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You must look in on these older students as they read their Bibles and pray. They allow nothing to distract them.


When there are urgent needs, these LKY students pray and read their Bibles on one hour rotations all night long. This student, Kay Jaw plans to go to his village when his schooling is finished and teach the gospel to his people.


Elani loves to teach beginning swimming classes at the LKY "Swimming pool"


...It shows on her face!


Dear Maria and her very own little premature Karen infant.


I am sorry, but I am unable to rotate this picture!

A mother, desperate to dispose of her failing little twins, gladly handed them over to Maria for keeps! Only this one survived, thanks to hospitalization and Marias tender loving care. At this time the infant weighed only 1.2 kg or 3.2 pounds.


These 2 little students at LKY managed to break their arms during the same week. X rays show they are healing up nicely, until the boy on the left got his cast removed and promptly fell the same way again and rebroke the same arm!


Our BYT home. Replacing bamboo with wood!


Hard work, but so rewarding!

My job was to remove the old nails. They entered on both sides of the wood and usually broke off before I could pound them through!


The boys had a very good idea for the "windows" - a useful design to allow a great view without the extra supplies for shudders.


We need another load or two of wood to complete this project.  When and where we will find it is yet to be determined!

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