Not Just an Ordinary Wedding!

There are many reasons why this is not just an ordinary wedding. 

1.   The first reason is that God put these 2 together.  They are matched by His direction, and dedicated to His work whatever, wherever and however He leads.  Their hearts beat together to have a godly family.

2.  Blet Jaw is my oldest “son,” and WahNayPaw is now my “daughter-in-law.”  They are family to my boys and I.  When we first came to Thailand, June 2009 my youngest son, Micah began to teach English in the LKY school.  He and Blet  Jaw, then principle of LKY became fast friends.  What a blessing for him to have such a dedicated Christian friend.  Bradley and I were close to him also and when in April 2010 we made the big move to BYT, Blet Jaw felt God’s call to come and help us.  For the past 2 years what a blessing he has been in the work there.  We could not have done this work without him.

3.  This is a Karen style wedding which is special in itself.  It is not formal.  Mistakes are allowed.  The ceremony is simple and sincere with an air of sweetness. 

My pictures were not professional in the least, but they are all I have right now.


She does not smile much - not because she is not happy, but because she is very shy! To me this made her even more beautiful.


The afternoon in a jungle garden. Now she can smile - all the people are gone!


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