Satan’s deceit! Right away this child of God came to his right mind! He is healed! Please see the comparison photos below. Now we have an entering wedge for the gospel in this village as they see God’s power far exceeding the devil!

Oh if only you could have been here December 5-9! Pastor Mark Kent and his wife Angela were a great blessing to us all! They sing lovely duets! I had just bought a full size electric piano which we brought to the church. Pastor Mark really plays with inspiration and power from above – same way he preaches. Each message was packed with love which drew in the people! Our little church never saw such good attendance! On Sabbath over 120 people packed in, until it overflowed! I was so overjoyed I could hardly breathe! My heart explodes with love to God for bringing this pastor and his wife to minister to our precious little people in the jungle! After church Sabbath the baptisimal candidates were called to the front. There had been 10 people but the invitation was rushed and those outside with babies could not enter soon enough. Two people were baptized that day. The others will have a special baptism the next time a pastor can visit us.

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