BYT at Last!


Back row: William, Chi Htoo. Front row: Elani, myself, Blet Jaw and Micah


Tuesday morning of last week,Elani (Faithful student missionary and friend),William(Carpenter and jack of all trades), Chi Htoo(LKY student), Blet Jaw, Micah and myself, were finally on our way to our home in BYT.  We had left it December 23, only planning to be gone one week at the most.  However delays from our motorcycle accident, visa trouble and unseasonably rainy weather had kept us away until now.  We have been amazed at the unseasonal weather.  Cold and rain were abundant during the dryest hottest season of the year!  Even as we drove higher and higher into the mountains, we were astonished to be surrounded in thick clouds, muddy roads and shivering dampness.  Micah seemed confident and right at home behind the steering wheel as he maneuvered over and around the worst spots in the road, even though I had doubts as to whether we should have taken on this journey so close after rain storms. 

Once in BYT the work started immediately.  Good thing there was hard work to do as the cold, cloudy dampness had us wet and shivering for 2 days.  (Well, that is how I felt anyway).  But after that the weather was clear and fresh – simply beautiful. Many thanks to the hard work of William an experienced, enthusiastic, godly 23 year old carpenter, missionary and mountaineer.  We all did our part helping him with nail removal, hammering, sawing and drilling the next 2 days, until all the old wood was used up.  This completed the largest section of our house and the one and only door.  One section still is bamboo, but we can now lock our house to everyone except the mice.

Will Cunnington: Thank you so much for your help.


The crossbeam is ironwood. (Similar to Noah's ark wood!) Almost all the nails bent. Hint: The nails seem weaker also!

Blet Jaw became skilled with the drill

Friday morning came quickly.  William had to leave for America the following Monday, so Micah drove him, Elani, and Chi Htoo back to LKY.  Blet Jaw and I remained as I was impressed to stay as long as possible before our upcoming trip to America.  Micah would come and get us Monday morning.

Sabbath Blet Jaw and I had planned to hike to a village high in the mountains that Micah and I visited on motorbike some time ago.  The pastor told us it would be better for a villager from BYT to go with us who knew some people in that village instead of just us 2 strangers.  After church, 2 girls went with us on a 5 hour hike to 2 villages and back.  The experience at the villages was delightful as we treated the sick with some medicine we had brought along.   A dear lady fed us some rice and greens which gave us strength to return.  On the way home my heart was glad as I considered Jesus and His disciples walking from village to village relieving the sick and bringing hope to the hopeless.  How unworthy and sinful I am to be doing His work in this land.  But praise God He sees value in His people and guides and enables them to meet the needs of others.

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