Do you know what rain is? How much is too much?  Here this week there are 2 types of weather conditions:

1)       Constant cloud bursts with literal sheets of water

2)      Torrential downpours

As I write this the water is just filling the skies and land.  If all the clouds burst overhead, then where does even more water come from?  I didn’t know the skies could hold that much water.  Our normally small and gentle stream is now a writhing monster.  The sturdy bridge that the students built over to the garden area is now almost washed over.  Its supporting posts are gone and the hand rails are gone.  The gardener’s house, normally 10 yards from the stream now has water swirling under it.  (I am thankful that the gardener moved to the new property several months ago)!  The cooking area, cafeteria and cook’s house are threatened by the mad and muddy waters.

While I was in America I heard a lot from the medical authorities that most people are very low in Vitamin D.  They were so persuasive that I brought a bottle here for Micah and I to use.  Maybe it is a good idea because since we arrived back in Thailand July 6 I have seen the sun (Watery though it looked)!  2 times!!

There are some very good points about this rain.  Here they are:

  1. Right now we are doing a lot of cleaning to get a house ready for our new principle and his family to live in. There is no water coming from the pipes this week, so we place buckets under the edge of the roof, or even out in the open and very soon it is brimming and ready to use!
  2. This school drinks a lot of water.  We usually make a trip to Mae Salit every other day to refill the big containers with pure drinking water.  Just now there are no vehicles here to bring us the water, so we simply put them out in the rain, or under the roof! No one need suffer of thirst.
  3. There are soap dispensers beside each bathroom, but no running water from the pipes.  We simply lather up our hands and hold them out for a good rinse.
  4. As I see and hear the rain and waters I think of the showers of blessing that the Lord wants to pour out on us if we are ready to receive it.  Oh how I long for a continuous, huge cloudburst of the Holy Spirit in my soul.  It is in plentiful supply, but most of us let go of the arm of the Lord too soon.  In fact Mrs. White says that when our need of the Holy Spirit is a thing seldom thought of, there is spiritual decay and death!  Oh how happy I am for the rain to remind me to think and ask for God’s Holy Spirit in abundance!!

Even my umbrella in this rain does me no good.  As I go from place to place receiving constant sprinkles I am reminded of wonderful text in Ezekiel 36:25  “I will sprinkle clean water upon you, and ye shall be clean, from all you filthiness, and from all you idols, I will clean you.”


Our hand made bridge is rocking and hanging on for dear life!



Swirling water rising behind the cooking pots.



The rain is no problem for football!


Running in the early morning rain -no problem!

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